Courses After 10th is an Education portal. The portal has been created keeping 10th standard students in mind. We provide up to date guides and articles on professional courses and careers associated with them.


We all know that Education is extremely important in the life of a person. What a person becomes in his/her life depends on the education that he/she gets, to a great extent. This Education portal takes care of doubts and guidance of 10th standard students.


10th standard is a crucial point in the life of an Indian student. It is after completing 10th standard that one is supposed to take his/her first step towards career building. The steps must be taken very carefully. And we are here to guide you!


Not only students, even parents may make use of Courses after 10th to obtain useful information regarding courses and careers.


The man behind this blog

Arun Kallarackal

Courses after 10th is operated and maintained by Arun Kallarackal, a talented and resourceful Educational Consultant. Arun has experience in guiding 12th standard students as well as graduates. Through his blogs, he has been providing assistance to 12th standard students as well as graduates.

Through this blog, Arun’s expertise in the field of career guidance is being made available for 10th standard students! Arun is helped by a small group of contributors, who add to the quality of this blog!