Best Tips to Prepare for 10th Board Exam

10th standard is a crucial point in the life of an Indian student. The 10th board examination holds much importance in a student’s life. In this article, you will be reading about some effective study tips. The study tips and techniques provided in this article are tried and tested ones! By making use of the tips provided here, you may score high marks in your 10th board exam, irrespective of the education board (CBSE, State Board, ICSE etc).

10th study tips

The key to score high marks in 10th board exam is by preparing for it the ‘smart way’! Just working hard won’t be enough. One must do ‘smart work’ to achieve tremendous success! Worry not, the below mentioned tips will help you pass board exams with flying colours! You may also check – courses & options after 10th.


Study tips to prepare for 10th board exam


1 Start preparation early on

Starting preparation early on has many advantages. It will considerably reduce load and stress. It will also enable you to deal with small portion of syllabus at a time, thus helping you to cover topics effectively.


Pay close attention to what is being taught at school or tuition class. After reaching home from school or tuition class, make it a habit to go through that small portion taught at school. It will be easy to learn and grab the concepts.


Remember to take notes while studying. Important points, formulas, facts etc have to be jotted down in such notes. Prepare different sets of notes for different subjects. Such notes may be used during revision sessions.


2 Understand the basics

Many students just mug up lessons. While it will help one to remember things for a short term, it won’t be of much help in the long run! Mugging up things is like a temporary solution. It is time consuming and you’ll tend to forget mugged up stuff sooner or later!


The key is to understand the basics. Instead of mugging things up, focus on the basics, understand the principles. This way, lessons will be etched to your mind. It won’t just disappear from your mind on one fine day!


3 Revision

Once you deal with a lesson, it is very important to revise it again and again. Without revision, you may tend to forget important points. Create a revision time table. Make sure that everything you learn is being revised at a regular interval.


4 Time management

How well you study depends on the time table that you follow. Create a time table that is balanced and practical. Make sure that enough time is allotted towards studies and other important activities like rest, eating, personal activities etc.


You may take help of your parents to help you create a time table. If it doesn’t work out for you, tweak and tune the timings and start over again.


5 Study location/place

Most students choose to study in their own room. Wherever you sit down to study, make sure that the place is quiet and calm. Make sure that there are no distractions present there (like TV, Radio, PC, Laptop, Mobile phone etc).


The study room should be neat and clean. Books and study material should be arranged neatly. Once in the room, student should keep distracting things like mobile phones and laptops away! If possible, make sure that noise from outside is kept at bay by using curtains.


6 Know syllabus inside out

Being aware of important topics and syllabus will be of help during preparation. Knowing the syllabus inside out will help one focus on important topics and dedicate more time towards them. It is time saving and will help one master such important topics, which carry high marks in exam!


7 Take tests

Just preparing lessons and revising them is not enough. One must also be willing to take tests and gauge one’s performance and preparation. Tests could be big or small in size. They can be used to find one’s strengths, weaknesses and they will also aid in writing practice.


After taking a test and analyzing it, one must find out weak points or areas that need improvement. Based on this feedback, one may work on one’s weaknesses and improve in those areas.


8 Develop subject wise learning habits

The best way to master mathematics subject is by solving problems and practicing! You just can’t prepare it by mugging problems up and reading through them! You may also check – Scholarships after 10th standard.


Similarly, different subjects can be mastered through different methods. One must develop subject wise learning habits to make learning process simpler and more effective. Write and practice wherever it is required. Where reading is effective, there is no need to write things and waste time! In short, adapt and develop subject wise learning habits.


9 Eat well

One just can’t ignore the importance of a healthy diet in a student’s life! Board exams are important. But eating a healthy diet is important too! Don’t get too busy studying that you avoid eating good food. Food is necessary for maintaining a healthy mind and body. And healthy mind and body will help you study well.


In short, food habits may influence your exam preparation. Eat well, eat healthy food. Cut out on junk and fried food. Drink lots of water and give attention to the next point.


10 Avoid burnout

Too much studying can lead one to burnout! Burnouts are bad. It will influence your board exam preparation negatively.


The key to avoiding burnout is by keeping it at bay through stress busting activities. At regular intervals, you may indulge in activities such as physical exercise, meditation, your hobby, interacting with family etc.


This will help you recharge your batteries and help keep burnout at bay!


11 Group study

Group study sessions can be really productive, if you have like minded and serious set of friends! The main advantage of studying in a group is that the group members will be able to solve each others’ doubts. Of course, this means that there must be academically bright students present in the group.


12 Solve mock question papers

Solving mock question papers will give you writing practice. When it comes to final board examination, papers may turn out to be really lengthy. Under such condition, you must write really fast. Otherwise you may end up running out of time with questions left to be attended!


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Writing practice will help you deal with this problem. Solving full length mock papers will give you adequate writing practice. Also, solving question papers will give you idea about the ‘important questions’, which tend to get asked repeatedly over the years.

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