10th Board Mathematics Preparation Tips for CBSE, ICSE & State Boards

This post will be of help to 10th standard students. In this post, I’ve listed down some of the best tips and tricks for mathematics examination preparation. CBSE, State Board(s) and ICSE students will benefit from this post.

10th Board Mathematics Tips

10th standard is an important stage in a student’s life. Both students, parents and their relatives look forward to 10th board examination and results associated with the exam.


10th board toppers are looked upon as achievers by the society! Their success is also celebrated in different ways by parents, relatives as well as the community in general!


Do you want to pass 10th board examinations with flying colors? If yes, check out this post – tips to prepare for 10th board exams. Here’s another useful guide for students – tips to prepare for 12th board exam.


In this post, I’ve focused solely on mathematics subject. For many students, mathematics examination is a nightmare! That’s why I’ve decided to step-in and create an article that deals with mathematics preparation tips only!


When 10th board exam is around the corner, I get questions and requests from anxious students and their parents. Most of the questions are related to mathematics examination! Students and parents bombard me with questions related to mathematics preparation tips, tricks, strategy, difficulty involved, shortcuts, tips to secure passing marks etc.


The main aim of this post is to address these questions and doubts. Instead of giving answers to every single question, I’ve decided to publish an article that answers most of these questions.


Here, you will find tips, tricks, strategy and guidance. Follow these tips and you will be able to perform well in your 10th board mathematics examination.


Let us check out the tips and tricks. Here it is –


10th board mathematics exam tips, tricks and strategy


1 Start early, prepare well!

Do you know why mathematics syllabus creates fear among 10th class students? Do you know why they feel uneasy when looking at the large collection of chapters? Most of the time, it happens because students have less time left before the exam is scheduled to begin!


The solution to this problem is – start preparing the subject early on! Yes, why wait for the exam to start? Why can’t we start preparing mathematics subject from day one of 10th class?


By starting early, you will have sufficient time to deal with each chapter. And by the time the board exam arrives, you will have plenty of time to revise the chapters (that you’ve already dealt with!).


2 Practice, practice, practice

You may prepare for your English examination by reading the text book. Even Social Science subject can be dealt with in this way. But you can’t just read your mathematics text book and prepare for the examination!


Mathematics can be mastered through practice. Take a note book and start solving problems. The more problems you solve, the better you will get at it.


3 Focus on weak areas, dedicate more time towards them

While practicing and solving problems, you will come across difficult problems and sets. Some chapters could prove to very tough to deal with. Under such circumstances, it is not wise to ignore such chapters! Instead of that, students must focus more on these weak areas!


Dedicate an extra hour or two towards dealing with these chapters. If necessary, seek help of your teacher/classmate. You may approach them and solve your doubts! You may even rely on online learning portals to deal with tough chapters!


4 Focus on understanding concepts, avoid rote learning

When it comes to mathematics subject, rote learning won’t be of much help! Yes, you may memorize formulae and theorem statements. But you can’t just memorize solutions and steps involved in solving problems!


Instead of rote learning, you must try to understand the basic concepts. If your concepts are clear, you won’t need to memorize things!


5 Time management

If you master the art of time management, you will be able to perform well in any competitive examination that you take part in! While preparing your time-table, make sure that enough time is dedicated towards mathematics subject.


6 Use online education portals

Online education portals and apps provide students with question papers, problem sets, video lectures, aptitude tests etc. Some of these portals and apps are free to use. Some other portals and apps are paid ones. Based on your requirements, you may use these apps and portals to prepare for mathematics examination.


Creative video lectures are quite useful for understanding mathematical concepts and theorems. Interactive learning modes make learning fun and more efficient!


7 Solve previous years’ question papers

Students may buy question banks (hard copy or digital copy). These question banks contain mathematics paper sets. It also contains question papers belonging to previous years. You may solve these question papers and sets to evaluate your performance. By solving papers, you will get writing practice. You will also be able to identify areas that need to be worked upon! You may also check – list of scholarships after 10th.

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