Best Study Tips to Prepare for 12th Board Exam

Are you all set to appear for 12th board examination this year? If yes, this article will be of help to you. In this article, some very effective and useful study tips have been provided. Using these study tips, you will be able to pass board examinations easily! If applied religiously, these tips will also help you score high marks in board examination.

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Board examinations are turning points in a student’s life. 10th and 12th board exam are very important events in a student’s life. Marks scored in these exams play a huge role in determining the professional course (and ultimately the career) that a student gets to choose.


In short, passing 12th board examination is an extremely important task. To get admission in good Colleges/Institutes (for various professional courses), one must not only pass 12th board exam, but also score good marks in it!


Lack of preparation time, huge syllabus, entrance exam preparation, tough syllabus and stress are some of the common factors preventing students from scoring well in 12th board exam. In this article, tips to tackle these problems have been provided.


Students hailing from various boards- CBSE, State boards, ICSE and IB- all of them, at one point or the other, must have come across some of the above mentioned factors. In short, irrespective of the board, students face problems while preparing for board exam. You may also check – Scholarships after 12th.


Without wasting any more time, let us head straight to the study tips section. Tips mentioned in this article have been tried and tested. They are very useful and effective study tips. But you won’t get results unless you put the tips to action or implement them in your life.


Study tips to prepare for 12th board exam (arts/commerce/science)


1 Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is a student’s biggest enemy. Most students, at start, tend to postpone study tasks and targets. Try to get rid of this habit. Once you successfully get rid of this habit, your productivity will improve considerably!


2 Start preparation from day 1

Students who are serious about their studies must start preparation from day 1 onward! Most of us tend to get laid back and careless during the initial phase. We think that we’ve got plenty of time in hand.


This is not a good attitude. Starting preparation early has many advantages. Some important points to remember-

  • Create a timetable
  • Manage time efficiently
  • Finish study tasks on daily basis (don’t postpone or avoid it)
  • Avoid distractions such as- mobile phone, PC, Laptop, TV and similar gadgets
  • Choose a quiet and calm room to study in


3 Form subject wise learning habits

To master each subject, you must prepare for each subject using learning techniques and methods tailor made for those subjects. For example, mathematics subject can be prepared by practicing and solving problems. Similarly, physics subject can be mastered by understanding the basics and fundamentals.


Use subject wise learning habits cleverly. This will help you master the subject and later score well in board exam.


4 Revise regularly

Students must revise studied portion again and again. Revision is very useful and important. One must revise course content at regular intervals.


Many students go through the portion once and leave it there. They won’t open it again until the exam date has come close! This is not a good habit. One must revise covered portion again and again at regular intervals. The next step will be useful for revision purposes-


5 Conduct evaluation tests

Writing tests will help you revise covered portion well. One may take self evaluation tests or ask teachers to conduct tests regularly. While preparing for such tests at regular intervals, students will be able to revise portion and get to know about their preparation level.


Tests help one know more about his/her strengths and weaknesses. Test results can be used to work upon one’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths.


6 Eat & rest well

Don’t get too busy studying that you neglect rest and good diet. Good diet and rest indirectly helps you in exam preparation. A good, balanced diet will keep your mind charged and sharp. It will help you focus on studies.


Good rest helps you get recharged. It helps your brain function well. Lack of rest can lead to issues such as fatigue and burnout. Ultimately, these issues may play spoilsport on board exam preparation!


Students may also involve in stress busting activities. Such activities and physical exercise will keep the body and mind in good shape. 20 minutes of physical exercise daily will be greatly beneficial.


7 Get busy writing!

When it comes to 12th board examination, getting writing practice is of utmost importance. Without adequate writing practice, students usually end up mismanaging time in the exam hall. As a result, they end up being unable to complete the whole question paper.


To avoid this situation, I suggest readers to get busy writing! Do plenty of writing practice. This will give you insights into time management tips and tricks. Follow the next step to get writing practice-


8 Solve previous years’ & mock question papers

Solving full length mock question papers and previous years’ question papers will help you get valuable writing experience. Solving such question papers will help you get used to writing for hours, manage time well and also understand more details about nature of the question paper and blueprint.


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By solving such question papers, one will be able to recognize important questions that are repeatedly asked each year. Once such high marks, regularly asked questions have been identified, students may prepare for them accordingly.




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