9 PRO Life Hacks to Build a Strong Career from Zero

Who wants to just work, that’s just a common thing. To build a career, this should be your cup of Tea. And It is… That’s why you are here. Here are the best life hacks, which will definitely help you to achieve the heights you dream. Chasing your passion is not easy, a very competitive world is out there. So you should know how to up-skill yourself and hack into success. Now let’s get into 11 life hacks which you have to master to be a real master in your game.

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1. Start from the Bed

Let’s get started from the bed. A happy mourning routine will give you lots of boosts and this will create a positive feeling in you, which will do wonders. Following are the must do things in the morning that you have to start with.

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a. Make your bed: This the one-minute hack, which will make big changes in your life. When you wake up, this is the very first thing you have to do. This will work like charm, cause it’s a “keystone habit” that can spark “chain reactions that help other good habits take hold”.

b. Drink a glass of water: This will help your body to enhance the metabolism.

c. Exercise: Needless to say, burn more calories. Stay fit and healthy.

d. Talk to your loved ones: This will boost your confidence and the wanting to live your life in a better way. This will
create positive vibes all over you.

e. Meditate… Meditate…: This will help to clear your minds. Reset yourself, keep yourself calm and composed. Many people personally found it to be “one of the most life-enhancing practices”.

f. Read the News: Read an inspiring new in the morning or the latest trends in the industry. This will make you think about more possibilities.


2. Make of the most of YouTube

As we all know, YouTube is the one of the best free video hosting site with tons of video updating in every second. Stop following gossips and celebrity buzz, start counting every minute of your watch time. Watch Ted talks, documentaries etc. Follow channels related to your passion.

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3. Read and build your own library

Dedicate some of your leisure time in the week for reading. Set a goal to complete your favorite fairy tales. Never stop learning, be updated with latest technologies and happenings. This will definitely motivate to do more and achieve your goals. I personally prefer reading the biographies of successful people, this will make us feel “there is nothing to be afraid of failure.”If you tried something once and failed at it, don’t ever give up the thought of doing it again. Because when you give life one more chance, life gives you one more chance in return to succeed….


4. Make the Best Resume for you

As per various studies you have got Six seconds. That’s all the time or the maximum, you have to get your potential employer interested in taking a second look at your resume. So resume plays an important role in a getting an opportunity with your aspiring employer. Various studies suggest that the design is very important for attention seeking. Also, update your resume every six months. Whenever an opportunity strike, you can forward the same.


5. Surf in a better way!

There are tons of websites and social networking platforms. But it’s all up to you to select, but make sure that you are investing your time in it not just spending your time for leisure. You should have feeds with your favorite collection like technology sites, career site or your most followed job vacancy listing site, life hacks etc. Also make sure that you are part of forums and question and answer site like Quora, medium.com etc.


6. Find a Mentor

During the early stages of your career, it is very important for you to find a mentor. A good mentor is a gift from the Universe, he leads by example and keeps integrity. Make them feel comfortable and a worthwhile to mentor you.


7. Ask advice

Never hesitate to ask advice from your seniors or knowledge person. Curiosity is the mother of invention and experience is the best teacher. Be mature enough to ask advice, also this is the best way to gain new knowledge.


8. Improve your Soft Skills

To make a difference in a job interview this will be a big factor in your selection. Get trained to be a master in soft skills.


9. Surround yourself with busy people

Last but least It works because when you see others working hard, your subconscious mind records the present and push your thoughts to work on your dreams. This will also awake your brain-muscles to work hard and move forward. Also check – BSF jobs after 10th.


Always remember that what stands between you and your dreams is just YOU. Push your limits, work hard and harder to achieve your goals. Have faith in your dreams success will follow. Perseverance is the key to success, have it, you can accomplish anything.

Arun Kallarackal
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