Admissions After 10th | Importance of Aptitude & Self Assessment Tests

This article will be of help to 10th passed students who are all set to secure admission in 10+1 class or any professional course. In general, this article will be of use to each and every student who is going to deal with academic admission procedure. In this article, I’ve discussed the importance of self assessment sessions and aptitude tests, when it comes to facing admission processes.

Aptitude tests

After starting this blog, 10th passed students have been messaging me, seeking career guidance and suggestions. While guiding them, what I noticed is the lack of importance that they give to personal aptitude and self assessment tests. Also check – List of GNM colleges in Kasaragod, Kerala.


Students just follow the herd or blindly follow what others ‘suggest’ or advice them! Very rarely do they listen to themselves. Very rarely do they make use of self assessment sessions and aptitude tests!


Here, I’m going to point out the main advantages of taking help of aptitude and self assessment tests while trying to secure admission.


First of all, it will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. A good aptitude test or self evaluation session will help you find out what your strong points are. It will also underline your weaknesses. Based on these findings, you may work towards improving your weaknesses. These inputs can also be used while identifying a professional course (Diploma, Paramedical, ITI etc) or stream that will suit you the best!


It is better to pursue the field that you will be comfortable in dealing with. For example, if you are not too keen on science subjects, if you are weak in physics and chemistry, Science stream won’t suit you well! An aptitude test or assessment session will underline your weaknesses and this will help you make an informed choice.


I’m not saying that you should avoid all things that you may find difficult. I’m just trying to say that it is better to be aware about the difficulty level associated with each stream or professional course.


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Where will one find such aptitude tests, you may ask. Well, it is easy to find such tests online. Such tests will ask you series of questions. These tests are designed to point out your aptitude, strengths and weaknesses.


Other than that, one may also take help of teachers and educational consultants. They will also guide you and help you assess your strengths and weaknesses.


Common ways to test your academic aptitude
Method How they can help
Online aptitude tests Most of them are free. Will help you assess yourself through series of tests. Most probably in the form of MCQs
Teachers They have been teaching you for some while now. By now, they must be well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Sit down with them and have a good assessment test
Educational Consultants They are professionals. They have been trained to counsel and guide students. They have wide variety of tests and techniques under their belt, which can be used to gauge your aptitude and capability


In short, before securing admission, give attention towards your aptitude and capability. It will help you make a better choice! You may make use of the comments section and ask me questions. Apart from that, I’m also active on Facebook. Head to the Courses After 10th Facebook page and message your queries. I’ll be glad to assist you!

Arun Kallarackal
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