Top Architecture Courses After 12th in UK

Have you completed 12th grade? Do you want to pursue a job-oriented architecture course in UK (United Kingdom) after completing 12th? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top architecture programs in the UK after 12th grade.

Architecture after 12th UK

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of best architecture programs in United Kingdom, list of top colleges & universities offering those architecture programs, type of the academic program, duration & additional information. Also check – Engineering after 12th in UK.


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Both international as well as UK-based students will benefit from this post. After going through this post, readers will be able to find and identify a good architecture program as well as college/university in UK. The main aim of this post is to simplify architecture admission process after 12th in the UK.


Here, readers will find different types of architecture degrees such as – BSc, BEng, Meng (Integrated) & BA courses. Without wasting any time, let us check out the list of best architecture courses in UK after 12th. These are undergraduate level architecture programs. Here is the list –


List of best architecture courses after 12th in UK

Sr NoName of the architecture courseType of architecture degreeUniversity offering the courseDuration
1Ancient History and ArchaeologyBA (Hons)University of Exeter3 years
2Ancient History and Archaeology with Study AbroadBA (Hons)University of Exeter4 years
3Archaeology and AnthropologyBA (Hons)University of Oxford3 years
4Archaeology and Art HistoryMA (Hons)University of Aberdeen4 years
5Architectural & Interdisciplinary StudiesBSc (Hons)UCL (University College London)3 years
6Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies with a Year AbroadBSc (Hons)UCL (University College London)4 years
7Architectural Design and TechnologyBSc (Hons)Buckinghamshire New University3 years
8Architectural Design and TechnologyBSc (Hons)University of Salford3 years
9Architectural Design and TechnologyBA (Hons)Solent University (Southampton)3 years
10Architectural Design and Technology with Art & Design Foundation YearBA (Hons)Solent University (Southampton)4 years
11Architectural Design and Technology with Foundation YearBSc (Hons)University of Salford4 years
12Architectural EngineeringBEng (Hon)Heriot-Watt University4 years
13Architectural EngineeringBEng (Hon)University of Leeds3 years
14Architectural EngineeringMEng (Hon)University of Leeds4 years
15Architectural EngineeringMEngLiverpool John Moores University4 years
16Architectural EngineeringBSc (Hons)University of Plymouth4 years
17Architectural EngineeringBSc (Hons)University of Salford3 years
18Architectural EngineeringMEng (Hon)University of Sheffield4 years
19Architectural Engineering (with a placement year)MEngUniversity of Bradford5 years
20Architectural Engineering (with a placement year)BEngUniversity of Bradford4 years
21Architectural Engineering with an Industrial Placement YearMEng (Hon)University of Sheffield5 years
22Architectural Engineering with Foundation YearBSc (Hons)University of Salford4 years
23Architectural Environment EngineeringBEng (Hon)University of Nottingham3 years
24Architectural Environment Engineering including an Industrial YearBEng (Hon)University of Nottingham4 years
25Architectural Environment Engineering including an Industrial YearMEng (Hon)University of Nottingham5 years
26Architectural StudiesBSc (Hons)University of Strathclyde4 years
27Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)University of Bedfordshire3 years
28Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)Birmingham City University3 years
29Architectural TechnologyBScUniversity of Bradford3 years
30Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)University of Brighton3 years
31Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)University for the Creative Arts3 years
32Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)De Montfort University3 years
33Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)Edinburgh Napier University4 years
34Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)4 years
35Architectural TechnologyHNCUniversity of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)1 year
36Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)University of Huddersfield3 years
37Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)University of Northampton3 years
38Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)Nottingham Trent University3 years
39Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)Nottingham Trent University4 years
40Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)Robert Gordon University4 years
41Architectural TechnologyBSc (Hons)University of Westminster, London3 years
42Architectural Technology (top-up)BSc (Hons)University of Northampton1 year
43Architectural Technology (with a placement year)BScUniversity of Bradford4 years
44Architectural Technology (with Foundation Year)BSc (Hons)University of Northampton4 years
45Architectural Technology (with Integrated Foundation & Professional Practice Years)BSc (Hons)University for the Creative Arts5 years
46Architectural Technology (with Integrated Foundation Year)BSc (Hons)University for the Creative Arts4 years
47Architectural Technology (with Integrated International Foundation & Professional Practice Years)BSc (Hons)University for the Creative Arts5 years
48Architectural Technology (with Integrated International Foundation Year)BSc (Hons)University for the Creative Arts4 years
49Architectural Technology (with Professional Practice Year)BSc (Hons)University for the Creative Arts4 years
50Architectural Technology [with Foundation Year]BSc (Hons)Anglia Ruskin University4 years
51Architectural Technology and DesignBSc (Hons)Bristol, University of the West of England3 years
52Architectural Technology and Design (with Foundation Year)BSc (Hons)Bristol, University of the West of England4 years
53Architectural Technology with FoundationBSc (Hons)University of Westminster, London4 years
54Architectural Technology with Foundation YearBSc (Hons)University of Bedfordshire4 years
55Architectural Technology with Professional Practice YearBSc (Hons)University of Bedfordshire4 years
56ArchitectureBA (Hons)Anglia Ruskin University3 years
57ArchitectureBA (Hons)Arts University Bournemouth3 years
58ArchitectureBA (Hons)Bath Spa University3 years
59ArchitectureBA (Hons)Birmingham City University3 years
60ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Brighton3 years
61ArchitectureBSc (Hons)Bristol, University of the West of England3 years
62ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Cambridge3 years
63ArchitectureBA (Hons)Cardiff Metropolitan University3 years
64ArchitectureMArch (Hons)Cardiff University5 years
65ArchitectureBSc (Hons)University of Central Lancashire3 years
66ArchitectureBSc (Hons)Coventry University3 years
67ArchitectureBA (Hons)University for the Creative Arts3 years
68ArchitectureBA (Hons)De Montfort University3 years
69ArchitectureMArch StudiesUniversity of Dundee5 years
70ArchitectureMA (Hons)The University of Edinburgh4 years
71ArchitectureBA (Hons)Falmouth University3 years
72ArchitectureBArch (Hons)Glasgow School of Art5 years
73ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Gloucestershire3 years
74ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Greenwich3 years
75ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Hertfordshire4 years
76ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Kent3 years
77ArchitectureBA (Hons)Kingston University3 years
78ArchitectureBA (Hons)Lancaster University3 years
79ArchitectureBA (Hons)Leeds Beckett University3 years
80ArchitectureMEng (Hon)University of Leeds5 years
81ArchitectureBArchUniversity of Lincoln3 years
82ArchitectureBA (Hons)Liverpool John Moores University3 years
83ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Liverpool3 years
84ArchitectureBA (Hons)London Metropolitan University3 years
85ArchitectureBA (Hons)London South Bank University3 years
86ArchitectureBA (Hons)Manchester Metropolitan University3 years
87ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Manchester3 years
88ArchitectureBA (Hons)Newcastle University3 years
89ArchitectureBA (Hons)Northumbria University, Newcastle3 years
90ArchitectureBA (Hons)Norwich University of the Arts3 years
91ArchitectureBArch (Hons)Nottingham Trent University3 years
92ArchitectureMArchNottingham Trent University2 years
93ArchitectureBArch (Hons)University of Nottingham3 years
94ArchitectureBA (Hons)Oxford Brookes University3 years
95ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Plymouth3 years
96ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Portsmouth4 years
97ArchitectureBSc (Hons)Queen’s University Belfast3 years
98ArchitectureBA (Hons)Ravensbourne University London3 years
99ArchitectureBSc (Hons)University of Reading3 years
100ArchitectureMArchRobert Gordon University6 years
101ArchitectureBSc (Hons)University of Salford3 years
102ArchitectureBSc (Hons)Sheffield Hallam University3 years
103ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Sheffield3 years
104ArchitectureBArch (Hons)Staffordshire University3 years
105ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Suffolk3 years
106ArchitectureBSc (Hons)UCL (University College London)3 years
107ArchitectureMsci (Hon)UCL (University College London)5 years
108ArchitectureBA (Hons)Ulster University3 years
109ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of the Arts London3 years
110ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Westminster, London3 years
111ArchitectureBSc (Hons)University of Wales Trinity Saint David3 years
112ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Winchester3 years
113ArchitectureBSc (Hons)University of Wolverhampton3 years
114Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)BSc (Hons)University of East London3 years
115Architecture (Degree Apprenticeship)BA (Hons)University of Portsmouth4 years
116Architecture (Foundation Entry)BSc (Hons)University of Central Lancashire4 years
117Architecture (including foundation year)BA (Hons)London Metropolitan University8 years
118Architecture (including Year 0)BA (Hons)Norwich University of the Arts4 years
119Architecture (MArch)MArch (Hons)University of Salford2 years
120Architecture (Professional Placement Year)BA (Hons)Bath Spa University4 years
121Architecture (Top-up)BA (Hons)London Metropolitan University2 years
122Architecture (with Foundation Year)BA (Hons)Bath Spa University4 years
123Architecture (with Foundation Year)BSc (Hons)University of East London4 years
124Architecture (with Integrated Foundation Year)BA (Hons)University of Brighton4 years
125Architecture (with Integrated Foundation Year)BA (Hons)University for the Creative Arts4 years
126Architecture (with Integrated International Foundation Year)BA (Hons)University for the Creative Arts4 years
127Architecture (with Placement year)BA (Hons)Anglia Ruskin University4 years
128Architecture (with placement year)BArch (Hons)Loughborough University4 years
129Architecture / Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1)BA (Hons)University of Huddersfield3 years
130Architecture [with Foundation Year]BSc (Hons)Anglia Ruskin University4 years
131Architecture and Built Environment Foundation YearBSc (Hons)Northumbria University, Newcastle4 years
132Architecture and Environmental DesignMEng (Hon)University of Nottingham4 years
133Architecture and Environmental DesignBSc (Hons)University of Westminster, London3 years
134Architecture and Environmental Design with FoundationBSc (Hons)University of Westminster, London4 years
135Architecture and Environmental EngineeringBEng (Hon)Bristol, University of the West of England4 years
136Architecture and Environmental Engineering (with Foundation Year)BEng (Hon)Bristol, University of the West of England5 years
137Architecture and LandscapeBA (Hons)University of Sheffield3 years
138Architecture and PlanningBA (Hons)Bristol, University of the West of England4 years
139Architecture and Planning (with Foundation Year)BA (Hons)Bristol, University of the West of England5 years
140Architecture and Urban PlanningBA (Hons)Newcastle University3 years
141Architecture Design and TechnologyMaster in Science (with Honours) – MSci (Hon)Coventry University4 years
142Architecture with Arts Foundation YearBA (Hons)University of Lincoln4 years
143Architecture with FoundationBA (Hons)University of Westminster, London4 years
144Architecture with Foundation YearBA (Hons)Birmingham City University4 years
145Architecture with Foundation YearBA (Hons)Liverpool John Moores University4 years
146Architecture with Foundation YearBSc (Hons)University of Wolverhampton4 years
147Architecture with International Foundation YearBSc (Hons)University of Reading4 years
148Architecture with professional placementBSc (Hons)University of Bath4 years
149Architecture with Professional Placement YearBA (Hons)Birmingham City University4 years
150Art History and EnglishMA (Hons)University of Aberdeen4 years
151Art History and FrenchMA (Hons)University of Aberdeen4 years
152Art History and French (5 yrs)MA (Hons)University of Aberdeen5 years
153Art History and Spanish & Latin American StudiesMA (Hons)University of Aberdeen4 years
154Art History and Visual CultureBA (Hons)University of Brighton3 years
155Building SurveyingBSc (Hons)University of Portsmouth4 years
156Building SurveyingBSc (Hons)University of Reading3 years
157Building Surveying (with Work Placement)BSc (Hons)Edinburgh Napier University4 years
158Building Surveying with International Foundation YearBSc (Hons)University of Reading4 years
159Building Surveying with International Foundation Year (January entry)BSc (Hons)University of Reading4 years
160Civil and Infrastructure EngineeringMEng (Hon)City, University of London4 years
161Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (with Placement)BEng (Hon)City, University of London4 years
162Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (with placement)MEng (Hon)City, University of London5 years
163Civil EngineeringMEng (Hon)University of Leeds5 years
164Civil EngineeringBEng (Hon)Loughborough University3 years
165Civil EngineeringMEng (Hon)Loughborough University4 years
166Civil Engineering (with placement year)MEng (Hon)Loughborough University5 years
167Civil Engineering (with placement year)BEng (Hon)Loughborough University4 years
168Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering with a Foundation YearBEng (Hon)Loughborough University4 years
169Civil Engineering and ArchitectureMEng (Hon)University of Southampton4 years
170Civil Engineering and Architecture with Foundation YearMEng (Hon)University of Southampton5 years
171Civil Engineering and Architecture with Industrial Placement YearMEng (Hon)University of Southampton5 years
172Civil Engineering with ArchitectureMEng (Hon)University of Glasgow5 years
173Civil Engineering with ArchitectureBEng (Hon)University of Glasgow4 years
174Classical Archaeology and Ancient HistoryBA (Hons)University of Oxford3 years
175Classical Archaeology and Ancient History with Foundation YearBA (Hons)University of Oxford4 years
176ConstructionHNCChichester College Group2 years
177Construction and Built EnvironmentHNCChichester College Group2 years
178Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering)HNCSouth Thames College Group (inc Carshalton, South Thames and Kingston College)1 year
179Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering) – HNDHNDSouth Thames College Group (inc Carshalton, South Thames and Kingston College)1 year
180Construction ManagementBSc (Hons)University of Bedfordshire3 years
181Construction ManagementFdScUniversity of Bedfordshire2 years
182Construction ManagementHNCUniversity of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)1 year
183Construction Management (Architectural Technology)BSc (Hons)University Centre Colchester at Colchester Institute4 years
184Construction Management (top up)BSc (Hons)University of Bedfordshire1 year
185Construction Management (with Foundation Year)BSc (Hons)University of Bedfordshire4 years
186Construction Management and SurveyingBSc (Hons)University of Reading3 years
187Design for Future LivingBA (Hons)Birmingham City University3 years
188Engineering and Architectural DesignMEng (Hon)UCL (University College London)4 years
189Global Design EngineeringMEng (Hon)The Engineering & Design Institute London4 years
190Global Design EngineeringCertHEThe Engineering & Design Institute London1 year
191Global Design EngineeringBEng (Hon)The Engineering & Design Institute London3 years
192History of ArtBA (Hons)Goldsmiths, University of London3 years
193Interior and Spatial Design with Foundation YearBA (Hons)Buckinghamshire New University4 years
194Interior ArchitectureBA (Hons)Bristol, University of the West of England3 years
195Interior ArchitectureBA (Hons)Liverpool John Moores University3 years
196Interior ArchitectureBSc (Hons)University of Salford3 years
197Interior ArchitectureBA (Hons)University of Westminster, London3 years
198Interior Architecture (with Foundation Year)BA (Hons)Bristol, University of the West of England4 years
199Interior Architecture (with Integrated Foundation Year)BA (Hons)University of Brighton4 years
200Interior Architecture and DesignBA (Hons)Arts University Bournemouth3 years
201Interior Architecture and DesignBA (Hons)Birmingham City University3 years
202Interior Architecture and DesignBA (Hons)University of Gloucestershire3 years
203Interior Architecture and DesignBA (Hons)University of Hertfordshire3 years
204Interior Architecture and DesignBA (Hons)London Metropolitan University4 years
205Interior Architecture and DesignBA (Hons)Nottingham Trent University4 years
206Interior Architecture and DesignBA (Hons)Nottingham Trent University3 years
207Interior Architecture and DesignBA (Hons)University of Portsmouth4 years
208Interior Architecture and Design (with preparatory semester)BA (Hons)London Metropolitan University3 years
209Interior Architecture and Venue DesignBA (Hons)University of Derby3 years
210Landscape Architecture with Urban DesignBA (Hons)Birmingham City University3 years
211Landscape Architecture with Urban Design with Foundation YearBA (Hons)Birmingham City University4 years
212ModelmakingBA (Hons)Arts University Bournemouth3 years
213Online Structured BA (Hons) Interior DesignBA (Hons)KLC School of Design5 years
214Quantity SurveyingBSc (Hons)University of Reading3 years
215Quantity Surveying (with Work Placement)BSc (Hons)Edinburgh Napier University4 years
216Quantity Surveying with International Foundation Year (January entry)BSc (Hons)University of Reading4 years
217Quantity Surveying with International Foundation Year (September Entry)BSc (Hons)University of Reading4 years
218Real Estate Surveying (With Work Placement)BSc (Hons)Edinburgh Napier University4 years
219Structural and Architectural EngineeringMEng (Hon)University of Bath4 years
220Structural and Architectural EngineeringBEng (Hon)University of Bath3 years
221Structural and Architectural Engineering with professional placementBEng (Hon)University of Bath4 years
222Structural and Architectural Engineering with professional placementMEng (Hon)University of Bath5 years
223Structural Engineering and ArchitectureMEng (Hon)University of Sheffield4 years
224Structural Engineering and Architecture with an Industrial Placement YearMEngUniversity of Sheffield5 years
225Structural Engineering with ArchitectureMEng (Hon)University of Dundee5 years
226Structural Engineering with ArchitectureMEng (Hon)The University of Edinburgh5 years
227Structural Engineering with ArchitectureBEng (Hon)The University of Edinburgh4 years
228Structural Engineering with ArchitectureMEng (Hon)Queen’s University Belfast4 years
229Structural Engineering with Architecture (with a Year in Industry)MEng (Hon)Queen’s University Belfast5 years
230Urban Landscape ArchitectureBA (Hons)Ravensbourne University London3 years
231Urban PlanningMA (Hons)University of Dundee4 years
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