Top B.Des. Courses After 12th in India

Are you a creative person? Do you want to express creativity through your work? If yes, Bachelor of Design courses will be of help to you. Want to know more about the field of designing and B.Des. courses? I’ve listed some popular Bachelor of Design courses in this article.

B.Des. courses after 12th




Probably the most popular designing course known to Indian students. Fashion Designing course covers topics like textile technology, ornamentation, garment construction and manufacturing, fashion marketing, merchandising etc.


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The course trains students and makes them capable of taking up roles in the expanding fashion industry of India. Graduates may work as fashion designers, fashion consultants, stylists, fashion merchandisers, fashion event organizers etc.


Some of the well known fashion designing courses include- Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) and, B.Sc. in Fashion Designing BFT (Bachelor of Fashion Technology). Diploma and certificate courses related to fashion designing exist too, other than the Bachelor’s Degree courses mentioned above.



Most of us use leather accessories in our day to day lives. Belts, wallets, purse, handbags, furniture, car seats and dashboard- the uses of leather are many! Leather designing course deals with processing, designing and merchandising of leather, leather products and accessories.


Demand for carefully crafted leather products is on the rise. This course will help creative students to take on merchandising as well as designing jobs in leather industry.


Some of the well known Leather designing Bachelor’s Degree courses include- Bachelor of Design- Leather Designing, B.Sc. in Leather Designing and Bachelor of Design- Fashion Leather Accessory Design. Other than the Bachelor of Design courses mentioned above, Diploma and Certificate courses are also available in India.



Textile technology plays a huge role in fashion industry. Textile designing course covers topics such as textile technology, design skills, marketing skills, CAD, printing and merchandising.


Bachelor of Design- Textile Design is a well known Bachelor’s Degree course related to the field of Textile designing. Other than that course, some other relevant courses include- B.Sc. in Textile Design, Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Designing and few certificate courses.



Interior design is an art. It is the art of designing and decorating the interiors (and often the exteriors) or a room or building. Interior designers make use of resources and space available to them. Using their skills, they are capable of adding beauty and functionality to homes and other buildings.


The course covers topics like interior designing, furniture designing, landscape designing, set designing and product designing.


Well known Degree courses in Interior Designing include- Bachelor of Design- Interior Designing and B.Sc. in Interior Designing. Other than the Bachelor’s Degree programs mentioned above, Diploma and certificate courses related to this field are also available.



We use a wide variety of products in our day to day lives. Different products serve different purposes. Usability and productivity can be improved by tweaking the design and layout of products. Product designing is a field that deals with improving the design of existing products and development of new products.


Bachelor of Design- Product Design is the most popular designing course related to this field. Other than that, other relevant Bachelor’s Degree courses include- B.Sc. Product Design and Design Engineering. Apart from the Bachelor’s Degree courses, Diploma and Certificate courses exist too!



Accessory design is a part of the fashion industry. It deals with design, development and manufacturing of accessories. Accessories could be things like- ornaments, handbags, lifestyle products, watches, footwear, jewellery etc.


Bachelor of Design- Accessory Designing is the most popular course related to this field. Other than that, B.Sc. in Accessory Design is another good Bachelor’s Degree course available in India. Apart from the Bachelor’s Degree courses mentioned above, Diploma and certificate programs related to this field exist too!



Animation Design / Animation Film Design course is related to the field of Animation and Multimedia. The course covers topics such as 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Clay modelling, Mixed Media, Graphic Narratives etc.


In short, the course trains students in the area of animation and multimedia, making them capable of taking up job in areas like animation, digital filmmaking and graphic design.


Well known Bachelor’s Degree courses related to this discipline include- Bachelor of Design- Animation Film Design, BA in Animation, B.Sc. in Animation.



In simple terms, Graphic Design is a form of visual communication. It uses typography, color, images, signs and space to convey messages and solve problems!


We can see the art of graphic design being used in newspapers, magazines, logos, websites, boards, hoardings etc.


Bachelor of Design- Graphic Design is a well known Bachelor’s Degree course related to this field. BA and B.Sc. programs related to the field of Graphic Design are also available. Examples include- BA in Graphic Design, B.Sc. in Graphic Design and Web Designing, BA in Graphic and Web Designing etc.


Apart from the Bachelor’s Degree programs mentioned above, there also exist many Diploma and certificate programs related to Graphic Design in India.


The above mentioned Designing courses are the best B.Des. courses available in India. Other notable courses include- B.Des. Furniture Designing, B.Des. Ceramic and Glass Design, B.Des. Exhibition Design and B.Des. Film and Video Communication.


I know that you are eager to know more details about Bachelor of Design program. Let us check out course details like eligibility criteria, course duration, entrance tests and PG courses available after graduation, in the next section.



Duration: Bachelor of Design course lasts for a period of 4 years. It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree program. The academic program is divided into 4 academic years. The program consists of harmonic mixture of classroom lectures and practical workshop sessions.



In cases of most of the B.Des. courses mentioned above, the minimum educational qualification required is- 10+2 passed in any stream (Science, Commerce or Arts) from a recognized board in India.



To get admission in reputed Design institutes, one must crack relevant entrance tests. Here’s a list of important entrance lists, which will be of use to Design School aspirants in India-

  • CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design)
  • NID- DAT (National Institute of Design- Design Aptitude Test)
  • UPES- DAT (UPES- Design Aptitude Test)
  • SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)
  • NIFT Entrance
  • PEARL Entrance Test
  • SOFT Entrance Test
  • NEED (National Entrance Examination for Design)


It is evident from the above list that there exist National level entrance tests as well as Institute wise entrance tests. Entrance tests are used to gauge the creativity, talent, skills, GK, abstract thinking and aptitude of aspirants.


Entrance test generally consists of initial screening test / aptitude test, which will be followed by studio test and interview.



Bachelor of Design graduates may go for relevant Master of Design (2.5 years long course), M.Sc., Graduate Diploma as well as PG Diploma programs. PG courses can be used to specialize in disciplines like- communication design, industrial design, IT integrated design, textile design and interdisciplinary design. These disciplines have various lucrative Master of Design courses associated with them.

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