BBA Course

Have you passed 12th standard? Are you searching for a good management course after 12th? If yes, this article will be of help to you! Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of BBA course.


BBA Course


BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is an undergraduate level management course.


How’s this article helpful to me, you may ask. Here, you will find everything that you need to know about BBA course – details, duration, eligibility, colleges, admission, syllabus, specializations, PG courses, careers and salary.


BBA course is 3 years long. Students who have passed 10+2 in any stream (Arts, Commerce or Science) are eligible to pursue this course.


Do you want to know more details about BBA program. Find it in the next section. Here they are –


BBA: Basic Details

As I mentioned before, BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a Bachelor’s Degree program related to management education.


In order to run any business or organization, we need skilled managers. A skilled manager is knowledgeable about principles of management, organizational behaviour, man management and finance management.


A general BBA program trains students in the above mentioned areas. This program turns students into skilled managers. Managers who may don administrative roles at companies, MNCs and businesses.


Types of BBA programs in India

In India, two main types of BBA programs are available. They are –

  • General BBA program
  • Specialization program


A general BBA program focuses on core management subjects. Some of the core management subjects are –

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • HR Management
  • Finance Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Entrepreneurship


If you want to acquire management skills, a general BBA program is more than enough. This academic program is enough to help you bad an administrative or managerial role at companies and business houses.


But if you want to acquire discipline-specific knowledge, a specialization program will be of help to you. Let us take a closer look at specialization programs –


A specialization program focuses on a specific domain/discipline. The course covers core management subjects as well as discipline-specific subjects. For example, BBA in Event Management course covers core management subjects as well as subjects exclusive to event management!


Here are some of the notable BBA specialization programs –

  • BBA in HR Management
  • BBA in Event Management
  • BBA in Finance Management
  • BBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management
  • BBA in Hotel Management
  • BBA in Airport Management
  • BBA in Entrepreneurship
  • BBA in Business Analytics
  • BBA in Digital Marketing
  • BBA in Operations Management


Come, let us take a closer look at the course details. Here they are –


Course Details


Type of course

BBA is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree program.



The academic program is 3 years long.



Passed 12th (any stream) from a recognized board.



In India, there exists many Government and Self Financed (Private) colleges that offers BBA course. Such Colleges can be found in almost all major districts across Indian states. Government colleges are known to charge lower fees than their Private sector counterparts.



Reputed institutes conduct merit based admission process. Seats are allotted to deserving students on the basis of their performance in relevant entrance test. So, if you want to secure admission in a good college, you must crack the relevant entrance test. Some colleges are known to conduct donation and direct admission process.



Tuition fees varies from one institute to another. Government colleges charge relatively lower fees than their private sector counterparts. Fees usually depends upon the following factors –

  • Rating of the college
  • Type of college (Government or SF)
  • Scholarship status of student (if applicable)



Depending upon the type of program (general BBA or specialization program), syllabus may vary slightly. Here are some of the important subjects present in BBA curriculum –

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • HR Management
  • Finance Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Laws



PG courses

After completing BBA, graduates may take up a job or go for higher studies. Many graduates go for higher studies in order to boost their career prospects.


MBA and PG Diploma in Management are some of the notable PG courses available in front of graduates. Apart from that, they may also pursue relevant M.Sc. and MA programs too.


Career Prospects

BBA graduates have diverse job opportunities available in front of them. They have access to Government jobs, private jobs and entrepreneurship.


If you are interested in landing a Government job, you may start applying for jobs that require a Bachelor’s Degree! If you want to job in the private sector, you may start applying for interviews!


If you are interested in entrepreneurship, you may start your own business or venture! Graduates have loads of opportunities available in front of them!


Some of the prime recruiters are –

  • MNCs
  • Business Firms
  • Corporate Firms
  • Consultancies
  • IT Firms
  • Tech Firms
  • Healthcare Firms
  • Finance Firms
  • Industries
  • Energy and Gas Firms


There’s a never-ending demand for skilled managers in many sectors. Thus, the areas of employment are many!


In the above mentioned firm, a BBA graduate may don the following roles –

  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader



Starting salary depends upon the following factors –

  • Specialization chosen by the candidate
  • Rating of the college (where he/she pursued the course from)
  • Job location
  • Status of the employer


On an average, starting salary could be anywhere between 30-50K INR per month.

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