The Best Career Guidance Book for 10th & 12th Class Students

Do you want to build a financially rewarding career?


Do you want a high paying job that commands respect in the society?


If yes, you must invest your time and effort towards career planning! Career planning is very important because it plays an integral role in determining the path and fate of your career and life.


Career planning is essential. But it is not as easy as it sounds. It involves aspects such as – aptitude tests, assessing different options, self-evaluation, finding scope associated with each field etc.


Career planning must be done while keeping future scope and prospects in mind. What’s in demand and in trend today won’t necessarily remain in demand tomorrow.


Thus, it is very important to keep long-term prospects, impact and goals in mind. You can’t choose a career path out of impulse or on the basis of short-term statistics and results.


Fortunately, I’ve found a book that will be of help to Indian students! This book has everything you need to find the perfect career!

Here’s the book –

Career Planning Book


The book has been crafted keeping the needs of 10th and 12th pass students in mind. If you start career planning pretty early, it’ll give many benefits.

Career Planning Book Back


This book has everything that a 10th and 12th pass student will ever need. It takes a systematic approach towards career planning.


Let us check out the salient features of this book –


It covers all career options available in India and abroad

Yes, this book covers all the major career options available in India and abroad. The first thing that this book does is – educate you about different options available in front of you.


Medicine, Law, Engineering, Forensics, Data Analytics, Acting, Dancing, Arts, Travel, Aviation, Hotel Management, CA, CS, CMA – this book covers them all!


Get information about the best professional courses

The book also has detailed analysis of professional courses. Medicine, Law, Engineering, Forensics, Data Analytics, Acting, Dancing, Arts, Travel, Aviation, Hotel Management, CA, CS, CMA – you will find professional courses associated with each one of these domains.


Duration, fees, eligibility, colleges, admission – the author has covered all the details in an efficient manner.


Aptitude Tests

Self-evaluation plays an important role in selecting the best career option. Aptitude tests can be used to evaluate yourself in a scientific manner. This book has a section dedicated to such tests.


If you buy this book, it will make your career planning process smooth, efficient and precise. With this book by your side, you won’t have to waste too much time hunting for the best course and career path.


The book, with its systematic and scientific approach, will make career selection an easy task.


I’ve personally been through the book and found it quite useful, interesting and unique. It uses simple language and is quite easy to read and understand.


Being an educational consultant, I recommend this book to my readers. You may book your copy of this book online. Click here to buy your copy online.


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