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Have you passed 10th standard? Do you want to secure a job right after completing matriculation? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some decent job opportunities after 10th.

Jobs after 10th

Apart from that, I’ve also given my verdict on this topic and some additional suggestions. Hope you’ll benefit a lot from it!


First of all, let us find whether going for job right after 10th is a good option or not. Read on to know more –


Going for job right after 10th. Is it the best step ahead?

According to me, it is not the best step! In this world of cut-throat competition, a matriculation certificate won’t fetch you a very good job!


With just this qualification under your belt, you’ll have to settle for a low paying job. I don’t think you’ll be able to find a stable, permanent job in private sector with this qualification!


My suggestion is – don’t quit studies right after 10th! You will have to struggle a lot for the rest of your life! If necessary, try to bag a Government job after 10th. At least it’s permanent and the pay will be decent!


In short, if you just can’t do without a job, try to secure a Government job. There are posts which require 10th pass (as educational qualification required). This way, you’ll get a stable, permanent job that has an added benefit of job security!


Let us check out the types of jobs available in front of 10th pass students. Here they are –


Job opportunities after 10th

Broadly speaking, you have access to two main types of jobs after 10th. They are –

  • Private sector jobs
  • Government jobs


Let us talk about private sector jobs first. With matriculation certificate, you will be able to land entry level and menial jobs at private firms. The salary won’t be good, it will be a basic amount.


Job security won’t be there, as the job won’t be a permanent one! In short, long term prospects aren’t too good. You’ll be forced to change jobs every now and then!


Let us talk about Government jobs now. Yes, there exists many Government jobs, which 10th pass students may apply for!


Some of the notable Government sector recruiters are –

  • Indian Army
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Air Force
  • Indian Coast Guard
  • BSF
  • Indian Railways
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Some PSUs


In the above mentioned places, 10th pass students will be able to bag entry level jobs. For example, in Indian Army, 10th pass students are recruited as Soldiers! They are trained and employed by the Army!


As I mentioned before, the posts belong to entry level. But at the end of the day, Government jobs have much better pay structure and job security. With time, you may attain promotions and earn a decent salary.


After retirement, Government jobs will reward you with pension and other forms of payment. In short, you won’t regret joining a Government job after 10th! But the main drawback is that you won’t be able to grow (career-wise) beyond a certain point!


Distance Education + Job after 10th

As I mentioned before, my suggestion is – continue education after 10th. Don’t quit studies right after 10th!


But if you must take up a job, and have no other option, I’d suggest you to continue studies through distance education!


You may make use of open school system and complete 11th and 12th schooling. After that, you may pursue Bachelor’s Degree programs through correspondence!


Otherwise you may pursue job oriented Diploma and Certificate programs after 10th, through distance education.


In short, try to balance your job and studies with the help of distance learning! It is difficult, but definitely possible.


Some useful courses after 10th

Check out these guides for information about some job oriented courses –

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