CBSE 10th Maths & 12th Economics Re-Test 2018: Dates & Details

As we all know, CBSE class 12th Economics paper and class 10th maths paper were leaked before the examination! Yes, this news came as a shock for both CBSE as well as students! Following this development, CBSE has decided to conduct re-exam of both these papers!

CBSE re-exam dates

In this article, I’ve thrown light upon this entire saga. Let us start!

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The leak

CBSE class 12th Economics paper and class 10th maths paper were leaked before the date of exams! This highlighted the inefficiency of the system!


Majority of students were unaware about the leak, until after they completed the exam. The class 10th maths paper was very easy. Many students gave it a good shot and left the exam hall happy! Also check CBSE PCM & PCB percentile calculators.


But they were in for a big surprise! Newspapers and TV channels started airing/printing news about the leak before the exam!


A handful of students managed to bag the leaked papers. Now lakhs of board students are staring into the jaws of re-examination!


CBSE plans to conduct re-examination

After learning about the leaks, CBSE sprung into action. It announced on 28th March, 2018 that students will have to sit for re-examination!


The official announcement was issued on CBSE’s website. CBSE further announced that the dates of retest will be made available shortly on its official website.


Date of re-test

As I mentioned before, the dates of retest will be made available by CBSE shortly on its official website. The dates will be announced within a week, said the authorities.


Investigation and possibility of other paper leaks

Delhi Police has already begun the probe. There have been claims about other paper leaks as well. CBSE has refuted these claims so far. But whether other paper leaks took place or not remains to be seen! Also check – tips to prepare for 10th board exam & tips to prepare for 12th board exam.


Students not happy

Students are not at all happy with these developments. Hardworking and meritorious students have bad news.


First of all, these leaks show how flawed the system is! A large section of students work hard for an entire year and try their level best to score well in the exams.


On the other hand, a handful of students get early access to the papers and thus manage to score well without much hard work!


Secondly, the retest has got them stressed up again! They were just starting to relax after the daunting boards and this bomb dropped on them unexpectedly!


Now students will have to wait for the re-examination and start preparing for them again! Lakhs of students are suffering due to a handful of miscreants!

Arun Kallarackal
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