Best College Majors in USA for High Paying Jobs

Are you searching for the list of best college majors in USA? Do you want to pursue a job-oriented major, which will help you build a well-rewarding career in USA and across the world? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best college majors in the USA.

Best college majors in USA

College majors listed in this post are in huge demand these days. When it comes to finding a job, your college major matters a lot! Your major can break or make your career. In this age of digital revolution, one must choose a major that is capable of handling tech-driven disruption in the job market.

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For example, it is being said that AI will usurp numerous white-collar jobs across the world. In other words, AI will disrupt the job market associated with various domains/industries/areas. Your college major should be capable enough to withstand such disruptions. It should focus on valuable skills/knowledge, which will withstand the test of tech-driven disruptions.


That’s why I’ve listed down some of the best future-proof college majors in this post. Come, let us check out the list of the top college majors in USA now. Here it is –


List of best college majors in USA


1 Best Computer Science majors in USA

Sr No Computer science majors
1 Computer Graphics
2 Computer Science
3 Computer Software Engineering
4 Information Science


2 Best Engineering majors in USA

Sr No Engineering majors
1 Aerospace Engineering
2 Agricultural Engineering
3 Architectural Engineering
4 Bio-engineering and Biomedical Engineering
5 Chemical Engineering
6 Civil Engineering
7 Computer Hardware Engineering
8 Construction Engineering
9 Electrical Engineering
10 Engineering
11 Engineering Physics
12 Engineering Science
13 Environmental Engineering
14 Industrial Engineering
15 Manufacturing Engineering
16 Materials Engineering
17 Mechanical Engineering
18 Mining and Petroleum Engineering
19 Nuclear Engineering
20 Robotics and Automation Engineering
21 Systems Engineering


3 Best IT (Information Technology) majors in USA

Sr No IT majors
1 Computer and Information Systems Security
2 Computer Systems Analysis
3 Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications
4 Information Technology
5 Network, Database, and System Administration


4 Best Business Management majors in USA

Sr No Business management majors
1 Business
2 Construction Management
3 E-Commerce
4 Entrepreneurship
5 Fashion and Apparel Merchandising
6 Hospitality and Tourism Management
7 Human Resources
8 Insurance
9 International Business
10 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
11 Management Sciences and Information Systems
12 Managerial Economics
13 Marketing
14 Merchandising and Buying Operations
15 Office Management
16 Operations Management
17 Organizational Behavior Studies
18 Real Estate
19 Sales
20 Small Business Management


5 Best Finance & Accounting majors in USA

Sr No Accounting majors
1 Finance and Accounting
2 Actuarial Science
3 Banking and Finance
4 Financial Planning
5 Taxation


6 Best Medical & Health Care majors in USA

Sr No Medical & health care majors
1 Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health
2 Biomedical Technician
3 Cardiovascular Technician
4 Communication Disorders
5 Dental Assisting
6 Dental Hygiene
7 Emergency Care Attendant (EMT)
8 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT Paramedic)
9 Health Aides and Attendants
10 Health Professions
11 Health Service Preparatory Studies
12 Health Unit Coordinator and Manager
13 Hospital Management
14 Licensed Practical Nurse Training (LPN)
15 Medical Assistant
16 Medical Insurance Billing and Claims
17 Medical Insurance Coding
18 Medical Laboratory Technician
19 Medical Office Assistant
20 Medical Office Management
21 Medical Records Administration
22 Medical Records Technician
23 Medical Secretary
24 Medical Technician
25 Mental and Social Health Services
26 Mental Health Counseling
27 Nuclear Medical Technician
28 Nursing
29 Nursing
30 Nursing Administration
31 Nursing Administration
32 Nursing Assistant
33 Nursing Assistant
34 Nursing Science, Education, and Practice
35 Nursing Science, Education, and Practice
36 Occupational Therapist Assistant
37 Phlebotomy Technician
38 Physical Therapy Technician
39 Physician Assistant
40 Psychiatric and Mental Health Services
41 Radiation Therapy
42 Radiology Technician
43 Respiratory Care Therapy
44 Sonography and Ultrasound Technician
45 Speech Language Pathology
46 Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling
47 Surgical Technologist


7 Best Journalism & Communications majors in USA

Sr No Journalism & communications majors
1 Advertising
2 Broadcast Journalism
3 Communications
4 Corporate Communications
5 Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia
6 Graphic Communications
7 Journalism
8 Photojournalism
9 Public Relations
10 Radio and Television
11 Sports Communication


8 Best Biology majors in USA

Sr No Biology majors
1 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2 Bioinformatics
3 Biology
4 Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Medicine
5 Biotechnology
6 Botany and Plant Physiology
7 Cellular Biology
8 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
9 Genetics
10 Marine Biology and Oceanography
11 Microbiology
12 Neuroscience and Neuro-biology
13 Pharmacology and Toxicology
14 Physiology and Pathology
15 Pre medicine Studies
16 Zoology and Entomology


9 Best Psychology majors in USA

Sr No Psychology majors
1 Behavioral Sciences
2 Clinical Psychology
3 Cognitive Science
4 Counseling Psychology
5 Developmental and Child Psychology
6 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
7 Physiological Psychology
8 Psychology
9 Research and Experimental Psychology
10 Social Psychology


10 Best Design-related majors in USA

Sr No Design majors
1 Design and Visual Communications
2 Fashion and Apparel Design
3 Game Design and Interactive Media
4 Graphic Design
5 Industrial and Product Design
6 Interior Design
7 Metal and Jewelry Arts
8 Web Page and Digital Design


Importance of future-proof college majors

As I mentioned before, disruptions will change the way the job market works. With time, many jobs/job profiles/positions will become obsolete. To survive, one must remain valuable (in terms of skills/knowledge) before the employer.


This is where a future-proof college major comes handy. With a future-proof degree in your hand, you will be able to become a valuable asset for any employer. No matter what challenge the job market throws at you, a valuable college major will help you survive it.


College major, demand & supply

Demand & supply plays an important role in the job market. Just like any other market, the job market also works on the basis of demand and supply. Excess supply of graduates belonging to a specific college major group will saturate the job market (for that set of professionals). This will lead to reduced wages and/or lack of job opportunities.


If you belong to a college major group that is in huge demand, you will have access to adequate amount of job opportunities. The wages will be better too. In short, try to select a college major that is in demand today, and will remain so in the future!


Popularity of a college major vs choosing a major for the future

Here’s an interesting situation – you are all set to apply for college admission and find an appealing and popular college major. This specific major is quite hot at the moment. It is popular among the students as well as employers. So, you follow the herd and choose the said major.


5 years down the line, the previously popular college major has become saturated. It has also become outdated and has also been affected by the tech-driven disruption.


To overcome such a situation, you must select a college major that is made for the future. While selecting a major, you must make sure that it is future-proof.

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