Courses After 12th Arts 2022

Have you passed 12th standard Arts stream? Are you looking for job oriented courses after 12th? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best Arts stream courses after 12th!


Courses after 12th Arts


In India, PUC schooling forms an integral part of a student’s life. The stream and subjects that he/she chooses in 11th and 12th classes have a great influence on his/her career!


There exists three main streams in Indian PUC schooling system. They are –

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Commerce
  • Science


I’ve already compiled lists of courses after 12th Science and 12th Commerce. In this article, we will focus on arts stream courses only!


After completing 12th Arts stream, a student has access to numerous professional courses. The course a student chooses plays an important role in determining the trajectory of his/her career.


Let us check out the types of courses available in front of arts stream students. Here they are –


Types of courses

Arts stream students have access to the following types of courses after completing 12th standard –

  • Diploma courses
  • Bachelor’s Degree courses
  • ITI/Vocational courses
  • Certificate courses


Among the types of courses mentioned above, Bachelor’s Degree programs are the best ones! They give access to better jobs. Apart from that, Bachelor’s Degree holders may pursue relevant Master’s and PG Diploma courses. These PG programs can help give their career a boost!


Come, let us check out the list of top courses after 12th Arts stream. Here they are –


List of Courses After 12th Arts 2022


1 BA

BA is still the most popular course among arts stream students. In India, there exists numerous BA programs, which focus on a particular domain. Some such BA programs are –

  • BA in History and Archaeology
  • BA in Hindi
  • BA in Humanities
  • BA in Finance
  • BA in Foreign Languages (example- French)
  • BA in Regional Languages (example- Malayalam)
  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • BA in Visual Communication
  • BA in Literature
  • BA in Philosophy
  • BA in Music
  • BA in Theatre
  • BA in Yoga and Naturopathy
  • BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • BA in Library Science
  • BA in Photography
  • BA in Applied Science
  • BA in Advertising
  • BA in Fine Arts
  • BA in Mathematics
  • BA in Retail Management
  • BA in Fashion Merchandising
  • BA in Culinary Sciences
  • BA in Anthropology
  • BA in Home Science
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BA in Computer Applications
  • BA in Finance and Insurance
  • BA in Interior Designing
  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in Economics
  • BA in Animation and Multimedia


A BA (Hons) program will help you specialize in a particular field or domain. BA programs are 3 years long. There exists many Government and Self Financed Colleges offering BA programs in India.


After completing BA, graduates may go for PG courses such as – MA, MBA, PG Diploma programs etc.



If you are interested in fine arts this course will be of help to you! BFA program is generally 3 years long. There exists many Government and Self Financed Colleges offering this course in India.


3 Chartered Accountancy (CA)

CA is a training program. It can’t be compared to a traditional Bachelor’s Degree course. In fact, there are no proper colleges offering this course! Self learning is enough to become a CA! In order to become a CA in India, you must pass a series of tests designed and conducted by the Governing body!


4 Bachelor’s course in Economics

If you are interested in economics, this course will be of help to you. This Bachelor’s Degree program focuses on the domain of economics. After completing the course, you may go for higher studies or take up a job.


5 Integrated Law courses

LL.B. is the most popular law course in India. Unfortunately, it is a postgraduate level course. It means that you must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree course in order to be considered eligible to pursue LL.B. course!


So, what should be done to pursue law right after 12th? Integrated law courses will be helpful in such conditions! Integrated law courses combine an undergraduate level Degree program and LL.B. It means that students may pursue this course right after passing 12th standard!


Some of the notable integrated law programs are –

  • B.Com. + LL.B.
  • BBA + LL.B.
  • BA + LL.B.

6 Management courses

Have you always wanted to become a manager? Do you want to take up a senior administrative role in a company? If yes, management courses will be of help to you!


MBA is the most valued and popular management course in India. Unfortunately, it is a PG level course.


So, what should be done if you want to pursue a good management program after 12th? There are some good undergraduate level management courses available in India. They are –

7 Teacher training courses

Are you passionate about teaching? Do you want to become a teacher? If yes, teaching courses will be of help to you! Some teaching courses are PG level programs. On other hand, some teacher training courses are undergraduate level programs.


Here are some notable teacher training courses which you may pursue after completing 12th –

  • B.El.Ed.
  • Integrated B.Ed. program
  • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education)
  • BPE
  • D.El.Ed.
  • D.Ed.
  • NTTE
  • ECCE
  • JBT


8 Bachelor of Statistics

If you like playing with numbers, probability and equations, this course will be of help to you. A good alternative to this academic program is – B.Sc. in Statistics. In some cases, Statistics is bundled with relevant fields such as Computer Science and Mathematics, forming a combination course!


9 CMA course

CMA stands for Cost Management Accountant. This training program  is similar to CS and CA programs. 10+2 passed students are eligible to pursue CMA course’s foundation program.


10 Actuarial Science

10+2 passed students are eligible to become student members of IAI (Institute of Actuaries of India). To do so, they must crack the Actuarial Common Entrance exam though!


11 BSW

BSW stands for Bachelor of Social Work. It is a 3 years long Bachelor’s Degree program. The course will help you become a Social Worker.


After completing BSW, graduates may go for PG courses such as MSW, MBA, PG Diploma programs etc.


12 BHM

If you are interested in Hotel Management sector, BHM course will be of help to you. BHM stands for Bachelor of Hotel Management. It is a job oriented Bachelor’s Degree course.


The academic program is 3 years long. After completing this course, graduates will be able to bag jobs in hotel, hospitality, travel and tourism management sectors. Some other relevant hotel and hospitality management courses are –

  • Bachelor of Hotel and Catering Management
  • Bachelor of Catering Technology
  • Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management


13 BJM

If you want to build your career in Journalism and Mass Communication sector, you may rely on BJM course. BJM stands for Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. This professional course focuses on the world of journalism, visual communication and mass communication.


The academic program is generally 3 years long. Graduates may either take up a job or go for higher studies. They do have access to a handful of Master’s and PG Diploma programs.


14 CS

CS stands for Company Secretary. This training program will help you become a CS in India! You may enrol for CS Foundation programme after completing 12th Arts, Commerce or Science (except fine arts). For more details, check out this guide – how to become a CS in India.


15 B.Sc. courses

12th Arts passed students also have access to certain B.Sc. programs. Some such courses are –

  • B.Sc. in Retail Management
  • B.Sc. in Travel and Tourism Management
  • B.Sc. in Hotel Management
  • B.Sc. in Supply Chain Management
  • B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia


11 Other courses

  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Education Technology
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Air Hostess/Cabin Crew training course
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Filmmaking and Video Editing
  • Bachelor of Statistics
  • CMA (Certified Management Professional)
  • Actuarial Science
  • Animation and Multimedia (Degree and Diploma courses)
  • ANM Nursing Course
  • GNM Nursing Course
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