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Do you want a job that will let you express your creativity? There are some good professional courses, which suits creative students. 10th passed students have been asking me about list of creative professional courses available after 12th standard. Those questions motivated me to come up with this article. Here, you will be reading about best creative courses available in India.


creative courses


I’m a big fan of ‘Do what you love’ thing. If you study what you really love and build a career in that sector, it will naturally help that creativity juice flow in your work! Creativity can be involved in any profession or course! You may also check arts, commerce and science courses after 12th.


For example, a Civil Engineer can use a creative and innovative plan/structure in his/her work. Similarly computer programmers may use their creativity and vision to develop useful software! Economists may use their creativity to solve economic problems faced by different countries. Management professionals may think out of the box, be creative with their plans and bring more productivity to their business!


In short, one can be creative, no matter what the career is. But some courses do stand out though. I have listed those courses in this article. So, if you are interested in pursuing a creative course, this article is for you. Read entire article and decide which course suites you best! At the same time, remember the ‘Do what you love’ part discussed above. Your likes and passion matters the most.


1 Photography

Different formats of Photography courses are available after 12th standard. Some of the well known courses are- BA in Photography, B.Sc. in Digital Photography, B.Sc. in Photography and Cinematography, Diploma in Digital Photography and BA in Photography and Video Editing.


For details about Photography courses available after 10th standard, check this article out- Photography courses after 10th. The field of photography is diverse. Various specializations exist in this field. Examples of specializations include- fashion photography, automobile photography, wildlife photography etc.


Those who are passionate about photography may go for any of the above mentioned courses after 12th. Science, Commerce and Arts stream students are eligible to pursue the above mentioned courses. So, after 10th, you may go for any stream you really like (for 11th and 12th schooling).


2 Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture and Diploma in Architecture and two popular courses related to this field. The field of Architecture deals with planning, design and construction of houses, buildings and other structures. This field also deals with decoration of indoor as well as outdoor spaces.


Creative architects are in huge demand these days. They can come up with plans and designs that helps build beautiful homes with all the necessary functionality and comforts.


Science, Commerce and Arts stream students are eligible to pursue Bachelor of Architecture course. But mathematics subject is compulsory and the student must possess valid NATA entrance test (or other relevant entrance test) score to secure admission in good architecture institutes.


3 Bachelor of Design courses

Bachelor of Design courses are for creative folks. There exist many courses related to the field of Design. Usually such courses are known by the short name of B.Des. Some of the well known design related courses are-

  • Fashion Design
  • Textile Design
  • Interior Design
  • Jewellery Design
  • Apparels Design
  • Product Design
  • Leather Design


Interested students may choose a course that suits their taste. B.Des. courses can be pursued by Science, Commerce and Arts stream students.


4 Culinary Arts courses

Culinary Arts courses can be pursued to become a qualified professional chef. This career also involves lots of creativity. If one is passionate about the field of culinary art and cooking, one could get innovative and come up with creative signature recipes!


Some of the well known culinary arts courses available after 12th (Science, Commerce or Arts) are- BA in Culinary Arts, Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts and Bachelor of Hotel Management.


5 Journalism and Mass Communication

There exists various job opportunities after pursuing this course. While the jobs may seem not too creative at first, one may become innovative and come up with new trends. When it comes to job profiles like reporter, producer, director, photographer etc, one may get creative.


BA, B.Sc. as well as Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication courses are available in India after 12th. These courses can be pursued by Science, Commerce and Arts stream students. Separate individual courses such as Journalism, Mass Communication and Visual Media are also available in the above mentioned course formats (BA, B.Sc. and Diploma).


6 Event Management

An event manager’s main task is to coordinate and organize events. Birthdays, parties, weddings, corporate events, sports events etc are managed and coordinated by professional event managers.


While this job may seem normal at first, it actually involves lots of creativity! Event managers have to come up with creative plans and programs to spice up the event and host it successfully!


BBA, MBA (PG), Diploma, BA and B.Sc. Event Management programs are available in India. Studying such courses is not mandatory in order to become an event manager. Still, the courses will give one an edge and theoretical knowledge. Science, Commerce as well as Arts stream students are eligible to pursue the above mentioned courses.


7 Sound Engineering

B.E./B.Tech. and Diploma formats of Sound Engineering courses are available in India. 12th Science stream passed students with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects are eligible to pursue this course.


After completing this course, one may work in fields that require creativity, such as film production area (sound editing, sound effects etc), TV and advertising area, Music industry etc.


8 Literature

BA programs related to literature can be pursued by those, who have a flair for literature. English, Hindi and regional languages can be pursued, when it comes to BA Literature programs. The profession of a writer is an example that shows how creativity is involved in this field and course.


9 Fine Arts and Performing Arts courses

BFA and Performing Arts courses cover BA programs in creative subjects such as painting, sculpting, dance, music, applied art, animation etc. Course duration is 3 years. Students who have passed 12th standard (any stream- Science, Commerce or Arts) are eligible to pursue any of the above mentioned courses.


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