Does an Engineering Degree Guarantee You a Job? Facts & Suggestions

Let us talk about the present status of Engineering education in India. Engineering, at present, is one of the most sought after professional courses in India. A large number of 12th (Science stream) passed students choose this professional course.

Engineering Degree

Is engineering education/degree overrated? Is this degree really useful? The next section will answer your questions.


Present status

The reality is that engineering education and degree has lost its old sheen and value. Earlier, only few institutes existed that offered engineering courses. As a result, only the academically bright and capable candidates used to pursue this professional course. In the end, the number of graduates emerging from such institutes were very less. The graduates thus could find jobs very easily. Also check – List of GNM colleges in Kasaragod, Kerala.


At present, there are numerous institutes (government and private) that offer engineering education in India. The number of private engineering colleges has skyrocketed in the recent past.


Thanks to this increase in the number of colleges, seat availability has increased. It is now very easy for students to secure admission in an engineering college (not premier institutes though).


Due to availability of seats, more and more students are dreaming about pursuing engineering degree. Lakhs of engineering graduates march out of these colleges each year. This has made the job market saturated.


Factors responsible for the present status

  • Increase in the number of engineering colleges
  • Peer and family pressure (students unwillingly secure admission)
  • Lack of knowledge about alternative choices and professional courses

Does an engineering degree guarantee a bright career?

The answer to the above question depends upon various factors. Engineering degree from a reputed/premier institute will help you secure a good job.


But a degree from a mediocre college won’t be of much help to you. The fact that worries me the most if that many engineering colleges don’t train its students adequately. According to some reports, a large portion of Indian engineering graduates are unemployable. It means that they lack industry-specific skills and knowledge.


So, what should engineering aspirants do? What must be done to build a good career after completing engineering in India? Try the below mentioned solutions –


1 Pursue the course from a reputed institute

Yes, work hard and secure admission in a premier institute. It is pretty difficult to bag a seat at institutes like IITs and NITs. If you fail to do so, try to secure admission in reputed government and private engineering college in your state.


2 Go for higher studies

If you pursued engineering degree from a not-so-good institute and are struggling to get a job, prepare well for further studies. Prepare for entrance exams like CAT and/or GATE. Target professional courses like MBA and M.Tech. Secure admission in a reputed institute (for PG education). This will boost your career prospects.


3 Prepare for government job tests/exams

A Bachelor’s Degree is the minimum qualification required to apply for many government job (posts). If you are struggling to get a decent job, take some time, prepare for relevant government tests (central and state-wise PSC) and write those tests.

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