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Event Management is a course that is less popular among students. I’m telling this based on the fact that when compared to other professional courses like Engineering, MBBS, B.Sc., B.A., B.Com. etc, there are relatively less takers for event management courses. It seems like students are not looking at event sector as a ‘promising’ field that can help them build a promising and rewarding career. But to be honest, I think that event management field is a promising sector. It has high potential, when it comes to job opportunities and career building! In this article, we will analyze this course and check out details associated with it! Event Management is all about using management skills and resource management skills to successfully host and execute various events (wedding, corporate events, sports events, parties etc).

Event management courses India

In the first section of this article, you will be reading about what event management exactly is. It will five you an overview of this field. The second section is about advantages of building a career in this field. In the third section, you will be reading about skills required to thrive in this field. The fourth section is about list of good Event Management courses for 12th passed students as well as Graduates. In the fifth section, you will find out eligibility criteria details. The last section covers information such as- salary details, job types available and career scope.


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Okay, I know that many of you out there don’t have much idea about this field. That’s the very reason why you are reading this article! Event management field is all about conceiving the idea of an event, planning it, promoting the event through marketing and advertising, see through the legalities involved in hosting the event, successfully executing it etc. It focuses on using management skills to successfully plan and host an event.


This is a vast field. The types of events could be- Birthday parties, School/College events, Music Concerts, Dance shows, Cultural shows, Sports events, Corporate events, Fashion shows, Adventure and Outdoor events etc. There are more events other than the ones that I have mentioned!


The duties of an event manager includes-

  • Getting an idea about the type of event that the client wants
  • Use creative prowess and plan the event
  • Deal with personnel required to successfully host the event, like- caterers, security personnel, artists, VIPs etc
  • Purchase materials that are required to host the event, like- sound system, lighting system, utensils, generators, tent making materials (depends on the event) etc
  • Find and fix the ideal place to host the event. It could be at places like- auditoriums, parks, school grounds, indoor stadiums etc
  • Keep a check on the expenses and see that the costs do not exceed the budget
  • Keep in touch with the client during the planning and execution phase, get their feedback and work on it
  • Deal with the legal aspects related to hosting an event, like- obtaining police permission, preparing agreements with caterers, security personnel and other such involved parties, security arrangements, dealing with the Civic bodies and obtaining permission from them etc


Those were some main tasks that an event management professional is expected to perform. Now, let us take a look at why the Industry of Event Management is promising-



Earlier, event management was not quite the organized sector that it is today. There were few firms out there that concentrated on this sector. Other than them, this sector had been largely unorganized and non-regulated one! But situation has changed now. This field is seeing more and more improvement and development these days. More and more attention is given to it. Along with the importance, job opportunities as well demand for event management professionals is also on rise!


Another fact is- job market saturation. As I mentioned above, when compared to other professional courses, number of takers for this particular course is relatively less. Thanks to this trend, the job market is relatively less saturated.


The demand for qualified event management professionals is on the rise. And on the other end, job saturation is not too high. In short, for job hunting, one doesn’t have to put in enormous efforts.


Looking at the above mentioned factors, it is safe to conclude that this field is quite promising. One may easily land a well paying job, build a rewarding career, climb up the career ladder. Also, it looks like this sector won’t be running out of steam in the near future!


So, the field is quite promising! Now, let us take a closer look at this sector. Let us know more about important skills required to thrive in this field-



Like in every field, to succeed in this field too, one needs to have certain skills. Some very important skills required are-

  • Creativity is very necessary, if one wishes to stand apart from the crowd and create a name for oneself! Clients want their event to turn into a grand success. An event manager could make his/her client happy by planning and executing a flawless event. But coming up with something cool and unique, something really innovative and creative will make them value you even more! Further, it will help you build good reputation in event management sector!
  • Good PR (Public Relations) skills are also required to thrive in this field as one has to rope in various types of personnel ranging from catering guys to VIPs. To deal with such wide range of people, having good PR skills is a must!
  • Accounting and cost estimating skills also comes handy. Organizing an event involves purchasing number of materials, hiring personnel, promoting the event, roping in artists etc. And all these activities costs money! Sticking to the budget is key, while organizing an event. So, being good at accounting and cost estimation will certainly be an advantage!
  • Good networking skill also helps for sure! Making use of one’s network, one can easily find solutions related to recruiting personnel, negotiating costs etc.


Now that we have gone through the skills required to thrive in this field, let us take a look at the Event management courses syllabus and structure-



In this section, I will cover some very good Institutes offering Event Management courses and the types of courses that they are offering at the moment. Come, let us take a look-


The National Academy of Event Management and Development is a reputed Institute that offers a wide array of courses related to this field. This Institute has branches in Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Mumbai. The courses offered are-

  • MBA in Event Management and PR (2 years long PG course)
  • BBA in Event Management and PR (3 years long Bachelor’s Degree course)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aspects of Media, Marketing and Events (1 year long PG Diploma course)
  • Diploma in Aspects of Media, Marketing and Events (1 year long Diploma course)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management (1 year long PG Diploma course)
  • Diploma in Event Management (1 year long Diploma course)


Apart from the above mentioned Institute, there are number of other Private Institutes too out there, offering Event Management courses. Usually, the formats of such courses are-

  • Diploma Courses- lasts 1 year
  • Integrated (BBA+MBA) Event Management course (5 years long)
  • Part time training courses and workshops- lasts 1 year or more
  • Event Management Certificate course- lasts 6 months
  • Outdoors and Adventure Event Management Certificate course
  • Exhibition Management Certificate course
  • Fashion Event Management Certificate course


Though certificate courses are available in abundance, when it comes to Event Management, I’m not a big fan of it! Most of these certificate courses are useless. Looking from the point of view of quality also, the curriculum of such certificate courses are poor and not well chalked out. It would be better to pursue a Degree or Diploma course in Event Management, from a reputed and recognized Institute! After covering the different formats of courses available, now it is time to check out the eligibility criteria required to pursue the above mentioned courses-



  • In case of MBA course mentioned above, Graduation Degree (3 years or 4 years long) in any discipline is required.
  • In case of BBA course mentioned above, 12th (Science, Commerce or Arts stream) class schooling is required. Even Graduates from any discipline may pursue this course.
  • In case of Diploma courses, 12th (Science, Commerce or Arts stream) class schooling is required. Graduates may also pursue this course.
  • In case of Certificate courses, 12th (Science, Commerce or Arts stream) class schooling is required. Even Graduates may pursue this course.
  • In case of Integrated course, 12th (Science, Commerce or Arts stream) class schooling is required.



Here are some important subjects and topics covered in Event Management course-

  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Inter Department Coordination
  • Catering Management
  • Event Planning
  • Budget Planning
  • Logistics
  • Law and other Legal aspects
  • Marketing
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Branding and Brand Promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Media Management



Jobs are available in ample amounts! Thanks to more importance being given to Event sector, the demand for professionals is on rise.


The number of events organized in different parts of the World is rising each year. Cultural events, Sports events, Corporate events…. The long list of events goes on and on! This indicates that one will never find it difficult to get work!


Also, with time, new events are being introduced. A good example is- Outdoor adventure event. Earlier, it used to be less of an event and more of a personal hobby or interest. But thanks to recent trends, outdoor expeditions and adventure trips are treated like an event. There are Event companies out there providing entire adventure tour package! In short, with time, new and innovative events will be introduced. One may milk such opportunities!


After completing any format of Event management course, one may take up a job in any of the many Event Organizing companies around the World! Starting out this way is really good, for it will help one gain some good old work experience!


After gaining experience and financial resources, one may start one’s own venture too! It will be particularly good to start on one’s own after gaining experience and establishing good connections with people working in this field. Starting salary depends on the type of Event Management course that you have done. In case of Diploma and Certificate courses, a fresher may earn around 15-20k Rupees per month. But an MBA Degree holder will be able to earn higher, since his/her employer’s profile will be high too! Some common job posts and types available are-

  • Event Planner
  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Celebrity Manager
  • Advertising and Marketing Executive
  • HR Manager
  • Brand and Image Specialist
  • Resources Purchase Manager
  • Consultant
  • Finance Management Executive


One may also start small, concentrating on local as well as small scale events, such as community events, local sports events, cultural festival celebrations etc. Starting small and slowly climbing up the ladder is a recommended practice.

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