Top Journalism Scholarships in USA

Are you searching for the list of best journalism scholarships in the USA? Are you an journalism education aspirant looking for financial-aid? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best journalism scholarships in the USA for native as well as international students.

Journalism scholarships in USA

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of top journalism scholarships in the USA, name of the scholarship & amount awarded to students. After going through this list, readers will be able to identify and apply for relevant scholarships. This will help them gain access to financial-aid and reduce financial burden associated with journalism education in USA. Also check – Scholarships for women in the USA.


Let us check out the list of journalism scholarships now. Here it is –


List of journalism scholarships in USA

Sr NoName of the journalism scholarshipAmount offered
1Jake McClain Driver KC5WXA Scholarship $1,000
2National Writers Association Foundation Scholarships $1,000
3PHD Scholarship $1,000
4Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference Program $1,000
5Tallo Scholarship (Monthly Opportunity) $1,000
6$1,000 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship $1,000
7Climate Justice Scholarship $1,000
8SmarterCollege Scholarship $1,000
9Wayne D. Cornils Memorial Scholarship $1,000
10Palm Beach Association of Black Journalists Scholarship $1,000
11NDS McCullough Freshman Communications Scholarship $1,000
12Julianne Malveaux Scholarship $1,000
13Northwest Journalists of Color Scholarships $1,000
14Irene Adler Prize $1,000
15California Broadcasters Foundation Intern Scholarship $1,000
16Lou and Carole Prato Sports Reporting Scholarship $1,000
17Michele Clark Fellowship $1,000
18Mike Reynolds Journalism Scholarship $1,000
19The Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarships and The Walter J. Travis-Rudy Zocchi Memorial Scholarship $1,000
20Vada and Col. Barney Oldfield National Security Reporting Fellowship $1,000
21Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists Scholarships $1,250
22David S. Barr Award $1,500
23Michael S. Powell High School Journalist of the Year $1,500
24Dr. Lynne Boyle/John Schimpf Undergraduate Scholarship $1,500
25Vincent Chin Memorial Scholarship $1,500
26Student Scholarships in Journalism $1,500
27Bill Farr Scholarship $1,500
28Carl Greenberg Scholarship $1,500
29Helen Johnson Scholarship $1,500
30Ken Inouye Scholarship $1,500
31Dow Jones News Fund Data Journalism Internship Program & Scholarship $1,500
32Dow Jones News Fund Internship/Scholarship $1,500
33Associated Press Television/Radio Association-Clete Roberts Journalism Scholarship Awards $1,500
34Kathryn Dettman Memorial Journalism Scholarship $1,500
35CollegExpress $10,000 Scholarship $10,000
36Clark Mollenhoff Award for Investigative Reporting $10,000
37Washington Post Young Journalists Scholarship $10,000
38Douglas W. Mummert Scholarship $10,000
39Jim McKay Memorial Scholarship $10,000
40Mike Wallace Memorial Scholarship $10,000
41Univision Natas Scholarship $10,000
42NAJA-Facebook Journalism Scholarship $10,000
43Ed Bradley Scholarship $10,000
44Rhode Island PBS Scholarship $15,000
45Jennifer Leonard Scholarships $150
46National Institute for Labor Relations Research William B. Ruggles Journalism Scholarship $2,000
47Jackson Foundation Journalism Scholarship Fund $2,000
48Nitro College Scholarship $2,000
49NPA Foundation Collegiate and High School Journalism Scholarships $2,000
50National Association of Hispanic Journalists Scholarship $2,000
51Mary Quon Moy Ing Memorial Scholarship Award $2,000
52ONWA Annual Scholarship $2,000
53Santa Clara University School of Law Computer and High Technology Law Journal Comment Contest $2,000
54Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation Scholarship $2,000
55Broadcast Scholarship Program $2,000
56Carole Simpson Scholarship $2,000
57Jacque I. Minnotte Health Reporting Fellowship $2,000
58Lee Thornton Scholarship $2,000
59Pete Wilson Journalism Scholarship $2,000
60You Deserve It Scholarship by Scholarship Owl $2,222
61Scholarship Points $2,500 Scholarship $2,500
62Tampa Bay Times Fund Career Journalism Scholarships $2,500
63Maria Elena Salinas Scholarship $2,500
64$2,500 Christian College Scholarship $2,500
65Leonard M. Perryman Communications Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students $2,500
66The Fund for American Studies $2,500
67Connecticut SPJ Bob Eddy Scholarship Program $2,500
68Jack Shaheen Mass Communications Scholarship Award $2,500
69Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association Scholarship Program $2,500
70NABJ Scholarship $2,500
71N.S. Bienstock Fellowship $2,500
72Presidents Scholarship $2,500
73The Linda Giannecchini Memorial Trustees Scholarship $20,000 Scholarship $200
75Be Bold Scholarship (No Essay!) $25,000
76Seattle Professional Chapter Of The Association For Women In Communications $3,000
77William J. (Bill) and Loretta M. O’Neil Scholarship Fund $3,000
78Texas Association of Broadcasters – Bonner McLane Scholarship $3,000
79Texas Association of Broadcasters – Tom Reiff Scholarship $3,000
80Texas Association of Broadcasters – Two-year/Technical School Scholarship $3,000
81Texas Association of Broadcasters – Undergraduate Scholarship $3,000
82Texas Association of Broadcasters – Vann Kennedy Scholarship $3,000
83Congressional Research Grants Program $3,500
84Judith L. Weidman Racial Ethnicity Minority Fellowship $30,000
85Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York Scholarship for Graduate Study $35,000
86Robin Roberts/WBCA Sports Communications Scholarship Award $4,000
87Overseas Press Club Foundation Scholar Awards $4,000
88Texas Gridiron Club Scholarships $4,000
89Mississippi Press Association Education Foundation Scholarship $4,000
90BigFuture Scholarships $40,000
91National Association of Broadcasters Grants for Research in Broadcasting $5,000
92Bernard Kilgore Memorial Scholarship $5,000
93Outdoor Writers Association of America – Bodie McDowell Scholarship Award $5,000
94Feldman Fellowship for Graduate Studies in Journalism $5,000
95National Press Club Scholarship for Diversity Honoring Julie Schoo $5,000
96The Richard G. Zimmerman Scholarship $5,000
97Islamic Scholarship Fund Media Scholarship $5,000
98Geraldo Rivera Scholarship $5,000
99Newhouse Scholarship Program $5,000
100Peter Agris Memorial Journalism Scholarship $5,000
101Printing Industry Midwest Education Foundation Scholarship Fund $5,000
102Ann Arnold Scholarship $5,000
103CIC/Anna Chennault Scholarship $5,000
104Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals $5,000
105Congressional Fellowship for Journalists $54,000
106Congressional Fellowship for Political Scientists $54,000
107International Foodservice Editorial Council Communications Scholarship $6,000
108Stoody-West Fellowship for Graduate Study in Religious Journalism $6,000
109George Foreman Tribute to Lyndon B. Johnson Scholarship $6,000
110Carlos M. Castaneda Journalism Scholarship $7,000
111NYU Journalism-NAJA scholarship $70,000
112Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing $75,000
113Harold K. Douthit Scholarship $750
114Ohio News Media Foundation Minority Scholarship $750
115Ohio News Media Foundation University Journalism Scholarship $750
116AQHF Journalism or Communications Scholarship $8,000
117Mas Family Scholarship AwardAmount may vary/is not fixed
118Inter American Press Association ScholarshipsAmount may vary/is not fixed
119Steve Petix Journalism ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
120Shaw ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
121Dr. Lynne Boyle/John Schimpf Graduate ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
122Durwood McAlister ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
123Mississippi Association of Broadcasters ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
124Otis A. Brumby II ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
125Mothers Fund ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
126Allison Fisher ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
127Gerald Boyd/Robin Stone Non-Sustaining ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
128National Association of Black Journalists and Newhouse Foundation ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
129National Association of Black Journalists Non-Sustaining Scholarship AwardsAmount may vary/is not fixed
130Morris Newspaper Corporation ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
131William C. Rogers ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
132Armenian Relief Society Graduate Scholarship ProgramAmount may vary/is not fixed
133Valley Press ClubAmount may vary/is not fixed
134NMPF National Dairy Leadership Scholarship ProgramAmount may vary/is not fixed
135New York Financial Writers’ Associations ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
136SAJA Journalism ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
137Maryland SPJ Pro Chapter College ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
138Lester Benz ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
139Agnes Freyer Gibbs Scholarship FundAmount may vary/is not fixed
140Guy P. Gannett Scholarship FundAmount may vary/is not fixed
141Harriet Irsay Scholarship GrantAmount may vary/is not fixed
142The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship ProgramAmount may vary/is not fixed
143BMI Founders Award for Radio BroadcastingAmount may vary/is not fixed
144CCNMA ScholarshipsAmount may vary/is not fixed
145Dow Jones News Fund High School WorkshopsAmount may vary/is not fixed
146John Mabry Forestry ScholarshipAmount may vary/is not fixed
147Sigma Delta Chi ScholarshipsAmount may vary/is not fixed
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