Top 282 Courses After 10th

Are you studying in 10th standard? Have you completed 10th standard? If yes, this article will be of help to you! Here, I’ve listed down some of the best courses after 10th.


10th standard is a very important point in a student’s life. In India, it is usually after 10th that most students start thinking seriously about career, professional courses and other high stake decisions!

After 10th standard, a student has a handful of options available in front of him/her. Here are some of the main options available in front of them –

  • Diploma courses (engineering/technical)
  • General/non-technical diploma courses
  • ITI courses
  • Paramedical courses
  • Vocational courses
  • Certificate courses
  • Continuing 11th & 12th PUC schooling (Arts, Commerce or Science)

List of Courses after 10th


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In this post, we will explore all the main options (courses) that are available in-front of 10th passed candidates. This post has been crafted keeping the current academic year (2024) in mind. Candidates who have cleared 10th board examination in 2024 may use this post to find an ideal course.


After passing 10th class, a candidate may even take up a job! Taking up a job right after 10th is not something that I recommend to my readers! If you aren’t facing financial/other difficulties, you should continue education after completing 10th! So don’t run after a job right after 10th, unless it is unavoidable!

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Because if you look to get hired after 10th, you’ll end up landing an entry level job with low salary. Otherwise you should try to land a Government job after 10th (Army, Navy, Railways etc).

Course formats after 10th standard
Students who have passed 10th standard have access to different types of diploma courses. Broadly speaking, these diploma programs can be classified into two types –

  • Diploma in Engineering courses (Polytechnic courses)
  • General diploma courses


Diploma in Engineering programs are also known as polytechnic courses. These courses and ‘technical’ in nature. In other words, these programs deal with domains that are related to fields such as engineering & technology. On the other hand, general diploma programs deal with different fields such as – management, finance, arts, general studies, languages etc.


List of top courses after 10th

schooling after 10th standard

Come, let us take a close look at the diploma in engineering courses first. Here is everything you need to know about these technical programs –


1 Diploma in Engineering courses after 10th

Sr No Name of the course
1 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
2 Diploma in Electrical Engineering
3 Diploma in Civil Engineering
4 Diploma in Computer Engineering
5 Diploma in Chemical Engineering
6 Diploma in Production Engineering
7 Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering
8 Diploma in Automobile Engineering
9 Diploma in Communication & Computer Networking
10 Diploma in Information Technology
11 Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
12 Diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
13 Diploma in Automation & Robotics
14 Diploma in Cloud Computing & Big Data
15 Diploma in Gaming & Animation
16 Diploma in Instrumentation & Control Engineering
17 Diploma in Textile Chemistry
18 Diploma in Textile Processing Technology
19 Diploma in Plastic Engineering
20 Diploma in Mining Engineering
21 Diploma in Ceramic Technology
22 Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
23 Diploma in Food Processing & Technology
24 Diploma in Information & Communication Technology
25 Diploma in Tool & Die Making
26 Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
27 Diploma in Metallurgy
28 Diploma in Power Electronics
29 Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Technology
30 Diploma in Architecture
31 Diploma in Geo-informatics
32 Diploma in Plastic Mould Technology
33 Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
34 Diploma in Printing Technology
35 Diploma in Electronics Production & Maintenance
36 Diploma in Medical Electronics
37 Diploma in Marine Engineering
38 Diploma in Mechatronics
39 Diploma in Leather Technology
40 Diploma in Rubber Technology
41 Diploma in Packaging Technology
42 Diploma in Computer Applications
43 Diploma in Industrial Electronics
44 Diploma in Environmental Engineering
45 Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering
46 Diploma in Plastic & Polymer Engineering
47 Diploma in Polymer Technology
48 Diploma in Garment Fabrication Technology
49 Diploma in Renewable Energy
50 Diploma in Robotic Process Automation
51 Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering
52 Diploma in Audiography & Sound Engineering
53 Diploma in Cyber Forensics & Information Security
54 Diploma in Safety & Fire Engineering
55 Diploma in Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
56 Diploma in Paint Technology


Duration of the course: An average diploma in engineering program lasts for a period of 3 years. Each academic year is divided into two semesters (6 months each).


Government, government-aided and private polytechnic colleges offer these programs across India. In order to secure admission, candidates must take part in the merit-based admission process. Board exam marks and/or score in relevant entrance exam plays an important role in merit-based admission process.


Let us take a closer look at the general diploma programs now. These courses are based on disciplines such as – arts, commerce, management, finance, design etc.


2 General & non-technical diploma courses after 10th

Sr No Name of the course
1 Diploma in Craft Technology
2 Diploma in Commercial & Computer Practice
3  Diploma in Cinematography
4  Diploma in Film & Video Editing
5 Diploma in Fine Arts
6 Diploma in Costume Design & Garment Technology
7 Diploma in Library & Information Science
8 Diploma in Modern Office Practice
9 Diploma in Costume Design & Dress Making
10 Diploma in Interior Decoration
11 Diploma in Modern Office Management
12 Diploma in Art for Drawing Teacher
13 Diploma in Commercial Art
14 Diploma in Interior Design
15 Diploma in Cosmetology & Health
16 Diploma in Modern Office Practice (Hindi)
17 Diploma in Fashion Technology
18 Diploma in Apparel Design & Fabrication Technology
19 Diploma in Beauty & Hairdressing
20 Diploma in Stenography & Secretarial Practice
21 Diploma in Beauty Culture & Cosmetology
22 Diploma in Beauty Culture
23 Diploma in Visual Graphics
24 Diploma in Cosmetology
25 Diploma in Photography
26 Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology
27 Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Administration
28 Diploma in Travel & Tourism
29 Diploma in Hotel Management
30 Diploma in Business Management
31 Diploma in Finance, Accounts & Auditing
32 Diploma in Office Management & Computer Application
33 Diploma in Knitting & Garment Technology
34 Diploma in Event Management
35 Diploma in Meat Technology
36 Diploma in Tourism Studies


Duration of the course: The duration of a general diploma program can be anywhere between 2-3 years. Some of these programs even last for a period of 1 year.


3 ITI courses after 10th

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute. ITIs have been established across India with the aim of imparting industry-specific skills among the youth. ITIs across India offer job-oriented training programs. These programs revolve around specific domains, which are tied to different industries. These programs are well known as ‘trades’.


Most of these trades are ‘technical’ in nature. Electrician, mechanic, fitter, machinist, welder – these are examples of some such technical trades. With time, ITIs across India have managed to introduce modern and non-technical trades as well. Come, let us check out an exhaustive list of ITI trades available across India. Here it is –

Sr No Name of the ITI Trade
1 Wireman
2 Welder
3 Weaving Technician
4 Turner
5 Vessel Navigator
6 Travel & Tour Assistant
7 Tourist Guide
8 Tool & Die Maker
9 Agro Processing
10 Aeronautical Structure & Equipment Fitter
11 Additive Manufacturing Technician
12 Architectural Draughtsman
13 Artisan
14 Attendant Operator
15 Baker & Confectioner
16 Carpenter
17 Bamboo Works
18 Textile Wet Processing Technician
19 Textile Mechatronics
20 Power Electronics System Technician
21 Medical Electronics Technician
22 Mechatronics Technician
23 Surveyor
24 Surface Ornamentation Technician
25 Stone Processing Machine Operator
26 Catering & Hospitality Assistant
27 Central Air-condition Plant Mechanic
28 Civil Engineer Assistant
29 Computer Aided Embroidery & Design
30 Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance
31 Computer Operator & Programming Assistant
32 Cosmetology
33 Cutting & Sewing
34 Dairying
35 Database System Assistant
36 Data Entry Operator
37 DTP Operator
38 Stone Mining Machine Operator
39 Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant
40 Spinning Technician
41 Spa Therapy
42 Solar Technician
43 Soil Testing & Crop Technician
44 Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester
45 Sheet Metal Worker
46 Sewing Technology
47 Secretarial Practice
48 Remote Technician
49 Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Technician
50 Refractory Technician
51 Radiology Technician
52 Pump Operator Cum Mechanic
53 Plumber
54 Plastic Processing Operator
55 Digital Photographer
56 Domestic Painter
57 Draughtsman
58 Dress Making
59 Driver Cum Mechanic
60 Electrician
61 Electronics Mechanic
62 Electroplater
63 Fashion Design & Technology
64 Fire Technology & Industrial Safety
65 Firemen
66 Fitter
67 Floriculture & Landscaping
68 Food & Beverages Services Assistant
69 Food Production
70 Footwear Maker
71 Foundryman
72 Front Office Assistant
73 Physiotherapy Technician
74 Painter
75 Photographer
76 Old Age Care
77 Animation, Multimedia & Special Effects
78 Milk Product Technician
79 Metal Cutting Attendant
80 Two & Three Wheeler Mechanic
81 Mining Machinery Mechanic
82 Medical Electronics Mechanic
83 Mechanic Diesel
84 Consumer Electronics Mechanic
85 Prism Grinding Technician
86 Auto Body Repair Technician
87 Auto Body Painting Technician
88 Agriculture Machinery Mechanic
89 Mechanic (Tractor)
90 Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)
91 Mechanic (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
92 Mason
93 Marine Fitter
94 Marine Engine Fitter
95 Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant)
96 Machinist
97 Machinist (Grinder)
98 Lift & Escalator Mechanic
99 Leather Goods Maker
100 Laboratory Assistant
101 IoT Technician
102 Interior Design & Decoration
103 Instrument Mechanic
104 Industrial Painter
105 Housekeeper
106 Hospital Housekeeper
107 Horticulture
108 Health Sanitary Inspector
109 Hair & Skin Care
110 Fruit & Vegetable Processor


Duration of the course: Depending upon the type of the program, an ITI course may last for 1-2 years.


4 Paramedical courses after 10th

10th class passed students have access to different types of paramedical programs. Though they are not eligible to apply for Bachelor’s Degree paramedical programs, they are eligible to pursue diploma as well as certificate level paramedical courses. Here are some of the top paramedical courses for 10th passed students in India –

Sr No Name of the course
1 Diploma in Pharmacy
2 Diploma in Pharmacy (Ayurveda)
3 Diploma in Pharmacy (Homeopathy)
4 Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
5 Diploma in Physiotherapy
6 Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology
7 Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology
8 Diploma in X-Ray Technology
9 Diploma in Radiography
10 GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery)
11 ANM (Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery)
12 Diploma in Emergency Care Technology
13 Diploma in Dialysis Technology
14 Diploma in Occupational Therapy
15 Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology
16 Diploma in Veterinary Assistant
17 Diploma in Dental Hygienist
18 Diploma in Radiography
19 Diploma in ECG Technology
20 Diploma in CT Scan Technology
21 Diploma in Dental Assistant
22 Diploma in Community Healthcare
23 Diploma in Medical Record Technology
24 Diploma in Blood Bank Technology
25 Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
26 Diploma in Rural Healthcare
27 Diploma in Sanitary Worker
28 Diploma in Nursing Assistant
29 Diploma in Radiological Techniques
30 Diploma in Neuro Technology
31 Diploma in Cardiovascular Technician
32 Diploma in Dental Mechanics
33 Diploma in Dental Hygiene
34 Diploma in Optometry
35 Diploma in Pharmacy (Veterinary)
36 Diploma in Multi-purpose Health Worker
37 Diploma in Cath Lab Technology
38 Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science
39 Diploma in Dental Lab Technician
40 Diploma in Orthopaedic Technician
41 Diploma in Food & Nutrition
42 Certificate in Community Health Worker
43 Certificate in Nursing Assistant
44 Certificate in General Assistant
45 Certificate in Pharmacy Assistant
46 Certificate in Dressing
47 Certificate in ECG Technology


Duration of the course: Diploma paramedical courses usually last for a period of three years (for 10th passed applicants). On the other hand, a certificate course may last for a period of 6 to 12 months.


5 Vocational courses after 10th

10th pass students also have access to different types of vocational training programs. These are skill development programs. The curriculum gives more importance to practical learning and skills. It also does cover theory sessions. Here are some of the prominent vocational courses after 10th standard –


D.Voc.: It stands for Diploma in Vocation. It is a Diploma certificate vocational training program. The training program is three years long. Students who have passed 10th class are eligible to apply for admission. This skill development course is aimed at developing industry-specific skills among candidates.


Here are some of the popular D.Voc. vocational programs available in India –

Sr No Name of the course
1 D.Voc. Software Development
2  D.Voc. Industrial Tool Manufacturing
3 D.Voc. Automobile Servicing
4 D.Voc. Production Technology
5 D.Voc. Automobile Manufacturing Technology
6 D.Voc. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
7 D.Voc. Electronic Manufacturing Services
8 D.Voc. Travel & Tourism
9 D.Voc. Graphics & Multimedia
10 D.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology
11 D.Voc. Construction Technology
12 D.Voc. Food Processing
13 D.Voc. Interior Design
14 D.Voc. Fashion Design
15 D.Voc. Jewellery Design
16 D.Voc. Product Design
17 D.Voc. Hardware & Networking
18 D.Voc. Hotel Management
19 D.Voc. Dairy Technology
20 D.Voc. Apparel Design
21 D.Voc. Rubber Technology
22 D.Voc. Photography
23 D.Voc. Modern Office Practice


Duration of the course: When it comes to 10th passed applicants, the D.Voc. program lasts for a period of 3 years.


Domain skilling courses: Like D.Voc., domain skilling programs too are vocational training courses. Students who have passed 10th class are eligible to pursue most of these courses. Course duration depends upon the level of difficulty associated with it.


Skill development programs: There also exists other types of skill development programs. National skill development programs, Industrial skill development programs, trade-specific skill development programs – these are some such courses. At their core, these are certification programs.


6 Certificate courses after 10th

10th passed students do have access to few short-term training programs. These programs are recognized and valid short-term training courses. IGNOU is known to offer most of the short-term certificate programs listed below. And 10th passed candidates are eligible to pursue them.


Sr No Name of the course
1 Certificate in Poultry Farming
2 Certificate in Sericulture
3 Certificate in Performing Arts
4 Certificate in Visual Arts
5 Certificate in Laboratory Techniques
6 Certificate in Information Technology
7 Certificate in First Aid
8 Certificate in Home Based Healthcare
9 Certificate in Food & Nutrition
10 Certificate in Bee Keeping


Duration of the course: Depending upon the content of the program, the duration could be anywhere between 6 to 12 months.


7 Continuing 11th & 12th PUC Schooling after 10th

After 10th, most students choose to continue schooling. They have three main streams to choose from (for 11th and 12th schooling). They are –


I think this is the best step one can take after 10th! Choosing the right stream and subjects can be tricky. But in the end, the effort will be truly worth it!


Students may use an aptitude test to choose an appropriate stream and select the right set of subjects. Apart from that, they may also seek help from parents, teachers or friends. A career counseling session with a qualified professional will also prove very beneficial!


In the end, a student must focus on his strengths, passion and interest. Based on these factors, he/she must select an appropriate stream after 10th!

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