NEP Reforms: Changes Made to 10th Board Examination

The National Education Policy (NEP) is all set to change the way Indian school education system works. Structure (5+3+3+4), streams, subject-selection – the NEP is poised to bring a change to these aspects. In this post, we will have a close look at the status of 10th board examination in the coming years.

NEP 10th Board Examination

As we all know, NEP aims to change the whole structure of Indian school education system. So far, we have had the 10+2 system of schooling. After implementing NEP, the new structure will be – 5+3+3+4.


Apart from the structure, NEP is also set to change the concept of streams (arts, commerce and science). Under the new system, the strict stream-based subject system will be discontinued. It will give way to a more relaxed, flexible and impressive ‘subject-selection’ process.


After consulting popular educationalists, I’ve come to know that the Government wants to get rid of the strict stream-based schooling process. Through NEP, the Government wants to remove the marking/separation that used to exist between these streams.


Once the new policy kicks in, students will be able to have creative-combinations of subjects! In other words, a student may pursue science subjects and also choose arts-based subjects at the same time! Under the 10+2 system, creative subject-combinations are just not possible to have!


Apart from academic structure and subject-combination, the new policy is also set to change the curriculum and syllabus. The government aims to reduce the burden on students. As a result, it is safe to assume that the syllabus and overall curriculum will be trimmed down.


But a reduced syllabus won’t degrade the quality of students’ learning process! The syllabus will be crafted to inculcate learning spirit among students. The new curriculum will motivate and enable students to focus on the fundamentals. In short, it will help them say goodbye to rote learning and embrace things like – thinking, grasping the core concepts and fundamentals.


Let us talk about the important aspect now – examinations! It is being said that the NEP will dilute the importance of 10th and 12th board examinations. At present, class 10th and 12th examinations carry the most importance (in Indian school education system).


10th and 12th grade exams are known as the main ‘board examinations’. Both students and their parents know how important this examination is! These exams can make or break a child’s career! Also check – Scholarships after 12th.


With NEP, these exams won’t have their same old importance. The Government wants to dilute the importance of these tests. 10th and 12th class exams will be held for sure. But these tests won’t simply hold the same degree of importance in the future. The examination process and evaluation process may see noticeable changes.

Arun Kallarackal
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