Top Nursing Scholarships in USA

Are you searching for the list of best nursing scholarships in the USA? Are you a nursing education aspirant looking for financial-aid? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best nursing scholarships in the USA for native as well as international students.

Nursing scholarships USA

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of top nursing scholarships in the USA, name of the scholarship & amount awarded to students. After going through this list, readers will be able to identify and apply for relevant scholarships. This will help them gain access to financial-aid and reduce financial burden associated with nursing education in USA. Also check – Nursing courses in UK.


Let us check out the list of nursing scholarships now. Here it is –


List of nursing scholarships in USA

Sr NoName of the nursing scholarshipAmount
1Carole J. Streeter, KB9JBR, Scholarship $1,000
2Murse World Scholarship $1,000
3Tallo Scholarship (Monthly Opportunity) $1,000
4$1,000 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship $1,000
5Virginia Leyda Roberts Nursing Scholarship $1,000
6Amy Hunter-Wilson, MD Scholarship $1,000
7Climate Justice Scholarship $1,000
8SmarterCollege Scholarship $1,000
9Martha Douglas Memorial Scholarship $1,000
10Mississippi Nurses Foundation School of Nursing Scholarship $1,000
11Past Presidents’ Parley Health Career Scholarships $1,000
12Past Presidents’ Parley Registered Nurse Scholarship $1,000
13Tolliver Annual Nursing Scholarship $1,000
14Frances L. Booth Medical Scholarship sponsored by LAVFW Department of Maine $1,000
15Nursing Teacher Stipend Forgivable Loan, MSN $1,000
16Karis S. (Powell) Woodward, RN, Nursing Scholarship Fund $1,000
17Dr. Lauranne Sams Scholarship $1,000
18Dr. Martha Dawson Genesis Scholarship $1,000
19June Gill Nursing Scholarship $1,000
20Lola Denise Jefferson Scholarship $1,000
21Martha R. Dudley LPN Scholarship $1,000
22M.D. Jack Murphy Memorial Nurses Training Scholarship $1,000
23American Legion Auxiliary Department of Idaho Traditional Nurses Scholarship $1,000
24Recovery Village Healthcare Scholarship $1,000
25Platinum Educational Group Scholarship Program for EMS, Nursing, and Allied Health $1,000
26Massachusetts Nurses Association Disability Scholarship for College Students with Family Member Suffering With a Disability $1,000
27The Hiawatha and Eunice Northington Memorial Scholarship $1,000
28Arthur L. Davis Scholarly Writing Scholarship $1,000
29AvaCare Medical Scholarship $1,000
30Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship $1,000
31Good Samaritan BSN and Post-Baccalaureate Scholarship $1,000
32Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles Scholarship Program $1,000
33American Legion Auxiliary Department of Pennsylvania Past Department Presidents’ Memorial Scholarship $1,200
34Alphonse A. Miele Scholarship $1,500
35American Legion Auxiliary Department of Oregon Nurses Scholarship $1,500
36NBNA Board of Directors Scholarship $1,500
37R&D Systems Scholarship $1,500
38Tocris Bioscience Scholarship $1,500
39Save A Life Scholarship $1,500
40Green Law Firm Nursing Home & Elderly Care Scholarship $1,500
41American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program $1,500
42CollegExpress $10,000 Scholarship $10,000
43Essential Visionaries Scholarship Fund $10,000
44Carol Ann Beerstecher Nursing Scholarship $10,000
45Tylenol Future Care Scholarship $10,000
46Suburban Hospital Casey & Suburban Scholarships $10,000
47Allied Health Loan-For-Service Program $12,000
48Nursing Loan-For-Service Program $12,000
49National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program $135,000
50Minnesota Rural Advanced Practice Provider Loan Forgiveness Program $14,000
51Minority Nurse Faculty Scholarship $18,000
52Minnesota Rural Mental Health Professionals Loan Forgiveness Program $18,000
53Minnesota Urban Mental Health Professionals Loan Forgiveness Program $18,000
54Optimist International Oratorical Contest $2,000
55Nitro College Scholarship $2,000
56Margaret A. Stafford Nursing Scholarship $2,000
57American Legion Auxiliary Department of California Past Presidents’ Parley Nursing Scholarships $2,000
58Inger Lawrence-M.R. Bauer Foundation Nursing Studies Scholarship $2,000
59A.T. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Program $2,000
60ONS Foundation Josh Gottheil Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant Career Development Awards $2,000
61Marsha’s Angels Scholarship Fund $2,000
62Mary Marshall Practical Nursing Scholarship (LPN) $2,000
63Mary Marshall Registered Nursing Scholarships $2,000
64MLN Scholarship $2,000
65You Deserve It Scholarship by Scholarship Owl $2,222
66Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program-Army $2,400
67Scholarship Points $2,500 Scholarship $2,500
68Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship $2,500
69Madeline Pickett (Halbert) Cogswell Nursing Scholarship $2,500
70$2,500 Christian College Scholarship $2,500
71Academic Education Scholarships $2,500
72Sigma Theta Tau International/Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Grant $2,500
73Bernard and Carolyn Torraco Memorial Nursing Scholarships $2,500
74Amaze Yourself Scholarship $2,500
75Medical School Scholarship $2,500
76AfterCollege/AACN Nursing Scholarship Program $2,500
77New York State ENA September 11 Scholarship Fund $2,500
78National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program $2,500,000
79McFarland Charitable Nursing Scholarship $20,000
80Be Bold Scholarship (No Essay!) $25,000
81Predoctoral Fellowship in Health Outcomes Research $25,000
82Bruno Rolando Scholarship Award $250
83Caroline Simpson Maheady Scholarship Award $250
84Mary Serra Gili Scholarship Award $250
85The Brantley-Fletcher Award of Hope Book Scholarship $250
86James F. Reville Scholarship $3,000
87Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Student Award Program $3,000
88Alice Fisher Society Research Fellowship $3,000
89Eleanor M. Morrissey Scholarship Fund $3,000
90John and Evelyn Turnbull Nursing Education Fund $3,000
91Joseph A. Paul and Annette Louise Paul Scholarship Fund $3,000
92Karen Panaccione and Kristine Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund $3,000
93Margaret Pemberton Scholarship $3,000
94Eight & Forty Lung and Respiratory Disease Nursing Scholarship Fund $3,000
95Nursing Student Loan Program – Wisconsin $3,000
96Ruby A. Brown Memorial Scholarship $3,400
97American Legion Auxiliary Department of Maine Past Presidents’ Parley Nurses Scholarship $300
98Karen Buhler-Wilkerson Faculty Research Fellowship $4,000
99James B. Carey Scholarship Award $4,000
100Nursing Education Forgivable Loan – BSN $4,000
101Nursing Education Forgivable Loan, MSN $4,000
102Nursing Education Forgivable Loan, RN to BSN $4,000
103Nursing Education Forgivable Loan, RN to MSN $4,000
104Sigma Theta Tau International/Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation Grant $4,500
105BigFuture Scholarships $40,000
106Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Ellen F. Washburn Nurses Training Award $400
107American Legion Auxiliary Department of Iowa M.V. McCrae Memorial Nurses Merit Award $400
108Bea Alley Conference Scholarship Award $455
109Indiana Health Care Policy Institute Nursing Scholarship $5,000
110Neuroscience Nursing Foundation Research Grant $5,000
111ONS Foundation Master’s Scholarship $5,000
112ONS Foundation/Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation Bachelor’s Scholarships $5,000
113NMF Primary Care Leadership Program $5,000
114Hope for Healing Scholarship $5,000
115The Jacob N. Shanberge, M.D. Memorial Scholarship $5,000
116Nursing Education Forgivable Loan, Ph.D./DNP $5,000
117George E. Mcguire Memorial Scholarship $5,000
118Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Nursing Scholarship $5,000
119Edward J. and Virginia M. Routhier Nursing Scholarship $5,000
120Harry Middleton Fellowship in Presidential Studies $5,000
121Healthline Stronger Scholarship Program $5,000
122CVS Health Foundation Health Care Careers Scholarship $5,000
123Nursing Economic$ Foundation Scholarships $5,000
124Delaware Nursing Incentive Scholarship Loan $5,000
125Gionandrea Pugi Scholarship Fund $5,000
126Continental Society, Daughters of Indian Wars Scholarship $5,000
127Yarnold Scholarship $5,000
128The Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship $5,000
129Graduate and Professional Scholarship Program $5,000
130IMANA Healthcare and Allied Health Scholarship $5,000
131Myrna D. Schlegel/AWARE Scholarship $5,000
132Missouri Professional and Practical Nursing Student Loan Program $5,000
133Marion A. and Eva S. Peeples Foundation Trust Scholarship $5,500
134Research Grants $50,000
135Nurse Oneita Dongieux Award for Excellence $500
136E. Eugene Waide, MD Memorial Scholarship $500
137Nancy Gerald Memorial Nursing Scholarship $500
138American Legion Auxiliary Department of Missouri Past Presidents’ Parley Scholarship $500
139American Legion Auxiliary Department of Michigan Medical Career Scholarship $500
140American Legion Auxiliary Department of North Dakota Past Presidents’ Parley Nurses Scholarship $500
141Agnes Naughton RN-BSN Fund $500
142Anna May Rolando Scholarship Award $500
143Edna Hicks Fund Scholarship $500
144Genevieve Saran Richmond Award $500
145Jill Laura Creedon Scholarship Award $500
146Mary York Scholarship Fund $500
147Peter Gili Scholarship Award $500
148Ruth Finamore Scholarship Fund $500
149Undine Sams and Friends Scholarship Fund $500
150Frontline Care Award $500
151Pearl Moore “Making a Difference” Awards $500
152Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Outcomes Research $55,000
153Archbold Scholarship Program $6,000
154Gala Nursing Scholarships $6,000
155ENA Foundation & Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc. Research Grant $6,000
156Sigma/Emergency Nurses Association Foundation Grant $6,000
157Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program $6,000
158eQuality Scholarships for Nursing Students $6,000
159Minnesota Nurses in LTC Loan Forgiveness Program $6,000
160Minnesota Rural Public Health Nurses Loan Forgiveness Program $6,000
161American Legion Auxiliary Department of Arizona Second Year Nursing Scholarship $600
162ONS Foundation Doctoral Scholarships $7,000
163Jewish Federation Academic Scholarship Program $7,000
164Graduate Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program $7,000
165Ann Olson Memorial Doctoral Scholarship $7,500
166FNSNA General Undergraduate Scholarship $7,500
167FNSNA Promise of Nursing Scholarship $7,500
168Sigma Theta Tau International/American Nurses Foundation Grant $7,500
169Nurse Educator Loan-for-Service $7,500
170Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Program $8,000
171Elizabeth Garde Nursing Scholarship $850
172MurseWorld Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
173Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association General Scholarships Amount may vary/not fixed
174Dr. Johnella Banks Memorial Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
175Irene and Daisy MacGregor Memorial Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
176Nurses Educational Funds Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
177U.S. Army ROTC Four-Year Nursing Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
178Bachelor of Science Nursing Scholarship Program Amount may vary/not fixed
179HCAI Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
180HCAI Bachelor of Science Nursing Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
181HCN/Apricity Resources Scholars Program Amount may vary/not fixed
182Licensed Vocational Nurse to Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Program Amount may vary/not fixed
183Health Professions Preparatory Scholarship Program Amount may vary/not fixed
184Franz Stenzel M.D. and Kathryn Stenzel Scholarship Fund Amount may vary/not fixed
185Giargiari Medical Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
186NLN Ella McKinney Scholarship Fund Amount may vary/not fixed
187Anita C. Behan Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
188Institute for Nursing Scholarships Amount may vary/not fixed
189Sirop Family Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
190Sonne Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
191The Amin Family Nursing Scholarship Fund Amount may vary/not fixed
192National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP) Amount may vary/not fixed
193Health Careers Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
194NADONA Stephanie Carroll Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
195Advantage Medical Staffing Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
196AHNA Service Award Amount may vary/not fixed
197Charlotte McGuire Scholarships Amount may vary/not fixed
198Excellence in Nursing Education Award Amount may vary/not fixed
199Gertrude Botts Saucier Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
200Helen James Brewer Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
201Holistic Nurse of the Year Award Amount may vary/not fixed
202Lola B. Curry Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
203Charles Kunz Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
204ENA Foundation Pamela Stinson Kidd Doctoral Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
205Nurse Corps Scholarship Program Amount may vary/not fixed
206NURSE Corps Scholarship Program Amount may vary/not fixed
207Ruth Shaw Junior Board Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
208Aboriginal Health Careers Bursary Amount may vary/not fixed
209American Legion Auxiliary Department of Ohio Past Presidents’ Parley Nurses Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
210New Mexico Health Professional Loan Repayment Program Amount may vary/not fixed
211WOCN Accredited Nursing Education Program Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
212Evelyn Johnson Entrekin Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
213Mary Ellen Hatfield School Nursing Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
214Elizabeth and Sherman Asche Memorial Scholarship Fund Amount may vary/not fixed
215Iona Pettingill Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
216Al & Williamary Viste Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
217North Dakota Board of Nursing Education Loan Program Amount may vary/not fixed
218Dorothea Funk Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
219Sigma/Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses Nurses Grant Amount may vary/not fixed
220Sigma/Oncology Nursing Society Foundation Grant Amount may vary/not fixed
221Sigma Small Grants Amount may vary/not fixed
222Sigma/Rosemary Berkel Crisp Research Award Amount may vary/not fixed
223Sigma/Virginia Henderson Clinical Research Grant Amount may vary/not fixed
224Karen O’Neil Memorial Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
225Air Force ROTC Four-Year Nursing Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
226Automotive Recyclers Association Scholarship Program Amount may vary/not fixed Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
228Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
229Touchmark Foundation Nursing Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
230B.C. Loan Forgiveness Program Amount may vary/not fixed
231Canadian Nurses Foundation Scholarships Amount may vary/not fixed
232Lifetime Achievement Award Amount may vary/not fixed
233Society of Pediatric Nurses Educational Scholarship Amount may vary/not fixed
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