Top Rust Courses after 12th & Graduation

Have you passed 12th standard or completed graduation? Are you searching for the list of best Rust courses after 12th or graduation in India? Do you want to become a Rust professional and build a successful career in this sector? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top Rust courses in India after 12th & graduation.

Rust courses in India

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of Rust courses after 12th, list of Rust after completing graduation, name of the website/app/institute/university/college offering the course, duration of the course and type of course (free or paid).


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Both 12th passed candidates as well as graduates will benefit from this list. Here, readers will find online & short-term Rust programs. Some of these Rust courses are free as well!


So if you have passed 12th class or completed your Bachelor’s Degree, go through the entire list. You will find an ideal Rust program in this list.


Let us check out the list of Rust courses in India after 12th & graduation now. Here it is –


List of best Rust courses after 12th & graduation in India

Sr No Name of the rust course Offered by Duration of the course Type of course & fees
1 Write Your First Program with the Rust Language Less than 1 hour long content Free
2 Using WebAssembly with Rust Less than 1 hour long content Free
3 Basic Types in Rust Less than 1 hour long content Free
4 Creating a Digital Garden CLI with Rust 1-2 hours long content Free
5 Learning Rust by Working Through the Rustlings Exercises 1-2 hours long content Free
6 Rust Exercism On-Demand
7 Rust Programming Course for Beginners – Tutorial freeCodeCamp 1-2 hours long content Free
8 Polyglot Programming: TypeScript, Go, & Rust Frontend Masters 8-9 hours long content Paid
9 The Rust Programming Language Frontend Masters 4-5 hours long content Paid
10 First Look: Rust LinkedIn Learning 2-3 hours long content Free trial & then paid
11 Rust Essential Training LinkedIn Learning 7 hours long content Free trial & then paid
12 Take your first steps with Rust Microsoft Learn 5-6 hours long content Free
13 Rust For Undergrads Udemy 2-3 hours long content Free
14 Ultimate Rust Crash Course Udemy 2-3 hours long content Paid
15 The Rust Programming Language Udemy 8 hours long content Paid
16 Learn Rust by Building Real Applications Udemy 7 hours long content Paid
17 Ultimate Rust 2: Intermediate Concepts Udemy 4-5 hours long content Paid
18 Rust Programming For Beginners Udemy 11 hours long content Paid
19 Rust for Beginners: Learn Rust in 4 Hours Udemy 3-4 hours long content Paid
20 The Web3 Rust Course – NEAR Smart Contracts Web Development Udemy 6 hours long content Paid


How to pursue Rust course after 12th or graduation in India?

The courses listed in this post are online programs. Some of the programs are free online courses. Other programs are paid ones. These Rust courses are offered by various educational institutes as well as education portals and apps (mentioned against the name of the course in the table). Interested candidates may visit the relevant website of the app/portal/institute and enrol for admission. In case of free courses, one may just register for the program and start accessing the course content! If you are interested in a paid program, register for the same, pay the fees and access the course content! It’s an easy process!


You may access the course content from the comfort of your home. All you’ll need is – a smartphone/tablet/PC/laptop and internet connection!

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