List of Best Short Term Merchant Navy Courses

Do you want to build a decent career in the merchant navy sector? Do you want to pursue a job-oriented short term merchant navy course? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the best short term merchant navy courses. Here, readers will find the names of top short term merchant navy courses as well as the course duration.

Short term merchant navy courses

Why choose the merchant navy sector, some of you may ask. Here are some of the prominent reasons as to why you should build a career in the merchant navy sector –

  • Availability of decent salary packages
  • Stable demand for skilled maritime professionals across the year
  • Work environment & profile is not like regular 9 to 5 jobs
  • Chance to travel around the world
  • Access to some tax benefits


In short, merchant navy offers some exciting, challenging and financially well-rewarding job opportunities to eligible candidates. In order to build a career in merchant navy sector, you must possess skills relevant to this sector.


This is where maritime training programs come handy! Maritime training programs have been designed to instill domain-specific skills in candidates. According to the skill-set that needs to be imparted, the training program has been designed and named. You may also check – Short term computer courses.


Like any other training program, maritime training programs are also available in multiple formats. First of all, there are the regular, long-term maritime training programs such as – DME, Marine Engineering (B.Tech.), B.Sc. Nautical Science etc. Then comes the short-term maritime courses. In this post, we will focus on the short-term merchant navy courses. Apart from that, I’ve also provided a list of long-term maritime courses in the second section of this post. You may also check – Merchant navy courses after 10th.


First of all, let us check out the list of best short term maritime courses. Here it is –


List of short-term merchant navy courses

Sr NoName of the merchant navy courseDuration
1Refresher Training for Proficiency in PST2  Hours
2Refresher Training for Medical First Aid3  Hours
3Refresher Training for Proficiency in FPFF3  Hours
4Refresher Training for Advanced Training in Fire Fighting4  Hours
5Refresher Training For Proficiency In PSCRB4.5  Hours
6Refresher Training for Medical Care6  Hours
7Indian Maritime Legislation Course18  Hours
8Augmentation of FPFF (Practical Tanker Fire Fighting)1  Day
9Familiarization Course for Medical Examiner of Seafarers1  Day
10High Voltage Safety and Switch Gear at Operational level1  Day
11Refresher Course for Medical Examiner of Seafarers1  Day
12Refresher in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat1  Day
13Security Training for Seafarer with Designated Security Duties2  Days
14Ship Security Officer2  Days
15Company Security Officer3  Days
16Crowd Management, Passenger Safety and Safety Training3  Days
17Diesel Engine Combustion Gas Simulator3  Days
18Engine Room Simulator – Operational level3  Days
19Fast Rescue Boats3  Days
20Port Facility Security Officer3  Days
21Refresher and Updating Training Course for all Engineers3  Days
22Advanced Training in Fire Fighting4  Days
23Basic Training for Ships using Fuels covered within IGF code4  Days
24Medical First Aid4  Days
25Advanced Training course for Ships Operating in Polar waters5  Days
26Advanced Training for Ships using Fuels covered within IGF code5  Days
27Automatic Radar Plotting Aids5  Days
28Basic Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations5  Days
29Basic Training for Ships Operating in Polar water Course5  Days
30Chemical Tanker Cargo and Ballast handling Simulator5  Days
31Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems5  Days
32Engine Room Simulator – Management level5  Days
33Familiarization Training Program For LNG Tanker Operation5  Days
34High Voltage Safety and Switch Gear at Management level5  Days
35LNG Tanker Cargo and Ballast handling Simulator5  Days
36LPG Tanker Cargo and Ballast handling Simulator5  Days
37Proficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boats5  Days
38Refresher and Updating Training Course for Nautical Officers5  Days
39Ship Maneuvering Simulator5  Days
40Simulator- Liquid Cargo Handling – Oil – Management level5  Days
41Train the Simulator Trainer and Assessor Course5  Days
42Basic Offshore Safety Course6  Days
43Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations6  Days
44Marine Boiler & Steam Engineering Course – Operational level6  Days
45Radar and Navigation Simulator6  Days
46Refresher & Updating Course for Engineers -Operational level6  Days
47Marine Boiler & Steam Engineering. Course – Management level9  Days
48Advanced Training for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations10  Days
49Advanced Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations10  Days
50Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations10  Days
51Assessment, Examination and Certification of Seafarers10  Days
52Medical Care10  Days
53Radar Observer Simulator10  Days
54Vertical Integration Course for Trainers – VICT10  Days
55Basic Safety Training11  Days
56Refresher &Updating Training Course for Engineers-Management11  Days
57Refresher &Updating Training Course for Master &Deck Officer11  Days
58General Operator`s Certificate for GMDSS12  Days
59Orientation Course for Catering Personal12  Days
60Restricted Operator Certificate Course for GMDSS14  Days
61Bridging Course for Existing Electrical Officers to ETO16  Days
62Crisis Management and Human Behaviour1  Week
63Simulator- Liquid Cargo Handling – Gas – Management level1  Week
64Induction Course – Mech 3 / ERA 3 to MEO Class – IV (NCV)2  Weeks
65Ship`s Cook2  Weeks
66Special ETO Bridging Course for not qualifying eligibility5  Weeks
67Master (NCV) Advanced Shipboard Management1  Month
68Master FG Advanced Shipboard Management1  Month
69Bridging Course for ATS candidates2  Months
70Chief Mate (NCV) Course for Indian Naval Officers2  Months
71MEO Class – I2  Months
72MEO Class – III (SEO – NCV) – Part A2  Months
73Second Mate (FG) Foundation Course2  Months
74Electro Technical Officers85  Days
75Chief Mate (FG) – Phase I3  Months
76Chief Mate (FG) – Phase II3  Months
77Competency Course for Chief Mate NCV Phase 2 exam3  Months
78MEO Class IV3  Months
79MEO Class – II4  Months
80MEO Class – III (CEO – NCV)4  Months
81MEO Class – III (SEO – NCV) – Part B4  Months
82MEO Class – IV (NCV)4  Months
83Navigational Watch-keeping Officer- NCV4  Months
84Second Mate (FG) Competency Course4  Months
85Certificate Course In Maritime Catering6  Months
86Mate of Home Trade ship – NCV6  Months
87GP Rating6  Months


Let us check out some of the regular, long-term maritime courses now. Here it is –


List of long-term merchant navy courses

Sr NoName of the merchant navy courseDuration
1Diploma In Nautical Science1  Year
2Extra Chief Engineer1  Year
3Graduate Marine Engineering1  Year
4Higher National Diploma Course (Marine Engineering)2  Years
5Higher National Diploma Course (Nautical Science)2  Years
6DME2  Years
7B.Sc (Maritime Science)3  Years
8B.Sc Nautical Science3  Years
9BE / B-Tech Marine Engineering4  Years
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