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Hello students, you will be reading about SQ4R reading strategy in this article. SQ4R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Record, Recite, Review. It is a reading strategy/technique that will make studying much more easy and efficient.

SQ4R Method

Each day, Courses after 10th gets many visitors to these posts – 10th board exam preparation tips and 12th board exam preparation tips. Keeping such students in mind, I’ve decided to write this small post about the very powerful and useful SQ4R learning method.


As mentioned before, this learning method will help you prepare for your board exam much more effectively. 10th and 12th board students must know about this method and use it while they are studying.


Be it preparing for board exams, engineering exams or other competitive tests, SQ4R strategy will help you learn and prepare much more effectively. Also check – Arts stream after 10th.


“Why is SQ4R method more effective?”, you may ask. Read on to find the answer to this question.


When you normally read a book, the things you read gets temporarily etched into your memory. You will be able to recollect it at first. Allow some time to pass and you’ll forget what you read in the first place!


SQ4R method involves questioning, understanding the basics and revision. These steps will help you ‘understand’ the topic, not just remember it. This way, the things you learn will be etched for long in your memory!


Let’s see how this method works –


1 Survey

Try to take a closer look at the subject/lesson/chapter you are about to start. Read the first paragraph, index or headings. This step will help you get familiar with the topic or lesson.


2 Question

GO through the headings and subheadings in the lesson. Turn them into questions. You may also turn a topic into a question. Once you form questions, proceed to the next step.


3 Read

Read the topic or paragraph and try to find answer to the question that you asked. While reading, you may highlight important sections. Read the topic thoroughly and answer the questions. This step will help you understand the topic in detail.


4 Record

Jot down important points and topics.


5 Recite

Master the answer by reading it again and again. Read it out aloud. Tune your answer and use the best words possible.


6 Review

Review the topic using quick revision technique.

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