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The academic year is almost coming to an end! Regular classes will soon come to an end and reading vacation will begin! This is the phase when exam preparation (among students) catches momentum!

Group Study

During reading vacation, it is not uncommon to see students indulging in group study sessions. While there’s nothing wrong with it, there have been cases where such group study sessions have turned out to be counter-productive.

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In this post, I’ve shared some basic rules and regulations that you must follow while planning for group study. Before heading to the meat of the matter, let us check out some details about the effectiveness of group studies!


Are group study sessions effective?

The answer is yes! But effectiveness of a group study session totally depends upon the members of the group and how well they management their time!


Imagine a group of careless students. If they get together and sit down for learning, the session will hardly be productive! Chances are that they’ll end up chatting their valuable time away!


So, if you want your group study session to be productive, make sure that you rope in serious students only.


How’s group study helpful to students?

When you work as a group towards achieving a common goal, chances of you hitting the goal increases! Besides that, doubts (posed by individuals) get cleared immediately in a group!


Let us check out some of the golden rules you must follow while planning for group study sessions –


1 Group members must be serious about exam preparation

If you want group study session to be productive, make sure that all the group members are serious about exam preparation. You don’t want to have a source of distraction within your group!


2 Group must have students who have completed preparation (and want to revise the syllabus)

Having a ‘studious’ fellow in the group is a great advantage. He/she will have finished preparation already and thus could help you guys!


It is a win-win situation for both parties. The one who teaches you will have his/her revision done. Meanwhile other group members could use them to solve their doubts!


3 Time management

Time management is of utmost importance. Without time management, a group study session could result in chaos and non-productivity. Before settling down, make sure you have a time-table to follow!


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4 It is good to have parental supervision

Students, if not monitored by parents or teachers, could end up wasting time instead of studying! Keeping this factor in mind, I suggest my readers to ensure that there’s parental supervision while indulging in a group study session.


5 Choose a quite venue

The venue should be calm and quite. It should be away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. The venue should also be free from distractions such as TV, mobile phones etc.

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