Different Types of Vocational Training Courses after 10th

Have you passed 10th standard? Do you want to pursue a job oriented vocational training course after 10th? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down the different types of vocational training courses after 10th class.

Types of vocational courses

In this post, you will find the names of popular formats of vocational training courses. Apart from the names of course formats, you will also find additional details such as – duration, eligibility, scope, career prospects and more. Also check – Scholarships after 10th class.


What is vocational training all about, you may ask. Vocational training deals with skill development in candidates. The main aim of a vocational training course is to develop industry-specific skills in candidates.


Unemployment has been troubling India for quite some time now. Population explosion is a major reason responsible for rapid increase in the rate of unemployment. Apart from that, lack of skills among youth is also a major factor that contributes towards unemployment.


Vocational training programs are known to develop relevant skills in candidates. These skills are usually related to a particular industry/sector/domain. After completing the training, a candidate will possess a set of meaningful skills. These very skills will get him/her employed!


In short, directly or indirectly, vocational training programs help reduce unemployment in India. As a result, Central and State Governments are investing heavily towards launching and coordinating skill development programs, schemes and missions.


In India, there exists different types of vocational training programs. These programs can be classified on the basis of course format, academic level and level of difficulty. You may also check – list of courses after 10th class.


For example, training programs with low difficulty levels can be pursued by students who have passed 5th or 8th class. Some other courses can be pursued by students who have passed 10th class. On the other hand, some courses require candidates to have passed 12th standard.


Come, let us check out the different types of vocational training courses after 10th standard. Here are the major course formats –


Different types of vocational training programs after 10th standard


1 D.Voc.

D.Voc. stands for Diploma in Vocation. It is a Diploma certificate program. Students who have passed 10th standard are eligible to pursue this course. The training program is three years long. Here’s a detailed post about this course format – D.Voc. course in India.


2 Skill Diploma

Technically, these are skill development programs. This is a Diploma certificate program. Students who have passed 10th class are eligible to pursue most of the skill diploma courses. These training programs revolve around a specific domain/sector/industry.


3 Certification

After completing certification programs, candidates will be awarded a certificate of completion. Certification programs are short-term training courses. Their course duration is considerably less than that of skill diploma and D.Voc. courses.


4 Informal training

Informal training programs are offered by many private institutes. These training programs carry no certification! That’s why they are known as informal training courses.


5 Domain Skilling

Technically speaking, domain skilling programs are certification programs. These skill development programs revolve around a particular domain/industry/sector. The main aim of a domain skilling course is to develop relevant skills in candidates.


6 Diploma

Many institutes are also known to offer vocational training in the form of Diploma course. The course duration may vary, depending upon the level of difficulty and nature of the course. 10th pass candidates are eligible to pursue most of such training programs.

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