List of Vocational Courses after 12th

Have you passed 12th standard? Are you searching for the list of best vocational courses in India after 12th? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best vocational courses in India after 12th.

Vocational courses after 12th

Vocational training focuses on skill-development and industry-oriented training of candidates. In a country like India, skill-development is a major issue. We have a large base of young but unemployed youth. Majority of this population is unskilled. For govt jobs, please check – list of government jobs after 12th in India.


Lack of skills play a huge role in the rising unemployment rate of our country. Vocational training aims at training people and help them develop industry-specific skills. What is an industry-specific skill, some of you may ask. You may also check – list of courses after 10th.


Let us consider an example to understand this term. Let us consider the automobile repair sector. If you want to become a mechanic, you must possess technical knowledge related to automobile parts, engine, repair techniques, inspection techniques etc. These are industry-specific skills. In this case, these skills are closely tied to the automobile industry.


Vocational training programs deal with different types of industries and domains. Automobile, software, solar energy, printing technology, food processing, agriculture – these are some such domains/industries/sectors.


A candidate may choose a vocational course based on his/her liking. For example, if you are passionate about computer technology, you may choose a vocational program that is related to computer hardware, networking or even software. Similarly, if you are interested in renewable energy, you may choose a vocational program that is related to solar energy technology. You may also check – list of science courses after 12th.


In India, you will be able to find different types of vocational training programs. Many of these vocational training programs are short-term training courses in nature. They last for a period of 6 to 12 months. You may also check – list of ITI courses in India.


In this post, I’ve focused more on the ‘recognized’ and ‘long-term’ programs. These programs have been revised and recognized by relevant Government authorities. Come, let us check out the list of vocational courses now. Here it is –


List of vocational courses after 12th


1 List of B.Voc. courses

Sr No

Name of the B.Voc. course

1B.Voc. Software Development
2 B.Voc. Industrial Tool Manufacturing
3B.Voc. Automobile Servicing
4B.Voc. Production Technology
5B.Voc. Automobile Manufacturing Technology
6B.Voc. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
7B.Voc. Electronic Manufacturing Services
8B.Voc. Travel & Tourism
9B.Voc. Graphics & Multimedia
10B.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology
11B.Voc. Construction Technology
12B.Voc. Food Processing
13B.Voc. Interior Design
14B.Voc. Fashion Design
15B.Voc. Jewellery Design
16B.Voc. Product Design
17B.Voc. Hardware & Networking
18B.Voc. Hotel Management
19B.Voc. Dairy Technology
20B.Voc. Apparel Design
21B.Voc. Rubber Technology
22B.Voc. Photography
23B.Voc. Modern Office Practice


B.Voc. stands for Bachelor of Vocation. It is a Bachelor’s Degree vocational training program. The course duration is 3 years. Students who have passed 12th standard are eligible to pursue B.Voc. course. Subject requirement (eligibility criteria) may vary slightly from one B.Voc. course to another.


2 List of D.Voc. courses

Sr NoName of the D.Voc. course
1D.Voc. Software Development
2 D.Voc. Industrial Tool Manufacturing
3D.Voc. Automobile Servicing
4D.Voc. Production Technology
5D.Voc. Automobile Manufacturing Technology
6D.Voc. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
7D.Voc. Electronic Manufacturing Services
8D.Voc. Travel & Tourism
9D.Voc. Graphics & Multimedia
10D.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology
11D.Voc. Construction Technology
12D.Voc. Food Processing
13D.Voc. Interior Design
14D.Voc. Fashion Design
15D.Voc. Jewellery Design
16D.Voc. Product Design
17D.Voc. Hardware & Networking
18D.Voc. Hotel Management
19D.Voc. Dairy Technology
20D.Voc. Apparel Design
21D.Voc. Rubber Technology
22D.Voc. Photography
23D.Voc. Modern Office Practice


D.Voc. stands for Diploma of Vocation. It is a diploma level vocational training program. The course duration is 3 years (for 10th passed students). However, even 12th passed candidates are eligible to pursue this vocational course.


3 List of ITI courses/trades

Sr No

Name of the ITI Course/Trade

3Weaving Technician
5Vessel Navigator
6Travel & Tour Assistant
7Tourist Guide
8Tool & Die Maker
9Agro Processing
10Aeronautical Structure & Equipment Fitter
11Additive Manufacturing Technician
12Architectural Draughtsman
14Attendant Operator
15Baker & Confectioner
17Bamboo Works
18Textile Wet Processing Technician
19Textile Mechatronics
20Power Electronics System Technician
21Medical Electronics Technician
22Mechatronics Technician
24Surface Ornamentation Technician
25Stone Processing Machine Operator
26Catering & Hospitality Assistant
27Central Air-condition Plant Mechanic
28Civil Engineer Assistant
29Computer Aided Embroidery & Design
30Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance
31Computer Operator & Programming Assistant
33Cutting & Sewing
35Database System Assistant
36Data Entry Operator
37DTP Operator
38Stone Mining Machine Operator
39Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant
40Spinning Technician
41Spa Therapy
42Solar Technician
43Soil Testing & Crop Technician
44Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester
45Sheet Metal Worker
46Sewing Technology
47Secretarial Practice
48Remote Technician
49Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Technician
50Refractory Technician
51Radiology Technician
52Pump Operator Cum Mechanic
54Plastic Processing Operator
55Digital Photographer
56Domestic Painter
58Dress Making
59Driver Cum Mechanic
61Electronics Mechanic
63Fashion Design & Technology
64Fire Technology & Industrial Safety
67Floriculture & Landscaping
68Food & Beverages Services Assistant
69Food Production
70Footwear Maker
72Front Office Assistant
73Physiotherapy Technician
76Old Age Care
77Animation, Multimedia & Special Effects
78Milk Product Technician
79Metal Cutting Attendant
80Two & Three Wheeler Mechanic
81Mining Machinery Mechanic
82Medical Electronics Mechanic
83Mechanic Diesel
84Consumer Electronics Mechanic
85Prism Grinding Technician
86Auto Body Repair Technician
87Auto Body Painting Technician
88Agriculture Machinery Mechanic
89Mechanic (Tractor)
90Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)
91Mechanic (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
93Marine Fitter
94Marine Engine Fitter
95Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant)
97Machinist (Grinder)
98Lift & Escalator Mechanic
99Leather Goods Maker
100Laboratory Assistant
101IoT Technician
102Interior Design & Decoration
103Instrument Mechanic
104Industrial Painter
106Hospital Housekeeper
108Health Sanitary Inspector
109Hair & Skin Care
110Fruit & Vegetable Processor


ITI courses may be termed as vocational training programs. This is due to the fact that an ITI trade instills domain or industry-specific skills among students. The course duration could be anywhere between 1 to 2 years. ITI programs are usually meant for 10th passed students. However, even 12th passed students are eligible to pursue them.


4 Other vocational courses

Sr No

Type of course

2Domain Skilling programs
3Advanced Diploma (Vocational) programs
4Certification (Vocational) programs
5Informal Training (Vocational) programs
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