Arts Stream After 10th: Syllabus, Courses, Scope & Jobs

Have you passed 10th standard? Are you all set to select arts stream after completing 10th class? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of arts stream PUC schooling (11th and 12th classes). In this post, readers will find the following details – arts stream subjects, in-depth analysis of syllabus, arts stream scope & options, arts stream courses after 12th, career prospects & more.


Arts stream offers numerous career options and opportunities to students. It is a very traditional stream. This is one of the main reasons why this stream still has got takers in India! This stream is made up of parts like humanities, visual arts, performing arts, literary arts etc. In this article, you will be reading details about arts stream schooling (11th and 12th) such as- education boards available in India, important subjects to study, professional courses available after 12th, career paths and prospects.


As mentioned before, arts stream is very diverse. This fact is evident from the studies involved in this stream. It covers wide variety of studies such as- visual arts (painting, sculpting, drawing etc), performing arts (music, dance, drama etc), literary arts (languages, literature, philosophy etc), history, law, humanities subjects, geography, political science etc. Also check – List of courses after 10th standard in India.


Thanks to the availability of such diverse areas of studies, career options associated with this field is equally impressive. After completing 12th Arts stream, students will have access to numerous professional courses focusing on areas like visual arts, law, performing arts, languages, management etc. You may also check – List of courses after 12th arts in India.


In short, it can be compared to a foundation course. On completion of this foundation (12th standard), one may choose a professional course and thus take first step towards building one’s career. Also check – BA colleges in Andhra Pradesh, BA colleges in Bihar & BA colleges in Assam.


There’s a misconception regarding this stream among Indian students and parents. Many of them think that arts stream is only taken by students who are academically dull. Well, this fact is false! There exists many challenging subjects in this stream too, and it takes certain aptitude to perform well in its exams too! It is very much possible to build a rewarding career after pursuing science stream at PUC level! In fact, many subjects present in arts stream will help one prepare well for Civil Services examination.


Let us take a look at the important education boards available in India (11th and 12th Arts stream).


Arts stream boards available in India

There are four main education boards available in India. Students may choose a board that suits them best. The choice shall be made on the basis of difficulty level associated with the boards and aptitude of the student. The names of the education boards are-

  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
  • ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • State Boards


IB is the toughest board among the above mentioned entries. It focuses on the concept of ‘how to learn’. Much emphasis is laid on ‘application of knowledge’ and ‘practical aspects’ of learning.


IB board is followed by ICSE board, when it comes to difficulty level. Then comes CBSE board. I think most of you are knowledgeable about this board. It functions under the Union Government of India. Difficulty level associated with this board is moderate.


Last comes State Boards. Each State in India has its own education board. It functions under the respective State Government of each state. Language of instruction (medium) in case of schools affiliated to such boards are- regional language and English.


List of important arts stream subjects

Some of the important subjects present in 11th and 12th Arts stream schooling are-

  • English
  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Other literature subjects- Hindi, regional languages etc
  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Home Science
  • Physical Education
  • Public Administration
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Sociology
  • Informatics practices


Note: Not all the subjects have been mentioned above. Many of the above mentioned subjects fall under the ‘optional subject’ category. Students have to select optional courses and form a ‘course combination’ to pursue throughout 11th and 12th. Professional courses after 12th and career, to an extent, depends upon this course combination.


Analysis of arts stream syllabus


1) 11th standard arts stream syllabus

Sr No

Important Subjects


1Business StudiesNature & purpose of business, different types of business organizations, business services, private enterprises, public enterprises, global or international enterprises, new modes of business, business ethics, business finance, international business, small business, internal trade
2EntrepreneurshipConcepts of entrepreneurship, innovation & problem solving, market analysis, business finance, business mathematics, entrepreneurship journey
3Fine arts (Painting)Pre-historic rock paintings, Indus valley art, Buddhist art, Jain art, Hindu art, temple sculptures, Indo-Islamic architecture
4Fine arts (Graphics)Fundamentals of visual arts, Indian painting, Buddhist art, Jain art, Hindu art, temple sculptures, Indo-Islamic architecture
5Fine arts (Sculpture)Pre-historic rock paintings, Indus valley art, Buddhist art, Jain art, Hindu art, temple sculptures, Indo-Islamic architecture
6Fine arts (applied art)Pre-historic rock paintings, Indus valley art, Buddhist art, Jain art, Hindu art, temple sculptures, Indo-Islamic architecture
7GeographyThe Earth, climate, land-forms, water, map reading, physiography, climate & natural vegetation, natural disasters, physical environment (India)
8HistoryWorld history, cultural traditions, modernization, nomadic tribes, indigenous people, maps
9Home scienceBasics of home science, family, community, childhood, adulthood, adolescence
10Informatics practicesComputer system, python, database, structured query language
11Legal studiesConstitution of India, civil & criminal courts, nature of laws, political institutions
12Political scienceElection, Constitution of India, representation, local governments, federalism, political theory, liberty, equality, justice, rights, nationalism, secularism, citizenship
13SociologySociety, social institutions, socialization, rural society, urban society
14PsychologyMethods of enquiry, thinking, human behaviour, human memory, human development, emotion, motivation, learning, sensory processes, attentional processes, perceptual processes


2) 12th standard arts stream syllabus

Sr No

Important Subjects


1Business StudiesPrinciples of management, planning, organizing, business environment, directing, controlling, staffing, financial management, financial markets, marketing management, entrepreneurship
2EntrepreneurshipPlanning, marketing, growth strategies, business mathematics
3Fine arts (Painting)Miniature painting, modern trends in Indian arts
4Fine arts (Graphics)Miniature painting, modern trends in Indian arts
5Fine arts (Sculpture)Miniature painting, modern trends in Indian arts
6Fine arts (applied art)Miniature painting, modern trends in Indian arts
7GeographyHuman geography, people, human activities, communication, trade, transportation, human settlement, resources & development, international trade, map work
8HistoryCaste, class, kings, travelers, colonialism, framing of the Constitution, The British Raj
9Home scienceWork, livelihood, career, health, food, nutrition, food science, human development, family, fabric & apparel, resource management, communication and extension
10Informatics practicesData handling, data visualization, SQL, database query, computer networks
11Legal studiesHuman rights, judiciary, legal profession in India, legal services, dispute resolution
12Political scienceUnited Nations, UN organizations, globalization, natural resources, environment
13SociologyIndian society, demographic structure (Indian society), social institutions, social inequalities, cultural diversity, cultural change, rural society, industrial society, social movement
14PsychologyPersonality, psychological disorders, social influence, group processes, therapy, social cognition


11th & 12th arts academic program and evaluation

There are two academic years present- 11th and 12th standards. In case of some boards and state boards (like Gujarat and Haryana), each academic year has been divided into two semesters, each semester lasting a period of 6 months. Main evaluation exams are held at the end of each academic year (at the end of each semester, in case of semester learning system).


List of courses after 12th Arts

Sr No

Type of the course

List of courses

1BA courses• BA (General)
• BA (Hons) History & Archaeology
• BA (Hons) Archaeology
• BA (Hons) Hindi
• BA (Hons) Humanities
• BA (Hons) Finance
• BA (Hons) Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish etc)
• BA (Hons) Regional Languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil etc)
• BA (Hons) Humanities & Social Science
• BA (Hons) Journalism & Mass Communication
• BA (Hons) Visual Communication
• BA (Hons) Literature
• BA (Hons) Philosophy
• BA (Hons) Linguistics
• BA (Hons) Music
• BA (Hons) Theatre
• BA (Hons) Political Science
• BA (Hons) Yoga & Naturopathy
• BA (Hons) Tourism & Hospitality Management
• BA (Hons) Library Science
• BA (Hons) Photography
• BA (Hons) Applied Science
• BA (Hons) Advertising
• BA (Hons) Sociology
• BA (Hons) Fine Arts
• BA (Hons) Management Studies
• BA (Hons) Mathematics
• BA (Hons) Retail Management
• BA (Hons) Fashion Merchandising
• BA (Hons) Travel & Tourism
• BA (Hons) Social Work
• BA (Hons) Culinary Sciences
• BA (Hons) Anthropology
• BA (Hons) Media Science
• BA (Hons) Home Science
• BA (Hons) Hotel Management
• BA (Hons) Geography
• BA (Hons) Computer Applications
• BA (Hons) Banking & Insurance
• BA (Hons) Interior Design
• BA (Hons) Psychology
• BA (Hons) Economics
• BA (Hons) Animation & Multimedia
2Fine Arts courses• BVA Applied Arts
• BVA Art History
• BVA Painting
• BVA Sculpting
• DVA (Diploma) Painting
• DVA (Diploma) Applied Arts
• DVA (Diploma) Sculpture
3Performing Arts courses• BPA Acting & Theatre
• BPA Music
• BPA Vocal Instrument
• BPA Natyashastra
• BPA Kathakali
• BPA Bharathanatyam
• BPA Kathak
• BPA Odissi
• Diploma Acting & Theatre
• Diploma Music
• Diploma Vocal Instrument
• Diploma Natyashastra
• Diploma Kathakali
• Diploma Bharathanatyam
• Diploma Kathak
• Diploma Odissi
• Certificate in Music
• Diploma in Musical Instruments
• Certificate in Kathak
• Certificate in Odissi
4Design courses• B.Des. Film & Video Communication
• B.Des. Exhibition Design
• B.Des. Animation Film Design
• B.Des. Graphic Design
• B.Des. Ceramic & Glass Design
• B.Des. Furniture & Interior Design
• B.Des. Product Design
• B.Des. Textile Design
• B.Des. Fashion Design
• B.Des. Apparel Design
• B.Des. Accessory & Jewellery Design
• Bachelor of Fashion Design
• BID (Bachelor of Interior Design)
5Integrated Law courses• BA LL.B.
• B.Sc. LL.B.
• B.Com. LL.B.
6Management courses• BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
• BBA + MBA (Integrated)
• BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
• BBA (Specialization programs)
• BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
• BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
• BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology)
• BHA (Bachelor of Hospital Administration)
• Diploma in Management
• BA (Hons in Management studies)
• B.Com. (Hons in Management studies)
• Bachelor of Event Management
7Journalism & Mass Communication courses• BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication)
• BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media)
• Bachelor of Communication & Journalism
• BA (Hons) Journalism & Mass Communication
• BA (Hons) Journalism
• BBA in Media Management
8Teacher Training courses• JBT (Junior Basic Training)
• NTT (Nursery Teacher Training)
• B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education)
• D.P.Ed. (Diploma in Physical Education)
• D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education)
9Aviation courses• BBA in Airport Management
• BBA in Airline & Airport Management
• Diploma in Cabin Crew Training
• Certificate in Cabin Crew Training
• BBA in Aviation
• Diploma in Airfare Ticketing
• Diploma in Ground Staff Training
• Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Management
• BBA in Airline Operations Management
10Home Science courses• BA (Hons) Home Science
• B.Sc. Home Science
• Diploma in Home Science
11Diploma courses• DPLAD (Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development)
• Diploma in Event Management
• Diploma in Dairy Technology
• DECE (Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education)
• DWED (Diploma in Women’s Empowerment & Development)
• DCE (Diploma in Creative Writing in English)
• DPVE (Diploma in Value Education)
• DNHE (Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education)
• DVAPFV (Diploma in Value-added Products from Fruits & Vegetables)
• DAFE (Diploma in HIV & Family Education)
• DMT (Diploma in Meat Technology)
• DIPP (Diploma in Paralegal Practice)
• DTS (Diploma in Tourism Studies)
• Diploma in BPO Finance & Accounting
• Diploma in Modern Office Practice
• DWM (Diploma in Watershed Management)
12Certificate courses• CBS (Certificate in Business Skills)
• CCR (Certificate in Community Radio)
• CMAD (Certificate in Mobile Application Development)
• Certificate in Disaster Management
• Certificate in Functional English (Basic)
• CES (Certificate in Environmental Studies)
• CPVE (Certificate Program in Value Education)
• CFBO (Certificate in Food & Beverage Service Operation)
• Certificate in Food & Nutrition
• Certificate in Foreign Language (German, French, Spanish etc)
• CFO (Certificate in Front Office Operation)
• Certificate in Peace Studies & Conflict Management
• Certificate in Gender & Science
• Certificate in Gender Law
• Certificate in Health Care Waste Management
• Certificate in Yoga
• Certificate in Home Health Assistant
• Certificate in General Duty Assistant
• Certificate in HIV & Family Education
• Certificate in Housekeeping Operation
• Certificate in Solid Waste Treatment Techniques
• Certificate in Information Technology
• Certificate in International Humanitarian Law
• Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking
• Certificate in Human Rights
• Certificate in Library & Information Science
• Certificate in NGO Management
• Certificate in Apparel Merchandising
• Certificate in Nutrition & Childcare
• Certificate in Organic Farming
• Certificate in Tribal Studies
• Certificate in Tourism Studies
• Certificate in Urdu Language
• Certificate in Communication & IT Skills
• Certificate in Fashion Design
• Certificate in Solid Waste Management
• Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management
13Other Degree courses• B.Sc. (specific courses)
• BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)
14Computer Applications courses• BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)
• B.Voc. Hardware & Networking
• B.Voc.Computer Applications
• Diploma in Hardware & Networking
15Animation & Multimedia courses• BA (Hons) Animation
• B.Sc. Animation & Multimedia
• B.Des. Graphics & Game Design
• Diploma in Animation & VFX


State/area-wise list of courses after 12th arts in India

Sr NoName of the state/UT
1List of courses after 12th arts in Gujarat
2List of courses after 12th arts in Delhi
3List of courses after 12th arts in Kerala
4List of courses after 12th arts in Tamil Nadu
5List of courses after 12th arts in Karnataka
6List of courses after 12th arts in Maharashtra
7List of courses after 12th arts in Telangana
8List of courses after 12th arts in Madhya Pradesh
9List of courses after 12th arts in Andhra Pradesh
10List of courses after 12th arts in Bihar
11List of courses after 12th arts in Haryana
12List of courses after 12th arts in Punjab
13List of courses after 12th arts in Odisha
14List of courses after 12th arts in Rajasthan
15List of courses after 12th arts in Uttarakhand
16List of courses after 12th arts in Uttar Pradesh
17List of courses after 12th arts in West Bengal
18List of courses after 12th arts in Assam


Arts Stream Careers

Sr No

Prominent arts courses

Scope & potential jobs

1BA coursesGovernment sector jobs, banks, civil services, MNCs, private sector jobs, private offices, NGOs & more
2Fine Arts coursesDesign studios, advertising agencies, art galleries, educational institutes, self-employment, government sector jobs, private sector jobs, printing firms & more
3Performing Arts coursesTheatre groups, TV production firms, performing arts institutes, internet media firms, advertising agencies, radio stations, self-employment, sound mixing studios, event management firms & more
4Design coursesDesign studios, design firms, design MNCs, apparel designers, clothing manufacturers, design consultancies, educational institutes & more
5Integrated Law coursesLaw firms, legal consultancies, self-employment (law firm or office or practice), government sector jobs, civil services, MNCs (legal department), private firms (legal department), freelance consultant & more
6Management coursesMNCs, private firms, government sector jobs, civil services, hospitals, schools, hotels & resorts, aviation firms, airlines, consultation agencies, marketing firms, advertising agencies, management consultancies, corporate firms, banks, insurance firms, banking institutes, startups & more
7Journalism & Mass Communication coursesTV & broadcasting firms, internet media companies, government sector jobs, civil services, radio stations, new media firms, media production firms, self-employment (freelance reporter, internet media specialist etc)
8Teacher Training coursesSchools, special education schools, tuition centres, educational MNCs, online learning platforms, self-employment (tuition or online classes) & more
9Aviation coursesAirlines, airports, aviation consultancies & more
10Home Science coursesPrivate sector jobs, office jobs, clerical work, NGOs, rehabilitation centres & more
11Diploma coursesEntry level jobs, depending upon the course & domain
12Certificate coursesEntry level jobs, depending upon the course & domain
13Other Degree coursesGovernment sector jobs, private sector jobs, civil services, MNCs & more
14Computer Applications coursesMNCs, software firms, government sector jobs, IT firms, private sector firms & more
15Animation & Multimedia coursesFilm production studios & firms, animation studios, game design firms, app design firms, IT firms, MNCs, digital marketing firms, advertising agencies TV production firms & more


Arts stream students may pursue UG as well as PG courses and have access to diverse job opportunities (depending upon the professional course). Some of the well known job profiles are- Management professional, Lawyer, Teacher, Musician, Dancer, Artist, Performer, Actor, Businessman, Economist, Politician, Bureaucrat, Diplomat, Government employee, Archaeologist, Civil Servant (IAS, IPS, IFS etc), Defence personnel etc.


Before selecting arts stream, do give a look at the career prospects available. Check whether you have the aptitude to pursue a career in this stream. This can be done through counseling sessions and field trips.

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  1. Hello sir,
    sir I have just given my SSC exam and I want to go to diploma courses sir but my maths is poor but I wish to go in architecture field by diploma but in that course there is maths subject so i am confused to take that field or not, so sir can you please guide me, or else you give me some ideas of other field sir plzz tell me about it. and sir is the maths is difficult in architecture by diploma, is maths is so difficult in it.

    • Each field has its own difficulty level. There is no course which is very easy. If you are passionate about architecture, you may face the difficulty and choose that course. With hard work, you will be able to perform well in mathematics.

  2. hello sir,
    I have given my SSC exam in that I got 63% sir i want to take arts stream but sir i am confused that what to do after my 12 std sir can you please guide me , my father is guiding me to go to LLB course after my 12th std sir can give me some opption.

    • LL.B. is a good course. After 12th Arts, you may try integrated law course. Other than that, there exit many other courses like BA, CA, CS, Management courses, Journalism and Mass Communication, Visual Communication, Bachelor of Social Works, B.P.Ed., D.El.Ed., integrated B.Ed. etc.

  3. I have pursued arts and i want some more information regarding journalism and mass communication .is there a scope ?

    • Yes, decent field with decent job and career growth opportunities. If you have the aptitude and possess required qualities, you may go on and build a bright career in this sector.

  4. Hello!! Sir I have passed my SSC. examination this year n I have scored 51% n now I wanna do interior decorating so I m choosing Arts but I also love to do fashion designing so now I m confused bcoz all are telling there is no scope in fashion designing so plzz canyou help me out In this

    • Both are good fields. Creativity is required to thrive in both professions. Fashion designing has got scope, provided that you pursue the course from a reputed institute and you possess required skills and aptitude.

  5. Hi sir , I have passed in ssc board examination so I am choosing arts stream because I m interested in music . So is there music subject in arts in Gujarat board syllabus?

  6. Plz help mi everyone says that in arts no scope and my wish is to go in airlines only and I have scored 70% in ssc exam I have again text u because in that I have not write full plz help us sir plz kindly request u sir

    • Arts stream is not useless or devoid of scope. After arts schooling, you may go for relevant Degree courses related to travel and tourism, travel management etc. Then you may go for Air hostess training. You may also join air hostess training right after completing 12th standard.

  7. Greetings Sir. I have given my 10th standard case board exam in March, 2016. I got 96%. I opted for the Science stream because of my interest in becoming a Physiotherapist. But after my first term exam in 11th got over and my results came, I have found that I am not at all doing good and I have miserably failed in Chemistry, Just pass in Physics, Biology and Computer and class topper in English… I had chose PCB-Computer stream. But the problem now is that I no more want to continue in this stream and want to go on with my passion of becoming a Journalist. So which stream would be the best for me out of Commerce and Humanities? I am good at writing and have proper skills at communication. Sir, please do advice me on the consequences of the path I am going to choose and also some other career options. But as for now I choose to do 11th and 12th Humanities and then B.A.Journalism and then M.A.Journalism. Please do suggest some scope-ful colleges for me in India. Thank you.

    • Arts and humanities stream will be good for journalism. Technically, you may pursue Journalism courses after completing 10+2 in any stream. I’m not knowledgeable about colleges though.

  8. Thank u sir. Now I am in class 10 so I would like to know the best collages in Hyderabad. And also
    What is the difference between ba and ma.
    How much grade point must I score to be eligible to join the best collages

    • I’m not knowledgeable about colleges in Hyderabad. Please do search about colleges and their cutoff marks. This will help you know more about the quality of institutes and grade points required to secure a seat in a good college.

      BA is Bachelor’s Degree course, can be done after 10+2. MA is Master’s level course, can be done after completing BA.

  9. I’m studying in tenth standard right now and aiming to score 98+ in my exams.. I’m interested in psychology as well as reporting n anchoring in other words journalism.. A bit confused what to choose!!

    • If you are a good orator, have confidence and want to contribute to the society, take journalism. Choose the field that you’re most passionate about.

  10. Sr i am going to pass SSC in March 2017. I want 2 become a geologist. So will it be right to pursue my career through arts by taking geography subject.
    Plz help.

  11. hello sir
    i want do diploma after 10 of interior design can i do and i want to ask that in arts side in 11 there is no study releated to intirior design so is it imp to study it can we do after 10 the course so that my goal is on one thing only .

  12. Hi sir, actually i wanted to do commerce but because of my bad grades i m not able to choose commorce so i just want your help what should i do after choosing arts….according to u do we heave any future in hotel management

  13. I am a 10th grader. i have a lot of interest in arts. so i am planning to go for fine arts after 10th . Could you please tell me what all qualification should i have, to get selected in arts stream.

  14. Sir.. I am in a great confusion. I took arts and everyone is saying it’s useless. Am in a great dilemma. .can u plz suggest some career options for me… M in 11th class. Plz tell some career options and how should I achieve it.(the steps) please sir. Thnku.

    • There are ample Government jobs that you can apply for. Complete 12th and pursue 3-4 years long Bachelor’s Degree course. After that, you may start applying for Government jobs that require a ‘Degree’.

  15. Hello sir,
    I am in 10th std and confused for 11th std which subject to select..I actually want to select arts stream n can I know which n all subjects come under arts n which to select plzzz help me out.

  16. Sir now I am in SSC next year I’ll appear my board exam after that I want to become a chef after my 11 and 12 so after my SSC which stream should I take pls give me a guideline

    • You may pursue any stream. After 12th, pursue relevant courses like BHM (Hotel Management), BA in Culinary Arts, BCT & CA etc.

  17. hello i want choose arts after 10th and i want to become fashion desigining
    which subjects i need to choose and after 12th what degree need i to choose

    • Yes, after 12th arts, you will have access to good photography courses like BA in Photography, BA in Photography and Video Editing etc.

  18. Sir I am in std 10th and i am not intrested in any subjects. i am more intrested in dance, but ppl say there is no career option in it. i was sugeested to do fine plss cn u suggest me,….what to do after 10th.

  19. Hello Sir,
    I am soon going to appear for my 10th CBSE board exam in March. I am very badly confused in which stream I should be enrolling after 10th. I will be shifting India after my 10th. About my academics, except mathematics I do well in all the subjects. I am very much interested in choosing arts stream. But my parents are not satisfied with this decision of mine. “If I choose arts people will think I did not score good in 10th board” my parents say. It’s all about what society is going to think, and science is the stream for a bright future! I AM INTERESTED IN FASHION DESIGNING AND PSYCHOLOGY. I NEED HELP

    • I understand the problem that you’re facing. Why not attend a counseling session? I mean a career counselor could help you out with aptitude tests. The plus point is that the counselor will interact with your parents too.

  20. Hi Sir,
    I want to do law for my future but i am really confused with the colleges.
    Can u please suggest some very good colleges in chennai?

  21. Hi,sir I saw you replied to so many comments here so I hope you will answer mine too.
    I am in 10th and the result is next month I like SSC and I am opting for arts stream after 10th.The aim is to be a civil servent/administrator.All I wanted to know is I have got whole 5 years to prepare for it ,woUldale you recommend me how to do my best in these 5 years so thathat I get selected in my very first attempt.

    • Anshika, as we all know, the UPSC exam is really tough. It gauges your aptitude and overall personality. I have’t had any experience so far, when it comes to UPSC exam. Still, I’m suggesting some evergreen tips – time management, consistency, study group (master group of like minded and ambitious aspirants), a good coaching class – these things will help you crack the exam.

  22. Hii sir i have just given my 10th class exam. Sir i want to known that if i choose arts with political science can i become reporter or go to media line. Ya mujhe commerce ya science lene par hi media mai ja sakti hu pls reply sir i need help. I want to become a news reporter.

  23. Hi good morning sir I have given exams of 12 examination from Pseb in arts stream( maths, economics,physical education) now I am pursuing ielts coaching after that I want to do bussiness management course. In Canada is it relevant?

  24. Sir i have above 90%in 10th but i have choosed arts in 11th so , give me a right ways for my great future and institude with scolarships and exams, and couses time please sir i need helps you,…

  25. Dear sir,
    I just given my ssc exam nd waiting for result I want to choose arts where in I want to do master degree in foreign language.from where I can do it I live at Jaipur Rajasthan I want to choose it as my career plz help me out for this.

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  27. Hello sir
    I want to become IAS officer and I am confused between arts and commerce . I know that I only need graduation in any stream for giving UPSC exams but I do not have any backup plan if I opt for commerce. please give me advice which stream I shoul pursue for ?

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  30. hii sir .. i have just given my class 10 exam and i want to go outside the arena of my state for further studies ;;but my parents are not willing to send me outside and forcing me to study here without good coaching institutes???

  31. I gave my SSC exam this year…I am extremely interested in management and would like to do a BA and MA in economics and after that i am going to opt for IIMA for MBA… I know all the subjects in arts stream… I am not sure if this will be a good option…Plz guide me sir

  32. Sir I just went through my 10th std exams and want to choose arts stream as I want to become a proffesor of English . my question is “Is PhD of English beneficial for my career”?

  33. Respected SIR,
    Hello sir , i want go in for arts but i m confused what to do after 12th std ….. some people have advised me to go in for BBA but according to me i feel i should do BA in fine arts or in animations ….. coz i m interested in art music drawing sketching & creating new things…..

    • If you are passionate about it, go for BA. In case you want to do a management course, you may go for MBA after completing BA!

  34. Sir I have just given my 10th examination in icse board and I wud like to go for arts as a subject ahead, yet confused in the colleges what all subjects will b provided? I having a goal to b and activist in India for India I am confused abt choosing b/w phycology and political science I don’t know what will benefit me ahead more!?

  35. I wanted to become an IAS officer and I m a student of 11th class I was provided wid science stream but I opted arts
    I wanted to ask that now what can I do so that I can achieve my aim……..??????

    • Focus on academics. You may start off by keeping tab on current affairs. This will help you start preparing for Civil Services exam.

  36. Sir , I want to complete my 11th n 12th via arts stream n I m in search of colleges/school in delhi ….can u please suggest some colleges/school for me….after 10

  37. Sir,I m confused that whether I should go for arts or commerce… I am little weak in maths…and I don’t know how to take my decision… Please do help.

  38. Hello sir, my sister has just qualified her 10th board exams but her grades are not that good. She has scored just pass marks in maths, science and history -geography. She has done good in Hindi though! She is mainly interested in drawing and sketching but her sjetches are not that mature! I m confused about what stream would be best for her and subjects should she choose in that. She is quite shy and not that sociable. Can you help me please?? Its urgent!!

    • In such cases, I suggest my readers a good aptitude test. If possible, consult a career counselor. They usually have effective aptitude tests. Make use of such a test to find the best route possible.

  39. hello sir,
    i want to choose arts as i have no options, my parents are telling me to do commerce, but i want to do modeling career, which field is better for me?

  40. Sir it is very confusing for me now to take decision over the subject s to choose after my tenth. Actually sir I had decided uptill that I am going to take PCB as I have interest in biology. But now before one week itself I have given a scholarship exam through which I got to know the reality that I am yes , very good in bio but but my phy.and chem.are very poor . By this thing as I think i t will be difficult for me to go through this stream. Sir actually before taking the decision of taken ng bio subject it was doubtful for me to take bio just as the subject. There is a reason behind it . Actually sir I am too interested in creativity and imagination because of which I came to ur site . I took bio as a decision because it’s a wealthy profession as also after completing my degree I will not have to struggle outside a lot for offers . I am not a very big created , a Normal person whose from town . But I can . Now day after tomorrow I am going for admission for PCB . Now at this stage sir I need ur opinion what should i do

    • I think your decision to go forward with PCB is good. If you put in the effort, you’ll go places! All the best!

    • Please refer ‘Courses after 12th’ article on this blog. You’ll find many courses and careers over there.

  41. Sir I have recently given my 10 examination I am confused that should I opt for arts or not my history,and economics is good but after opting for it I have decided to do IAS but I am not sure because of it’s less pay so I think opting commerce would be more useful basically everyone has to earn money as well as respect so help me to decide

  42. hello sir i want to ask that after 10th m taking arts so in future i want become an actor so u can guide me about which subject i have to take in Arts stream i am lil bit confused!?

  43. Hi sir I am atul narzary i want to be an ias can u suggest me how to acheive my goal. which stream arts or science is better for it???

  44. sir,
    my name is vaishnavi thakre. i wont to do art in 12th std, but i have problem in marathi understanding, can i do art in full English medium….

  45. I want to be come a photographer so can I choose arts for this? Is it correct for becoming a photographer.

  46. Hello Sir
    I’m willing to choose Arts from CBSE 2017 from history or archeology to become a historian or an archeologish. So what further course should I do for this and does this profession has any career in India or not?

  47. sir i have just given my 10th nd i want to do some creative work. I want to make ads nd documentary so for that i want to go for bmm course. what should i do/take after 10th to go in bmm course.

  48. Hello Sir, I’m good at academics and i will surely score above 93% in my SSC Examination. I had chosen Science in unison with my parents but I’m also inclined towards arts as I’m good at English and enjoy creating and writing stuff. i would like to have your Guidance to help me choose a stream which would get me a high paying job if i excel in it .

  49. Hello Sir! I am soon gonna get my results of tenth grade. I wish to be a talent manager. Should I be going into the arts stream for that? My dad thinks arts is for the weak. He wants me to do science. But I have decided that I wanna be a talent manager only. What should I do?

  50. Sir,
    I am in 10th standard and I want to become an animator. Thus, I wish to study drawing in 11th and 12th but I also want to take maths and physics. I haven’t had any professional training for drawing and therefore I am not aware of the very basics. Could you please guide me that should I take non medical or arts? Also please suggest some good schools in India where my criteria could be fulfilled.
    I shall be very thankful to you.

    • You may go for non medical, complete it, and then pursue a good Bachelor’s course related to VFX and Animation. Not knowledgeable about institutes though.

  51. I complete my 10th standard I decide to takes arts field because my aim is to became an IPS officer so I do it or not arts is best field to clear UPSC exam

    • Technically, any stream will be enough! The minimum requirement to become a Civil Servant is – a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institute.

  52. Hello! Sir .
    I m a 11th class student and Somehow i took IT stream which includes 5 subjects i.e Hindi English, Pol Sci.,Web Tech. And IP.
    Now i m very much worried about My career…I don’t know which course me Must go for after 12th..Plz guide me !
    I m looking ahead for a good It professional course for me.. i hav good technical and developing skills… and seaching for Web Designing or software developing course for me..
    Please Guide as much possible as you can.
    Writing this with full of hope for your response.
    Thank You !!!!

    • A Bachelor’s Degree course like BCA will be good for you. You may follow that up with an MCA or an MBA Degree.

  53. Greetings sir…
    I am interested to apply for IAS exam but not able to decide which stream to choose or go with liberal studies after 10th. Please help me ..

  54. Hello Sir,
    Greetings of the day.
    I want to pursue Journalism. Can I start with commerce stream in my PUC and then switch to Journalism Course in my UG Course OR should I pursue with Arts only in my PUC
    Kindly Advise

  55. sir, i got 61% in my 10th boards and i am confused about choosing the stream i do not like maths at all. which stream should i choose sir?

  56. Hello Sir,
    My daughter is is appearing for 10th this year (2017-18)…She is very good in music n dance…as well she has a good communication skills…She is interested in photography n has done fundamental course in it too…She wants a career where she can travel places(She wants to be a travel jockey)…Now to pursue her likes n interests, please suggest and advise me what subjects she has to take after her 10th….And which career options she might have to take….Its little confusing for we parents…

  57. Hello Sir ! This year I passed my 10th boards with 78% and I am interested in music and I am thinking to opt humanities/arts as my subject in 11th and 12th but I think what if I don’t get successful in what I think…..I should have an another option in which I am interested…… and I am really very confused about my career other than my singing career…..
    For surely I am never going to give up on my singing but still I want to take degree in something other….. My dad advices me to be an anthropologist but as I am also good in English literature now I am really very confused about my career…
    It’ll be a great help for me if you advice me in what should I make my career in….

  58. Hello,
    I appreciate your article. It is very informative and useful. My daughter is in class 10th (CBSE). She got great interest in school counseling. She has a great communication skill and always motivate others. Sometimes we also surprised by her judgment about human physiology. She also wants to social work by motivating poor, needy children.

    What course would you recommend for her?

  59. Hello Sir,

    I ward has just cleared Class Xth with 7.2 cgpa. His %age went down basically due to Maths due to which he could concentrate on other subjects. He likes science but he fears Maths very much. He does not have taste for Commerce either. In arts he is good in History only. After a number of counselling he confirmed us that he wants to take Science + IP without Maths.

    Looking at the above scenario what would you suggest him to choose wisely so that he can build a very good career?


  60. Hello sir,i have just given my ssc exams i want to become a air hostess so should i go in arts stream doing psycology

  61. Sr I just passed my tenth standard exam and got 90%marks .My science and maths are not good so I want to go through arts can u suggest some sub in that..

  62. Hello! sir,
    I am a 10th class student and good at academics and thinking to opt a career for IAS. But I am a bit confused about which stream to take because I am good in PCM as well as in social subjects.
    Please help me out as I am going to take admission really soon.

    Thank You.

  63. hello sir, i just passed my 10th and i was thinking of doing hotel management but im confused about which stream to select and mostly looking for arts but again confused about the subjects .
    please help me out

  64. Respected Sir,

    I wish to enquire from you if there is any vacancy for Arts side.

    I am student from KV THANE , who has passed class 10th, I scored 7.6 CGPA in 10th board exams and I wish to apply for Arts side at some place with borading facilities in Mumbai or Thane and even at Pune.

    Please advice me as from which date the forms for Admission will be issued.

    Please send me this information, I will be very much thankful to you sir.

    Thanking You

    Your’s faithfully


  65. hello sir i have scored 84% in my ssc examinations and planning to take up psychology as a career option is it a good choice?

  66. Hello sir,as I observed you are giving gud suggestion to all so I hope you will suggest me too actually I’m weak in maths n my interest is in modelling n acting so arts is gud fr me?

  67. hello sir , i need your help………i want to become an IAS officer ,seniors adviced me to do engineering and then to do civil sevices……will it be better for me…….pls tell me

  68. Respected Sir, My name is Aditi, I’m in 10th grade and I want to become a travel journalist. Writing is something I love doing and traveling gives me peace within. I sure am going to opt Arts but what subjects should I select to study for these two coming years and maybe you could advice/suggest me what to do and where to go after I complete my schooling. Thank you so much.

  69. Hi sir, I’m thinking about taking arts in 11th standard to follow my passion of journalism but my parents say that Arts is taken up by those who are not good in studies. What should I do? Please help

  70. Hello sir I have just given my 10th and I have secured 93.6% and I want to pursue arts and study psychology so can you tell me what scopes are there and should I do any extra classes for it?

  71. Hi sir, I have completed my SSC in the year of 2006 with 35% & now I want to complete my HSC, I want to go for arts because want to do something in acting field, plz suggest me, I really need guidance, it’s been a decade I’m not in touch of studies at all.

  72. I secured 98.7%in my 10 board exams and is very much interested in journalism but my parents want me to be in medical….. They say there is no future in arts stream n it’s only for dull students… What shall I do? Plz do suggest me something.
    Sincerely looking forward for your reply.

  73. Hello sir, I’m currently studying in 10th grade. I tend to procrastinate a lot due to which I get very very low grades in school except English. I’m very very weak in mathematics too… I’m interested in studying Music and pursuing my dreams outside India. Would you please like to guide me on what to do and what not..I’d be really very grateful if you guide and help me.

  74. sir i ahve pass 10th with 70% i want to go to cs stream but i havet give maths in 10th so how can i go to it pls help me sir and then i want to go to nda how can ia go sir

  75. Sorry sir
    Hello sir,
    I am in 11th std pass and confused for 12th std which subject to select..I actually want to select commerce stream n can I know which n all subjects come under commerce n which to select plzzz help me

  76. My son passef by 62 percent but by mistake we took admiission in college wrre psychology subject is not available.
    But sociology is available, pls guide

  77. Sir, actually a have just pass 10 from CBSE with 5.6 cgpa but i want to do ca or cs so can I do it commerce without maths ?? Plz tell me

  78. Sir I want to become a judicial judge .I m studying in class 10 th.for that my first step is to clear CLAT .can u give me some guidance about my stream and tell me some best coaching centers for its preparations.I m currently livivg in Solan (himachal Pradesh) .please do find some coaching centres near it

  79. Sir I have cleared 10th by 90% from cbse board.I have taken science stream to complete civil engineering which I like,but my another hobby is to complete my phd in can I do these both things together after 12th?

  80. Sir, i am doing 12th arts with maths..n i m very interested in studying maths…i choose arts with maths coz i wanted to bcom a maths teacher…coz i m not interested in science but now i am told that i cant do it without sciences is it?

  81. Sir I have failed 12 becz of maths and im taking arts sir …. Everyone is saying don’t take arts nthg is there in arts .Sir I’m bit not getting wt to do .Shall I take or not sir .Sir if take arts leaving maths I’m sure I’ll top ..But all r saying don’t take sir pls help me out

  82. hi i just finished my 10th from india now I have currently finding 11th /12th arts school in Dubai and then iu want to start ba in interior designing or diploma in interior designing

  83. Sir which course I got higher salary packeged in arts stream after brother suggest me that I take after 12 mass communication.

  84. Sir I have passed my SSC and I have got 64% in my board exam so sir I have decided to take a arts streem so sir I want to do a event management so u will explain me what dos it required money whichcourse can I do and what is it’s salary sir plz give me full details about event management sir plz i m confuse and plz sir..

  85. Sir I want to do honours in sanskrit but my college is not giving me that subject so what should I do now plz help me out and I’m confused between hotel management and fashion designing plz suggest me what would be the best

  86. Sir,I’m in 10th grade right now & I seem to be really confused about my career .
    Im really good in science & plan to take science stream next but im also interested & also strongly want to pursue in my singing & acting carrer .But I wanna do something like where I would be able to do some good job as well as have a successful singing & acting career.
    I know this sounds bit freaky but still I really wanna prosper in my future.

  87. hello! sir i completed 10th with arts stream ,could i do 11th with science stream and is it legal or not please help me sir

  88. Hello sir!
    I am in 11th class student and I took fine arts because my aim is to be a interior designer. I just wanted to make sure that is it okay to take fine arts stream for interior designing?

  89. hello sir ,
    i am in 10 standard and these days i am searching all about th e stream of arts.. i am really passionate about painting . but i am very confused that what will i do after 12th . i don’t want to be a fashion designer or else .. m not clear that what should be my next step after completing 12th .. i know i am talking about it really early but i want to know.. please do answer me sir..
    thank you..

  90. Sir, my brother is in 11th standard now. The particular school has no political science subject. Will there be any problem in further studies and getting jobs?

  91. Hello Sir
    i complete my ssc then i took a admission for iti that also i completed after that i lost my one eye in accident, so now what can i do?? can you please help me because in mechanical field handicap is not allowed.

  92. hello sir im a grade 10 student from dubai studying in cbse board i want to be an archeolaagist and im very much passionate about it so what stream should i choose and is there any scope for it in abroad and india bcoz many ppl tell that there is no future in studying the past so pls help.

  93. greetings,
    im a student currently studying in 10th grade.
    im in a confusion as to what to take up after my 10th.
    i have short listed certain careers:-
    hotel management(front office)
    interior designer/decorator
    graphic designer
    media designing.
    i would like you to tell me which career will be more good and which courses should i take for each one of them.
    thanking you.

  94. greetings, sir
    I’m a 10th standard student and I’m good at writing and oration and I’d like to opt for an M.A , Ph.d in literature . I’d like to know the career scope for the path i chose. Also, what can be an alternate education stream for my capabilities? hoping for your response. Thankyou!

  95. Hello sir! I am in 10th now and i am very much interested in music and i want to take arts but also i am very shy nd stage fear….also i am not so very confident… can u plz suggest me..?…what should i do?

  96. Hi , I want to pursue the stream of fine arts in 11th and 12th grade so what subjects are needed to be taken for fine arts. I am not very good in history and geography so I want to go for fine arts rather than arts

  97. sir,
    i am in tenth standard now,i got 67% in 9th. in am interested in psychology ,but everyone is saying that arts has a very less scope then i decided to take commerce when i read about commerce online, i found it really uninteresting ….i am really confused sir please help me out

  98. sir i’m om luhar and soon i’ll be appearing for S.S.C board examination.
    but im confused that what should i take in arts for becoming and architectural designer.
    please provide me the name of subject to become that i want to

  99. Hello sir, I have read all your replies above and most of the people above asked the same question I want to ask you…..sir is it good to take literature after 10th? that’s my passion and my life…. People around say literature and arts cannot be a goal in someone’s life… But I can’t leave my PASSION…plz sir suggest me something and also sirnpokz suggest me few literature collages I can study in after my 10th, not diploma sir please

  100. hello sir
    I am a student in 10th grade. I’m very confused about my ambition. I want to work as a criminal investigator in cbi but i do not know the courses and streams to be taken for this.
    Also, to broaden my choices, can u please tell me the scoping fields of today.
    Thank you.

  101. hello sir! i m soumya nd i want to bcome a psychologist and m very much interested in this subject but i dont know that i may pass in 10th or no nd this year is board. If i pass so in psychology, which stream shud i choose? there r many stream but which one may i choose…..?

  102. Hello sir, I am in 10th now and I am so confused about the stream.. I love music and I want to be singer but if I take arts it will be a problem for me because I don’t like SST at all
    Please suggest me what should I do ?

  103. Hello Sir,
    I am studying 10th standard. I am a bright student. I score good marks. I am good at languages. I can learn any language easily. I am very good at English and Hindi, and I want to study these languages. I am interested in literature because I am good at writing. I am also interested in journalism. My father wants me to become a journalist, just like him, which is OK for me. I like it and I also help him with the news sometimes. My mom wants me to become a professor (of either English and Hindi…… because I like them) because there is a good earning in it. It is also OK for me because I like to teach. The good thing is that my parents do not force me for anything. They told me the professions which I like. I know they’ll support me in any field because they trust me. As all these professions are related to languages, so I decided to take Arts in my 11th standard. They have also advised me for IAS, as I am a bright student. I am OK with it too. Actually, many people have advised me to go into Civil Services. My problem is that I like all these things and I am not able to choose any one among them. I can do all these things well. But I am confused about the profession I should choose and go ahead to lead a good life.
    I request you to please help me choose and one and advice me how to reach it. I’d be waiting for your reply desperately. I hope you’d guide me.
    Please do reply.
    Thank You.

    • In most cases, one has to live with the job he/she chooses for the rest of his/her life! If you are a bright student, I’d suggest you to take a shot at Civil Services. The job will help you bring a change in the society. It is very satisfying profession.

  104. Hello sir! I want to become a fashion model and also get into film industry, so is it okay if I take up Humanities as my stream? And also another question, what do I have to do after 12th if I want to get into modelling?

  105. Hello sir, I had taken science group after graduating in 10 th with 80% … I am in class 11 now but I am interested in drawing and making digital arts … rather than stuff in science group and discovered that science is not perfect for me …. so is arts stream good for me .. if yes then how should I proceed

  106. Hello sir I am a 10th student and I am confused on what to take after tenth .In arts and humanities can we take all the subjects or is there a limit to the no.of subjects .If there is a limit how many subjects can we choose and can we choose any subject or is there a particular combination

    • I’m not sure about the electives and limitations present in each state boards. It’d be better to enquire at the state edu board of the relevant state.

  107. Sir I m totally confused in choosing the subject after my I am good in maths,science as well as sst.i can understand maths after understanding the concepts and doing different types of questions related to that concept.but most truly if am given question of some practical aspects I can’t solve it quickly.i can understand science very quickly and I take keen interest in bio and my basics are cleared in science but the subject which makes me different from others is my sst.I read sst quite interestingly but most truly my general knowledge about what is happening in our nation,economy,etc is somewhat according to you which subject should be chosen after my tenth???

  108. Hello sir, I am really happy reading all your comments above. Sorry I was just wondering if you could suggest me a few art college where we can study literature and other arts

  109. I hve actually fear of maths other wise I hve got 100/100 in it but due to this fear I am fearing to take economics .so sir plz suggest me is economics easier than maths than I will take it in 11th

  110. I am in 10th std now..I hate math and other science subjects.I love geography and there any future for geography in arts?

  111. Sir what are the career opportunities for me to have bachelor’s in physical education
    Is this a right choice
    Please guide me…..

  112. Hi sir..!!
    M in 10th cls..
    N m interested in interior designing n architecture… so cn i do these both courses at similar time..?? M good in drawing in sketching.. bt poor at maths…. so if i cnt do these both at similar.. thn which one shld i choose..?? N fr tht which course shld i do..??

  113. Hello Sir
    i have complete 10+2 with art stream can i get iti in machenical trade because of now m working in the field of hvac so can i get admission in machenical trade please sir as soon as possible give me better option what should i do?

  114. Hello sir! I am student of class 10th. I am very much interested in studying Sanskrit literature. Could you please suggest me some colleges to pursue for Sanskrit?

  115. Greetings
    I am a arts student and I am interested in interior designing and it need to clear exams like NATA, CEED, CEPT for Admission in reputed institutes but in case of CEPT course, 10+2 passed in Science stream (mathematics group) is necessary!what should I do???

  116. Hello sir i scored 95% in 10th icse. And I have opted for pcm in 11th but realised that its not my passion and wouldn’t want to continue with it. I am interested in acting and dancing but my drawing and painting is poor , should I still go ahead with it?

  117. Hello Sir,
    I am currently in class 10th and appearing for the board exams this year. I am good in Maths and Science but am not interested in it . I prefer Social Studies and am interested in Psychology. My parents are asking me to opt for Commerce in class 11th as we don’t have any specialised school for Humanities here. Economics and English would be the common subject in both the streams, Arts and Commerce.
    We came to know about a school, offering Humanities, but it does not offer Psychology. Should I take admission there, or study Commerce?
    Which stream would be suitable for me?

  118. Sir i m in 10th standard in full English medium. I want to give UPSC. Can I take arts in 11th standard. But I m week in Marathi…. 11th arts syllabus available in English?

  119. hello sir! I am very confused
    i don’t know which strem i should take after my tenth exams.I like maths,i can understand science after understanding its concept,but I don’t like more to study,i like to explore more, meet new persons and travelling
    so which stream i should select

  120. Hi Sir. I am going to give my 10th board exams this March and I have made my mind to take up arts.
    Can i do fashion designing if i take up arts?

  121. Hi sir ! I’m Tanishq Sir, I have passed my 10th in 2015 than i dropped two year of my Education. Now, im confused to take admission in NIOS (National school of open schooling) for 12th.. so, sir According to you.. what should i do ? should i take or not ?

  122. I am a FYJC Arts student, I m studying psychology and maths and I want to make a career in one of these subjects. Can u suggest me some courses which I can do before my 12th board exams.

  123. Hi sir
    Im going to cmplte my 10th in othr 2 months.. Im intrested in makeup i wanted to become a makeup artist bt im confused which course should i takeup after 10th
    Plz reply me sir

  124. Hello sir
    I am preparing for my boards exam but I am not interested in studying though I get average marks which is insufficient for my parents. I love to do painting and other craft work. So please help me with suitable guidance that what should I do further after giving exams. Please take me out of this critical situation.

  125. Hello sir,
    Im currently in class 10th and appearing for tje boards exam this year. I want to be a psychologist but im not intrested in chem and phy so by taking humanities stream can i become a psychologist .


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