Animation Courses After 10th

Do you want to pursue Animation courses after 10th standard? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here. I’ve listed animation courses, which can be pursued by students who have passed 10th standard in India.


Animation courses after 10th


When it comes to animation courses available in India, there are 3 main course formats present-

  1. Bachelor’s Degree courses
  2. Diploma courses
  3. Certificate courses


10th standard passed students are eligible to pursue some Diploma and Certificate courses only. 10+2 passed is the minimum requirement to pursue Bachelor’s Degree as well as some of the Professional Diploma courses.


Before moving to the list of courses available, let us check out what it takes to thrive in the field of animation. Here are some skills and qualities required to excel in this field-

  • Good observational skills
  • Creativity
  • Drawing / sketching skills
  • Patience and Concentration
  • Ability to get into character
  • Communication skills (to interact with team)
  • Eye for detail
  • Computer and Software skills
  • Teamwork skills


Let us check out the course details now-


Animation courses after 10th in India


Let us check out the certificate courses first-


1 Certificate courses

  • Certificate in 2D Animation
  • Certificate in 3D Animation
  • Certificate in VFX
  • Certificate in CG Arts and Effects


The certificate courses mentioned above are beginner’s level courses. Such courses will help one acquire key animation skills and knowledge. If one wants to become a professional animator, he/she must consider going for advanced courses like Professional Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree courses.


Certificate courses lasts for a period of 3 to 6 months. Course duration may vary from one institute to another.


Apart from certificate courses mentioned above, 10th passed students are also eligible to pursue some Diploma courses too. Let us check them out-


2 Diploma courses

  • Diploma in VFX
  • Diploma in 2D Animation
  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in CG Arts


Note: Many institutes have 10+2 as the minimum qualification required, in order to pursue Diploma animation courses. But some institutes do give admission to 10th passed students too. So, while taking admission, students must give attention to the eligibility criteria set by that particular institute.


Beginner’s level Diploma courses lasts for a period of 6 months to 1 year. Course duration may vary from one institute to another.


Other than certificate courses and diploma programs, 10th passed students may also attend animation workshops being organized by training institutes.


Animation courses after 10+2

If you are willing to go for 11th and 12th standard schooling (any stream) after 10th, you will have access to better animation courses. Bachelor’s Degree and Advanced Diploma courses are available in front of 10+2 passed students.


BA, BFA, BVA (Visual Arts) and B.Sc. programs in Animation, Multimedia, Graphics, VFX and Digital Filmmaking constitute the Bachelor’s Degree programs. Detailed and professional Diploma programs constitute the Diploma courses available after 12th.


Bachelor’s Degree programs are 3 years long (each). Professional Diploma programs are generally 1-2 years long, when it comes to course duration.


For more details, check out this guide- Animation courses after 12th.


If you are really passionate about the field of animation and want to become a professional animator, it would be better to complete 10+2 and go for Bachelor’s Degree or Professional Diploma courses related to animation.


Career prospects and job opportunities

An animator may work independently or under supervised setup. He/she may work for Art studios, Animation studios, Media houses, Film production houses, Game Developers etc.


One may also start own Animation studio or work as a freelancer. Within the field of animation, there are many job profiles available. Some such job profiles include- illustrator, animator, modeller, editor etc.


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