Certificate in Bee Keeping: Details, Scope & Jobs

In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of Certificate in Beekeeping course. It is a certificate training course related to the field of apiculture. This article covers topics such as course details, eligibility criteria, syllabus and career prospects.


Certificate in Beekeeping course has been designed to develop skilled apiary/bee yard work force in India. The course has been designed to impart basic bee farming, cultivation and honey harvesting techniques and skills to candidates.

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Bee Keeping: An Introduction

Honey is a very useful edible substance. Most of us have honey stocked in our kitchens. Honey is a key ingredient in many Indian delicacies. Apart from that, honey also has medicinal values. Honey is known to cure skin problems and a host of other diseases.


“How do we obtain honey?”. There are two main sources from which we harvest honey – wild/natural sources and bee yards.


Wild/natural sources are places where honey bees form (naturally, without any human help or interference) their honeycomb. It is not uncommon to see them build honeycombs in urban areas, rural areas and in forests. We’ve been harvesting honey from these ‘ready made’ sources for quite some time now! Also check – Short term computer courses & Fashion design courses.


With time, humans started maintaining honey bee colonies, with the aim of harvesting honey. This practice has evolved over time and is now known as apiculture or beekeeping. The place where bees are kept is called an apiary or bee yard.


Beekeepers maintain honey bee colonies in apiaries. Products obtained from bee yards include honey, beeswax, pollen and royal jelly.


Traditional beekeeping has given way to modern beekeeping. Modern beekeeping utilizes technology to boost its productivity and safety (of bee farm workers). Modern day beekeepers are well trained in areas like hive products, breeding techniques, hive maintenance and inspection, honey harvesting and safety (techniques and equipment).


Apiculture can turn out to be an extra source of income for farmers. Apart from farmers, anyone with a will to learn and implement beekeeping knowledge can turn apiculture into a profitable business. One can sell honey, honey bees and other byproducts, making money in the process!


Let us check out the course details –


Certificate in Bee Keeping Course details

The table provided below will provide you the basic details –


Name of the Course: Certificate in Beekeeping
Duration: Minimum 6 months. Maximum 2 years
Eligibility Criteria: 8th pass


Let us take a closer look at the course details –


Type of course

It is a certification program.



Minimum 6 months. Maximum 2 years.


Eligibility criteria

Candidate must be 8th passed.



Here’s a list of important subjects present in Certificate in Beekeeping curriculum –

  • Introduction to Beekeeping
  • Management of Honey Bee Colonies
  • Hive Products and Economics of Beekeeping


The academic program is a holistic mixture of classroom lectures and on-field training sessions.


Certificate in Bee Keeping scope & jobs

After completing the course, one can find work at apiaries/bee yards – small, large, or medium in size. Apart from that, one can also start own apiary/bee yard. With the right approach and effort, one can turn apiculture into a profitable venture!

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