BSDM Domain Skilling Courses: Eligibility, Details & Admission

BSDM stands for Bihar Skill Development Mission. The main aim of this organization is to develop a skilled workforce in Bihar. In this article, you will find the list of Domain Skilling offered by BSDM.

Domain Skilling Courses

BSDM is well known for crafting job oriented training programs. These training programs are skill-enhancing in nature. They are crafted keeping the needs of job seekers in mind! Also check – Vocational courses after 12th.


At present, India is staring at a huge problem named unemployment. Most of the states in India are suffering from this problem. Through BSDM, Bihar is looking to tackle this problem and grab it by its horn! Also check – IGNOU diploma courses list.


How can BSDM bring down the level of unemployment in Bihar, you may ask. BSDM is offering job oriented training programs to students in Bihar. These programs are aimed at developing useful skills in students.


Courses have been crafted for 8th pass, 10th pass and 12th pass students. These courses will help students acquire useful skills. These skills usually help them get employment.


‘Domain Skilling’ is a unique and useful venture made by BSDM. Under this program, the organization is offering Domain-specific training programs. These programs are based on a specific domain. Students are offered training and skills specific to that domain.


As promised, I’ve provided the list of Domain Skilling courses in this article. With the list, you will also be able to find details such as course duration and eligibility criteria.


Here’s the list of Domain Skilling courses offered by BSDM –


List of Domain Skilling Courses by BSDM

  • Supply Chain Field Assistant (Eligibility: 12th pass)
  • Artificial Insemination Technician (Eligibility: No barrier)
  • Floriculturist – Open Cultivation (Eligibility: No barrier, 5th pass preferred)
  • Bee Keeper (Eligibility: No barrier)
  • Dairy Farmer/Entrepreneur (Eligibility: Diploma/Degree in Electronics/Instrumentation)
  • Floriculturist – Protected Cultivation (Eligibility: No barrier, 5th pass preferred)
  • Green House Fitter (Eligibility: 10th appeared or pass)
  • Gardener (Eligibility: 5th pass)
  • Mango Grower (Eligibility: No barrier, 5th pass)
  • Dairy Farm Supervisor (Eligibility: 12th pass, 1-2 years experience is preferred)
  • Organic Grower (Eligibility: 5th pass)
  • Quality Seed Grower (Eligibility: No barrier, 5th pass preferred)
  • Layer Farm Worker (Eligibility: 5th pass)
  • Hatchery Manager (Eligibility: B.Fisheries. Science or Marine Biology preferably)
  • Ornamental Fish Technician (Eligibility: 8th pass, preferably)
  • Medicinal Plant Grower (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Mushroom Grower (Small Entrepreneur) (Eligibility: 8th pass, preferably)
  • Neera Technician (Eligibility: No barrier, 5th pass preferably)
  • Pack House Worker (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator (Eligibility: No barrier)
  • Seed Analysis In-Charge (Eligibility: 12th pass, preferably)
  • Seed Processing Plant Technician ((Eligibility: 8th pass, preferably)
  • Seed Processing Worker (Eligibility: No Barrier)
  • Service and Maintenance Technician – Farm Machinery (Eligibility: 10th appeared or pass)
  • Vermicompost Producer (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Warehouse Worker (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Watershed Assistant (Eligibility: 12th pass, preferably)
  • Broiler Farm Worker (Eligibility: No barrier)
  • Animal Health Worker (Eligibility: 8th pass)
  • Micro Irrigation Technician (Eligibility: 8th pass, preferably)
  • Specialized Sewing Machine Operator (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Hand Embrioderer (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Sewing Machine Operator (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Auto Service Technician Level 4 (Eligibility: 10th pass, preferably)
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver (Eligibility: 8th pass)
  • Auto Service Technician (Two and Three Wheelers) (Eligibility: 10th pass, preferably)
  • Hair Stylist (Eligibility: 8th pass)
  • Beauty Therapist (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Assistant Spa Therapist (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Mutual Fund Agent (Eligibility: 12th pass)
  • Life Insurance Agent (Eligibility: 12th pass)
  • Manual Metal Arc Welding/Shielded Metal Arc Welding Welder (Eligibility: 8th pass)
  • Grinder-Hand and Hand Held Power Tools (Eligibility: 8th pass)
  • Fitter – Fabrication (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • CNC Operator Turning (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Mason Tiling (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Mason Granite, Marble and Stone (Eligibility: 8th pass, preferably)
  • Helper Construction Painter (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Bar Bender and Steel Fixer (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Assistant Shuttering Carpenter (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Assistant Mason (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Field Technician – Networking and Storage (Eligibility: Diploma/Graduate)
  • Field Technician – Computing and Peripherals (Eligibility: Diploma/Graduate)
  • Field Engineer – RACW (Eligibility: 8th pass/relevant ITI/relevant Diploma/RAC)
  • DTH Set Top Box Installation & Service Technician (Eligibility: 8th pass with 2 years experience/10th pass/Diploma)
  • CCTV Installation and Technician (Eligibility: ITI/Diploma, minimum 6 months as helper)
  • Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Food Product Packaging Technician (Eligibility: 12th pass, preferably)
  • Pickle Making and Processing Technician (Eligibility: 8th pass with 2-3 years work experience)
  • Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician (Eligibility: 8th pass, preferably with work experience)
  • Craft Baker (Eligibility: 8th pass)
  • Dairy Products Processor (Eligibility: 10th pass, preferably with relevant work experience)
  • Fitter – Modular Furniture (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably with relevant work experience)
  • Carpenter – Wooden Furniture (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably with relevant work experience)
  • Jeweller Retail Sales Associate Basic (Eligibility: 12th pass)
  • CAD Designer (Eligibility: 12th pass, preferably)
  • Polisher & Cleaner (Eligibility: 10th pass, preferably)
  • Medical Laboratory Technician (Eligibility: 12th Science)
  • Home Health Aide (Eligibility: 10th pass, preferably. 8th pass in certain cases)
  • General Duty Assistant (Eligibility: 10th pass, preferably. 8th pass in certain cases)
  • Dialysis Technician (Eligibility: 12th pass)
  • Vision Technician (Eligibility: 12th Science pass. 10th pass in certain cases)
  • Cardiac Care Technician (Eligibility: 12th Science pass or level 3 ECG technician with 3 years work experience)
  • Emergency Medican Technician – Basic (Eligibility: 12th pass)
  • Phlebotomy Technician (Eligibility: 12th Science pass)
  • Infrastructure Engineer (Eligibility: Technical Diploma or UG Degree)
  • CRM Domestic Voice (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • CRM Domestic Non-Voice (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Associate F&A Complex (Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce/Accounts/Finance)
  • Associate DTP (Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline)
  • Associate CRM (Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in any discipline)
  • Domestic Data Entry Operator (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Web Developer (Eligibility: Graduate Degree or Diploma in relevant field)
  • Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Domestic Biometric Data Operator (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Stitcher (Goods and Garments) (Eligibility: 5th pass with relevant work experience)
  • Helper Finishing (Footwear) (Eligibility: 5th pass)
  • Medical Sales Representative (Eligibility: Diploma or any Graduate Degree)
  • Courier Delivery Executive (Eligibility: 10th pass or higher)
  • Plumber (General)
  • Sales Associate (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Distributor Salesman (Eligibility: NA)
  • Unarmed Security Guard (Eligibility: 8th pass, preferably)
  • Armed Security Guard (Eligibility: 10th pass, preferably)
  • Optical Fiber Technician
  • Tower Technician (Eligibility: 12th pass)
  • Ring Frame Doffer (Eligibility: 5th pass, preferably)
  • Travel Consultant
  • Multi Cuisine Cook (Eligibility: 8th pass)
  • Trainee Chef (Eligibility: 8th pass, preferably)
  • Tour Manager (Eligibility: NA)
  • Housekeeping Supervisor (Eligibility: Primary Education)
  • Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning) (Eligibility: Primary Education)
  • Front Officer Associate (Eligibility: 12th pass)
  • Food and Beverages Service – Steward (Eligibility: 10th pass)
  • Solar PV Installer – Suryamitra (10th pass + ITI/Diploma in relevant discipline)


As promised, I’ve provided the list of courses available under Domain Skilling program. I’ve also provided eligibility criteria associated with each course.


These programs span disciplines such as –

  • Science
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Science
  • Business
  • Soft Skills
  • Engineering
  • Social Science
  • Nursing
  • Healthcare
  • And more…


Admission Process

Have you gone through the list of courses? Did you choose a specific training program? Are you wondering about how to apply for admission? For admission, you may apply online on BSDM’s offocial website!

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