Chilling Plant Technician: Fees, Institutes, Admission & Jobs

Have you passed 10th standard? Do you want to pursue a short-term vocational training program? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of Chilling Plant Technician training course.

Chilling Plant Technician

It is a certification program. Technically, it is a vocational training course. The course duration is quite short. Also check – Solar panel technician.


After completing this training program, you will be able to find an entry level job in dairy technology sector. Apart from that, you will also be able to find an entry level job in allied areas such as – food processing, agriculture etc. Also check – ITI fitter institutes.


In this post, you will find all the important details that you need to know about Chilling Plant Technician course. Duration, eligibility, fees, training centers, scope, admission, career prospects and syllabus – I’ve covered everything in this post. Also check – Greenhouse fitter course.


What is chilling plant technician training all about? What is it like to become a chilling plant technician? Will I get a decent job after completing this course? You will find answers to these questions in the next section –

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Chilling Plant Technician: Basic Details

This is a vocational training program. Technically, it is a certification program. This short-term training program can be pursued after completing 10th standard.


This training program comes under the trade of dairy technology. It also caters to the needs of allied sectors such as – agriculture and food processing and storage.


This training program is available in multiple formats across India. For example – you will be able to find informal training programs, skill development programs, skill diploma programs, certification programs etc.


What is chilling plant technology all about? Chilling plants are used by dairy farms and firms involved in dairy products processing.


Dairy farms use chilling plants or cold storage units for storage, preservation and transportation of milk and other dairy products. Dairy products are perishable goods. It means that with time, these products will undergo chemical changes that make them ill-suited for consumption.


Due to this reason, dairy products are subjected to different types of chemical treatments and processes. Apart from that, dairy products are also stored in controlled surroundings.


Chilling plants are used to store dairy products in cool surroundings. These storage units can store dairy products and preserve them for long duration of time. Dairy farms use these plants to store dairy products and transport them from one place to another.


Dairy products processing firms too use chilling plants for storage and preservation of dairy products. In order to operate and maintain a chilling plant/unit, one must possess a specific set of skills and knowledge.


One must be knowledgeable about areas such as –

  • Installation of chilling plant unit
  • Maintenance
  • Working of chilling plant
  • Components and parts
  • Common issues
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Industry standards
  • Dairy products


Chilling plant technician training course will train you in the above mentioned areas. Come, let us take a closer look at the course details. In the next section, you will find details such as – duration, eligibility, scope, syllabus and more.


Chilling Plant Technician Course Details


Type of course

It is a certification program.



Minimum educational qualification required is – 10th pass/Diploma/ITI.



Training period may vary from one institute to another. It could be anywhere between 3-6 months.



Fees may vary from one institute to another. It depends upon factors such as – type of training program, course content, difficulty level, type of institute etc. Fees could be anywhere between 2 – 5K INR.



Here are some of the important subjects present in the curriculum –

  • Installation of chilling plant unit
  • Maintenance
  • Working of chilling plant
  • Components and parts
  • Common issues
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Industry standards
  • Dairy products
  • Work safety
  • Cleaning and preparation of work area


Chilling Plant Technician scope & jobs

After completing this course, you will be able to find an entry level job in places such as – dairy farms, dairy product processing firms, milk processing firms, dairy co-operative societies, Government schemes, food processing and storage firms etc. In these places, you may don the following roles – cold storage operator, chilling plant operator, chilling plant technician etc.

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