Commercial Vehicle Driver Course: Details, Scope & Jobs

Commercial Vehicle Driver course is a job oriented vocational training program. In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of this training program.

Commercial Vehicle Driver

Commercial Vehicle Driver course falls under the category of vocational training. It is a certification program. This certification program comes under the discipline called automobile technology.


Candidates who complete this training program may don the role of driver/commercial driver. Commercial drivers are commonly known as truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers or simply as drivers. Also check – Motor vehicle mechanic course.


Who is a Commercial Driver?

A commercial driver is a trained professional who is adept at driving commercial vehicles such as trucks, cars, buses, mini bus, pickup trucks, LCVs, school vans, maxi cabs and other transport vehicles.

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He/she usually possesses a HMV licence. A commercial driver transports goods and passengers on public roads using the vehicles mentioned above.


Their main task is to transport goods or passengers safely on the assigned route. Their job usually takes them on long trips spanning thousands of kilometers. In order to thrive in this profession, one must possess excellent driving skills, technical know-how, stamina and concentration.


Commercial Vehicle Driver Course: Basic Details

This training program will train you in two main areas –

  1. Driving skills
  2. Automobile technology


The first and foremost skill required to thrive in this field is – good driving skill. In order to satisfy this requirement, the instructors will train you to drive different types of vehicles such as – trucks, buses, pickup trucks, cars, cabs etc.


Steering balance, controls, pedals, dashboard, gauges, parking techniques – these are some of the main aspects taught during the driving training phase.


In this profession, drivers come across a unique set of problems and challenges. Breakdowns, bad weather, accidents, low visibility etc are some of these problems and challenges.


In order to face breakdowns and mechanical failures, the candidates and taught technical skills. They are also taught basic skills such as changing a tire, identifying commonly occurring mechanical problems etc.

Commercial Vehicle Driver Course Details


Let us check out each level associated with this course –


Course Levels

This course comes in different levels. Each level has a varying degree of difficulty. The course and training regimen will vary slightly from one level to another. The duration of the training program as well as eligibility criteria too may vary from one level to another.


Here are the four levels of this program –

  • Commercial Vehicle Driver: Level 1
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver: Level 2
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver: Level 3
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver: Level 4



The minimum qualification required to pursue this course is – 8th pass. Eligibility criteria may vary from one institute to another.



Duration of the training may vary from one level of course to another. Generally, it could be anywhere between 3-12 months.


Career Prospects

After completing training, you may find work at –

  • Transportation Agencies
  • Schools
  • Tour Operators
  • Trucking Agencies
  • Cab Renting Agencies


If you have access to decent monetary resources, you may buy your own vehicle and start a small or medium sized transportation business.

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