Nursing Care Assistant (Certificate) Course in India

Do you want to pursue a course related to the field of nursing after 10th standard? If yes, this article will be of help to you. In this article, I’ve provided details about certificate course in Nursing Care Assistant (CNCA). The article covers topics like course details, eligibility criteria, admission process, career prospects and salary.


Nursing care assistant


CNCA is a paramedical course. It is a certificate degree course, not Diploma or Bachelor’s degree program! This course is enough to help one acquire key nursing assistant/aide skills and knowledge. After completing the course, one will be able to land entry level nursing assistant/aide job at hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.


Who is a nursing care assistant? What are his/her tasks? What’s it like to become a NCA? You’ll find answers to these questions in the coming paragraphs.


Nursing care assistants are allied healthcare professionals. They are not as qualified as registered nurses (RN).


Nursing care assistants are also known as nurse aides. They work alongside or under the supervision of qualified nurses (RNs) and Doctors.


In short, they work in tandem with Doctors and RNs. They usually are part of the nursing teams serving at hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.


Nursing care assistants’ main tasks include-

  • Carry out tasks/instructions given by Doctors or nurses (RNs)
  • Serve meals to patients
  • Take care of patient hygiene (bathing them, cleaning their rooms, groom them etc)
  • Arrange equipment and accessories in patients’ rooms
  • Record patients’ body stats (pulse, weight, blood pressure etc)
  • Administer medications
  • Communicate with patients and their family members
  • Take patients for tests and treatment processes


To thrive in this profession, one must possess qualities and traits like-

  • Genuine caring attitude towards patients
  • Good communication skills
  • Technical known-how
  • Nursing knowledge
  • Stamina and willingness to work for long hours (sometimes at odd timings)
  • Patience


Let us check out the course details now-


Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant: Basic details

It is a paramedical course. CNCA is a certificate course. After completing the course, one won’t become a registered nurse. One will be able to work under nurses and Doctors.


Course duration

Depending upon the institute, course duration could be anywhere between 6 to 12 months. Generally the course is 6 months long.


Eligibility criteria

10th passed (or equivalent) from a recognized board is the minimum educational qualification required.


Admission process

Depending upon the institute, it could be direct admission process of merit based admission process.


Career prospects and job opportunities

Diverse job opportunities exist in front of nursing care assistants. Government and private sector job opportunities are available in front of them.


Nursing care assistants/aides are usually hired by hospitals (Government and private), clinics, nursing homes, CHCs (Community Health Centres) and NGOs. Under such work setups, they function under the supervision and guidance of registered nurses and Doctors.


Nursing care assistants may also serve under home nurses.



Starting salary depends on factors like job location, profile of the employer and employee skills. Depending upon the above mentioned factors, starting salary of nursing care assistants could be anywhere between 5-8K Rupees per month.


If you are interested in better nursing related courses, you may try Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant course or other advanced nursing courses.


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