List of Best Plastic Technology Vocational Courses

Hi! Are you interested in pursuing vocational courses related to Plastic Technology? In this post, we will be dealing with such courses. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best vocational courses related to plastic technology and engineering.

Plastic Technology Vocational Courses

These vocational courses are skill-enhancing in nature. The main aim of these programs is to help students develop useful skills. These skills will help them get employment. Thus, directly or indirectly, these programs help keep rate of unemployment under check! Also check – Top vocational courses & IGNOU diploma courses.


Plastic technology has got decent scope in India. Plastic manufacturing industry is doing pretty well at the moment. R&D sector associated with this domain is also doing pretty well in India.

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In short, this domain generates ample amount of job opportunities each year. Job profiles generated by this sector includes posts such as –

  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • Designer (Product)
  • Technicians
  • Marketer
  • And more…


Vocational programs will help you become capable enough to don the role of technician. Within this role, there are multiple sub-branches.


Let us take a look at the list of courses now. Here they are –


List of Best Plastic Technology Vocational Courses


1 Machine Operator courses

Plastics manufacturing industry employs a wide variety of machinery. Machinery plays a huge role in activities such as processing, manufacturing, recycling, shaping etc.


They need skilled technicians to operate and maintain relevant machine. This is where machine operator technicians come handy! Here are some such courses –

  • Machine Operator (Plastic Processing)
  • Machine Operator (Inject Moulding)
  • Machine Operator (Blow Moulding)
  • Machine Operator (Plastic Extraction)
  • Machine Operator (Film Extraction)
  • Machine Operator (Pipe and Profile Extraction)
  • Machine Operator (Plastics Recycling)
  • Machine Operator (Tool Room)
  • Machine Operator (CNC Lathe)
  • Machine Operator (CNC Mining)


2 Mould Manufacturing courses

How do they give proper shape to a plastic product? How do they manage to shape plastic like a cup? This is done through proper mould design. Mould design is essential for giving shape to the object.


We rely on simple as well as complex machine for mould manufacturing. Here are some relevant courses –

  • Plastics Mould Manufacturing
  • Advanced Plastics Mould Manufacturing


3 Machinery Maintenance courses

Eventually, a machine will get damaged. It will undergo wear and tear. Mechanical failures may develop. In order to repair a machine, one must possess adequate knowledge about its working, parts and maintenance techniques.


Here is a relevant course –

  • Maintenance of Plastics Machinery


4 Other courses

Here are some more relevant vocational courses –

  • Plastic product and mould design
  • Testing and Quality Control (Materials and Products)
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