Certificate in Poultry Farming: Details, Scope & Jobs

In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of Certificate in Poultry Farming course. It is a certificate training course related to the field of poultry farming and management. This article covers topics such as course details, eligibility criteria, syllabus and career prospects.

Poultry farming course

Certificate in Poultry Farming course has been designed to develop skilled poultry farm work force in India. The course has been designed to impart basic poultry farming techniques and poultry management skills to candidates.

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Poultry Farming: An Introduction

Poultry farms have proved to be a boon for folks involved in agriculture. A decent chunk of farming community in India practices poultry farming as secondary business (after agriculture). Apart from them, there are also poultry farmers whose only work/source of revenue is poultry farming.


Not only does poultry farming give farmers monetary benefit, it also doubles up as a source of nutritious food for their families!


Poultry farming is not just about breeding poultry and selling them later for a profit! Poultry farming has got a scientific side to it! It covers aspects like poultry shelter, poultry breeding, poultry nutrition, poultry healthcare and diseases.


In rural and urban India, we can see people involved in poultry farming. It is not uncommon to see many of them doing it without any scientific or poultry-specific knowledge. You may also check – PCB courses after 12th & Bee Keeping course.


If done the right way, poultry farming can turn out to be a profitable business! The best thing about poultry farming is that it doesn’t require high investment (for setting it up) and operational costs.


Let us check out the course details –


Certificate in Poultry Farming Course details

The table provided below will provide you the basic details –


Let us take a closer look at the course details –


Type of course

It is a certification program.



Minimum 6 months. Maximum 2 years.


Eligibility criteria

Candidate must be 8th passed.



Here’s a list of important subjects present in Certificate in Poultry Farming academic program –

  • Introduction to Poultry Farming
  • Poultry Housing and Management
  • Poultry Feeds and Nutrition
  • Poultry Health and Diseases
  • Farm Training


The academic program is a holistic mixture of classroom lectures and on-field training sessions.


Certificate in Poultry Farming scope & jobs

After completing the course, one may find work at poultry farms – small, large, or medium in size. Job roles available in such work setups include- Poultry farm worker, farm supervisor, or farm manager.


Apart from that, one may also start own poultry farm. Applying the knowledge gained through the course, one can turn it into a profitable venture!

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