Best SMM Courses in India: Details, Scope, Institutes & Jobs

Do you want to become a Social Media Marketing (SMM) professional? Do you want to build a career in this promising sector? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best SMM courses available in India!

SMM Courses

How’s this article of help to me, you may ask. Here, you will find everything you need to know about SMM training – what it is, what’s the scope associated with it, which are the popular SMM courses in India, where can I find institutes offering these programs etc. Also check – Android app development course.


This article has got something for everyone. 10th pass students, 12th pass students, Graduates, working professionals – each one of you will find this article to be very useful and informative! Also check – Arts courses after 12th in India.


Let us start off with a little introduction. In the next section, we will check out what SMM is. We will find out basic details about this domain. Here it is –

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Social Media Marketing (SMM): An Introduction

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. As the name suggests, this domain has got something to do with both social media and marketing.


In simple terms, SMM is all about using Social Media channels to market products and services. It also deals with brand creation, management and promotion on Social Media channels! SMM forms an integral part of Digital Marketing.


What is Social Media, you may ask. If you don’t know what social media is, I’d like to ask you a question – Where the hell have you been all this while?


In simple terms, social media means websites, applications and web entities that let users create, share and interact with user generated content. They help people network online!


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus – these are examples of social media platforms. Each social media platform has its unique features and characteristics. Also check – Digital Marketing courses.


For example, Instagram focuses on images and visual content. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform ideal for influencers to get in touch with their followers. Facebook deals with images, text content, videos and messaging services.


Social Media platforms have gained huge popularity in the recent years. With each passing day, hundreds of thousands of new users join these websites!


Thanks to the emergence of social media channels, businesses now have a new playground to ply their trade on! With such a large audience available on Social Media channels, they have new fronts to market their products and services on!


For a brand or business, a social media website is nothing less than a goldmine! For them, it is a place where potential customers spend their time. These potential customers belong to various walks of life, have different interests and belong to different geographic locations.


It makes sense for businesses and brands to promote their products and services on social media websites! It will help them bring their product or service to the attention of potential customers. Also check – SEO courses.


In short, social media is not just used for social networking anymore! It helps businesses grow! But promoting ones products and services on these websites is not an easy task!


This is where the skills and knowledge of a Social Media Marketer comes handy! A skilled SMM professional is knowledgeable about areas such as –

  • Choosing the appropriate social media channel (for a specific campaign)
  • Audience targeting and re-targeting
  • Page creation and management
  • Content generation and marketing
  • Social Media advertising
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Creating and analyzing performance reports
  • Brand promotion
  • Campaign creation and strategizing


Social Media Marketing is not just limited to creating a Facebook page, Instagram profile or Twitter profile and posting stuff online! It involves aspects such as – Choosing the right platform, Campaign creation and strategizing, targeting the right audience (using filters such as – age, region, gender, interests etc), brand promotion etc.


A good SMM training program trains students in the above mentioned areas. The program trains students and turns them into skilled social media marketers.


Is it an ideal choice for me?

Is SMM training ideal for me or not, you may ask. Well, do you want to try a hand at this game? If yes, you may pursue any SMM course!


There’s no particular eligibility criteria associated with it! Anyone with basic knowledge about computers, social media websites and internet can pursue SMM courses!


10th pass, 12th pass, college student, graduate – anyone can enroll for an SMM training program! If you are not interested in a full time program, you may try part time programs or workshops! Oh, let us check out more details about the different types of courses in the next section –


List of Best SMM courses in India

  • Certification in SMM
  • Professional Diploma in SMM
  • Basic SMM Training
  • Advanced SMM practices
  • SMM for beginners
  • Certificate in SEO and SMM

Let us check out the different types of courses first. Here they are –


Types of SMM courses

Here are some of the popular SMM course formats available in India –

  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Advanced Diploma courses
  • Professional certification
  • Workshops


It is not uncommon to see bundled SMM programs, which combine SMM with other allied disciplines. Common combinations are – SMM + SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM + SEM (Search Engine Marketing).


Modes of learning

As I mentioned before, SMM courses are available in a wide variety of learning modes. Popular modes are –

  • Online courses
  • Part time courses
  • Classroom courses
  • Distance learning courses
  • Workshops



The course duration depends upon factors such as –

  • Type of course (format)
  • Learning mode
  • Depth of course (beginner’s, intermediate or advanced)


Depending upon these factors, the course duration could be anywhere between 1-6 months. In-depth programs tend to be longer than beginners’ programs.



Fees too depends upon factors such as –

  • Type of course (format)
  • Learning mode
  • Depth of course (beginner’s, intermediate or advanced)


Depending upon these factors, training fees could be anywhere between 5-30K INR. It is an average figure though! Readers should check the website/brochure of the desired institute to find the exact amount.


SMM Institutes

It is very easy to find small and medium sized institutes offering these programs in major cities as well as towns. There also exists many websites, which offer SMM training programs in India.


Self-learning and free resources

If you don’t want to spend money on SMM training, you may use and rely on free resources available in the internet. You may master the fundamentals through information available online for free. Also check – short term computer courses and computer courses after graduation.


Free resources consist of SMM blogs, tutorials, websites, videos, E-Books and more! After mastering the basics, you may start your own studies, experiments and develop new and effective SMM strategies!


SMM scope & jobs

SMM professionals have multiple job opportunities available in front of them. They have access to private sector jobs as well as self-employment.


Some of the notable recruiters are –

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Online Brand Management Firms
  • Advertisement Agencies
  • E-Commerce Firms
  • Digital Media Firms
  • MNCs (Digital Marketing Wing)
  • Consultancies


If you are an entrepreneur at heart, you may start your own digital marketing agency or consultancy. You may also choose to freelance.

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