Steward Training Course: Details, Scope & Jobs

Have you passed 10th standard? Are you looking for a short-term vocational training program related to food and beverages sector? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of Steward training course.

Steward Training

As I mentioned before, it is a vocational training program. The main aim of this course is to develop relevant skills in candidates. Also check – Maritime catering course.


Duration, eligibility, scope, training centers, fees, admission and career prospects – I’ve covered each and everything in this post. In short, you will find all the important details about this training program here. Also check – Hotel management programs.


This training program falls under trades such as – travel & tourism, hospitality, food and beverages management etc. If you are looking for a short-term training program right after 10th, you may consider pursuing steward training course.

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In India, this training program is available in different formats and difficulty levels. For example – many private institutes are known to offer an informal training variant of this program. On the other hand, Government schemes, skill development initiatives and programs offer this course under domain skilling format, certification format and skill development format.


Some hospitality firms are also known to provide hands-on training to candidates in steward training. Later, they go on to hire deserving candidates after training.


What is steward training all about? What is it like to become a steward? Will I get a good job after completing this training program? You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Let us start –


Steward Training Program: Basic Details

In simple terms, a steward is a person responsible for supplies of food to an establishment, institute or place. Stewards are hired to work at different types of setups and establishments. For example, one can find stewards in action at places such as – hotels, cruise ships, trains, aircraft, resorts, clubs, colleges, schools etc. They are also hired to manage food supply at exhibitions, events and special functions.


In order to thrive in this profession, one must possess qualities such as –

  • Pleasant personality
  • Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to deal with different types of people (age group, social status etc)


In the places/establishments mentioned above, a steward is supposed to perform tasks such as –

  • Serving food and beverages
  • Greeting customers
  • Taking orders from customers
  • Customer service
  • Clean tables and counters
  • Communicate with colleagues (chef, manager etc)
  • Inter-department coordination
  • Maintain personal hygiene and work safety


Steward training program covers the above mentioned areas. The program will train you in different areas of hospitality management, customer service management and food and beverages management.


After completing this program, you will be able to find an entry level job in hospitality/travel and tourism sector. Hotels, resorts, clubs, travel firms, tourism firms – they are known to hire young and skilled stewards.


Let us take a closer look at the course details. In the next section, you will find details such as – duration, fees, eligibility and more.


Steward Training Course Details


Type of course

It is a certification program.



Since it is an informal certification program, eligibility criteria may vary from one institute to another. It could be 10th or 8th pass. Eligibility criteria depends upon factors such as – type of college and difficulty level of the course.



Training period may vary from one institute to another. It could be anywhere between 3-6 months.



Fees may vary from one institute to another. It depends upon factors such as – type of training program, course content, difficulty level, type of institute etc. Fees could be anywhere between 2 – 5K INR.



Here are some of the important subjects present in the curriculum –

  • Food and beverages management
  • Customer service
  • Communication skills
  • Work safety
  • Personal hygiene


Steward scope & jobs

After completing this course, you will be able to find work in sectors such as – travel and tourism, hospitality, event management etc. Hotels, clubs, resorts, event management firms, travel firms, tourism firms, hospitality firms, MNCs – they are known to hire stewards.

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