Certificate in X-Ray Technician: Details, Scope, Jobs & Salary

Do you want to become an X-Ray technician right after completing 10th standard? If yes, this article will be of help to you. In this article, details about X-Ray technician certificate course have been provided. Article covers topics like course details, duration, eligibility criteria, admission process, syllabus and career prospects.

X-Ray Technician course (certificate)

Here is a quick overview of Certificate in X-Ray Technician course –

Name of the course Certificate in X-Ray Technician
Duration 6-12 months
Type of course Certificate (Paramedical)
Field Medical imaging technician
Fees Around 25-50K INR

First of all, let me point it out to you that the course discussed in this article is ‘Certificate’ course. It is not Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma course. If you are interested in relevant Diploma course, try Diploma in Radiography Technology.

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Certificate course is shorter that its Diploma counterpart, when it comes to course duration. While Diploma course lasts for 2-3 years, certificate course is just 1 year long.


This course is not as valued as its Diploma counterpart. But this certification is enough to help you land an entry level job at diagnostic labs and radiography centres.


In short, this course is suitable for those, who want to finish training quickly and land a job soon after it. X-Ray technician medical certificate course will help you get a job pretty fast. But it will be an entry level job.


X-Ray Technician: Basic details

Most of us are familiar with the X-Ray equipment. An X-Ray equipment is used to scan and generate medical images of the interior parts of the human body. For example, after suffering from a nasty fall, a Doctor may suggest you to take an X-Ray report. The report is used to check whether the bones have suffered any sort of damage or not. Using the X-Ray equipment, your medical image is generated. The Doctor then analyzes the image and reaches a conclusion.

In other words, X-Ray is used to generate medical images, which are then used to determine the course of treatment. X-Ray technicians are support staff who manage and operate X-Ray equipment at hospitals and medical imaging centers. They work under the supervision of qualified Radiologists.

X-Ray technicians are knowledgeable about areas such as – handling X-Ray equipment, part of the equipment, X-Ray process, patient preparation, radiation safety and hazards and more.


Come, let us check out the course details now-


Certificate in X-Ray Technician: Course details

Nature of course: It is a medical certificate course. On course completion, one will get certificate from the institute. It is a job oriented medical certificate course and helps acquire key X-Ray technology skills.



Duration: Typical certificate course lasts for a period of 6-12 months.


Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria: 10th passed from a recognized board is the minimum qualification required. Please note that most reputed paramedical institutes allow admission for only 12th passed candidates. Only few institutes allow 10th passed candidates to pursue this course right after completing 10th. So if you come across such an institute, please check its credibility and accreditation status thoroughly.


Admission process

Admission process: Depending upon the institute, it could be direct admission process of merit based admission process. Most institutes follow direct admission process.


Certificate in X-Ray Technician syllabus

Here are some of the important subjects present in the curriculum –

  • Human anatomy & physiology
  • Diagnostic services
  • Basics of medical imaging technology
  • X-Ray equipment
  • Medical terminology
  • Patient preparation
  • Communication skills
  • Radiation safety & hazards
  • First aid
  • Radiation hazards
  • X-Ray films
  • X-Ray positioning
  • Processing tank
  • Medical ethics
  • Computer applications


X Ray Technician scope & jobs

Since this is a certificate course, it won’t guarantee you supervisor level jobs. After completion of the course, one may land entry level technician’s post at diagnostic labs, radiography centres and hospitals or clinics having medical imaging labs within them.


X-Ray technician’s tasks include operating the X-Ray machine, guiding the patients (posture and procedures) and following the instructions of the lab supervisor or manager.


In short, technicians may work at hospitals (Government or private), clinics and medical imaging labs.



Starting salary of an X-Ray technician depends on factors like job location, profile of the employer and his/her skills. Depending upon the above mentioned factors, a technician could earn anywhere between 6-10k Rupees per month (at start).


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If you are looking for a short, job oriented medical certificate course, X-Ray technician certificate course will suit you! If you want to go for an advanced course, and have time in your hand, then go for Diploma in Radiography or other relevant Lab Technician Diploma course.

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