Top-Rated CertHE Courses in UK

Are you searching for the list of best CertHE programs in UK? Do you want to pursue a job-oriented CertHE program? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best CertHE courses available in UK.

Best CertHE courses in UK

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of top CertHE courses in UK, names of colleges/universities/institutes offering these CertHE programs, duration of the program, mode of learning and more.

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After going through this post, readers will be able to find an ideal CertHE course. Come, let us check out the list of best CertHE programs now. Here it is –


List of best CertHE courses in UK

Name of the university/college/instituteName of the CertHE courseDurationMode of learning

Anglia Ruskin University

Construction Quantity Surveying Technician Apprenticeship2 yearsBlended learning (part-time)
Construction Site Supervisor Apprenticeship2 yearsPart-time

Birkbeck, University of London

Counselling and Counselling Skills1 yearPart-time
Geology2 yearsPart-time
Life Sciences for Subjects Allied to Medicine1 yearPart-time
Linguistics and Language (French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish)2 yearsPart-time
Mathematics2 yearsPart-time
Planetary Science with Astronomy2 yearsPart-time
Psychodynamic Counselling2 yearsPart-time

Blackburn College

Accounting (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Children, Young People and Families Practitioners1 yearFull-time
Criminology & Criminal Justice (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Early Childhood Studies (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Working with Children and Young People (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time

Blackpool and the Fylde College

Children, Young People and Families1 yearFull-time
Computer Science and Digital Technologies1 yearFull-time
Criminology and Criminal Justice1 yearFull-time
Early Childhood Studies1 yearFull-time

Bridgend College

Cert HE Community Health & Wellbeing1 yearFull-time

Chesterfield College

Professional Practice in Health and Social Care1 yearFull-time

City, University of London

Introduction to Health Sciences1 yearFull-time

Cliff College

Theology and Mission1 yearFull-time
Theology and Mission2 yearsDistance learning (part-time)
Theology and Mission (Children, Youth and Family Ministry)1 yearDistance learning (full-time)
Theology and Mission (Children, Youth and Family Ministry)1 yearFull-time
Theology and Mission (Ministry Among Older People)1 yearDistance learning (full-time)
Theology and Mission (Ministry Among Older People)1 yearFull-time

Cornwall College

Animal Behaviour and Welfare1 yearFull-time
Certificate in Advanced Counselling Studies1 yearFull-time
Marine Biology with Oceanography1 yearFull-time

Croydon University Centre

Public Health & Social Care1 yearFull-time

DN Colleges Group

Health & Social Care1 yearFull-time
Professional Practice in Health and Social Care1 yearFull-time

Falmouth University

Acting & Theatre Making1 yearFull-time
Creative Music Technology1 yearFull-time
Popular Music1 yearFull-time

Glasgow School of Art

International Foundation (Art and Design)1 yearFull-time

Grwp Llandrillo Menai

Civil Engineering2 yearsPart-time
Construction2 yearsPart-time
Counselling2 yearsPart-time
Healthcare Practice1 yearFull-time

Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

Creative Music Production1 yearFull-time
Creative Musicianship1 yearFull-time
Creative Musicianship  – Bass1 yearFull-time
Creative Musicianship – Drums1 yearFull-time
Creative Musicianship – Guitar1 yearFull-time
Creative Musicianship – Keys1 yearFull-time
Creative Musicianship – Other Instruments1 yearFull-time
Creative Musicianship – Vocals1 yearFull-time
Digital Marketing and Music Management1 yearFull-time
Live Event Management1 yearFull-time
Music Business and Entrepreneurship1 yearFull-time
Music Production for Film, TV and Games1 yearFull-time
Popular Music Performance1 yearFull-time
Popular Music Performance – Bass1 yearFull-time
Popular Music Performance – Drums1 yearFull-time
Popular Music Performance – Guitar1 yearFull-time
Popular Music Performance – Keys1 yearFull-time
Popular Music Performance – Vocals1 yearFull-time

Islamic College for Advanced Studies

Qur’anic Arabic1 yearFull-time


Commercial Music (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Commercial Music (Cert HE) PT2 yearsPart-time
Entertainment Business and Technology (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Entertainment Business and Technology (Cert HE) PT2 yearsPart-time

Lincoln College

Complementary Studies (Herbalism)1 yearFull-time
Digital Learning Design1 yearFull-time

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Foundation Acting (Musical Theatre)1 yearFull-time
Foundation Acting (Stage & Screen)1 yearFull-time

London South Bank University

Accounting and Finance1 yearFull-time

Middlesbrough College

Health, Wellbeing and Social Care1 yearFull-time

Nazarene Theological College

Theology1 yearFull-time

Nelson and Colne College Group

Professional Healthcare Management1 yearFull-time
Sport Coaching and Performance1 yearFull-time


Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) (FE and Skills Sector)2 yearsPart-time

Newcastle College University Centre

Counselling Skills and Therapeutic Communication1 yearFull-time
Dance1 yearFull-time
Healthcare Practice1 yearFull-time
Musical Theatre1 yearFull-time

NPTC Group

Care Practices1 yearFull-time
Substance Misuse1 yearFull-time
Wellbeing and Health in the Community (Adult & Youth)1 yearFull-time

Open University

Business Management and Spanish (T45-SPA)2 yearsDistance learning
Childhood and Youth Studies (T43)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Children and Families (T24)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Computing & IT and Business (T13-CITB)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Computing & IT and Design (T13-CITD)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Computing & IT and Statistics (T13-CITS)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Computing and Engineering2 yearsDistance learning
Computing and IT (T12)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Computing and IT and Mathematics (T13-CITM)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Computing and IT and Psychology (T13-CITP)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Data Analysis (T42)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Design and Innovation (T37)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Early Childhood (T26)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Economics and Personal Finance (T36)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Education Studies (Primary) (T29)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Engineering2 yearsDistance learning
English Language (T44)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Environment (T16)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Health Sciences (T18)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Health, Wellbeing and Social Care (T52)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Healthcare Practice (T01)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Healthcare with Health Science (T28)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Language Studies (T21)1 to 3 yearsDistance learning
Law (T49)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Law and French (T46-FR)2 yearsDistance learning
Law and German (T46-GER)2 yearsDistance learning
Law and Languages (T46)2 yearsDistance learning
Law and Spanish (T46-SPA)2 yearsDistance learning
Mathematical Sciences (T14)1 to 3 yearsDistance learning
Natural Sciences (T11)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Open (Combined Studies) (T09)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Psychology (T22)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning
Sport, Fitness and Management (T05)1 to 2 yearsDistance learning

Point Blank Music School

Music Production & DJ Performance (1 Year)1 yearFull-time
Music Production & Sound Engineering (1 Year)1 yearFull-time
Music Production & Sound Engineering (Online)1 yearDistance learning (full-time)
Music Production and Vocal Performance (1 Year)1 yearFull-time
Radio, Audio and Podcasting (1 Year)1 yearFull-time

Royal Academy of Dance

Dance Education (Distance Learning)1 yearDistance learning (full-time)

Teesside University, Middlesbrough

Animation (London)1 yearFull-time
Computer Science (London)1 yearFull-time
Data Science (London)1 yearFull-time
Dental Nurse Practice1 yearFull-time
Games Art (London)1 yearFull-time
Games Design (London)1 yearFull-time
Games Development (London)1 yearFull-time
Games Programming (London)1 yearFull-time
Health and Social Care1 yearFull-time
Health Sciences1 yearFull-time
Health Sciences (with Foundation Year)2 yearsFull-time
Information and Cyber Security (London)1 yearFull-time
International Business (London)1 yearFull-time
Visual Effects (London)1 yearFull-time

The Engineering & Design Institute London

Global Design Engineering1 yearFull-time


Football Coaching and Management1 yearFull-time

University Academy 92 (UA92)

Accounting1 yearFull-time
Accounting and Business Management (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Cyber Security (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Digital Marketing (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Exercise Studies (Cert HE)1 yearFull-time
Sports Coaching1 yearFull-time
Sports Development1 yearFull-time
Sports Journalism1 yearFull-time
Sports Management1 yearFull-time
Sports Media and Communications1 yearFull-time
Sports Performance1 yearFull-time

University Centre Bishop Burton

Applied Canine Behaviour and Training18 monthsDistance learning (with some attendance)

University Centre South Devon – South Devon College

Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management1.5 yearsPart-time

University of Aberdeen

Gateway to Medicine (G2M)1 yearFull-time

University of Bedfordshire

Children, Young People and Families Practitioner1 yearFull-time
Construction Design1 yearFull-time
Construction Site Management1 yearFull-time
Musical Theatre Performance (Emil Dale Academy)1 yearFull-time

University of Cambridge

Foundation Year in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences1 yearFull-time

University of East London

Music Performance and Production (UD Music)1 yearFull-time
Music Technology and Production (UD Music)1 yearFull-time
Surveying and Mapping Sciences1 yearFull-time

University of Essex

Health and Social Care1 yearFull-time

University of Gloucestershire

Data Science (HTQ)1 yearFull-time
Health and Social Care1 yearFull-time
Working with Children, Young People and Families1 yearFull-time

University of Greenwich

CertHE Construction Design and Build Technician1 yearFull-time
CertHE Construction Site Supervisor1 yearFull-time

University of Lincoln

General Engineering1 yearFull-time

University of Northampton

Leather Technology1 yearFull-time

University of Portsmouth

Dental Nursing1 yearFull-time
Professional Studies (Distance Learning)2 yearsPart-time

University of South Wales

Childhood Development1 yearFull-time
Community Health and Wellbeing1 yearFull-time
English and Creative Writing1 yearFull-time
Football Coaching and Performance1 yearFull-time
History1 yearFull-time
Legal Studies1 yearFull-time
Psychology1 yearFull-time
Psychology with Counselling1 yearFull-time
Psychology with Criminology & Criminal Justice1 yearFull-time
Psychology with Developmental Disorders1 yearFull-time
Rugby Coaching and Performance1 yearFull-time
Sport and Exercise Science1 yearFull-time
Sports Coaching and Development1 yearFull-time
Strength and Conditioning1 yearFull-time

University of Suffolk

Creative Arts for Health and Wellbeing1 yearFull-time

University of the Arts London

Preparation for Design, Media and Screen1 yearFull-time
Preparation for Design, Media and Screen (Online)1 yearDistance learning (full-time)

University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)

An Cursa Comais (Intensive Gaelic – Intermediate)1 yearFull-time
Gaelic and Communication1 yearFull-time

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Addysg a Gofal Blynyddoedd Cynnar1 yearFull-time
Addysg a Gofal Blynyddoedd Cynnar: Statws Ymarferydd Blynyddoedd Cynnar1 yearFull-time
Applied Psychology1 yearFull-time
Care1 yearFull-time
Celtic Studies and Medieval Studies2 yearsDistance learning (part-time)
Creative Music Technology (Swansea College of Art)1 yearFull-time
Developing Sustainable Enterprises (Community Sport)1 yearFull-time
Developing Sustainable Enterprises (Rural)1 yearFull-time
Digital Skills1 yearFull-time
Early Years Education and Care1 yearFull-time
Early Years Education and Care: Early Years Practitioner Status1 yearFull-time
Events and International Festivals Management1 yearFull-time
Film & TV (Swansea College of Art)1 yearFull-time
Global Tourism and Events Management1 yearBlended learning (full-time)
Health & Social Care1 yearFull-time
Health and Care Management1 yearBlended learning (full-time)
Health and Care of Children and Young People1 yearBlended learning (full-time)
Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle1 yearFull-time
Hospitality and Hotel Management1 yearBlended learning (full-time)
International Gastronomy Management1 yearBlended learning (full-time)
Law and Legal Practice1 yearFull-time
Nursing Studies and Health1 yearFull-time
Nursing Studies and Professional Healthcare1 yearFull-time
Personal Training and Sport Massage1 yearFull-time
Physical Education1 yearFull-time
Policing Profession1 yearBlended learning (full-time)
Policing Profession1 yearFull-time
Professional Skills for Construction1 yearFull-time
Psychology1 yearFull-time
Psychology and Counselling1 yearFull-time
Psychology and Criminology1 yearFull-time
Sport and Exercise Science1 yearFull-time
Travel, Tourism and Leisure Management1 yearFull-time

University of West London

Popular Music and Worship (Nexus ICA)1 yearFull-time

University of Worcester

Health & Social Care1 yearFull-time
NCT Perinatal Education and Practice1 yearFull-time

Writtle University College

Agriculture (level 4)1 yearFull-time
Animal Studies (level 4)1 yearFull-time
Canine Studies1 yearFull-time
Equine Studies1 yearFull-time
Horticulture1 yearFull-time
Sports Studies1 yearFull-time
Sustainable Food Production (Fresh Produce)1 yearFull-time
Urban Horticulture1 yearFull-time


What is a CertHE program?

CertHE stands for Certification of Higher Education. In simple terms, it is a higher education qualification that is equivalent to the first level of a Bachelor’s Degree. In other words, CertHE qualification is equivalent to the first-year education of a Bachelor’s Degree program. Certificate of Higher Education qualification is equivalent to 120 credits at Level 4.


Why pursue a CertHE course/qualification?

By completing Certificate of Higher Education course, a candidate will be able to earn 120 credits at Level 4. In other words, he/she will earn a qualification that is equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor’s Degree.


After completing CertHE course, a candidate may progress onto the rest of the Bachelor’s Degree program. Generally speaking, you don’t need to have prior work-experience or GCSEs to secure admission into a CertHE program.


So, candidates who don’t have GCSEs or prior work-experience may complete a CertHE program and seamlessly move onto a relevant Bachelor’s Degree program after completing the CertHE course!

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