List of Best D.El.Ed. Colleges in Bihar

Do you want to become a teacher? Are you going to apply for D.El.Ed. admission in Bihar this year? Are you searching for the list of best D.El.Ed. colleges in Bihar? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top D.El.Ed. colleges in Bihar, India.

D El Ed colleges Bihar

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of D.El.Ed. colleges in Bihar, number of seats available for admission, type of the teacher training college, affiliation details and more. You may also check – Courses after 12th commerce in India. For jobs, please check – government jobs after 10th in Bihar & government jobs after 12th in Bihar.

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Let us check out the list of D.El.Ed. colleges in Bihar now. Here it is –


List of D.El.Ed. colleges in Bihar

Sr NoName of the D.El.Ed. CollegeAddressType of collegeNumber of seats availableAffiliated to
1B.N.R. Training CollegeGulzarbagh, Patna, Plot No.-401, 3, 4, 5, Vill/Town/City-Patna, PO-Gulzarbagh, Tehsil/Taluka-Patna, Dist.-Patna, Bihar-800007GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
2Block Institute of Education and TrainingPlot No.-2131, Vill-Madhopatti, Po-Pindaruch, Tehsil/Taluka-Keoti, Town/City-Darbhanga, Dist-Darbhanga, Bihar-847306 (Formerly, Primary Teachers Education College, Madhopatti, Plot No. 2131, Vill.-Madhopatti, Po.-Pindaruchha, Tehsil/Taluka-Keoti, Town/CiGOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
3District Institute of Eduation and Training (DIET), MuzaffarpurPlot no.-602, Street no.-Ramna, Vill/Po-Rambag, Tehsil/Taluka-Mushahari, Town/City/Dist- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842002 (Formerly: Women Primary Teachers Training College, Rambagh, Muzaffarpur, Plot No. 602, Vill- Rambagh, Po- Ramana, Tehsil/Taluka- MushahariGOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
4District Institute of Educaiton and Training (DIET), SheikhpuraPlot no.-217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, Vill/Po-Sheikhpura, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City- Sheikhpura, Dist-Sheikhpura, Bihar-811105 [Formerly: Primary Teacher Education College, Sheikhpura, Plot No – 217 to 225, Street No. – S Road, Vill – Makdumpur, Po/City-SGOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
5District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), BhojpurPirouta, Plot No.- 82, 83, 451, 452, Vill/Po-Pirouta, Tehsil/Taluka- Ara, Town/City-Ara, Dist -Bhojpur, Bihar-802301 (Formerly: Primary Teachers Education College-cum-District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Pirouta, Bhojpur, Bihar– 802301)GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
6District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), AurangabadTarar, Plot no-631, 632, 634, 635, 636, Vill-Tarar, Po-Bhakharuamore Daudnagar, Tehsil/Taluka-Daudnagar, Town/City-Daudnagar, Dist-Aurangabad, Bihar-824113GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
7District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), BankaPlot/Khasra No. 94, 95, 96, 97, 107, 201, 370, 1163, Vill- Babutola, Po -Banka, Tehsil/Taluka- Ward No.8, Town/City- Banka, Dist- Banka, Bihar- 813102 [Formerly: Primary Teachers Training College, Banka]GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
8District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), BegusaraiShahpur, Plot No.- 482, 483, 74, At/Po-Shahpur, Dist.-Begusarai, Bihar-851129 (Formerly: Primary Teachers Education College cum DIET, Plot No.-482, 483, 574, 575, 576, 1209, 1214, Vill/Po-Shahpur, Tehsil/Taluka-Shahpur, City/Dist.-Begusarai, Bihar-851129GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
9District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), BhagalpurPlot No.-664, 653, Street No. 10, Vill-Bari Khanjarpur, Po-Bhagalpur GPO, Tehsil/Taluka-Jagdishpur, Town/City-Bhagalpur, Dist-Bhagalpur, Bihar-812001GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
10District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Buxar (formerly Women’s Primary Teachers Education)Dumraon, Plot No. 691, 692, 694-700, Vill/Po.-Dumraon, Tehsil/Taluka-Dumraon, Town/City- Dumraon, Dist.-Buxar, Bihar-802119 [Formerly: Womens Primary Teachers Training College, Buxar]GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
11District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), DarbhangaPlot No.-21369, Street No.-Neem Chowk, Vill-Quilaghat, PO-Lal Bagh, Tehsil/Taluka-Darbhanga Sadar, Town/City-Darbhanga, Dist-Darbhanga, Bihar-846004 [Formerly: Govt. Mahila Primary Teachers Training College, Quilaghat, Darbhanga]GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
12District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), GayaPlot No.-923/924, Street No.-Panchatiya, Vill.-Panchatiya Akhara, Po.-Gaya, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City-Gaya, Dist.-Gaya, Bihar-823001GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
13District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), KhagariaPlot no.-299, 301, 302, 305, 310, 312, Vill-Ramganj, Po-Sonsarpur, Tehsil/Taluka-Khargaria, Town/City-Khagaria, Dist-Khagaria, Bihar-851214 [Formerly: Primary Teachers Education College, Plot No. 310, 301, 305, 312, 302, 299, Vill/Street- Ramganj, Po-SanGOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
14District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), KishanganjPlot No.-793, 790, 821, 789, Street No.-Dey Market, Vill-Chakla, PO/Town/City-Kishanganj, Tehsil/Taluka-Kishanganj, Dist-Kishanganj, Bihar-855107 (Formerly: Primary Teacher Education College, Kishanganj, National School Campus, P.O./Dist. Kishanganj, Bihar-855107)GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
15District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), LakhisaraiPlot No.-62, Street No.-Rahua Road, Vill-Koria, Lakhisarai, PO-Lakhisarai, Tehsil/Taluka-Lakhisarai, Town/City-Lakhisarai, Dist-Lakhisarai, Bihar-811311 (Formerly: Womens Teachers’ Training College, Lakhisarai, Vill./Po/City- Lakhisarai, Dist. LakhisaraiGOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
16District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), MadhepuraPlot no.-Ward 20, Street no.-Azad Nagar, Villl/Po-Madhepura, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City-Madhepura, Dist-Madhepura, Bihar-852113GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
17District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), MadhepuraPlot no.-Ward 20, Street no.-Azad Nagar, Villl/Po-Madhepura, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City-Madhepura, Dist-Madhepura, Bihar-852113GOVERNMENT200Bihar School Examination Board
18District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), MadhubaniNarar, Plot No.-2066, Street No.-Near Durga, Vill-Narar, PO-Narar, Tehsil/Taluka-Kaluahi, Town/City-Madhubani, Dist-Madhubani, Bihar-847226 (Formerly, Primary Teachers Education College, Narar, Madhubani, Bihar –847226)GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
19District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), MotihariPlot No.-1178-1179, Street No.-Near Bus S, Vill-Chhatauni, PO-Motihari, Tehsil/Taluka-Motihari, Town/City-Motihari, Dist-Purba Champaran, Bihar-845401 (Women’s Primary Teachers Education College, Chhatauni, Motihari, East Champaran, Bihar)GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
20District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), MungerPlot No – 374, Street No. – 4, Vill – Purabsarai, PO/City – Munger, Tehsil/Taluka – Sadar Munger, Dist – Munger, Bihar – 811201GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
21District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), NawadaPlot NO.-463, Street No.-Main Road, Vill/PO-Nawada, Tehsil/Taluka-Nawada, Town/City-Nawada, Dist-Nawada, Bihar-805110GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
22District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), NoorsaraiPlot No.-33, 41, 52, 63, 66, 98, 116, 127, 130, Vill/Po-Noorsarai, Tehsil/Taluka-Noorsarai, Town/City-Biharsharif, Dist.-Nalanda, Bihar-803113GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
23District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Paschim ChamparanPlot no.-4379, 4333, Street no.-15, Vill-Kumarbagh, Po-Chuhari, Tehsil/Taluka- Bettiah, Town/City-Bettiah, Dist-Paschim Champaran, Bihar-845450 [Formerly: Women Primary Teachers Education College (DIET)]GOVERNMENT100Bihar School Examination Board
24District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), PatnaBikaram, Plot no-1040, 1950, 1955, 1851, 1923, 1931, Vill/Po-Bikram, Tehsil/Taluka-Bikram, Town/City-Patna, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-801104GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
25District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), PurniaShree Nagar, Plot No.-3684/Part, Street No. Shree Nagar, Vill/Po.- Shree Nagar, Tehsil/Taluka- Shree Nagar, Town/City- Purnia, Dist- Purnia, Bihar – 854301GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
26District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), SamastipurPusa, Plot No.-1413, Street No.- Pusa, Vill/Po-Pusa, Tehsil/Taluka-Samastipur, Town/City-Samastipur, Dist-Samastipur, Bihar-848125 [Formerly, Primary Teachers Education College, Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar]GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
27District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), SaranSonpur, Plot No.-95, 79, 14, Street No.-5, Vill/Po/Town/City-Sonpur, Tehsil/Taluka-Sonpur, Dist-Saran, Bihar-841101 (Formerly, Primary Teachers Education College, Sonepur, Saran, Bihar)GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
28District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), SheoharPlot No.-2000/3370, Vill/PO-Sheohar, Tehsil/Taluka-Sheohar, Town/City-Sheohar, Dist-Sheohar, Bihar-843329 [Formerly: Primary Teachers’ Education College, Sheohar, Plot No. 2000, Street No. Sheohar, Vill/Po.- Sheohar, Tehsil/Taluka – Sheohar, Town/City –Sheohar, Dist. – Sheohar, Bihar –843329]GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
29District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), SitamarhiDumra, Plot No.-1018, Street No.-Ward No. 8, Vill/Po-Dumra, Tehsil/Taluka-Dumra, City/Dist.-Sitamarhi, Bihar-843301GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
30District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), SiwanPlot No.-85, 128, 250, Vill-Mahadewa, Po-Siwan, Tehsil/Taluka-Pachrukhi, Town/City-Siwan, Dist.-Siwan, Bihar-841226GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
31District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), ThawePlot No.-118, Vill-Bedu Tola, Po-Thawe, Tehsil/Taluka-Thawe, Town/City-Gopalganj, Dist-Gopaiganj, Bihar-841440 [Formerly: Women’s Primary Teachers Training College, Thaway, Gopalganj, Bihar – 841440]GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
32District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), TikapattiPlot No.-260, 298, 1991, 1591, 1592, 1595, Vill/PO/Town/City-Tikapatti, Tehsil/Taluka -Tikapatti, Dist-Katihar, Bihar-854101 (Formerly: Primary Teacher Education College, Tikapatti, Plot No.-260, 298, 1991, 1591, 1592, 1595, Vill/Po.-Tikapatti, Tehsi/TalGOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
33District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), VaishaliVill-Dighi, PO-Dighi Kalan, Tehsil/Taluka-Hajipur, Town/City-Hajipur, Dist-Vaishali, Bihar-844102 (Formerly: Women’s Primary Teachers Training College, Dighi, Dighi Kalan, Vaishali, Bihar)GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
34District Institute of Education and Training-cum-Primary Teachers Education College, SasaramPlot No.-129 & 130, Street/Road-Beside G.T. Road, Vill-Fazalganj, Po.-Sasaram, Tehsil/Taluka-Sasaram, Town/City-Sasaram, Dist.-Rohtas, Bihar-821115GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
35Mahila Primary Teachers Training College, Forbesganj, ArariaPlot No.-98, Ward No. 20, Vill/Po-Forbesganj, Tehsil/Taluka- Forbesganj, Dist.-Araria, Bihar-854318GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
36Mahila Primary Teachers Training College, Musapur, KatiharPlot No.1240, 939-943, Vill/Po-Musapur, Tehsil/Taluka/City- Musapur, Distt.-Katihar, Bihar-854108GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
37Primary Teacher Education College, Balmiki NagarPlot No. 577, Vill/Po/City- Balmiki Nagar, Tehsil/Taluka- Balmiki Nagar, Dist.-Paschim Camparan, Bihar-845438GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
38Primary Teacher Education College, ChandawaraPlot No-759, Ward No. 11, Vill-Chandwara, Po-Ramna, Tehsil/Taluka-Mushahri, Town/City-Muzaffarpur, Dist-Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842001 (Formerly: Women Primary Teachers Education College, Chandwara, Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842001)GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
39Primary Teacher Education College, DarwanPlot No-1071 to 1078, Vill.-Darwan, Post-Mohania, Tehsil/Taluka- Mohania, Town/City-Mohania, Dist-Kaimur, Bihar-821109GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
40Primary Teacher Education College, Haweli KharagpurPlot No. 61, Street No. Kharagpur, Vill/Po- Haweli Kharagpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Hawweli Kharagpur, Town/City- Munger, Dist. Munger, Bihar-811213GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
41Primary Teacher Education College, MokamaPlot No.-312, 230, St. No.-Main Road, Vill-Lakhanchand, PO-Mokama Ghat, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City-Mokoma, Dist.-Patna, Bihar-803302 (Formerly: Sri B.P. Singh Mahila Prathmik Shikshak Mahavidyalaya, Lakhanchand, Mokomaghat, Patna, Bihar-803303)GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
42Primary Teacher Education College, PhulwariaPlot No.-373, Vill-Phulwaria, PO-Baijani, Tehsil/Taluka-Jagdishpur, Town/City-Bhagalpur, Dist-Bhagalpur, Bihar-812005GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
43Primary Teacher Education College, PhulwariaPlot No.-373, Vill-Phulwaria, PO-Baijani, Tehsil/Taluka-Jagdishpur, Town/City-Bhagalpur, Dist-Bhagalpur, Bihar-812005GOVERNMENT150Bihar School Examination Board
44Primary Teacher Education College, Rampur Jalalpur, SamastipurPlot No.-4228, 4237, 5861, 6778, 7412, Street No.-Ward 10, Vill/Po-Rampur Jalalpur, City-Dalsingsarai, Tehsil/Taluka-Dalsingsarai, Dist.-Samastipur, Bihar-848114GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
45Primary Teacher Education College, Sahpur PatoriPlot No.- 700, Street No.- Patori, Vill/Po/Town/City – Sahpur Patori, Tehsil/Taluka – Sahpur Patori, Dist – Samastipur, Bihar – 848504GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
46Primary Teacher Education College, SiwanPlot No – 18, Street No – Mahadeva, Vill – Mahadeva Mission Compound, PO – Siwan, Tehsil/Taluka – Pachrukhi, Town/City – Siwan, Dist – Siwan, Bihar -841226GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
47Primary Teachers Education College (PTEC), Masaurhi, PatnaPlot No.-855, 858, Vill/Po.-Masaurhi, Tehsil/Town-Masaurhi, Dist.-Patna, Bihar-804452GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
48Primary Teachers Education College, Bangra, SaranPlot No.-199, Street No.-04, Vill/Po-G.S. Bangra, Tehsil/Taluka-Jalalpur, Town/City-Chhapra, Dist-Saran, Bihar-841412GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
49Primary Teachers Education College, BarhPlot No.-63, Street No.- NH-31, Vill/Po-Barh, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City-Barh, Dist-Patna, Bihar-803213GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
50Primary Teachers Education College, Bihiya, BhojpurPlot No. 649, 650, 651, 189, Vill- Bihiya, Po. – Bihiya, Tehsil/Taluka – Bihiya, Town/City- Ara, Dist. – Bhojpur, Bihar – 802152GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
51Primary Teachers Education College, Dariyapur, East ChamparanPlot No-2261, Vill/Po-Dariyapur, Tehsil/Taluka-Areraj, Town/City-Motihari, Dist.-Purba Champaran, Bihar-845417GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
52Primary Teachers Education College, Mahendru, PatnaPlot No.-435, 472, 473, Vill/PO-Mahendru, Tehsil/Taluka-Patna Sadar, Town/City-Patna, Dist.-Patna, Bihar-800006GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
53Primary Teachers Education College, NagarparaPlot No. 296-297, 1497-1498, 2822-2830, Vill/Po- Nagarpara, Tehsil/ Taluka-Navagachiya, City/Dist-Bhagalpur, Bihar-853203GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
54Primary Teachers Education College, Patahi, MuzaffarpurPlot No.-871, 1988, 2131, 3339, 3540, 3731, Street No.-Patahi, Vill/Po-Patahi, Tehsil/Taluka-Mushari, Town/City-Muzaffarpur, Dist.-Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843113GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
55Primary Teachers Education College, PokhrairaPlot No.-678, Street No.-NH 105, Vill-Pokhraira, PO-Giddha, Tehsil/Taluka – Saraiya, Town/City-Muzaffarpur, Dist-Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843106GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
56Primary Teachers Education College, Surhattha, VaishaliPlot No.-1038, 198, Street No.-Block Road, Vill-Surhattha, PO-Anirudh Belsar, Tehsil/Taluka-Paterhi Belsar, Town/City-Hajipur, Dist-Vaishali, Bihar-844111GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
57Primary Teachers Training College, AurangabadPlot No.-811, 1601, 1600, 1590 etc, Vill.-Shahpur, Po.-Aurangabad, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City-Aurangabad, Bihar-824101GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
58Primary Teachers Training College, Sherghati, GayaPlot No. 1974, Street No. – Dakbanglow, Vill/Po/City-Sherghati, Tehsil/Taluka – Sherghati, Dist – Gaya, Bihar – 824211GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
59Primary Teachers’ Education College, SukhasanPlot No.-1869, Street No.-Sukhasan, Vill-Sukhasan Manhara, Po-Sukhasan, Tehsil/Taluka-Singheshwar, Town/City-Singheshwar, Dist.-Madhepura, Bihar-852128GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
60Women Primary Teacher Education College, BishnupurBegusarai, Plot No.-1158, Vill-Bishnupur, Po.-M. Banduar, Tehsil/Taluka-Begusarai, Town/City-Begusarai, Dist.-Begusarai, Bihar-851129GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
61Women Primary Teachers Education College, SasaramRohtas, Bihar-821115GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
62Womens Primary Teachers Training College, GhoghardihaMadhubani, Plot No.-1194, Street No. 171, Vill/Po-Ghoghardiha, Tehsil/Taluka-Ghoghardiha, Town/City-Madhubani, Dist.-Madhubani, Bihar-847402GOVERNMENT50Bihar School Examination Board
63A.Y.T. Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 84, 111 & 933, Vill-Sareya, Po/Town/City- Guthani, Tehsil/Taluka- Guthani, Dist.- Siwan, Bihar-841435PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
64Abha Teachers Training InstitutePlot No.-109, 337, Street No. -Kafen, Vill/Po-Dariyapur Kafen, Tehsil/Taluka-Kurhani, Town/City- Muzaffarpur, Dist-Muzaffarpur, Bihar-844127PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
65Abul Kalam Minority Teachers Training CollegeVill.- Katahari, Street/Road-Katahari, Taluka/Mandal- Shikarpur, Town/City- Katahari, Dist.- Champaran West, Bihar-845449PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
66Acharya Sudarshan B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 1123, Street No. 49, Vill- Mubarakpur, Po- Mubarakpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Majorganj, Town/City- Mubarakpur, Dist.- Sitamarhi, Bihar-843332PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
67Adwaita Mission Training CollegePlot No. 108/3054/190/3055, Vill. – Kasba Mandar, Po. – Mandar Vidyapith, Tehsil/Taluka – Bounsi, Town/Dist. – Banka, Bihar – 813101PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
68Al Fatima Educational Society B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 4010, Vill- Alampur Lahyarchak, Po- Phulwari Sharif, Tehsil/Taluka- Mauza Gonpura, Town/City- Patna, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-801505PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
69Al-Hassan Teachers Training CollegePlot No.-OLD-364, New-263, Vill/Po-Chakbahauddin, Tehsil/Taluka- Dalsinghsarai, Town/City-Dalsinghsarai, Dist-Samastipur, Bihar-848114PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
70Amaltas College of EducationPlot No.- 365, Vill-Indrapuri, Po- Tilothu, Tehsil/Taluka- 11, Dist.-Rohtas, Bihar-821308PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
71Apsam College of EducationVill – 2878/3670, Street/ Road – NH – 30, Jagdishpur, Taluka/ Mandal – Utarwari Jungle, Dulour, Town/City – Jagdishpur, Dist. – Bhojpur, Bihar – 802158PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
72Arjun College of EducationVill:-Rangra Chowk, Street/ Road:- Main Road, Taluka / Mandal:- Naugachia, Town / City:- Rangra Chowk, Dist: Bhagalpur, Bihar-853204PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
73Aryabhatt Teachers Training CollegePlot no – 577, Vill – Rakasia, Po – Lala Bhasara, Tehsil/Taluka – Dulhin Bazar, Town/City – Patna, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 801102PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
74B.B.M. MahavidyalayaOkari, Jehanabad, Plot no.-1178/1179, Street/Road – Okari, Vill-Okari, Po-Jaytipur Kurua, Tehsil/Taluka-Modanganj, Town/City-Jehanabad, Dist-Jehanabad, Bihar-884432PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
75B.Ed. Teacher Training College, KhagariaVill.-Chandra Nagar (Ranko), Street/Road-Near Koshi College, Taluka/Mandal- Khagaria, Town/City- Chandra Nagar (Ranko), Dist.- Khagaria, Bihar-851205PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
76B.L. B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 1240, Street No. NH-98, Vill- Rampur, Tola-Dhanhara, Po- Ramchandra Nagar, Tehsil/Taluka- Aurangabad, Town/City- Aurangabad, Dist.- Aurangabad, Bihar-824121PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
77B.N. College of EducationDhoraiya, Banka, Plot No. 657/554, 658/554, Street No. 12, Vill/PO- Dhoraiya, Tehsil/Taluka- Dhoraiya, Town/City- Banka, Dist.- Banka, Bihar-813224PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
78Baba Heera Singh Deepa Singh Jee Primary Teachers Training CollegePlot No.- 2196, Street No. 01, Vill- Kothuan, Po-Pitro, Tehesil/Taluka- Piro, Town/City-Piro, Dist- Bhojpur, Bihar- 802202PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
79Baidynath College of EducationPlot No.- 144, 149, 150, Vill- Milki Saur Chandipur, PO- Rajapur, Tehsil/Taluka- Nawada, Town/City- Nawada, District- Nawada, Bihar-805104PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
80Baikunth Teachers Training CollegePlot no- 99, Street no- NH 85, Vill – Amlori, Po – Amlori, Tehsil/taluka- Siwan, Town/City- Siwan, Dist-Siwan, Bihar – 841226PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
81Baldeo College of EducationalPlot No.4351, 5077, 5075, 5085, 5079, Street-Village Road, Vill/PO-Fatehpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Patna Sadar, Town/City-Patna, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-840007PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
82Balmiki Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 28, Vill- Shahjahanpur, Po- Baluka Ram, Tehsil/Taluka- Vaishali, Town/City- Vaishali, Dist.- Vaishali, Bihar-844124PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
83Bhabha Institute of EducationPlot No. 529 B-4(P), Street No. NH 83, Vill- Industrial Area, Gaya, Po- Civil Aerodram, Tehsil/Taluka- Bodhgaya, Town/City- Gaya, Dist.- Gaya, Bihar-823004PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
84Bhagawan Budh Primary Teachers Education CollegePlot No.-14566, Vill/Po.-Bajrahian, Ps-Gautam Budh Nagar, Via-Maharaj Ganj, Dist-Siwan, Bihar-841238PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
85Bhagwan Prasad Sheonath Prasad B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 936 to 945, Street No. Patna Road, Vill- Kera, Po- Bhakharuan More, Daudnagar, Tehsil/Taluka- Daudnagar, Town/City- Daudnagar, Dist.- Aurangabad, Bihar-824113PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
86Bhagwati College of EducationPlot No.- 12, 42, 51, 52, 53, Vill- Loma, Po-Rajapakar, Tehsil/Taluka-Hajipur, Town/City- Hajipur, Dist.-Vaishali, Bihar-844124PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
87Bhagwati Singh Memorial B.Ed. MahavidyalayaPlot no- 380,381,382,383,384, Vill- Jigna, PO- Goi, Tehsil/Taluka- Bhabhua, Town/City- Chand, Dist- Kaimur, Bihar – 821106PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
88Bharti Shikshak Prasikshan MahavidyalayaPlot No.-347, Street No.-NH-28, Vill-Sadatpur, PO-Kalwari, Tehsil/Taluka-Kanti, Town/City-Muzaffarpur, Dist-Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843108PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
89Bhuvan Malti Teachers Training CollegePlot No.-21, Street No.-1, Vill-Basatpur Badatola, Po-Rupdih, Tehsil/Taluka-Mothari, Town/City-Motihari, Dist.-Purba Champaran, Bihar-845408PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
90Bibi Aasia Begum Teachers Training CollegePlot no – 169, 169, 169, 170, Street/Road – 01, Vill – Badar Nagar Madhopur (Nehura), Po – Dhibra, Tehsil/Taluka – Bihar Sarkar Anchal Phulwari Sharif, Town/City – Patna, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 801505PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
91Bihar College of EducationPlot No. 2110, 2112, 2113, 2116, Po/Town/City- Hajipur, Tehsil/Taluka- Hajipur, Dist.- Vaishali, Bihar-844101PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
92Brilliant Institute of EducationPlot No.2278, 2281, 2276, Street No.83, Vill-Bazaura, Gaya Dobhi Road, PO-Bazaura, Tehsil-Dobhi, Town/City-Gaya, Dist-Gaya, Bihar-824201PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
93Buddha Multiplex Hotel & ManagementVill:- Industrial Area, Street / Road:- NH-83 on Gaya- Dobhi Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Bodhgaya, Town/City :- Industrial Area, Dist:- Gaya, Bihar-823004PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
94Buddha Teachers Training CollegePlot-200, Vill/Po-Sirsabiran, Tehsil/Taluka- Lalganj, Town/City-Lalganj, Dist-Vaishali, Bihar-844123PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
95Budha Siksha Seva SansthanC/o-Sant Gandhi Residential High School, Shekhpura, Patna, Bihar-800014PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
96Chanakya College of EducationPlot No. 2462, Vill/Po- Bettiah Dih, Tehsil/Taluka- Chanpatia, Town/City- Bettiah, Dist.- Paschim Champaran, Bihar-845460PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
97Chanakya FoundationVill:- Chhitampur, Street/Road: Chanakya Nagar, Taluka/Mandal: Koilwar, Town/City:Chhitampur, Dist: Bhojpur, Bihar-802160PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
98Chandragupta Maurya College of EducationPlot no – 319/320, Street no – Bihta, Vill- Kala Bhagwanpur, Po – Sarasat, Tehsil/Taluka – Patna, Town/City -Patna, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 801109PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
99Chandrasheel College of EducationVill:-Kanti Kahwa, Street / Road:-Thana Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Kanti, Town/City :- Kanti Kahwa, Dist:- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843109PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
100Chaurasia Rajkishore CollegePlot No.1980, 2224 & 924, Vill/PO-Hajipur, Tehsil/Taluka-Hajipur, Town/City- Hajipur, Dist-Vaishali, Bihar-844101PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
101Crescent School of Education and TrainingVill-Baisakhwa, Street/Road- Main Road, Taluka/Mandal- Bettiah, Town/City- Baisakhwa, Dist- Champaran West, Bihar-845307PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
102D. P. Singh Institute of EducationPlot No.- 44, 39, 40, 94, 34, Street No- Gautam Nagar, Vill- Gautam Nagar, Po- Bhanbigha, Tehsil/Taluka- Rahui, Town/City- Biharsharif, District- Nalanda, Bihar: 803118PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
103D.L.S. Shiksha MahavidhyalayVill:- Sidhari (Badulganj), Street / Road:- Sidhari (Badulganj), Taluka/ Mandal:- Pirpaiti, Town/City :- Sidhari (Badulganj), Dist:- Bhagalpur, Bihar-813209PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
104Dashrath Prasad Ram Nandan Pandey B.Ed. CollegePlot No.427, 429, Street No.-NH-98, Vill-Chitragopi, PO-Padrawa, Tehsil-Aurangabad, Town/City-Aurangabad, Dist-Aurangabad, Bihar-824121PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
105Dashrath Prasad Singh Institute of Teachers EducationVPO Prahladpur, Plot no – 604/389, Vill/Po – Prahaladpur, Tehsil/Taluka – Mushari, Town/City – Muzaffarpur, Dist – Muzaffarpur, Bihar- 842002PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
106Deepnarayan Memorial Teacher Training CollegeVill:- Shiljori(Jayshivgram), Street / Road:- Shiljori Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Shiljori, Town/City :- Shiljori(Jayshivgram), Dist:- Banka, Bihar-814131PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
107Deo Nagina Teacher Training CollegePlot No.- 3, Vill.- Mohiuddinpur, PO.- Hansadih, Tehsil/Taluka- Masaurhi, Town/City- Masaurhi, Dist.- Patna, Bihar- 804452PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
108Deshratan Rajendra Prasad Shikshan Prashikshan MahavidyalayaPlot no – 199, 591, 596, Street no – Thana No 2, Vill – Mainpura, Po – Sadaquat Ashram, Patna, Tehsil/Taluka – Patna Sadar, Town/City – Patna, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 800010PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
109Devendra Pathak Sarvodaya College of EducationPlot no – 403, Vill – Dubhal, Po – Chand Choura, Town/City – Gaya, Dist – Gaya, Bihar – 823001PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
110Dharikshan Singh Teachers Training CollegePlot No.2383, 2384, Street No.NH30, Vill-Kulharia, PO-Kulharia, Tehsil-Koilwar, Town/City-Ara, Dist-Bhojpur, Bihar-802160PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
111Digmani B.Ed. CollegePlot No-2233,2235, St no.-NH-82, Vill-Kaiya, Po-Budhgere, Tehsil/Taluka-Manpur, Town/City-Gaya, Dist-Gaya, Bihar-823003PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
112Dr. Ambedkar Hindi Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Bihar Cum Education & TrainingVill-Jokia, Po-Joika, Dist-Begusarai, Bihar-851127PRIVATE50Hindi University
113Dr. Arbind Teachers Training CollegePlot No.901, Vill-Araura, PO-Dularur, Tehsil/Taluka /Town/City-Ara, Dist-Bhojpur, Bihar-802206PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
114Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College of EducationPlot no – 1924, Vill -Matiyani, Po – Sahadev Khap, Tehsil/Taluka – Gaya, Town/City – Gaya, Dist – Gaya, Bihar – 824234PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
115Dr. Gouri Brahmanand Teachers Training CollegeVill – Ballopur(Bhigo), Taluka/ Mandal – Bahadurpur, Town/ City – Ballopur(Bhigo), Dist. – Darbhanga, Bihar – 846001PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
116Dr. S.P. Singh College of Teacher EducationVill-Laxmipur, Street/Road-Areraj P.W.D. Road, Taluka/Mandal:-PO.-Shankar Saraiya, Turkaulia, Motihari, Town/City-Laxmipur, Dist-Champaran East, Bihar-845437.PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
117Dr. Trisuldhari Pandey Memorial College of EducationVill- Amera, Po.- Bhatahar, Ps.- Tharthari, Street/Road-Tharthari Road, Taluka/Mandal- Amera, Town/City- Amera, Dist- Nalanda, Bihar-801307PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
118Dr. Zakir Hussain Teachers Training CollegeBenta Chowk, Laheriasarai, Dist.-Darbhanga, Bihar-846003PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
119East N West Teachers Training CollegeStreet No. Near NH 107, Vill- Ward No. 36, Patuaha, Po- Patuaha, Tehsil/Taluka- Kahra, Town/City- Saharsa, Dist.- Saharsa, Bihar- 852201PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
120Er Upendra Sharma Teachers Training CollegePlot no. 119, 120, Street No. Telhara, Vill- Telhara Khurd, Po- Telhara Kala, Tehsil/Taluka- Dhaka, Town/City- Dhaka, Dist.- Purba Champaran, Bihar-845304PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
121Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Teachers Training CollegeVill-Jiwachh Ghat West, Street/Road- Bhindi, Taluka/Mandal- Darbhanga, Town/City-Jiwachh Ghat West, Dist-Darbhanga, Bihar-847115PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
122Fatima Degree CollegeVill-Alampur Lahyarchak, Street/Road- Phulwarisharif, Taluka/Mandal-Mauza Gonpura, Town/City- Alampur Lahyarchak, Dist-Patna, Bihar-801505PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
123G.D. Mishra Institute of Higher StudiesPlot No. 12, Vill- Mathiya Gurudas, Po- Sondhila, Tehsil/Taluka- Buxar, Town/City- Buxar, Dist.- Buxar, Bihar-802103PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
124G.S. Teachers Training CollegeVill-Ebrahimpur Awadhara, Street/Road- Patna Jahanabad Road, Taluka/Mandal- Dhanarua, Town/City-Ebrahimpur Awadhara, Dist-Patna, Bihar-804451PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
125Ganauri Ramkali Teachers Training CollegeVill-Industrial Area, Street/Road-Near Police Line, Taluka/Mandal- Nawada, Town/City-Industrial Area, Dist-Nawada, Bihar-805110PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
126Gaureshwar Narain Singh Teachers Training CollegeVill-Chandargarh, Street/Road-1, Taluka/Mandal-Nabinagar, Town/City-Chandargarh, Dist-Aurangbad, Bihar-824301PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
127Gautam Budh Teachers Training CollegeAt-Sureshnagar, P.O.-Karai Persarai, Dist.-Nalanda, Bihar-801304PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
128Gautam Budh Teachers Training CollegeVill-Baba Bakhtaur Banboriya Dham, Street/Road-Gautam Budh Nagar, Taluka/Mandal-Nagarnausa, Town/City-Baba Bakhtaur Banboriya Dham, Dist-Nalanda, Bihar-801305PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
129Gautam College of EducationPlot No.-1501, Street/Road-Kamalpur, Vill.-Kamalpur, PO.-Bhaishmara, Tehsil/Taluka-Garkha, Town/City-Chapra, Dist.-Saran, Bihar-841311PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
130Gautam Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 582, 583, 584, 585, 586, 587, Street No. NH-31, Vill-Bhaganbigha, Po- Biharsharif, Tehsil/Taluka-Rahui, Town/City- Biharsharif, Dist.-Nalanda, Bihar- 803118PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
131Girija Devi D.El.Ed. CollegeVill-Bihiya, Street/Road- Industiral Area, Taluka/Mandal- Bihiya, Town/City- Bihiya, Dist-Bhojpur, Bihar-802152PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
132Gorakh Singh CollegePlot No. 1022, 1029, Vill/Po- Maharajganj, Tehsil/Taluka- Maharajganj, Town/City- Maharajganj, Dist.- Siwan, Bihar-841238PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
133Guru Prakash B.Ed. CollegeVill – Kekadha, Street/ Road – 1, Taluka/ Mandal – Chand, Town/City – Kamur, Dist. – Kaimur, Bihar – 821106.PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
134Gyan Bharti College of EducationPlot No.126, Street No. -Raniganj, Vill-Raniganj, PO-Tekari, Tehsil/Town/City-Tekari, Dist-Gaya, Bihar-824236PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
135Gyan Bharti Teachers Training CollegePlot No. – 78, Street No. – NH – 83, Vill – Kazichak, Po – Head P.O. Gaya, Tehsil/Taluka – Chandauti, Town/City – Gaya, Dist – Gaya, Bihar – 823001PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
136Gyan Prakash College of EducationPlot no – 977 (New), 978 (New), Street no – NH – 83 Vill – Chiraila, Po – Kharhari, Tehsil/Taluka – Manpur, Town/City – Gaya, Dist – Gaya, Bihar – 805131PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
137Gyan Prakash Swami Vivekanand Teachers Training B.ED. CollegePlot no – 772 & 773, Vill – Hardas Bigha, Po – Baikatpur, Tehsil/Taluka/ Town/City – Khushrupur, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 803202PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
138Harakhdeo Singh College of EducationRamanuj Bag (Khodaganj), Plot No.-203, Vill-Gangti, Tola-Ramanuj Bag, Po/Town/City-Khodaganj, Tehsil/Taluka-Hilsa, Dist.-Nalanda, Bihar-801303PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
139Hari Narain Singh Institute of Teachers EducationPlot No.-249, Street No.-SH-12, Vill-Baijala, Po-Mokar, Tehsil/Taluka-Sasaram, Town/City-Sasaram, Dist-Rohtas, Bihar-821113PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
140Heera Lal Roy Teachers Training CollegeVill – Sumera, Street/Road – Dharampur, Taluka / Mandal – Sumera, Town/City – Sumera, Dist – Muzaffarpur, Bihar – 843113PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
141Himalaya Teachers Training CollegeVill:- Ebrahimpur, Awadhara, Street/Road: Patna Dhanrua Road,Taluka/Mandal: Dhanrua, Town/City: Ebrahimpur, Awadhara, Dist: Patna, Bihar-804451PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
142Indrakali Ramjee Singh B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 17, Vill/Po- Koiladewa, Tehsil/Taluka- Hathua, Town/City- Gopalganj, Dist.- Gopalganj, Bihar-841438PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
143Indudevi Ranjeet Kumar Prakash CollegeVill:- Hajipur, Street / Road:- Hajipur, Taluka/ Mandal:- Hajipur, Town/City :- Hajipur, Dist:- Vaishali, Bihar-844125PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
144J R A Teachers Training CollegePlot no – 44, 57, 58, 79, Street no – Keshopur, Vill – Keshopur, Po – Balukaram, Tehsil/Taluka – Vaishali, Town/City – Vaishali, Dist – Vaishali, Bihar – 844113PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
145J.P. College of EducationVill.-Biyabani, Street/Road-NH-31, Taluka/Mandal-Biharsharif, Town/City- Biyabani, Dist.-Nalanda, Bihar-803101PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
146J.P. Shikshak Parishikhan MahavidyalayaPlot No.-747, 748, 751, 3607, Vill-Biyabani, Po/Town/City-Bihar Sharif, Tehsil/Taluka-Bihar Sharif, Dist.-Nalanda, Bihar-803101PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
147J.P. Shikshak Prashikshan MahavidyalayaPlot No.-696, 697, 698, 699, Street/Road-Samastipur, Darbhanga, Vill-Akbarpur, Po-Mathurapur, Tehsil/Taluka-Akbarpur, Town/City-Samastipur, Dist.-Samastipur, Bihar-848101PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
148Jageshwar Ray Arti B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 35, 76, 160, Street No. – Pratap chowk, Vill – Manpura, Po – Kanhauli, Tehsil/Taluka – Goraul, Town/City – Mahua, Dist – Vaishali, Bihar – 844122PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
149Jajba Teacher Training CollegePlot no 213,214, New and 212,211 Old, Vill – Zinorchak, Po – Khizersarai, Tehsil/Taluka – Khizersarai, Town/City- Khizersarai, Dist – Gaya, Bihar – 824233PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
150Jamui B.Ed. CollegePlot no – 968, Street/Road – SH – 18, Vill – Gadi Katauna, Po- Katauna, Tehsil/Taluka – Barhat, Town/City – Jamui, Dist – Jamui, Bihar – 811313PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
151Janardan Prasad Singh Teachers Training CollegeVill:- Bangra, Street/Road:- Daudpur Manjhi Road, Taluka/Mandal:- Manjhi, Town/City :- Bangra, Dist:- Saran, Bihar-841205PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
152K.K. Multi Teachers Training CollegeVill:- Berauti, Street / Road:-PO-Nepura, PS- Deep Nagar, Taluka/Mandal:- Bihar Sharif, Town/City :- Berauti, Dist:- Nalanda, Bihar-803115PRIVATE100K.K. University (Formerly, Bihar School Examination Board)
153K.K. Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 1196, 1183, 1183/1945, Vill- Berauti, Po- Nepura, Tehsil/Taluka- Biharsharif, Town/City- Biharsharif, Dist.- Nalanda, Bihar-803115PRIVATE100K.K. University (Formerly, Bihar School Examination Board)
154K.S. College of Professional EducationPlot No. 821, 830, 831, Street/Road- Neora, Vill/PO- Neora, Tehsil/Taluka- Bihta, Town/City- Danapur, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-801113PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
155Kamla Bhubneshwar B.Ed. CollegeVill.-Chandour, Street/Road-Main Road, Taluka/Mandal- Bhagwanpur, Town/City-Chandour, Dist.-Begusarai, Bihar-851133PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
156Kamleshwari Prasad Singh Teacher Training CollegePlot no. 2124, 25, 26, Street/Road- NH 30, Vill- Teka Bigha, Po- Lakhanpura, Tehsil/Taluka- Bakhtiyarpur, Town/City- Baktiyapur, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-803202PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
157Kanti Devi Teacher Training CollegePlot no – 408,409,401, Street No. Dariyapur, Vill – Dariyapur, Po – Neora, Tehsil/Taluka – Danapur, Town/City – Patna, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 801113PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
158Katihar Teachers Training CollegeVill – Sirsa, Street/Road – Plot. No. 3660, Street – Zafar Bagh, Mouza/PO – Dalan, Taluka/Mandal – Katihar, Town/City – Sirsa, Dist – Katihar, Bihar – 854106PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
159Kaushalya Ramadhar Educational TrustVill.- Ramgarh, Street/Road-Via Mamrejpur, Taluka/Mandal- Chenari, Town/City- Ramgarh, Dist.- Rohtas, Bihar-821104PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board)
160KD College of EducationPlot No.- 32, 26, 31, Street No.- NH 84, Vill.- Parasia, PO.- Dalsagar, Tehsil/Taluka-Buxar, Town/City-Buxar, Dist.- Buxar, Bihar – 802116PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
161KGI School of EducationPlot No-855, 856, 857, 858, Street No.- District Road, Vill.- Madahi, P.O.-Katesar, Tehsil/Taluka- Maner, Town/City- Bihita, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-801103PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
162Khawaja Shahid Hussain Primary Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 285, 283, 278, 279, 284, Vill-Nista (Chander), Po- Baghwa, Tehsil/Taluka- Kadwa, Town/City-Barsoi, Dist- Katihar, Bihar-854317PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
163Kingway Technical InstituteVill – G.T.Road, Kulharia, St./ Road – NH 2, Taluka/ Mandal – Mohania, Town/ City – G.T. Road, Kulharia, Dist. – Kaimur, Bihar – 821105PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
164Kiran Teachers Training CollegePlot No.1165, 1164(Old) & 2117, 2118 (N), Vill-Dahidat Navratan Madhepura, PO-Pandaul, Tehsil-Pandaul, Town/City-Madhubani, Dist-Madhubani, Bihar-847234PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
165Krishna College of Teachers EducationPlot No. 91, 93, 94, 95, Street/Road- Nagwa, Vill/PO- Nagwa, Tehsil/Taluka- Naubatpur, Town/City- Patna, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-801109PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
166L.K. Mishra College of Teachers EducationVill:- Darbhanga, Street / Road:- Dilli More, Taluka/ Mandal:- Sadar, Town/City :- Darbhanga, Dist:- Darbhanga, Bihar-846004PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
167L.N.M. College of Higher EducationPlot No. 560, 562, 563, 565 to 572, Street No. Lodipur, Vill- Lodipur, Po- Kamla Gopalpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Maner, Town/City- Patna, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-801111PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
168L.P. Shahi Institute of Teacher EducationVill.-Dighra Rampur Sah, Street/Road- NH-28, Taluka/Mandal-Mushahari, Town/City-Dighra Rampur Sah, Dist.-Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842002PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
169Late Kamta Prasad Sharma B.Ed. CollegeVill. – Uttimpur, Street/Road – Patna- Gaya, Taluka/Mandal – Hulasganj, Town/City – Uttimpur, Dist. – Jehanabad, Bihar – 804407PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
170Leeds Training CollegePlot/Khasara no – 111, 112, 113, Street no- NH-83, Vill-Mahuli, Po-Old Parsa Bazar, Tehsil/Taluka-Phulwari Sharif Town/City-Patna, Dist-Patna, Bihar-804453PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
171Leelawati CollegeVill.-Rasulpur Kamala Vijay Gopalpur, Street/Road-Rasulpur, Taluka/Mandal-Maner, Town/CityRasulpur Kamala Vijay Gopalpur, Dist.-Patna, Bihar-800111PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
172M P College of EducationPlot no 11,193,11,11, Street no – NH 107, Vill – Chandni Chowk, Po – Godhela, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City – Madhepura, Dist – Madhepura, Bihar – 852113PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
173M. B. College of EducationVill-Sridilpur (Rambhadrapur), Taluka/Mandal-Bahadurpur, Town/City-Sridilpur (Rambhadrapur), Dist.-Darbhanga, Bihar-847101PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
174M.M. Rahmani B.Ed. CollegePlot No.-4, Vill-Damodarpur, Po-Pasopur, Tehsil/Taluka-Teghra, Town/City-Begusarai, Dist.-Begusarai, Bihar-851112PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
175Maa Bachchan Devi B.Ed. CollegeVill:- Mansha Bigha, Street / Road:- Parwalpur Laxman Bigha Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Ben, Dist:- Nalanda, Bihar-803114PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
176Maa Bachchandevi Teachers Training CollegePlot no – 439, Vill – Arawan, Po – Arawan, Tehsil/Taluka – Ben, Town/City – Parwalpur, Dist – Nalanda, Bihar – 803111PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
177Maa Kamla Chandrika Jee Teacher Training CollegePlot no – 1730, Street no – C Nagar, Vill – Nauru, Po/Tehsil/Taluka – Jehanabad, Town/City – Jehanabad, Dist – Jehanabad, Bihar – 804408PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
178Maa Tara Institute of Technical EducationPlot No. 5246, Vill- Beldarichak, Po- Kansari, Tehsil/Taluka- Punpun, Town/City- Beldarichak, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-804451PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
179Madhavan Memorial College of EducationPlot no – 1652/1653/1651, Street no- Karmatad, Vill – Shivdham, Po – Maniyarpur, Tehsil/Taluka – Bounsi, Town/City – Banka, Dist – Banka, Bihar – 813104PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
180Madhepur Teachers Training CollegeVill-Madhepur, Street/Road-Madhepur, Taluka /Mandal-Madhepura, Town/City-Madhepur, Dist-Madhubani, Bihar-847408PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
181Madhepura CollegeMadhepura, Vill:- Kaushalya Gram, Street/Road: Ward No-3, Taluka/Mandal: Madhepura, Town/City: Kaushalya Gram, Dist: Madhepura, Bihar-852113PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
182Magadh Teachers Training B.Ed. CollegeVill – Dani Bigha, Street/Road – Old G.T. Road, Taluka/ Mandal – Aurangabad, Town/City – Dani Bigha, Dist – Aurangabad, Bihar – 824101.PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
183Mahabodhi MahavidyalayaNalanda, Plot no – 5091, 4583, 5279, 5130, 5155, 5617, Vill – Muzaffarpur, Po – Nalanda, Tehsil/Taluka – Silao, Town/City – Nalanda, Dist – Nalanda, Bihar – 803111PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
184Mahamaya College of EducationVill – Devkali, Street/Road- NH- 98, Taluka/Mandal -Obra, Town/City – Devkali, Dist – Aurangabad, Bihar – 824124.PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
185Maharana Pratap CollegeMohania, Kaimur, Plot No- 68, 69, 70, 71, Street No.-11, Vill/PO-Mohania, Tehsil/Taluka-Mohania, Town/City- Mohania, Dist.-Kaimur, Bihar-821109PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
186Mahatma Buddha Teachers Training CollegeSitamarhi, Plot No.-1775, Vill-Dhrub Nagar Panchmile, PO-Kamaldah,Tehsil-Bathnaha, Town/City-Sitamarthi, Dist-Sitamarhi, Bihar-843322PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
187Mahatma Gandhi B.Ed. CollegeVill:- Chowki Asghok Dham- Ward No.1, Street / Road:- By-Pass Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Lakhisarai, Town/City :- Chowki Asghok Dham- Ward No.1, Dist:- Lakhisarai, Bihar-811311PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
188Mahatma Gandhi Shiksha Prashikshan MahavidyalayaMukti Niketan, Plot No.- 424/234, Street/Road-01, Vill- Katoria, PO.- Katoria, Tehsil/Taluka- Katoria, Town/City-Katoria, Dist.- Banka, Bihar-813106PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
189Mahesh Singh B.Ed. CollegeVill:- Kendua Street/Road: Bodhgaya Road, Taluka/Mandal: Chandauti, Town/City:Kendua, Dist: Gaya, Bihar-823001PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
190Mahila MahavidyalayaPlot no – 115, Street/Road – Silar, Vill – Silar, Po – S Sinha College, Tehsil/Taluka – Aurangabad, Town/City – Aurangabad, Dist – Aurangabad, Bihar – 824101PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
191Maryada Purushotam College of EducationPlot No. 1245, 1246, 1247, 1248, Vill- Chilhari, Po- Purana Bhojpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Dumraon, Town/City- Buxar, Dist.- Buxar, Bihar-802133PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
192Mata Manjharo Ajab Dayal Singh Teacher Training CollegePlot no – 1321,1322, Vill – Dulour(Baradparwa), Po – Dulour, Tehsil/Taluka – Jagdishpur, Town/City – Jagdishpur, Dist – Bhojpur, Bihar – 802158PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
193Mata Sita Sunder College of EducationVill-Dhanhara, Taluka/ Mandal- Sitamarhi, Town/City- Dhanhara, Dist- Sitamarhi, Bihar-843323PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
194Mata Sushila Institute of EducationPlot no:- 1122, Street no :- Hilsa-Chan, Vill- Saiyad Bahri, Po:-Jaitpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Tharthari, Town/City- Hilsa, Dist Nalanda, Bihar 801307PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
195Mathura Singh Teacher Training CollegeVill:- Jalalpur, Street / Road:- Mathura Road, Taluka/Mandal:- ChapraSadar, Town/City :- Jalalpur, Dist:- Saran, Bihar-841211PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
196Matri Prem College of EducationPlot no-1243, 1244, Vill-Chilhari, Po-Purana Bhojpur, Tehsil/Taluka-Dumraon, Town/City-Buxar, Dist-Buxar, Bihar-802133PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
197Maulana Mazharul Haque Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 669, Vill/Po- Mathurapur, Tehsil/Taluka- Warisnagar, Town/City- Samastipur, Dist.- Samastipur, Bihar-848101PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
198Maxford Teachers Training CollegePlot No.1280 & 1166, Vill-Bhakhri Pabheri, Po.Bhakhri, Tehsil/Taluka- Dhanarua, Town/City- Patna, Dist.- Patna, BiharPRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
199Meghraj Memorial B.Ed. CollegePlot N. 1632, 1626, Vill- Pipra, Po- Barauni, Tehsil/Taluka- Teghara, Town/City- Begusarai, Dist.- Begusarai, Bihar-851112PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
200Millat Teacher Training CollegeMadhubani, Bihar-847212PRIVATE120Bihar School Examination Board
201Millia Kaniz Fatma Women’s Teachers Training CollegeVill:- Rambagh, Street / Road:-Rambagh, Taluka/ Mandal:- Purnea, Town/City :- Rambagh, Dist:- Purnia, Bihar-854301PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
202Millia Sir Syed Primary Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 1019, 1020, 1026, 1028, Vill- Ramgarh, Po/City-Purnea, Tehsil/Taluka-Purnea East, Dist-Purnia, Bihar-854301PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
203Millia Teachers Training CollegeVill:- Radha Nagar, Kasba, Street / Road:-NH-57, Taluka/Mandal:- Kasba, Town/City :- Radha Nagar, Kasba, Dist:- Purnia, Bihar-854330PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
204Mirza Galib Teachers Training CollegeA-7, Indrapuri Colony, Ashiyan Road, Raja Bazar, Dist-Patna, Bihar-800014PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
205Mithila B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 112, 210, 658, 540, 464, 664, 454, Vill- Shankarpur Kansi, Po- Lal Shahpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Sadar, Town/City- Darbhanga, Dist.- Darbhanga, Bihar-846005PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
206Mithila Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 330, 328, 332, Vill.- Basuara, PO.- Basuara, Tehsil/Taluka-Rahika, Town/City- Madhubani, Dist.- Madhubani, Bihar- 847212PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
207Modern College of EducationVill:- Kuntinagar, Street / Road:- Ghanghauli, Taluka/ Mandal:- Nawada, Town/City :- Kuntinagar, Dist:- Nawada, Bihar-805110PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
208Modern Institute of Higher EducationNawada, Plot No.-A-1, A-2(P), A-4, 5(P), A-7, A-8, Vill – Industrial Area, Police Line, Po – Nawada, Tahsil/Taluka – Nawada, Towm/City – Nawada, Dist – Nawada, Bihar – 805110PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
209Mohan Shakuntala Teachers Training CollegeVill:- Madhepura, Street/Road:- Ward No-04, Taluka/Mandal:- Madhepura, Town/City:- Madhepura, Dist:-Madhepura, Bihar-852113PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
210Nageena Ramdhyan Shikshak Shiksha MahavidyalayaPlot No. 94, 96, Street No. Taranagar, Vill- Taranagar Chhatauni, Po- Chhatauni, Tehsil/Taluka- Tariyani, Town/City- Sheohar, Dist.- Sheohar, Bihar-843128PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
211Nagina Devi Teacher’s Training CollegeVill.-Bal Vidya Niketan, Street/Road-Patel Nagar, Taluka/ Mandal-Jehanabad, Town/City-Bal Vidya Niketan, Dist.-Jehanabad, Bihar-804408Private100Bihar School Examination Board
212Nand Kumar Hari Roy B.Ed. CollegePlot No.63, Street No-Bhergawa, Vill/PO- Bhergawa, Tehsil/Taluka-Dhanarua, Town/City-Patna, Dist- Patna, Bihar-804451PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
213Nand Kunwar Hari Roy College of EducationPlot No. 2507, Street/Road- 10, Vill- Digha Ghat, Po-Digha, Tehsil/Taluka- Digha, Town/City- Patna, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-800011PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
214National B.Ed. College of Higher EducationVill-Murgiachak, Street/Road-Mohammadpur, Taluka/Mandal- Janipur, Town/City- Murgiachak, Dist-Patna, Bihar-801505PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
215National College of EducationPlot no – 662, 663, 665, 666 & 668, Street no – Nunia Tola, Vill – Gopidhanwat, Po – Pokhraira, Tehsil/Taluka – Muzaffarpur, Town/City – Muzaffarpur, Dist.- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843106PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
216Nazirul Hasan Teachers Training CollegePlot no – 875, 887, 870, Vill – Sonihar, Po – Sonihar, Tehsil/Taluka – Alauli, Town/City – Bakhari Bazar, Dist – Khagaria, Bihar – 848201PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
217New Buddha Teachers Training CollegeVill.- Sirsabiran, Street/Road- Lalganj-Imadpur Path, Taluka/Mandal- Lalganj, Town/City- Sirsabiran, Dist.- Vaishali, Bihar-844123PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
218New Horizon College of EducationVill:- Shahpur Tamauni, Simaria, Kajrely, Street / Road:- Amarpur Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Jagdishpur, Town/City :- Shahpur Tamauni, Simaria, Kajrely, Dist:- Bhagalpur, Bihar-812005PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
219Padum Lal Rupan Singh B.Ed. And D.El.Ed. CollegePlot No. 56 (New)/93 (Old) & 70(New)/100(Old), Street No. Koilawan, Vill/Po/Town/City- Koilawan, Tehsil/Taluka- Haspura, Dist.- Aurangabad, Bihar-824115PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
220Parmarth Institute of Teacher’s EducationVill – Bamhour, PO.- Shivsagar, Taluka/Mandal – Sasaram, Town/City- Bamhour, Dist – Rohtas, Bihar – 821111PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
221Prahalad Rai Teachers Training CollegeVill:- Tiyara Bazar, Street / Road:- Plot No- 424, Po- Manoharpur, Ps- Rajpur, Taluka/ Mandal:- Rajpur, Town/City :- Tiyara Bazar, Dist:- Buxar, Bihar-802128PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
222Prakash B.Ed. Teachers Training CollegePlot No.- 112, 123, Street No. N.H.-101, Vill.-Chetan Chapra, PO.-Puchri, Dist.-Saran, Bihar-841403PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
223Prakash Punj Teachers Training CollegePlot no.-1859, 1860, 1887, 1886, Vill-Bijalipur, Po-Atiyawan, Tehsil/Taluka-Ghosi, Town/City-Jehanabad, Dist-Jehanabad, Bihar-804432PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
224Pratibha Pallavan Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 3172, 3176, 3170, 3171, Vill/Po- Barni, Tehsil/Taluka- Masaurhi, Town/City- Masaurhi, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-804452PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
225Pratik College of EducationPlot Nos. – 212, 214, 215, 216, Vill/PO- Thepaha, Tehsil/Taluka- Siwan Sadar, Dist.- Siwan, Bihar – 841245PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
226Premlata Madan Mohan College of EducationVill:- Lodipur, Street / Road:- Benar to bind Road (SH), Taluka/ Mandal:- Bind, Town/City :- Lodipur, Dist:- Nalanda, Bihar-811101PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
227Puranmal Bajoria Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 666, Street No. NH-80, Vill/Po- Champananagr, Tehsil/Taluka- Bhagalpur, Town/City- Bhagalpur, Dist.- Bhagalpur, Bihar-812004PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
228R.G. College of EducationVill-Chakbakhari, Street/Road- Lalganj via Madrna Road, Taluka/Mandal-Lalganj, Town/City- Chakbakhari, Dist- Vaishali, Bihar-844113PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
229R.L. Mahto Institute of EducationPlot No. 5204, 5205, 5207, Street No. Rosra Road, Vill/PO- Rampur Jalalpur, Town/City- Dalsing Sarai, Tehsil/Taluka- Dalsing Sarai, Dist.- Samastipur, Bihar-848114PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
230R.S. Sharda Devi Education CollegePlot No.-185, 187, 188, 190, 191, Vill-Nenaha, PO-Hajipur, Tehsil/Taluka Town/City-Hajipur, Dist-Vaishali, Bihar-844124.PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
231Radhakrishnan College of EducationVill:- Shahpur, Street /Road:- P.O.- Karanja, P.S.- Bikram, Taluka/Mandal:- Bikram, Town/City :- Shahpur, Dist:- Patna, Bihar-801109PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
232Radhe Shyam Teachers Training CollegePlot no 524, Street no- Pipra Road, Vill- Pathra, Po- Pathra, Tehsil/Taluka – Chainsingh Patti, Town/City- Supaul, Dist – Supaul, Bihar – 852131PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
233Raghunandan Teachers Training CollegePlot No.432, Street/Road-Shivala Road, Vill-Mathiapur, Po- Jasnaut, Tehsil/Taluka- Danapur, Town/City-Patna, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-801503PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
234Raj Mata Madhuri Devi Teacher Training CollegeKhagaria, Plot no – 297, Street no – 011, Vill – Awas Board Ranko, Po- Koshi College, Tehsil/Taluka/Town/City – Khagaria, Dist – Khagaria, Bihar – 851205PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
235Raj Shankar College of EducationVill – Bare, Street/ Road – Mohania Road, Taluka/ Mandal – Bhabua, Town/ City – Bare, Dist. – Kaimur, Bihar – 821109PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
236Rajendra Kishori B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 131, Street/Road- SH 73, Vill/PO- Sughari, Tehsil/Taluka- Bhagwanpur, Town/City- Siwan, Dist.- Siwan, Bihar-841406PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
237Rajmuni Devi B.Ed. CollegeVill – Manjurahi, Street/ Road – NH – 2, Taluka/ Mandal – Aurangabad, Town/ City – Manjurahi, Dist. – Aurangabad, Bihar – 824101PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
238Ram Kripal Singh Teacher Training CollegePlot no-1005, 1009, 1004, Street no. NH-31, Vill-Araut, Po-Wena, Tehsil/Taluka-Chandi, Town/City-Harnaut, Dist-Nalanda, Bihar-803110PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
239Ram Rup Prasad B.Ed. CollegePlot No.113, 135, Street No.Bhergawa, Vill/PO-Bhergawa, Tehsil/Taluka-Dhanrua, Town/City-Patna, Dist-Patna, Bihar-804451PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
240Ramadhar Singh Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 1524, Vill- Aamdari, Po/Town/City-Ekma, Tehsil/Taluka- Ekma, Dist.- Saran, Bihar-841208PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
241Rameshwar Laxmi Mahto Teachers Training CollegeMirzapur, Plot No. – 175 (old), 1113 (new), Vill – Mirzapur, Po/Town/City – Rosera, Tehsil/Taluka- Rosera, Dist – Samastipur, Bihar – 848210PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
242Rameshwar Singh Teachers Training CollegePlot no- 145, 174, Street no – 01, Vill/Po- Pandey Parsawan, Tehsil/Taluka – Town Block, Town/City – Gaya, Dist – Gaya, Bihar – 823004PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
243Rashidiya Rani Sagari Teachers Education CollegeAt-Chand Bajitpur, PO/PS-Belaganj, Dist-Gaya, Bihar-804403PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
244Ravi Kant Punam B.Ed. CollegePlot no -7307, 7301, Vill/Po/Tehsil/Taluka – Dosut, Town/City – Warisaliganj, Dist – Nawada, Bihar – 805104PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
245Regional College of EducationVill-Itwan, Panchayat- Karjara, P.O.- Kharhari, Street/Road-N.H.-83, Taluka/Mandal- Wazirganj, Dist- Gaya, Bihar-805131PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
246Roy College of EducationVill-Repura & Chak Hasanpur, Near Markan Chowk, Street/ Road-NH 28, Taluka/ Mandal- Sakra, Town/City- Repura & Chak Hasanpur, Near Markan Chowk, Dist- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843119PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
247Royal Heritage College of EducationPlot no – 1092, Street/Road – Mahnar Road, Vill- Rajasan, Po – Rajasan, Tehsil/Taluka – Bidupur, Town/City – Hazipur, Dist – Vaishali, Bihar – 844101PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
248RPS Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 1847, Vill/PO- Jhaphan, Tehsil/Taluka- Bochahan, Town/City- Muzaffarpur, Dist.- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842003PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
249S M Shoaib Hashmi Educational Trust Group of InstitutionsVill – Parsa Pakaria Pathanpati, Street/ Road – Narkatiya Bazar, Taluka/ Mandal – Chauradano, Town/City – Parsa Pakaria Pathanpati, Dist. – Champaran East, Bihar – 845301PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
250S.A. College of EducationVill:- Sikandra Gorwan, Street / Road:- Bhuie Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Silao, Town/City:- Sikandra Gorwan, Dist:- Nalanda, Bihar-803117PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
251S.C.B. College of EducationVill.- Ishrain Khurd, Street/Road- Prabhat Nagar, Taluka/Mandal- Kumarkhand, Town/City- Ishrain Khurd, Dist.- Madhepura, Bihar-852112PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
252S.M. Zaheer Alam Teachers Training CollegeBahera, Darbhanga, Bihar-847201PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
253S.S. College of Teacher EducationVill:- Neora, Street / Road:- Station Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Bihta, Town/City :- Neora, Dist:- Patna, Bihar-801113PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
254S.T. College of EducationVillage:-Ahmad Raza Nagar, Street/Road: Kurkuri, Taluka/Mandal: Phulwarisharif, Town/City:-Ahmad Raza Nagar, Dist: Patna, Bihar-801505PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
255Sabhapati Mishra Institute of EducationVill.- Mohammadpur, Naya Bhojpur, Street/Road- Maharaja Path, Taluka/Mandal- Dumraon, Town/City-Mohammadpur, Naya Bhojpur, Dist.- Buxar, Bihar-802136PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
256Saheed Basudeo Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 554/657, 658, 405/464, Vill/Po- Dhoraiya, Tehsil/Taluka- Dhoraiya, Town/City- Dhoraiya, Dist. Banka, Bihar-813224PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
257Sai B.Ed. & D.El.Ed. CollegeVill. – Siyaruan, Street/Road – Shivpur Hault, Taluka/Mandal – Bikramganj, Town/City – Siyaruan, Dist. – Rohtas, Bihar – 802212PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
258Sai Baba College of EducationPlot No. 54, Vill- Bhelaipur, Po- Berua, Tehsil/Taluka- Paroo, Town/City- Muzaffarpur, Dist.- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843122PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
259Sai College of EducationPlot no – 383/384, Street no – Earki, Vill – Earki, Po/Tehsil/Taluka – Jehanabad, Town/City – Jehanabad, Dist – Jehanabad, Bihar – 804408PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
260Sai College of Teachers TrainingPlot No-126, St. No-SH-83, Vill-Onama, Po-Onama Via-Barbigha, Tehsil/Taluka-Shekhopursarai, Town/City- Sheikhpura, Dist-Sheikhpura, Bihar-811101PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
261Sanjay Singh B.Ed. CollegePlot no – 108, Vill – Saravan, Andhra Chowki, Po – Gorakhri, Tehsil/Taluka – Bikram, Town/City – Patna, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 801104PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
262Sant Maalik Memorial InstituteVill:- Bazaura, Street/Road: Dobhi Road, Taluka/Mandal: Bazaura, Town/City:-Bazaura, Dist:- Gaya, Bihar-824201PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
263Sant Tapasvi Narayan Das Shikshan SansthanPlot No. 3027, 3035, 3026, 3034, 3033, Vill- Dostpur Khairvi, Po- Bariyarpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Bathanaha, Town/City- Sitamarhi, Dist.- Sitamarhi, Bihar-843302PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
264Sarvoday B.Ed. CollegePlot Nos. 853, 854, 879, Vill- Karup, Po- Malwar, Tehsil/Taluka- Sheosagar, Town/City- Sasaram, Dist.- Rohtas, BiharPRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
265Sattar Memorial College of EducationPlot No. 1437, 1438, 1439, 1440, 1433, Street No. Harmen Road, Vill/Po/Town/City- Phulwari Sharif, Tehsil/Taluka- Phulwarisarif, Dist. Patna, Bihar-801505PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
266Satyam International Institute of Higher StudiesPlot no – 1342, Street No. Gaurichak, Vill – Gaurichak, Po – Fatehpur, Tehsil/Taluka – Sampatchak, Town/City- Patna, Dist – Patna, Bihar- 800007PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
267Satyanam Satyaguru B.Ed. CollegeVill – Ayachigram, Bairiya, Muzaffarpur, Street/ Road – Ayachigram, Main Road, Taluka/Mandal – Kanti, Town/City – Ayachigram, Bairiya, Muzaffarpur, Dist. – Muzaffarpur, Bihar – 842003PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
268Satyendra Kishan College of EducationPlot No. 802, 805, Street/Road- NH-28, Vill- Mishir Maniyari, Po- Silout, Tehsil/Taluka- Kudhani, Town/City- Muzaffarpur, Dist.- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843119PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
269Scholars College of EducationPlot No-457, Vill-Shivpur Pakrandha, Po-Patoot, Tehsil/Taluka-Bikram, Town/City-Bihta, Dist-Patna, Bihar-801101PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
270Seemanchal Minority B.Ed. CollegeVill:- Tauheed Nagar, Street / Road:-Baigna Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Katihar, Town/City :- Tauheed Nagar, Dist:- Katihar, Bihar-854105PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
271Shaheed Peer Ali Teacher Training CollegeVill.- Sakri, Street/Road- Sakri Purani Bazar Road, Taluka/Mandal- Pandaul, Town/City- Sakri, Dist.- Madhubani, Bihar-847239PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
272Shaheed Pramod B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 468, 467, Vill- Susta Madhopur, Po- Susta, Tehsil/Taluka- Mushahari, Town/City- Muzaffarpur, Dist.- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842002PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
273Shakuni Choudhary College of EducationVill:- Parvati Nagar (lakhanpur), Street/ Road:- Manikpur, Taluka / Mandal:- Tarapur, Town / City:- Parwati Nagar (lakhanpur), Dist: Munger, Bihar-813221PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
274Shakuntalam Institute of Teachers EducationPlot no – 1139, Vill – Kirhindih, Po – Sheoshagar, Tehsil/Taluka/ Town/City – Sasaram, Dist – Rohtas, Bihar- 821115PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
275Shams Teachers Training CollegeVill.- Katahari, Street/Road-Katahari, Taluka/ Mandal- Shikarpur, Town/City- Katahari, Dist.- Champaran West, Bihar-845449PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
276Shanti Memorial College of EducationPlot No.- 1258, 1230, Vill- Pirpar, Begumpur, Street/Road – Near by Kundalpur Jain Mandir, Taluka/Mandal – Noorsarai, Town/City – Begumpur, Dist – Nalanda, Bihar – 803111PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
277Shivam College of Higher StudiesPlot No.-243, Vill-Phulwaria Po-Baikathpur, Tehsil/Taluka-Khusrupur, Dist-Patna, Bihar-803202PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
278Shivpari Devi Teachers Training CollegePlot no – 1935 Old, 1101, 1103 New, Street no – Anand pur, Vill – Mahadeopurphulari, Po – Bihta, Tehsil/Taluka – Bihta, Town/City – Bihta, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 801503PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
279Shri Bhagwat Prasad Singh Memorial B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 212 (New), Street No. NH 2, Vill- Darbhanga, Deo More, G.T. Road, Po- Teldiha, Tehsil/Taluka- Madanpur, Town/City- Aurangabad, Dist.- Aurangabad, Bihar-824103PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
280Shri Narayan Sharma Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 661, 663, 682, 679, Street No. PWD Road, Vill- Bankat, Po- Bariyarpur, Tehsil/Taluka- Motihari, Town/City- Motihari, Dist.- Purba Champaran, Bihar-845401PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
281Shri Nityanand Jha College of EducationPlot No. 1908, 1909, 1911, 1914, 636, 637, Street No. Rajnagar, Vill- Sijoul, Po- Mailam, Tehsil/Taluka-Jhanjharpur, Town/City- Madhubani, Dist.- Madhubani, Bihar-847235PRIVATE100Sandip University (Formerly, Bihar School Examination Board)
282Shyam Sai Institute of EducationPlot No. – 41, 43, 44, 63, 67, 68, 82/2, 16, Vill – Shyamvedi, PO- Karom Via – Mairwa, Tehsil/Taluka – Darauli, Town/City – Mairwa, Dist – Siwan, Bihar – 841239PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
283Shyam School of EducationVill – Kirtaul, Street/ Road – Kirtaul, Taluka/ Mandal – Teghra, Town/ City – Kirtaul, Dist. – Begusarai, Bihar – 851112PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
284Siddique Memorial Teacher Training CollegePlot no – 473, 403, 195, Street/Road – Sarmastpur, Vill – Sarmastpur, Po – Chandanpatti, Tehsil/Taluka – Sakra, Town/City – Muzaffarpur, Dist – Muzaffarpur, Bihar – 843104PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
285Sidheshwar College of Teachers EducationPlot no – 405, 406, Vill – Meyari Bazar, Po – Meyari Bazar, Tehsil/Taluka – Nokha, Town/City – Meyari Bazar, Dist – Rohtas, Bihar – 802217PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
286Sindhu College of EducationVill.-Sarua (Khilkut), Street/Road – Sarua (Khilkut), Taluka/Mandal-Bounsi, Town/City-Sarua (Khilkut), Dist.- Banka, Bihar – 814104Private100Bihar School Examination Board
287Sonawati College of EducationVill – Bingama, St./Road – Mahanar Mohiuddin Nagar Road, Taluka/Mandal – Jalalpur, Mohanpur, Town/City – Bingama, Dist. – Samstipur, Bihar – 848506.PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
288Sri Krishna Manorama Shikshak Prashikshan MahavidyalayaPlot/Khasara no – 404/268, 410/259, 412/260 & 164, Vill – Dadhi, Pakaria, Po – Pakaria, Tehsil/Taluka – Shambhuganj, Town/City – Shambhuganj, Dist – Banka, Bihar – 813211PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
289Sri Ramchand Ram Laxmi Narayan Teachers Training CollegePlot no – 1259/(old)2053, Street no – Kurtha, Vill – Kurtha, Po – Kalanour, Tehsil/Taluak – Jehanabad, Town/City – Jehanabad, Dist – Jehanabad, Bihar – 804427PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
290Sri Shravan Kumar B.Ed. and D.El.Ed. CollegePlot no – 151, Street No. Kanpa, Vill/Po – Kanap, Tehsil/Taluka- Daudnagar, Town/City – Daudnagar, Dist – Aurangabad, Bihar – 824120PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
291SRP Teachers Training CollegePlot No. – 221, Street No. – Reyannagar, Vill – Madhopara, PO/Town/City-Purnea, Tehsil/Taluka-Purnea, Dist-Purnia, Bihar-854301PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
292St. Josephs Mishri Singh Vishwamohinee Memorial Teachers Training CollegePlot No.-457, Vill-Dalsingsarai, Po-Dalsingsarai, Tehsil/taluka-Dalsingsarai, Town/City-Dalsingsarai, Dist-Samastipur, Bihar-848114PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
293St. Paul Teachers Training CollegeBirsinghpur, Plot No.-1680, 1683, 1684, 1685, Street No.-102, Vill-Jhahuri, Po-Birsinghpur (Deorhi), Tehsil/Taluka-Kalyanpur, Town/City-Samastipur, Dist-Samastipur, Bihar-848102PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
294St. Teresa Primary Teachers Education CollegeChurch Road, Bettiah, West Champaran, Bihar-845348PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
295Subhwanti Institute of EducationVill:- Pachaura, Street/Road :- Pachaura, Taluka/ Mandal:- Siwan Sadar, Town/ City:- Pachaura, Dist:- Siwan, Bihar- 841427PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
296Sukhdeo Narayan Lal Bahadur Sita Ram Memorial B.Ed. CollegePlot No.-392, Street No.- NH-82, Village-Balwapar, P.O.-Malti, Tehsil/Taluka-Astahawan, Town/City-Astahawan, Dist-Nalanda, Bihar-803107PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
297Sundaram International Institute of Higher StudiesVill:- Gaurichak, Street / Road:-Patna Gaya Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Sampatchak, Town/City :- Gaurichak, Dist:- Patna, Bihar-800007PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
298Sushant Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 272, Village Road, Vill/Po- Nunfara, Tehsil/Taluka- Bandra, Town/City- Muzaffarpur, Dist.- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843115PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
299Sushila Sujata B.Ed. CollegePlot No. 192-195, Vill- Gonpura, Po- Khalilabad Netaul. Tehsil/Taluka- Dhanarua, Town/City- Patna, Dist.- Patna, Bihar-804452PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
300Swadeshi College of EducationPlot No-5 (P), Vill- G.C. Maranga, Po-Maranga, Tehsil/Taluka-Purnia, Town/City-Purnia, Dist-Purnia, Bihar-854301PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
301Swami Vivekanand B.Ed. CollegeVill:- Simultala, Street/ Road:- Chakai Road, Taluka / Mandal:- Jhajha, Town / City:-Simultala, Dist:- Jamui, Bihar-811316PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
302Tagore Teachers Training CollegePlot No. – 3177, 3178, 3179, 3190, 3434, Street No. – 317, Vill – Bishmabharpur, PO – Datiyana, Tehsil/Taluka – Bikram, Town/City – Bikram, Dist – Patna, Bihar – 801104PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
303Tapeshwar Singh Teachers Training CollegeVill – Kayam Nagar, Street/Road – Kayam Nagar, Taluka/Mandal – Koilwar, Town/City – Kayam Nagar, Dist – Bhojpur, Bihar – 802314PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
304Tara College of EducationPlot No: 72, 73, Vill/PO – Bikrampur, Tehsil/Taluka – Cheriyabariyarpur, Town/City- Manjaul, Dist.- Begusarai, Bihar- 851132PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
305Tarkeshwar Narain Agrawal Teachers Training CollegePlot Nos.-3852, 53, 56, Street No. NH-30, Vill-Harigon, PO-Sanya Brahatta, Tehsil/Taluka-Jagdishpur, Dist.-Bhojpur, Bihar-802162PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
306Teacher Training College, GayaPlot No. 529 B-2(P), Street No. NH-83, Vill- Industrial Area, Gaya. Po-Civil Aerodram, Tehsil/Taluka- Bodhgaya, Town/City- Gaya, Dist.- Gaya, Bihar-823004PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
307Teachers Training College, BhagalpurPlot No. D-9/10, Street No.-Barari, Vill/Po-Barari, Tehsil/Taluka- Sabour, Town/City-Bhagalpur, District-Bhagalpur, Bihar-812003PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
308The Oxford College of EducationVill:- Asadpur Satpura, Street / Road:- Satpura, Taluka/ Mandal:- Bhagwanpur, Town/City :- Asadpur Satpura, Dist:- Vaishali, Bihar-844114PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
309Trident Teachers Training CollegePlot No. 82, 87, 99 & 108, Street No. NH-28, Vill- Silout Bishunpur, Jainarayan, Po- Silout, Tehsil/Taluka- Kudhani, Town/City- Muzaffarpur, Dist.- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843119PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
310Triveni College of EducationPlot no – 2625, Vill – Kunti Nagar, Po – Nawada, Tehsil/Taluka – Nawada, Town/City – Nawada, Dist – Nawada, Bihar – 805110PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
311Uday Teachers Training CollegeVill:- Makhdumpur Chithaul Chakia, Street / Road:- Masaurhi Pali Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Masaurhi, Town/City :- Makhdumpur Chithaul Chakia, Dist:- Patna, Bihar-804452PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
312V.S. Group of CollegesPlot No. 2008-2009, Vill- Arawan, Khedhubigha, Po- Aat, Tehsil/Taluka- Wen, Bihar Sharif, Town/City- Bihar Sharif, Dist.- Nalanda, Bihar-803114PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
313Vaishali Institute of Education and TechnologyVill-Shahpur Tiwari, Street/Road-Totha, Taluka/Mandal- Lalganj, Town/City- Shahpur Tiwari, Dist- Vaishali, Bihar-844121PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
314Vedant Institute of Education and TechnologyVillage-Sahapur Tiwari, Street /Road:- Sahapur Tiwari, Taluka/Mandal:- Lalganj, Town/City :- Sahapur Tiwari, Dist:-Vaishalli, Bihar-844121PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
315Vedmati Bhabnath Chaudhary College of EducationVill-Chanpura Basaitha, Street/Road- Post-Basaitha, Taluka/ Mandal-Benipatti, Town/City-Chanpura Basaitha, Dist-Madhubani, Bihar-847102PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
316Vidya College of Professional StudiesPlot no.-410,411, Vill-Rasulpur Varuna, Po-Chipura, Tehsil/Taluka-Sampatchak, Town/City-Patna, Dist-Patna, Bihar-804453PRIVATE50Bihar School Examination Board
317Vikramaditya College of EducationVill:- Arawan, Khedhubigha, Street / Road:- Plot No- 2009, Khedhubigha Road, Taluka/ Mandal:- Wen, P.O- Aat, P.S.- Wen Town/City :- Arawan, Khedhubigha, Dist:- Nalanda, Bihar-803114.PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
318Vishun Rajdeo Teachers Training CollegePlot No.-685, 1, 2, Street No.-12, Vill-Kiratpur Rajaram, PO-Bhagawanpur, Tehsil/Taluka-Lalganj, Town/City- Hajipur, Dist.-Vaishali, Bihar-844114PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
319Vivekanand VIPF Institute of EducationVill:- Vats Vihar, Street/ Road:- Near Bazar Samiti, Taluka / Mandal:- Daudnagar, Town / City:- Vats Vihar, Dist:- Aurangaabad, Bihar-824113PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
320Vivekananda Institute of Primary EducationPlot No.749, 750, Street Number-NH57, Vill/PO-Basudevpur, Tehsil-Darbhanga Sadar, Town/City-Darbhanga, Dist -Darbhanga, Bihar-846005PRIVATE100Bihar School Examination Board
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