List of Best D.El.Ed. Colleges in Haryana

Do you want to become a teacher? Are you going to apply for D.El.Ed. admission in Haryana this year? Are you searching for the list of best D.El.Ed. colleges in Haryana? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top D.El.Ed. colleges in Haryana, India.

D El Ed colleges Haryana

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of D.El.Ed. colleges in Haryana, number of seats available for admission, type of the teacher training college, affiliation details and more.


Let us check out the list of D.El.Ed. colleges in Haryana now. Here it is –


List of D.El.Ed. colleges in Haryana

Sr No Name of the D.El.Ed. College Address Type of college Number of seats available Affiliated to
1 District Institute of Education & Training Madina ,Rohtak Government 155 SCERT
2 District Institute of Education & Training Bhiwani Government 105 SCERT
3 District Institute of Education & Training Rewari Government 50 SCERT
4 District Institute of Education & Training Mohara,ambala Government 105 SCERT
5 District Institute of Education & Training Beeswan Meel,Badhmalik,Sonepat Government 150 SCERT
6 District Institute of Education & Training Pali at Sec. – 16, Government 50 SCERT
7 District Institute of Education & Training Sirsa Government 200 SCERT
8 District Institute of Education & Training Gurgaon Government 150 SCERT
9 District Institute of Education & Training Shahpur,P.O. Sirsl,Karnal, Haryana Government 105 SCERT
10 government elementry tt ins. Bhiwani Government 50 SCERT
11 Government Senior Secondary School Kahwa,Via -Pillu Khera,Safidon,Jind Government 50 SCERT
12 Govt elementry tt ins. ellenabad Government 60 SCERT
13 Govt elementry tt ins. panchkula Government 155 SCERT
14 Govt. Elementary Teacher Training Institute Birhi Ralan,Bhiwani,Haryana Government 100 SCERT
15 Govt. Elementary Teacher Training Institute Pabra, Hisar Haryana Government 50 SCERT
16 District Institute of Education & Training, Palwal, Kurukshetra Govt. 150
17 A.M College of Education VPO- Majra Sheoraj, Tehsil- Rewari, District- Rewari, Haryana Private 50 SCERT, Gurgaon, Haryana
18 Aakash College Of Education Vill. -Chanderkalan,Tehsil -Tohana Private 50 SCERT
19 Abhay Singh College of Education Saharanwas Private 50 SCERT
20 Adarsh College Of Education Vill.-Niwaz Nagar,Post-Dharsoon,Tehsil-Narnaul Private 50 SCERT
21 Adarsh College Of Education VPO-Madina,Tehsil- Maham Private 50 Maharshi Dayanand University
22 Adarsh College of Education Vpo – Bargat, Tehsil – Babain Private 50 SCERT
23 Adarsh D.Ed. College Khewat No. 10-6, Khata No. 128, Khasra No. 53, VPO Shadipur-Julana, Distt. Jind, Haryana Private 50 Maharshi Dayanand University
24 Akash College of Education VPO-Gataull,Tehsil-Julana Private 50 SCERT
25 Al-Falah School of Education & Training Vill.-dhauj,Distt – faridabad Private 50 SCERT
26 Amir Chand Kakkar G.T Road,VPO-Shahabad Markanda,Tehsil-Shahabad Private 50 SCERT
27 Apex College of Education Tohana – Dangra-Saniana Road,Near-Barala farm,Bidhal Khera Private 50 SCERT
28 Arya D.Ed. Training School Vill.-Lalit Khera,Post-Nidana Private 50 Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University Jind
29 Arya Institute of Elementary Teacher Training VPO-Jhojhu Kalan,Tehsil-Charkhi Dadri Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
30 B.L. College of education Vill-Wazipur,Post-Gurgaon,Distt-Gurgaon Private 50 SCERT
31 B.M. College of Education Vill.-Hari Nagar,Tehsil- Farrukhnagar, Dist-Gurgaon Private 50
32 B.M. College Of Education Gardi Sarai Gohna Sonepat,Haryana Private 50
33 B.R.College of Education Vill.- Kurukshetra,Agriculture Land,Thanesar Private 50 SCERT
34 B.R.M. College Of Education Ward No -15,H.No. 136,Sharma Type College,Bhisham Marg,Tehsil -Gharaunda Private 100 SCERT
35 Baba Jai Ram Dass Elementary Teachers Educational Institute Satnali Road ,Khatod,Vill.-& Post-Khatod Private 50 SCERT
36 Baba Khyall Nath Shiksha Samiti, Vill.-Bhani Mahajpur,Post-Behlba,Tehsil-Meham Private 50 Maharshi Dayanand University
37 Bhagat Phool Singh Collage of Education Khanpur Kalan Sonipat, Haryana Private 50 SCERT
38 Bhagwan Parshuram College of Education VPO-Nara Sub.,Tehsil-Maslaunda Private 50 SCERT
39 Bharat College Of Education Village- Kandroli,Distt.Yamuna Nagar Private 50
40 Bharat Vidya Peeth College of Education VPO-Kasandi,Tehsil-Gohana Private 50 SCERT
41 Bhartiya Collegeof Education Chamdhera Road,VPO-Mohindergarh Private 50 SCERT
42 C.R.College Of Education VPO – Chandharywas,Tehsil – Hisar Private 50
43 Cambridge College of Education Vill. & PO- Birar,Jhajjar Private 50 SCERT
44 Cambridge college of education 120,Civil Lines,Gurgaon Private 50 SCERT
45 Ch. Katar singh memorial college of education VPO Gohana Private 50 SCERT
46 Ch.Kapoori Ram College of Education Vill.-Mahawati,Tehsil-Samalkha Private 50 SCERT
47 CH.P.R Memorial College of Education VPO -Sindhvi Khera,Gohana Road, Private 50 Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University Jind
48 Ch.Pratap Singh Memorial College of Education Marumal Boys Senior Secondary School Private 50 SCERT
49 CollgeOf Education Arya Kanya Gurukul, VPO – Mor Majra, Tehsil – Assandh, Distt. Karnal Private 50 SCERT
50 D.C.S. College of education VPO-Gohana,Jind Road,Tehsil-Gohana Private 100 SCERT
51 Dayanand Public School Vill.-Isharpur Kheri,PO-Nurankhera,Tehsil- Gohana Private 50 SCERT
52 Dayawanti Memorial College of Education Pada,Near Country Club on Pachgoan – Tauru Private 50 SCERT
53 Deen Dayal Ruatagi college of Education Vill,-& PO-Khandelwal,via-Haily Mandi Private 50 SCERT
54 Dr.B.R.Ambedkar College of Education Vill.- Kheri Markanda, Post-Kurukshetra Private 50 Kurushetra University
55 G.S. College Of Education VPO – Luhari, Thsil &Distt. – Jhajjar Private 50
56 Ganga College Of Education For JBT VPO -Dujana,Tehsil -Beri Private 50 SCERT
57 Ganpati College of Education, Village Bhori, P.O. Gujarwas, TehsnilNarnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh – 123 021, Haryana Private 50
58 Gaurav College of education Vill-Azam Nagar,Post-Dharsun,Tehsil-Narnaul Private 50 SCERT
59 GDR College of Education Vill.-Simla Molana,Post-Chandauli Private 50
60 Geeta Adarsh College of education Vill.Mehra,P/O. Bakali,Tehsil-Ladwa Private 50 SCERT
61 Geeta College of Education Vill.-Nimbari,Sanoli Road Private 50 SCERT
62 Geetangali institute of teacher trainig VPO- Nimbi,Tehsil Mohindergarh Private 50 SCERT
63 Gramin Sathli College Of Education VPO – Morwala, Tehsil – Charkhi Dadri Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
64 Green Valley College Of Education VPO -Shahpur, Jind Private 50 SCERT
65 Greenwood college of Education Meerut Road,Ranwar Private 50 SCERT
66 Guru Dronacharya College of Education Fatehabad Road,Near Radha Swami Satsung Bhawan,Bhuna Private 50 SCERT
67 Guru Har Krishan College of Education Raitkhana.PO-Udana Private 50
68 Gyan Bharti College Of Education Vill.- Indergarh,Post- Indri Private 50 SCERT
69 Gyan Jyoti D.Ed. College VPO-Kassani Private 50
70 Harsh College Of Education Purkhas Ganaur Sonepat, Haryana Private 50
71 Haryana College of Education Vill.-Mehrana,Po-dhani Phogat,Tehsil_Charkhi Dadri Private 50 SCERT
72 Hindu College of Education Sonepat,Haryana Private 50 SCERT
73 Inder Prastha College of Education Vill-Chinalia,Post-Nangal Katha,Tehsil-Narnaul Private 50
74 Indian Bits Institute Of Education Kanina road,V.P.O. – Bhojawas Distt. Mohinder Garh Private 50
75 J.B.M.College Of Education VPO – Shadlpur(Julana), Distt. – Jind Private 50 Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University Jind
76 J.G.College of Education c/o Bharat Sainik school,Hisar Road Private 50 Chaudhary Devi Lal University
77 J.R. Institute Of Education Vill.& Post – Jainpur Jattan, Po -Ladwa, Haryana Private 50 Kurushetra University
78 J.R.Memorial College of Education Vill.- Rewari,Jhajjar Road, Near Uma Bharti Public School Private 50 SCERT
79 Jaat College of Education VPO – Karnal,Distt – Karnal Private 50 SCERT
80 Jagriti insitute of higher education Mohna Ballabhgarh Private 50 SCERT
81 Jankiji College of Education Vill.-Marwa Kalan,The-Bilaspur Private 50 SCERT
82 Jeevan Jyoti Institute of Education VPO-Mandola Private 50 Indira Gandhi University Meerpur
83 K.D. College Of Education Vill.- Dhani Bhatota,Narnaul Private 100 SCERT
84 K.N. College of Education VPO-Charkhi Dadri, Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
85 Kanya Gurukul College of Education Vill.-Shadipur,Post-Julana Private 50 Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University Jind
86 Keshav College of Education Vpo-salwan,Tehsil-Assandh Private 50 SCERT
87 Kinder Kin College Of Education V.P.O. – Ahar, Tehsil – Israna Distt. Panipat Private 50
88 Kirorl Mal College of Education VPO-Khewra, Sonepat Private 50 SCERT
89 Kissan College Of Education Meham -Madina Road,Meham Private 50 SCERT
90 Krishna College of education Nahar Road Kosli Sadat nagar Rewari Private 50 SCERT
91 KVM college of Education Ladhot Road, Rohtak Private 50 Maharshi Dayanand University
92 Ladwa College Of Education Vill. -Bapda, Tehsil – Thanesar, Distt. – Kurukshetra Private 50 SCERT
93 Lala Ami Chand Monga Memorial College of Education Vill.-Abdullah Garh ,Post-Ugala,Tehsil-Barara Private 50 SCERT
94 Laxmi College Of Education Vill. -Kasam Manesar, Private 50 SCERT
95 Lord Krishna College Of Education Vpo-sihma,Narnaul Private 50 SCERT
96 Lord Krishna College Of Education VPO-Adhloy,Tehsil-Barara Private 50 SCERT
97 Lord Shiva College Of Education VPO-Lahli,Rohtak Private 50 SCERT
98 Lord Shiva College Of Education Vill.-Khalia Majra,Dahar Private 50 SCERT
99 M.D. College Of Education Village PO – Rajound Pundri Road Rajound Kaithal Private 50 SCERT
100 M.D. College of Education Sarai Aurangabad-Bahadur Garh Private 50 SCERT
101 M.D.High School Satnali, Mohindergarh Private 50 SCERT
102 M.L.A.College of Education Vill.-Jatauli-Haily Mandi,Post-Hally Mandi,Tehsil-Pataudi Private 50
103 M.L.M.Institute of Education VPO-Sohansara,Tehsil-Loharu Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
104 M.R. Dav College Of Education 5Th Km Stone Sonepat Road, Rohatak Private 100 SCERT
105 Maharana Pratap college of Education Vpo- Dhanonda,Block Kanina Private 50 SCERT
106 Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati College Of Education VPO. – Kosli Tehsil – Kosli,Distt. Rewari Private 50 Indira Gandhi University Meerpur
107 Mahipat Singh College of education Vill-Saral Aurangabad,Tehsil-Bahadurgarh Private 50 SCERT
108 Major Nafe Singh Kungariya College of Education Kunger,Bawani Khera,Bhiwani Private 50 SCERT
109 Manohar Memorial College of Education Sirsa Road Private 50 SCERT
110 Mata Harki Devi College of Education for Women VPO-Odhan,Sirsa Private 50 SCERT
111 Mata Jiyo Devi College of Education VPO-Khanda Kheri, Tehsil-Bass Private 50 SCERT
112 Mewat Minority Education and Rural Development Society Ploat No. 26, Vill-Roopraka, Distt-Mewat Private 50 SCERT
113 Minerva College Of Education VPO-Taraori Private 50 SCERT
114 Modern College Of Education V.P.O. – Dehra, Tehsil – Samalkha, Distt. Panipat Private 50 SCERT
115 Modern College Of Education Khori Sodh,Sampla, Rohtak Private 50 SCERT
116 Modern College of Education Vishnu Nagar,Ward No.-12,Gohana Private 50 SCERT
117 Modern Indian College of Education Vill.-Pali,Post-Kund Private 50 SCERT
118 Muh Jain College Of Education Village ChanderKalan The. Tohana Fatehabad, Haryana Private 100 SCERT
119 Mukhi College of Education Ward No.-12,Vishnu Nagar, Gohana Private 50 SCERT
120 Najanda Elementry Teachers Educational Institute VPO- Dalanwas, Tehsil – Mohindergarh Private 50
121 Nalwa College Of Education Vill. -Ujha,Post- Risalu Private 50 SCERT
122 Narayana College Of Education Vill – Kutana,Shastri Nagar,Post- Rohtak Private 50 SCERT
123 Naryana College Of Education Village- Bhattu Mandi, Vidya Gram, Dist. Fatehabad, State- Haryana. Private 50 SCERT
124 Navyug College of Education Old Rohtak Road, Prabhu Nagar, Sonepat, Haryana Private 50
125 Navyug College of Education Vill.-Bhalyapur,Post-Ladhot Private 50 Maharshi Dayanand University
126 New Kanshi D.Ed. Trining School VPO-Behbalpur Private 50
127 NIC College of Education VPO-Assan Private 50 Maharshi Dayanand University
128 Nihal Singh D.Ed College Village Kalupur Chungie,Lehrara, Distt. Sonepat Private 50
129 NRJ College of Education VPO-Jhojhu Kalan,Tehsil-Charkhi Dadri Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
130 Om College Of Education Post.- Khandrai, Teh.- Gohana, Dist.- Sonepat, State- Haryana. Private 50 SCERT
131 Paradise College of education Jaurasi,Pamati Road 4th Mile stone Vill Jaurasi Private 50 SCERT
132 Paramount education Society VPO-Chhuchhakwas,Tehsil-Jhajjar Private 50 SCERT
133 Pitamah Umda singh College of education VPO-Dhanonda,Tehsil-Kanlna Private 50 SCERT
134 R.K.College of Education 21st km. Stone ,sonepat Road,Humayunpur Private 50 Maharshi Dayanand University
135 R.L College of education Indri Road,Darar,Karnal Private 50 SCERT
136 R.M.R.CollegeOf Education VPO – Nahar,Tehsil – Kosli Distt.Rewari Private 50 Indira Gandhi University Meerpur
137 R.S.Ch. Pratap Charitable Trust Society Nirmal Kunj, Jarnailly Kothi, Karnal Private 50 SCERT
138 Ram Jas College of Education Govind Nagar Private 50
139 Rani Laxmi Bai College of Education Vill – Mangoli Jattan,Post – Sanghour, Tehsil- Babain Private 50 Kurushetra University
140 Rao Mohar singh College of Education Killa No.-35/13/2, Mehrana road,VPO-Jatauli,Tehsil-Pataudi, District -Gurugram, Haryana Private 100 SCERT
141 Rao Neki Ram Memorial College Of Education Turkapur,Bas Padmaka, Private 50 SCERT
142 Rao Ranjeet College Of Education Vill.-&Post- Bodla Kamalpur, Distt. Rewari Private 50 Indira Gandhi University Meerpur
143 Rao Udmi Ram Memorial College of Education Jamalpur,Tehsil-Farukh Nagar,Distt-Gurgaon Private 50 SCERT
144 S.D. D.Ed Training School Vill. – Amrawali Post -PiluKhera, Tehsil – Safidon Private 50 Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University Jind
145 S.D.College Of Education VPO -Khori -Tehsil – Rewari Private 50 Indira Gandhi University Meerpur
146 S.D.College Of Education VPO – Ishawrwal,Tehsil – Tosham,Distt.Bhiwani Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
147 S.D.College Of Education VPO – Khidwali,Tehsil – Rohtak Private 50
148 S.D.Institute Of Education V.P.O. Kakrala, The. Kanlna Private 50
149 S.D.M Teacher Training Institute Vill. – Dadhi Bana, Post – Adampur Dadhi Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
150 S.L.D. Girls College of Education Vill.-Chhaproula,Post-Dhatri,Tehsil-Palwal Private 50
151 S.M College of Elementary teacher Education VPO-Makrauli khurd Private 50 SCERT
152 S.P.S.Janta College of Education VPO-Mustafabad Private 50 SCERT
153 S.R.G. College Of Education Thuna Road,Kharkhoda, Private 50 SCERT
154 S.R.M. College of Education VPO-Anupgarh Private 50 SCERT
155 Sanatan Dharam Sr. Secondary School Near Gaushala, Jhajjar,Haryana Private SCERT
156 Sanskrit Institute of Educatiion & Technology Vill.-Amarpur Jorasi,PO-basirpur,Tehsil- Narnual Private 50 SCERT
157 Sant Jai Ram Das College Of Education Dadri Narnaul Road, Pall Private 50 SCERT
158 Sant Nischal Singh Collage of Education for Woman Santhpura,Yamana Nagar, Haryana Private 50 SCERT
159 Sant Roshan Lal College of education Vill-Dhani,Tehsil-Tosham Private 50 SCERT
160 Santi Niketan College of Education 12th Km stone ,Toshan Road,Vpo- Ladwa Private 50 SCERT
161 Saraswati Colladge of Education 12th KM Stone, Toshem Road,Vill- Mangali, Brahmanan Private 50 SCERT
162 Saraswati College of Education Kanina Road,Sehlang Private 50
163 Saraswati College of Education Kawi Road,VPO- Madlauda Private 50
164 Saraswati College of Education VPO-Chahar Kalan,Tehsil- Loharu Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
165 Saraswati Vidya Mandir College Of Education Hisar by Pass,Meham,Rohtak,Haryana Private 50 SCERT
166 Sardar Patel College Of Education 484/532,485/583, farukh Nagar Private 50 SCERT
167 Sarswati Vidya Mandir College Of Education Firozpur Jhirka Private 50 SCERT
168 Satyam College Of Education 18 New Braham Colony,VPO – Sonepat Private 50
169 Savitri Devi College of Education VPO-Kanina Private 50
170 SGM College of Education VPO-Dahar, Panipat Private 50
171 Sh. Kartar Singh Yats Memorial College Of Education Khurana Road, Patiala Bye Pass, Distt. – Kaithal Private 50
172 Sh. Som Prakash Vats Memorial College of Education Jhasna Road Private 50 Kurushetra University
173 Shiv College of Education Village & PO- Tigaon Private 50 SCERT
174 Shivalik D.Ed College Of Education VPO – Sabopur,Tehsil -Jagdhari Private 50
175 Shivalik D.Ed College Of Education Jyoti Nagar, Vill.-Khod,Post-Ateli Mandi Private 50
176 Shivam College Of Education Village&Post – Lohani,Distt. – Bhiwani Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
177 Shree Ganpati Institute of education & technology faizabad Hudina Narnaul Private 50 SCERT
178 Shree Ram Mulakh College of Education diya yog mandir,sector-7 Private 50 SCERT
179 Shree Sat Guru Dev College of Education VPO-Golpura,Tehsil-Barwala Private 50
180 Shri Ganesh Elementary Teachers Educational Institute Narnaul – Mohindergarh Road,Nangal Sirohi Private 50
181 Shri Krishna College of Education Indri Road,Ramba Private 50
182 Shri Krishna College of Education Diwan Colony,Behind DSP Office,Railway Road Private 50 SCERT
183 Shri Ram College of Education Diwan Colony,Near DSP Office Private 50 SCERT
184 Shri Ram Shiksha Samiti Khewat No. 209-158, Majra Road, Mahendergarh Private 50 SCERT
185 Shri S.R.College of Education VPO-kachhwa Private 50
186 Shri Sai Baba Mast Nath Institute of Educational Training and Research Asthal Bohat,Rohtak Private 50 Maharshi Dayanand University
187 Shri Shanti sagar Jain Girls College of Education Civil Lines, Ferozpur Jhirka Private 50 SCERT
188 Shri Shiv Mandir Sanatan Dharam High School Uchana, Jind, Harayana Private 50 SCERT
189 Shri Shiv Mandir Sanatan Dharam Sr. Sec. School & D.Ed. Centre Uchana Kalan Private 100 SCERT
190 ShriSai Baba College Of Education VPO – Jhangirpur,Tehsil – Jhjjar Private 50
191 Siri Shiv Chaitanya College of education Bhora Kalan,Main road Farukh nagar Private 50 SCERT
192 Sky Lark College of Education VPO-Barwala ,Tehsil-Barwala Private 50
193 Smt.Indira Devi College of Education Vill.-Sangipur,Tehsil- Radaur Private 50 SCERT
194 South Point College of Education Purkhas Road ,Near Sugar Mill Private 50 SCERT
195 Sraswati vidya mandir College Of Education V+PO Ferozpur Jhirka, Distt. Mewat Private 50
196 SRM College of eduaction(Women) VPO-Talwandi Rana,Tehsil-Hisar Private 50 SCERT
197 St. Paul College of Education, Para Khewat No-825, Khatoni No-998, Killa No-51/14, Dist.-Rohtak Private 50 SCERT, Gurgaon, Haryana
198 St. Paul’s College Of Education Village- Neemka, Dist.- Faridabad, State- Haryana Private 50 SCERT
199 Surya College Of Education Vill.-Baliala,post-Tohana Private 50
200 Surya College Of Education V.P.O. Bhanokheri,Distt. Ambala Private 50
201 Swami Devi Dayal College of Education Vill.-Golpura,Tehsil-Barwala Private 50 SCERT
202 Swami Ganesh Nand sansthan Dharma College of Education Uchana Kalan Private 100 SCERT
203 Swami Vivekanand College Of Education VPO-Alahar,Tehsil-Radaur Private 50
204 Swami Vivekanand Teacher Training Institution Thapar Colony,Workshop Road Private 50
205 Swastika College Of Education Vill.- Toshama,Tehsil – Toshama,Distt.Bhiwani Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
206 Tagore College of Education Majara Khurd,Distt.-Mohindergarh Private 50 SCERT
207 Tau Devi Lal Memorial College of Education Vill.-Manana,Post-Samalkha,Tehsil-Samalkha Private 50
208 Tulsi College Of Education For Women Village – Roopamajra Post Dhurkara THE. Ambala Private 50 SCERT
209 Vardey Devi College of Education Brahmanwas Private 50 SCERT
210 Venteshwara College Of Education Vill & P.o-Rajpur, Distt-Sonepat Haryana Private 50 SCERT
211 Vicion International College Of Education Vill.+Post – Dhansu,Near Deer Park Private 50 SCERT
212 Vikramaditya Group of educational institute 4K.M.,Sonepat Road,Sampla,Morkheri,Tehsil-Sampla Private 50 SCERT
213 Vishwa Bharti College of Education VPO-Jagadhi,Tehsil-Jagadhri,Yamuna Nagar, Private 100 SCERT
214 Women College Of Education Jhujhu Kalan,Bhiwani Private 50 SCERT
215 Yash College of Education VPO-Roorkee Private 50 SCERT
216 YPS Memorial College Of Education Village& Post – Kakroli,Sardara, Private 50 Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
217 Arya College of Education Vill.- Bherian, Post- Muklan, Tehsil- Hissar, Distt.- Hissar- 125007, Haryana PVT 50 SCERT, Haryana
218 I.P.J. College VPO- Ismaila, Rohtak Road, Distt.- Rohtak, Haryana PVT 50 Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak
219 Nav Gyan Institute of Education Village- Kothal Kalan, Post Office- Kothal Kalan District- Mohindergarh-123028 Pvt. 50 SCERT
220 Advanced Institute of Education 70 k.m. Delhi-Mathura Road, Post- Aurangabad, Tehsil- Hodal, District- Faridabad- 121105, Haryana 50 SCERT, Haryana
222 H.N. College of Education, VPO-Sanga, Tehsil-Bhiwani, Dist-Bhiwani 50
223 Haryana College of Education Plot No.- 805, Street No.-RTK RD, Village- Kinana, Post Office- Kinana, Tehsil/Taluka- Julana, Town/City- Jind, District- Jind-126101, State- Haryana 50 SCERT
226 Shah Satnam ji College of Education Shah Mastana ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa, Haryana 50 Kurukshetra University
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