GNM Colleges in Odisha: Seats, Admission, List & More

Are you searching for the list of GNM colleges in Odisha? Are you all set to apply for GNM admission in Odisha this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best GNM colleges in Odisha. In this list, readers will find both government and private GNM institutes.

GNM Colleges Odisha

Here, readers will find the following details –

  • List of GNM colleges in Odisha
  • Address of each institute
  • Seat availability
  • Type of GNM institute (Govt or Private)


After going through this post, readers will get a better idea about the admission process and seat availability. It will also help them choose an ideal GNM college! You may also check – List of scholarships after 10th in India. For job opportunities, please check – Govt jobs after 10th in Odisha & govt jobs after 12th in Odisha. For science courses, please check – science courses in Odisha after 12th.


GNM is a diploma level nursing education course. It stands for General Nursing and Midwifery. The course duration is 3 years. Candidates who have passed 12th standard are eligible to pursue GNM course. Even registered ANMs are eligible to apply for GNM admission in Odisha.


Come, let us check out the list of GNM institutes in Odisha now. Here it is –


List of GNM colleges in Odisha

Sr No Name of the GNM College Number of GNM seats for admission District
1 Seva School of Nursing, At – Indrahari Nagar , Po – Turanga, Angul-759123, Odisha 30 Angul
2 General Nursing & Midwifery Training School ,  N. S .C.H, Talcher, At/Po-Dera, Talcher,
Odisha- 759103
20 Angul
3 Sushree Institute of Technical Education -A, School of Nursing, Pallishree Vihar, At/ Po-
Sadaipali, Dist -Balangir, Odisha-767065
40 Balangir
4 Bhagabati School of Nursing , At/Po -Padmapur, Saragan Via: Sunhat Balasore, Odisha 20 Balasore
5 St. Thomas School of  Nursing, Jyoti Hospital, Campus, Po-Kuruda, Dist-Balasore-756056,
30 Balasore
6 Vikash GNM Training School,  At/ Po – Januganj, Dist  – Balasore , Odisha 30 Balasore
7 Janaki  Devi   Senior   Nursing  School,  At-  Salandi,  Bypass,  Po/Dist-Bhadrak,  Odisha-
30 Bhadrak
8 Salandi School of Nursing, Nh – 5, Motel Square Tehsil – Bhadrak, Dist- Bhadrak, Odisha 20 Bhadrak
9 Subham School of Nursing,  At – Nayabazar Tehsil – Bhadrak , Dist-Bhadrak 756100
30 Bhadrak
10 School  of  Nursing,  SCB  Medical  College  Hospital,
PO / Dist – Cuttack -753007, Odisha
100 Cuttack
11 Ashwini School of Nursing, Plot No- 8 (P), Mouza- Tangarhuda Ps No- 20, Tehsil No-
194, Cuttack Sro Dist- Cuttack, Odisha
40 Cuttack
12 Choudwar School of Nursing, At/Po-Agrahat, Via-choudwar, Dist- Cuttack, Odisha 20 Cuttack
13 D R I E M S School of Nursing, At -Kairapari, Po – Kotsahi Tangi, Dist- Cuttack, Odisha-
60 Cuttack
14 Gopabandhu   Institute   of   Medical   Science   &   Research,   Vill   –   Madhabpur,   Po   –
Mahakalabasta, Via – Athgarh, Dist-Cuttack, Odisha- 754029
40 Cuttack
15 Odisha Nursing Training Institute Pension Lane, Buxi Bazar Dist Cuttack- 753001, Odisha 20 Cuttack
16 Sabarmati School of  Nursing, At-Mahanadi Vihar, Po- Nayabazar, Dist- Cuttack-
40 Cuttack
17 Sarada Devi Institute of  Medical Science, #1525, Mahanadi Vihar, Dist- Cuttack –
40 Cuttack
18 Narmada School & College of Nursing , At: Nuapada, Po: Nuabazar, PS-Madhupatna, Dist – Cuttack-753004 40 Cuttack
19 School  of  Nursing,  District  Head  Quarter  Hospital,
Dist-Dhenkanal, Odisha
50 Dhenkanal
20 School   of   Nursing,   M   K   C   G   Medical   College Hospital,  Berhampur, Dist-Ganjam -760004, Odisha 100 Ganjam
21 Christian Hospital, School of  Nursing,Berhampur , Ganjam 760001 ,Odisha 30 Ganjam
22 School of Nursing & Health Sciences, Hill Patna, Behrampur-760005 ,Odisha 40 Ganjam
23 Mahima School of Nursing, At-Gopalsagar College Square, Dist-Jagatsinghpur-754103,
20 Jagatsingpu
24 Narayani   School of Nursing,  Gandhi  Chouk, Bada  Bazaar,  Dist – Jagatsinghpur –
754103, Odisha
50 Jagatsingpu
25 General Nursing & Midwife Training School, Central Hospital , IB valley , Mahanadi Coal
Fields ltd., At/P.O- Brajrajnagar, Dist:- Jharsuguda, Odisha-768216
20 Jharsuguda
26 Jharsuguda GNM Training College, At/Po-Jharsuguda, Dist- Jharsuguda, Odisha 40 Jharsuguda
27 School  of  Nursing,  District  Head  Quarter  Hospital,
Dist-Kalahandi, Odisha
60 Kalahandi
28 Sarala GNM Training College, Near Jayaprakash Narayan Evening College, Bawanipatna,
Dist – Kalahandi, Odisha – 766001
30 Kalahandi
29 School  of  Nursing,  District  Head  Quarter  Hospital,
Dist- Kandhamal, Odisha
50 Kandhamal
30 Kandhamal G N M Training College, At-Rujangi, Near Bandhasahi (Backside Anganabari
Kendra), Po – Pokana Gaon, Dist – Kandhamal, Odisha-762002
40 Kandhamal
31 Ramadevi School of Nursing, Pattamundai (By Pass Chak) Kendrapara, District-
40 Kendrapara
32 Tulasi G N M Training Centre, Gopa, Po – Keshpura, Dist-Kendrapara, Odisha 60 Kendrapara
33 Surya School of  Nursing, At/Po – Hatadihi, Dist – Kenojhar -758082,Odisha 30 Keonjhar
34 Anjali  College  of  Nursing  Studies,  At-Uttara  Chaka,  Po-  Kousalyaganga,  Bhubaneswar,
Dist- Khurda, Odisha-751002
40 Khurda
35 Bhava  Institute  of  Medical  Science  &  Research,   Plot-1480,  IRC  Village,  Nayapalli,
Bhubaneswar-751015, Odisha
40 Khurda
36 Bhubaneswar School of Nursing, At-94, Dharmavihar, Po/Via – Khandagiri, Dist-Khurda,
Odisha – 751030
40 Khurda
37 Biswanath  Institute  of  Medical  Technology  ,  Plot  No-210/1320,  Sarala  Nagar,  Ns  Road,
Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar, Dist-Khurda, Odisha-751006
20 Khurda
38 Gitanjali School of Nursing, Plot No. 897, Talagada Dist- Khordha, Bhubaneswar 30 Khurda
39 Hitech School of Nursing, Health  Park, Pandara, Po- G.G.P. Bhubaneswar-751025, Odisha 60 Khurda
40 Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Deemed University Campus- V) , At/Po- KI I T,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha – 751 024
50 Khurda
41 Kalinga  Nursing  School,   Kalinga  Hospital  Limited,   Chandrasekharpur,   Bhubaneswar,
60 Khurda
42 Kuntala Devi School of Nursing, New Bus Stand Road, Po- Khurda, Dist-Khurda, Odisha –
40 Khurda
43 Lord  Jagannath  Mission’s  School  of  Nursing,  Plot  No.228/237,  Sector  –  A,  Zone-B, Mancheswar Indl. Estate, Po- Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751010 90 Khurda
44 Maa Annapurna School of Nursing, Plot No.2764/4805, Nageswar Tangi Bhubaneswar,
Khurda 751002 ,Odisha
30 Khurda
45 Manjari Devi School of Nursing, Plot no- 262 AT: Puruna Padhan, PO: Sisilo,  Via
Balakati PS Balianta Khurda
50 Khurda
46 Mothers Nursing School, Plot No-120 B, Kalinga Nagar, K – 1, Ghatikia, Bhubaneswar,
Dist-Khurda, Odisha – 751003
40 Khurda
47 National Institute of Medical & Management Studies, 392-A/B, Baramunda, Khurda,
Bhubaneswar – 751003 ,Odisha
40 Khurda
48 Neelachal Institute of Nursing School, Co-Housing Complex, Unit -III Kharvel
Nagar,Janpath – Khordha- 751001,Odisha
20 Khurda
49 Netaji School of Nursing, Plot No. 262 (B),District Centre Chandrasekharpur Khurda,
Bhubaneswar 751016 ,Odisha
50 Khurda
50 Prativa Devi  School of Nursing, Plot No-532, Satyanagar, Po –Saheednagar, Dist-Khurda-
751007, Odisha
30 Khurda
51 Prativa Devi School of Nursing, Plot No-79, Kharvel Nagar, Unit – III, Bhubaneswar,
Odisha- 751001
40 Khurda
52 S I E M S School of Nursing, Plot No-467,Madhusudan Nagar, Side of New A G Colony,
Bhubaneswar,Dist- Khurda, Odisha- 751012, Odisha
30 Khurda
53 Shree Mahavir School of Nursing,  Plot No-. 2936/9793, Palasuni, Near Saptasati Temple,
Bhubaneswar- 25, Odisha
40 Khurda
54 Sum Nursing School, K- 8, Kalinga Nagar- 1,Bhubaneshwar , Dist-Khurda 751003 ,Odisha 75 Khurda
55 Vivekananda Institute of Social Work & Social Science ( V I S W A S S ) School of Nursing, P No. 474, Pitapalli Square, N H-5, Po- Kumarbast, Dist- Khurda-752055,Odisha 60 Khurda
56 Koraput GNM Training College , At/Po –Pujaripur Near Kasturaba Hostel, Backsitde of
Kalyani Mandap, Dist – Koraput, Odisha.
40 Koraput
57 Satyanarayan Gnm Training College At –Sambayaguda, Po – Malkangiri, Dist. Malkangiri,
30 Malkangiri
58 Bijupattanaik   GNM   Training   School,   Takatpur,   Baripada,   Dist-Mayurbhanj,   Odisha-
40 Mayurbhanj
59 Shaikh School of  Nursing, At/PO: Gudialbandha PS- Badasahi  Dist-Mayurbhanj 50 Mayurbhanj
60 District G N M Training Center, District Head Quarter Hospital, Dist- Nabarangpur, Odisha- 764059 ,Odisha 60 Nabrangpur
61 Blue Wheel Institute Of Nursing Sciences At/PO- Chandpur, Via/ Ps – Ranpur Dist
Nayagarh ,Odisha
45 Nayagarh
62 Kuntala Devi School  of Nursing,  At/Po-Debatra  Colony,  Samanta Marg,  Dist -Nayagarh,
Odisha – 752069
30 Nayagarh
63 Pathani Samanta Nursing Centre, At Hatadwara, Po-Similisahi , Dist-Nayagarh 30 Nayagarh
64 Gopinath GNM Training College, At/Po – Godfula, Dist – Nuapada, Odisha-766105 50 Nuapada
65 Sri Jagannath School of Nursing, C/o- Mr. Mukesh Kumar Vasani, At /Post- Khariar, Road
Nuapada, Odisha
30 Nuapada
66 Susila Devi Batakrishna Nursing School, Door No-866/1379, Street- Rajpur, Nuapada, At/
Po/ Dist-Nuapada-766105,Odisha
40 Nuapada
67 Pallichandan School Of Nursing, At/Po-Nimapara (Women’s College Road) Dist -Puri,
Odisha-752106 ,Odisha
30 Puri
68 Priyanka Devi School of Nursing, Gadadhar Bihar, Baliguali, Dist- Puri – 2, Odisha 40 Puri
69 Sailabala School of Nursing, At-Sailashrinibas, Narendrakona, Po -Puri Town, Dist-Puri,
30 Puri
70 Sri Jagannath GNM Training School , At/Po- Milk City, Near Balighai, Puri-Konark Road,
Dist – Puri, Odisha-752002
40 Puri
71 Sahayoga Institute of GNM Training College , At – Kasturi Nagar, 5th Lane, Po/Dist
–Rayagada, Odisha – 765001 ,Odisha
30 Rayagada
72 School of Nursing, Christian Hospital, Bissamcuttack, Dist-Rayagada, Odisha-654022 20 Rayagada
73 Smt Susila Devi Institute of Nursing Education , Sai Priya Nagar, Near Nyr School , Dist-
30 Rayagada
74 School  of  Nursing,  VSS    Medical  College  Hospital,
Burla, Dist- Sambalpur -768010, Odisha
100 Sambalpur
75 Koshala GNM Training School, Dhanupali, Sambalpur Dist- Sambalpur- 768005, Odisha 40 Sambalpur
76 Sambalpur Nursing School, At: ASA Academy PO Jayantpur Dist Sambalpur 12, Odisha 30 Sambalpur
77 School  of  Nursing,  District  Head  Quarter  Hospital,
Dist-Sundergarh, Odisha
30 Sundergarh
78 Catholic Mission Hospital, School of Nursing, San- Nuagaon, Chikatmatti,  Po/Via-
Kalunga Sundergarh 770031 ,Odisha
20 Sundergarh
79 IIMT School of Nursing, S 3 M 4, Chhend, Colony, Kalinga  Vihar Sundergarh
Rourkela769015 ,Odisha
20 Sundergarh
80 Nurses Training  Institute, Ispat General Hospital , Rourkela, Sector  -19 , Dist-Sundargarh
– 769011, Odisha
60 Sundergarh
81 Sundergarh Gnm Training College At Sankara Dist.Sundargarh, Odisha 35 Sundergarh
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