Best HBCU Colleges That Don’t Require SAT or ACT Scores

Are you a high school graduate? Do you want to pursue a job-oriented Bachelor’s Degree course after completing high school diploma? Are you searching for HBCU colleges, which don’t require ACT or SAT scores? Or have you scored too low in SAT or ACT, and want a HBCU college that will accept applicants with low SAT or ACT scores? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best HBCU colleges that don’t need SAT or ACT scores.

HBCU without ACT SAT

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of HBCU colleges that don’t require ACT or SAT scores, location of the college/university, type of the college/university (private, public, trust etc.) & additional information.


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In other words, if you have a low SAT or ACT score OR you haven’t taken ACT/SAT, you will still be able to secure admission into any of these HBCU colleges and pursue a job-oriented Bachelor’s Degree/Associate Degree program!


Come, let us check out the list of HBCU colleges & universities that don’t require SAT or ACT tests for admission. Here it is –


List of best HBCU colleges & universities that don’t require SAT or ACT scores

Sr No Name of the HBCU college/university Type of the programs/degrees offered Type of the institute Location
1 Bishop State Community College 2-year (Associate Degree) Public Mobile, AL
2 Gadsden State Community College 2-year (Associate Degree) Public Gadsden, AL
3 Lawson State Community College 2-year (Associate Degree) Public Birmingham, AL
4 Miles College 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Fairfield, AL
5 Selma University 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Selma, AL
6 Shelton State Community College 2-year (Associate Degree) Public Tuscaloosa, AL
7 Talladega College 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Talladega, AL
8 Arkansas Baptist College 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Little Rock, AR
9 Southern University at Shreveport 2-year (Associate Degree) Public Shreveport, LA
10 Lincoln University 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Public Jefferson City, MO
11 Coahoma Community College 2-year (Associate Degree) Public Clarksdale, MS
12 Hinds Community College 2-year (Associate Degree) Public Raymond, MS
13 North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Public Greensboro, NC
14 Livingstone College 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Salisbury, NC
15 Saint Augustine’s University 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Raleigh, NC
16 Clinton College 2-year (Associate Degree) Private Rock Hill, SC
17 Denmark Technical College 2-year (Associate Degree) Public Denmark, SC
18 Tennessee State University 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Public Nashville, TN
19 Jarvis Christian College 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Hawkins, TX
20 Southwestern Christian College 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Terrell, TX
21 St. Philip’s College 2-year (Associate Degree) Public San Antonio, TX
22 Texas College 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Tyler, TX
23 Wiley College 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Marshall, TX
24 Virginia University of Lynchburg 4-year (Bachelor’s Degree) Private Lynchburg, VA


What is a HBCU college/university?

HBCU stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In simple terms, these are higher education institutes that were established before the Civil Rights act of 1964. These institutes were established with the aim of serving and educating African American students.


Why do these HBCU colleges & universities don’t need SAT or ACT scores?

In simple terms, these institutes follow the open admission process. Open admission process is a non-competitive admission process. Under this system, the college/university won’t necessarily need the candidate to have appeared for any competitive exam (like ACT or SAT).


The main purpose of tests like ACT & SAT is – to facilitate competitive admission process. Under competitive admission process, seats are awarded to candidates who perform well in tests like ACT or SAT. So, it becomes necessary for a candidate to secure good SAT or ACT score, if he/she wants to secure admission into a good HBCU college.


But if the college relies on a non-competitive admission process, there is no need for competitive tests like SAT or ACT! This method of admission is also known as non-selective admission process.


Are these HBCU colleges & their degrees/programs good?

Yes, these HBCU colleges are good & provide value-for-money Bachelor’s Degree education. Just because these institutes don’t need SAT or ACT scores doesn’t mean that these are ‘bad’ or ‘below-par’ institutes. Many of them do provide quality Bachelor’s Degree education.


Can I apply with a low SAT or ACT score?

Yes, you may apply even if you have scored low in SAT or ACT test. These colleges don’t require SAT or ACT test scores at all! So, you may even apply if you have a really low score.


Requirement for entrance

When it comes to open admission policy, the only condition that you must meet is – the applicant must possess GED or must have completed high school diploma. If you meet any of these conditions, you may secure admission without having to appear for SAT or ACT.

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