List of Top Master’s Degree Nursing Programs in Canada

Have you completed Bachelor’s Degree (Nursing) program in your country? Do you want to emigrate to Canada and pursue a good Master’s Degree nursing program? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top Master’s Degree nursing programs and Universities in Canada.

Master's Degree nursing Canada

This post has been crafted keeping the needs of international students in mind. Canada is a popular destination among the international student community. It is not uncommon to see nursing graduates from countries such as – India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka and more – emigrate to Canada in order to pursue higher studies. Also check – Master’s Degree engineering programs in Canada.


If you are an international student looking to pursue higher studies in Canada this year, this post will be of help to you. This post will help you in identifying some of the best nursing (Master’s Degree) programs offered by Universities across Canada.


Broadly speaking, international students have access to different types of Master’s Degree programs in Canada. History, economics, architecture, agriculture, management – the list of Master’s Degree programs and disciplines will go on. Nursing is a popular choice among international students with biology/biotechnology/health science academic background.


After going through this post, you will be able to find out some of the hottest and most rewarding nursing programs in Canada (Master’s Degree). You will be able to find in-demand nursing programs, which offer great scope & access to well-rewarding job opportunities in Canada. This way, you will be able to find a job in Canada, earn well and earn a PR in the process! Apart from the list of best nursing programs, I’ve also provided the list of universities offering these Master’s Degree Nursing programs.


Come, let us check out the list of best Master’s Degree nursing programs & universities in Canada now. Here it is –


List of best Master’s Degree nursing programs & universities in Canada

Sr NoName of the nursing programUniversity/college offering the nursing program
1Advanced Neonatal Nursing (Graduate Diploma)McMaster University
2Master of NursingUniversity of Saskatchewan
3Master of Nursing (MN) – Primary Health Care Nurse PractitionerUniversity of Windsor
4Master of Nursing – Nurse PractitionerUniversity of Saskatchewan
5Master of Public Health in Public Health and NursingUniversity of Victoria
6Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner (MScN-FNP)University of Northern British Columbia
7Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Primary Care Nurse PractitionerMcGill University
8Graduate Certificates in Advanced Nursing Practice I and IIUniversity of Calgary
9Master of NursingParkland College
10Master of Nursing (MN) – ThesisUniversity of Calgary
11Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner StreamUniversity of Manitoba
12Master of Science NursingUniversity of Ottawa
13Master of Science in Nursing – Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) MScNYork University
14Nursing (M.Sc.)McMaster University
15Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and Addiction NursingTrent University
16Master of NursingMemorial University of Newfoundland
17Master of Nursing (MScN)University of Windsor
18Master of Nursing and Master of Science in Health InformaticsUniversity of Victoria
19Master of Science Nursing Specialization in Women’s StudiesUniversity of Ottawa
20Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Advanced Clinical PracticeMcGill University
21Nursing (MN)Dalhousie University
22Graduate Embedded Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Nursing EducationUniversity of Alberta
23Master of NursingUniversity of West Ontario
24Master of Nursing – Administration streamUniversity of Manitoba
25Master of Nursing and PHCNP Certificate (Combined)Ryerson University
26Master of Science in NursingUniversity of British Columbia
27Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Direct Entry NursingMcGill University
28Nursing (MScN)Laurentian University of Sudbury
29Master of NursingUniversity of Alberta
30Master of Nursing (MN)University of Prince Edward Island
31Master of Nursing – Advanced Practice LeadershipUniversity of Victoria
32Master of Nursing in Nursing ScienceUniversity of Toronto
33Master of Science in NursingTrinity Western University
34Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Global HealthMcGill University
35Nursing – M.Sc. Nursing ( Nurse Practitioner )Laurentian University of Sudbury
36Master of NursingUniversity of New Brunswick
37Master of Nursing (MN)University of Manitoba
38Master of Nursing – Clinical streamUniversity of Manitoba
39Master of Nursing with a specialization in Aging (Nursing)University of Alberta
40Master of Science in NursingUniversity of Lethbridge
41Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Global Health Direct EntryMcGill University
42Nursing – RN to MScN Alternate AdmissionYork University
43Master of NursingThompson Rivers University
44Master of Nursing (MN)University of Windsor
45Master of Nursing – Education streamUniversity of Manitoba
46Master of Nursing/Master of Health Administration (MNHA)Dalhousie University
47Master of Science in NursingUniversity of Western Ontario
48Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Mental Health Nurse PractitionerMcGill University
49Practical Nursing Diploma – Williams Lake CampusThompson Rivers University
50Master of NursingRyerson University
51Master of Nursing (MN) – CourseUniversity of Calgary
52Master of Nursing – Nurse EducatorUniversity of Victoria
53Master of Psychiatric NursingBrandon University
54Master of Science in NursingOntario Tech University
55Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Neonatology Nurse PractitionerMcGill University
56Master of NursingAthabasca University
57Master of Nursing (MN) – Nursing – Advanced Practice SpecializationLakehead University
58Master of Nursing – Nurse PractionerUniversity of Victoria
59Master of Public Health (MPH) with Specialization in NursingLakehead University
60Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)University of Northern British Columbia
61Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Nursing Services AdministrationMcGill University
62Master of NursingUniversity of Lethbridge
63Master of Nursing (MN) – Nursing – Nurse Practitioner SpecializationLakehead University
64Master of Nursing – Nurse PractitionerUniversity of British Columbia
65Master of Public Health and Master of Science in NursingUniversity of British Columbia
66Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)York University
67Master of Science, Applied (M.Sc.A.) Nursing (Non-Thesis): Pediatric Nurse PractitionerMcGill University
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