Top Robotics & Automation Double Major Programs/Degrees

Do you want to pursue a job-oriented double major program after completing high school diploma? Are you looking for a good major to double with robotics & automation engineering major? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best robotics & automation engineering double major universities/colleges, programs/degrees & details.

Robotics & automation double major degrees programs

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of robotics & automation engineering double major programs/degrees, list of universities/colleges offering robotics & automation engineering double major programs, location of the university/college, type of the institute & additional information.


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After going through this post, readers will be able to find an ideal college/university that offers robotics & automation engineering double major program.


Let us check out the list of universities/colleges that offer robotics & automation engineering double major programs. Here it is –


List of best universities/colleges that offer robotics & automation engineering double major programs/degrees

Sr No Name of the university/college Type of the robotics & automation engineering double major program/degree Type of the institute Location
1 University of Arkansas at Little Rock 4-year Public Little Rock, AR
2 Arizona State University 4-year Public Tempe, AZ
3 McMaster University Private Suburban Hamilton, Canada
4 University of Waterloo Public Urban Waterloo, Canada
5 University of Hartford 4-year Private West Hartford, CT
6 Kennesaw State University 4-year Public Kennesaw, GA
7 Columbus State University 4-year Public Columbus, GA
8 Wiregrass Georgia Technical College 2-year Public Valdosta, GA
9 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 4-year Public Edwardsville, IL
10 Lincoln Land Community College 2-year Public Springfield, IL
11 Lebanese American University Private Urban Chouran-Beirut, Lebanon
12 Boston University 4-year Private Boston, MA
13 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 4-year Private Worcester, MA
14 Johns Hopkins University 4-year Private Baltimore, MD
15 University of Michigan 4-year Public Ann Arbor, MI
16 Michigan Technological University 4-year Public Houghton, MI
17 University of Michigan: Dearborn 4-year Public Dearborn, MI
18 Lawrence Technological University 4-year Private Southfield, MI
19 University of Detroit Mercy 4-year Private Detroit, MI
20 Schoolcraft College 2-year Public Livonia, MI
21 Oakland University 4-year Public Rochester, MI
22 Wayne County Community College 2-year Public Detroit, MI
23 Central Piedmont Community College 2-year Public Charlotte, NC
24 Southwestern Community College 2-year Public Sylva, NC
25 Surry Community College 2-year Public Dobson, NC
26 Massey University Public Small Palmerston North, New Zealand
27 SUNY College of Technology at Canton 4-year Public Canton, NY
28 University of Cincinnati 4-year Public Cincinnati, OH
29 Kent State University 4-year Public Kent, OH
30 Lorain County Community College 4-year Public Elyria, OH
31 Oregon State University 4-year Public Corvallis, OR
32 Carnegie Mellon University 4-year Private Pittsburgh, PA
33 Widener University 4-year Private Chester, PA
34 Pennsylvania Western University 4-year Public California, PA
35 Community College of Allegheny County 2-year Public Pittsburgh, PA
36 Harrisburg Area Community College 2-year Public Harrisburg, PA
37 Westmoreland County Community College 2-year Public Youngwood, PA
38 University of South Carolina: Upstate 4-year Public Spartanburg, SC
39 Middle Tennessee State University 4-year Public Murfreesboro, TN
40 Texas A&M University-Kingsville 4-year Public Kingsville, TX
41 University of Liverpool Public Urban Liverpool, United Kingdom
42 University of Washington 4-year Public Seattle, WA
43 Blue Ridge Community and Technical College 2-year Public Martinsburg, WV


What does it mean to double major?

In simple terms, a double major will help a student to earn one degree with two areas of specialization. In case of a simple academic program, a candidate is allowed to choose a single major. He/she will earn a single degree and specialize in that specific major/area/domain.


In case of a double major program, a candidate is allowed to choose two majors. These majors may complement each other. In fact, it is a great idea to choose two majors that complement each other. In the end, a candidate will earn a single degree while specializing in two areas (two majors).


Benefits of double majoring

There are many benefits of choosing a double major program. First of all, it will allow you to specialize in two different areas. In other words, it will help you acquire broad set of skills and knowledge. You may use a double major program and choose majors that complement each other. In this way, you will be able to acquire skills and knowledge, which will help you build a successful career.


In this world of cut-throat competition, employers look for applicants who can bring something extra to the table! This is where a double major program comes handy. A double major program will help you specialize in two different areas. This means you possess broad knowledge and broad set of skills. This makes you more appealing/valuable to potential employers. In other words, a double major may help you gain a competitive edge in the job market.


Cons of double majoring

Notable cons include – increase work-load, difficulty in managing time and need to take more classes. Since you are going after two majors, it will definitely increase the work-load. And if you don’t manage your time judiciously, it will result in utter chaos. In order to deal with the extra work-load, you must find adequate time. This means that you should sacrifice other, less-important tasks that consume your time.


Double major vs Dual degree

Double manager is all about earning single degree while specializing in two different areas. Dual degree program is all about earning multiple degrees (for example – Bachelor’s + Master’s Degree).


Robotics & automation engineering Double major: Possibilities and best options

You are free to choose any major to double with your preferred major (robotics & automation engineering in this case). There’s no rule which states that you must select a specific major to double with your first choice major. You are free to choose your preferred major!


While there are many possibilities and options available in front of you, do try to select a major that complements your preferred major. Choose a major to double with robotics & automation engineering major that complements robotics & automation engineering domain. Choose a major that will help you out in the real-world/job market.

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