Top Universities & Colleges in Washington That Accept GED

Are you searching for the list of best universities and colleges in Washington? Are you searching for universities and colleges that accept GED? Do you want to secure admission into a good institute, but don’t have a high school diploma? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of top-rated universities & colleges in Washington, which accept GED (and don’t necessarily require a high school diploma).

GED colleges universities Washington

In this post, readers will find the following details – list of best universities & colleges in Washington that accept GED (and don’t need a high school diploma), type of the degrees offered by the institute, type of the institute, city/location & more.

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Candidates who don’t have a high school diploma, but do have a GED will benefit from this post. Here, readers will find top-rated public as well as private universities & colleges.


Come, let us check out the list of universities & colleges in Washington that accept GED for facilitating admission process. Here it is –


List of best universities & colleges in Washington that accept GED

Sr NoName of the university/collegeType of degree offeredType of the instituteCity/Location
1Bellevue College2-year Associate DegreePublicBellevue, WA
2Western Washington University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePublicBellingham, WA
3Northwest Indian College2-year Associate DegreePublicBellingham, WA
4University of Washington Bothell4-year Bachelor’s DegreePublicBothell, WA
5Centralia College2-year Associate DegreePublicCentralia, WA
6Walla Walla University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateCollege Place, WA
7Central Washington University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePublicEllensburg, WA
8Northwest University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateKirkland, WA
9Saint Martin’s University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateLacey, WA
10Big Bend Community College2-year Associate DegreePublicMoses Lake, WA
11Evergreen State College4-year Bachelor’s DegreePublicOlympia, WA
12Columbia Basin College2-year Associate DegreePublicPasco, WA
13Northwest School Of Wooden Boatbuilding2-year Associate DegreePrivatePort Hadlock, WA
14Washington State University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePublicPullman, WA
15DigiPen Institute of Technology4-year Bachelor’s DegreeFor-profitRedmond, WA
16Seattle Pacific University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateSeattle, WA
17Seattle University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateSeattle, WA
18Cornish College of the Arts4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateSeattle, WA
19City University of Seattle4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateSeattle, WA
20Shoreline Community College2-year Associate DegreePublicShoreline, WA
21Whitworth University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateSpokane, WA
22Spokane Community College2-year Associate DegreePublicSpokane, WA
23Pacific Lutheran University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateTacoma, WA
24University of Puget Sound4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateTacoma, WA
25Tacoma Community College2-year Associate DegreePublicTacoma, WA
26Northwest College of Art & Design4-year Bachelor’s DegreeFor-profitTacoma, WA
27Faith International University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateTacoma, WA
28Heritage University4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateToppenish, WA
29Whitman College4-year Bachelor’s DegreePrivateWalla Walla, WA
30Walla Walla Community College2-year Associate DegreePublicWalla Walla, WA


What is GED?

GED stands for General Educational Development. GED test comprises of four academic subject tests. The main aim of GED is to certify that a candidate possesses high school-level academic skills. In other words, it is an alternative to the high school diploma in USA.


If you don’t have a high school diploma in USA, many universities/colleges won’t provide you admission. This is due to the fact that you don’t possess high school-level academic skills. In order to secure admission, you must clear your high school diploma successfully.


This is where GED comes handy! It is an alternative to high school diploma! Many colleges are known to accept candidates who possess GED certification. GED certification shows that the candidate possesses high school-level academic skills and knowledge, even though he/she doesn’t have a high school diploma.


GED exam tests a candidate in areas such as – language arts, science, social studies and mathematical reasoning. With a good GED score and no high school diploma, you may still secure admission into a good nursing college/university!


GED score required for admission in Washington

It is difficult to define a specific ‘required’ GED score that will ensure your admission. The required score depends upon the type of the degree that you want, type of the college you want and other factors. A candidate must score at least 145 marks in each test to get GED certified. If you fail to score the minimum score in any test, you will have to retake the test. To secure admission into a good university/college/institute in Washington, try to score more than 170 in each test.

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