Commerce Stream After 10th: Syllabus, Courses, Scope & Jobs

Have you passed 10th standard? Are you all set to select commerce stream for 11th and 12th class schooling? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis on the topic – commerce stream after 10th standard.


In this post, I’ve covered the following main topics – commerce stream subjects, in-depth analysis of commerce stream syllabus, list of commerce courses after 12th, commerce stream scope & options, career prospects & more.


Commerce stream is still a very popular choice among Indian students who have passed 10th standard. Briefly, it seemed like Science stream and its popularity had tarnished the image of Commerce stream. It made it look like this stream was reserved for students who were not too bright. But it has proved everyone wrong and is still being chosen by bright students! In this article, you will be reading details about commerce stream schooling (11th and 12th) such as boards available in India, subjects to study, professional courses available after completing 12th, career paths and prospects. Also check – Best courses after 10th class in India.


Commerce stream opens doors that lead to professional courses, which acts like foundations! For example, consider B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) course. This 3 years long undergraduate Degree program is like a foundation course. After completing it, one may choose from a wide variety of PG professional courses and specialize in many other fields/areas! You may also check – best courses after 12th Commerce.


This diversity that commerce stream offers is one of the main factors that still attracts many 10th standard students. If you are good with numbers, good at analyzing and dealing with large chunks of data, have a taste in finance and economics, commerce stream will suit you!


Changing stream is not something that I’m really fond of. I suggest my readers to take an aptitude test and check whether they are really capable of pursuing commerce stream schooling after secondary education.


Let us take a look at the important education boards available in India (11th and 12th Commerce stream).


Commerce stream boards available in India

There are four main education boards available in India. Students may choose a board that suits them best. The choice shall be made on the basis of difficulty level associated with the boards and aptitude of the student. The names of the education boards are-

  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
  • ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • State Boards


IB is the toughest board among the above mentioned entries. It focuses on the concept of ‘how to learn’. Much emphasis is laid on ‘application of knowledge’ and ‘practical aspects’ of learning.


IB board is followed by ICSE board, when it comes to difficulty level. Then comes CBSE board. I think most of you are knowledgeable about this board. It functions under the Union Government of India. Difficulty level associated with this board is moderate.


Last comes State Boards. Each State in India has its own education board. It functions under the respective State Government of each state. Language of instruction (medium) in case of schools affiliated to such boards are- regional language and English.


List of important commerce stream subjects

Let us take a look at some of the important subjects present in 11th and 12th standards of commerce stream-

  • Economics
  • English
  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies/Organization of Commerce
  • Mathematics
  • Information Practices
  • Statistics


Note: Among the above mentioned subjects, the main ones are- Economics, English, Business Studies and Economics. Other subjects are optional ones. Availability of optional subject may vary from one educational board to another as well as from one state board to another. Few more optional subjects are- regional languages, physical education, multimedia, fine arts etc.


I highly suggest my readers to keep mathematics subject. Mathematics is one such subject that will come handy while pursuing professional courses like CA (Chartered Accountancy) training, CS (Company Secretaryship) training, Economics etc.


Analysis of commerce stream syllabus


1) 11th standard commerce stream syllabus

Sr No

Important Subjects


1AccountancyAccounting process, accounting terms, accounting standards, GST, transactions, books (purchase, sales, sales return etc), ledger, financial statements
2Business StudiesNature & purpose of business, different types of business organizations, business services, private enterprises, public enterprises, global or international enterprises, new modes of business, business ethics, business finance, international business, small business, internal trade
3EconomicsStatistics, statistical tools, statistical interpretation, data collection, data organization, data presentation, product behaviour, supply & demand, product supply, microeconomics, macroeconomics, market, price determination
4EntrepreneurshipConcepts of entrepreneurship, innovation & problem solving, market analysis, business finance, business mathematics, entrepreneurship journey
5Informatics PracticesComputer system, python, database, structured query language
6MathematicsNumbers, numerical applications, algebra, mathematical reasoning, calculus, probability, descriptive statistics, financial mathematics, coordinate geometry


2) 12th standard commerce stream syllabus

Sr No

Important Subjects


1AccountancyAccounting (companies & partnership firms), profit sharing, past adjustments, partnership deed, types of companies, share, share capital, balance sheet of company, debentures, financial statement analysis, financial statement analysis tools, accounting ratios, liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, profitability ratios, cashflow statement, computerized accounting
2Business StudiesPrinciples of management, planning, organizing, business environment, directing, controlling, staffing, financial management, financial markets, marketing management, entrepreneurship
3EconomicsMoney & banking, income & employment, budget & economy, national income, economic reforms, Indian economy, balance of payment, deficit budget, surplus budget, balanced budget, expenditure, foreign exchange rate, liberalization, globalization & privatization, rural development, sustainable economic development, human capital, central bank, bank rate, control of credit
4EntrepreneurshipPlanning, marketing, growth strategies, business mathematics
5Informatics PracticesData handling, data visualization, SQL, database query, computer networks
6MathematicsNumbers, numerical applications, algebra, calculus, probability distributions, inferential statistics, index numbers, linear programming


11th & 12th commerce academic program and evaluation

There are two academic years present- 11th and 12th standards. In case of some boards and state boards (like Gujarat and Haryana), each academic year has been divided into two semesters, each semester lasting a period of 6 months. Main evaluation exams are held at the end of each academic year (at the end of each semester, in case of semester learning system).


List of courses after 12th Commerce in India

After passing 12th standard board examination, Commerce stream students may go for traditional Commerce (and chosen subjects) based courses as well as other new courses. Some major fields available in front of Commerce stream students are- Traditional Commerce courses, Law Education, Management courses, Diploma courses, Architecture, Social Works courses, Education courses and Technical courses.

Sr No

Type of the course

List of courses

1B.Com. courses• B.Com. (General)
• B.Com. (Hons) Statistics
• B.Com. (Hons) Economics
• B.Com. (Hons) Marketing
• B.Com. (Hons) Management Accounting
• B.Com. (Hons) Auditing
• B.Com. (Hons) Income Tax
• B.Com. (Hons) Corporate Accounting
• B.Com. (Hons) Company Laws
• B.Com. (Hons) Computer Applications
• B.Com. (Hons) Business Communications
• B.Com. (Hons) E-Commerce
• B.Com. (Hons) Banking & Insurance
• B.Com. (Hons) Advertising
• B.Com. (Hons) Computerized Accounting Systems
• B.Com. (Hons) Financial Market & Services
• B.Com. (Hons) International Business
• B.Com. (Hons) Business Mathematics
• B.Com. (Hons) Business Statistics
• B.Com. (Hons) Taxation
• B.Com. (Hons) Human Resource
• B.Com. (Hons) Finance & Accounts
2Economics courses• Bachelor of Economics
• B.Com. (Hons) Economics
• BA (Hons) Economics
• B.Com. (Hons) Economics & Statistics
• B.Sc. (Hons) Economics
3Statistics courses• B.Stat. (Hons) (Bachelor of Statistics)
• B.Com. (Hons) Economics & Statistics
• B.Com. (Hons) Statistics
• B.Sc. (Hons) Statistics
4Professional degrees• CA (Chartered Accountant)
• CS (Company Secretary)
• CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
• B.Com. + ACCA (Integrated Degree + Professional qualification program)
5Actuarial Science courses• B.Sc. (Hons) Actuarial Science
• IAI (Institute of Actuaries of India) course
6Integrated Law courses• BA LL.B.
• B.Sc. LL.B.
• B.Com. LL.B.
7Management courses• BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
• BBA + MBA (Integrated)
• BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
• BBA (Specialization programs)
• BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
• BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
• BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology)
• BHA (Bachelor of Hospital Administration)
• Diploma in Management
• BA (Hons in Management studies)
• B.Com. (Hons in Management studies)
• Bachelor of Event Management
8Design courses• B.Des. Film & Video Communication
• B.Des. Exhibition Design
• B.Des. Animation Film Design
• B.Des. Graphic Design
• B.Des. Ceramic & Glass Design
• B.Des. Furniture & Interior Design
• B.Des. Product Design
• B.Des. Textile Design
• B.Des. Fashion Design
• B.Des. Apparel Design
• B.Des. Accessory & Jewellery Design
• Bachelor of Fashion Design
• BID (Bachelor of Interior Design)
9Journalism & Mass Communication courses• BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication)
• BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media)
• Bachelor of Communication & Journalism
• BA (Hons) Journalism & Mass Communication
• BA (Hons) Journalism
• BBA in Media Management
10Aviation courses• BBA in Airport Management
• BBA in Airline & Airport Management
• Diploma in Cabin Crew Training
• Certificate in Cabin Crew Training
• BBA in Aviation
• Diploma in Airfare Ticketing
• Diploma in Ground Staff Training
• Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Management
• BBA in Airline Operations Management
11Computer courses• BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)
• B.Com. (Hons) Computer Applications
• B.Voc. Computer Applications
12Teacher Training courses• JBT (Junior Basic Training)
• NTT (Nursery Teacher Training)
• B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education)
• D.P.Ed. (Diploma in Physical Education)
• D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education)
13Animation & Multimedia courses• BA (Hons) Animation
• B.Sc. Animation & Multimedia
• B.Des. Graphics & Game Design
• Diploma in Animation & VFX
14Other Degree courses• BA (General)
• BA (Hons)
• B.Sc. (specific B.Sc. courses)
• BID (Bachelor of Interior Design)
15Diploma courses• DPLAD (Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development)
• Diploma in Event Management
• Diploma in Dairy Technology
• DECE (Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education)
• DWED (Diploma in Women’s Empowerment & Development)
• DCE (Diploma in Creative Writing in English)
• DPVE (Diploma in Value Education)
• DNHE (Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education)
• DVAPFV (Diploma in Value-added Products from Fruits & Vegetables)
• DAFE (Diploma in HIV & Family Education)
• DMT (Diploma in Meat Technology)
• DIPP (Diploma in Paralegal Practice)
• DTS (Diploma in Tourism Studies)
• Diploma in BPO Finance & Accounting
• Diploma in Modern Office Practice
• DWM (Diploma in Watershed Management)
16Certificate courses• CBS (Certificate in Business Skills)
• CCR (Certificate in Community Radio)
• CMAD (Certificate in Mobile Application Development)
• Certificate in Disaster Management
• Certificate in Functional English (Basic)
• CES (Certificate in Environmental Studies)
• CPVE (Certificate Program in Value Education)
• CFBO (Certificate in Food & Beverage Service Operation)
• Certificate in Food & Nutrition
• Certificate in Foreign Language (German, French, Spanish etc)
• CFO (Certificate in Front Office Operation)
• Certificate in Peace Studies & Conflict Management
• Certificate in Gender & Science
• Certificate in Gender Law
• Certificate in Health Care Waste Management
• Certificate in Yoga
• Certificate in Home Health Assistant
• Certificate in General Duty Assistant
• Certificate in HIV & Family Education
• Certificate in Housekeeping Operation
• Certificate in Solid Waste Treatment Techniques
• Certificate in Information Technology
• Certificate in International Humanitarian Law
• Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking
• Certificate in Human Rights
• Certificate in Library & Information Science
• Certificate in NGO Management
• Certificate in Apparel Merchandising
• Certificate in Nutrition & Childcare
• Certificate in Organic Farming
• Certificate in Tribal Studies
• Certificate in Tourism Studies
• Certificate in Urdu Language
• Certificate in Communication & IT Skills
• Certificate in Fashion Design
• Certificate in Solid Waste Management
• Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management
17Vocational courses• B.Voc. Software Development
• B.Voc. Travel & Tourism
• B.Voc. Graphics & Multimedia
• B.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology
• B.Voc. Food Processing
• B.Voc. Interior Design
• B.Voc. Fashion Design
• B.Voc. Jewellery Design
• B.Voc. Product Design
• B.Voc. Hardware & Networking
• B.Voc. Hotel Management
• B.Voc. Dairy Technology
• B.Voc. Apparel Design
• B.Voc. Rubber Technology
• B.Voc. Photography
• B.Voc. Modern Office Practice


State/Area-wise list of courses after 12th commerce in India

Sr NoName of the state/UT
1List of courses after 12th commerce in Gujarat
2List of courses after 12th commerce in Delhi
3List of courses after 12th commerce in Kerala
4List of courses after 12th commerce in Karnataka
5List of courses after 12th commerce in Maharashtra
6List of courses after 12th commerce in Madhya Pradesh
7List of courses after 12th commerce in Andhra Pradesh
8List of courses after 12th commerce in Bihar
9List of courses after 12th commerce in Haryana
10List of courses after 12th commerce in Punjab
11List of courses after 12th commerce in Odisha
12List of courses after 12th commerce in Rajasthan
13List of courses after 12th commerce in Tamil Nadu
14List of courses after 12th commerce in Telangana
15List of courses after 12th commerce in Uttarakhand
16List of courses after 12th commerce in Uttar Pradesh
17List of courses after 12th commerce in West Bengal
18List of courses after 12th commerce in Assam


Commerce Stream Careers

Sr No

Prominent commerce courses

Scope & potential jobs

1B.Com. coursesBanking jobs, civil services, government sector jobs, MNCs, accounting firms, private offices, marketing firms, sales firms & more
2Economics coursesBanks, financial institutions, insurance firms, market research firms, MNCs, marketing firms, consultation agencies, civil services, government sector jobs, private sector jobs & more
3Statistics coursesBanks, financial institutions, market research firms, government sector jobs, civil services, private sector jobs, consultation agencies, market research firms, marketing firms, MNCs & more
4Professional degreesBanks, accounting firms, consultation agencies, self-employment (CA, CS, CMA etc), government sector jobs, MNCs, tax firms, private sector jobs & more
5Actuarial Science coursesBanks, financial institutions, market research firms, government sector jobs, civil services, private sector jobs, consultation agencies, market research firms, marketing firms, MNCs & more
6Integrated Law coursesLaw firms, legal consultancies, self-employment (law firm or office or practice), government sector jobs, civil services, MNCs (legal department), private firms (legal department), freelance consultant & more
7Management coursesMNCs, private firms, government sector jobs, civil services, hospitals, schools, hotels & resorts, aviation firms, airlines, consultation agencies, marketing firms, advertising agencies, management consultancies, corporate firms, banks, insurance firms, banking institutes, startups & more
8Design coursesDesign studios, design firms, design MNCs, apparel designers, clothing manufacturers, design consultancies, educational institutes & more
9Journalism & Mass Communication coursesTV & broadcasting firms, internet media companies, government sector jobs, civil services, radio stations, new media firms, media production firms, self-employment (freelance reporter, internet media specialist etc)
10Aviation coursesAirlines, airports, aviation consultancies & more
11Computer coursesMNCs, software firms, government sector jobs, IT firms, private sector firms & more
12Teacher Training coursesSchools, special education schools, tuition centres, educational MNCs, online learning platforms, self-employment (tuition or online classes) & more
13Animation & Multimedia coursesFilm production studios & firms, animation studios, game design firms, app design firms, IT firms, MNCs, digital marketing firms, advertising agencies TV production firms & more
14Other Degree coursesGovernment sector jobs, civil services, private sector jobs, bank jobs, MNCs & more
15Diploma coursesEntry level jobs, depending upon the course & domain
16Certificate coursesEntry level jobs, depending upon the course & domain
17Vocational coursesEntry level jobs, depending upon the course & domain


Commerce stream students may pursue UG (Undergraduate) as well as PG (Postgraduate) courses and have access to diverse job opportunities (depending upon the professional course). Some of the well known job profiles are- Management professional, Lawyer, Accountant, Banker, Teacher, Businessman, Chartered Accountant, Economist, Company Secretary, Investment Banker, Government employee, Civil Servant (IAS, IPS, IFS etc), Defence personnel etc.


Before selecting commerce stream, do give a look at the career prospects available. Check whether you have the aptitude to pursue a career in this stream. This can be done through counseling sessions and field trips.

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