YouTube Customer Care Number

Are you searching for the customer care number of YouTube? Do you want YouTube customer service number or helpline to solve any of the following issues – disabled account, deleted video, hacked account, email support, live chat support or general customer support? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve provided all the important details that you need to know about official customer service number & helpline of YouTube.

YouTube customer service

YouTube is a very popular video-sharing website. People across the globe regularly access YouTube’s website as well as app. The app/website allows users to watch videos, create playlists, subscribe to other users, upload videos, monetize your content and more.

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With each passing day, new-users sign-up on YouTube. With the increasing number of users, customer service requests have also increased for YouTube!


Some of the major issues faced by YouTube users include – disabled YouTube account (and its recovery), hacked YouTube account (and its recovery), removal of a YouTube video/shorts content & access to YouTube live chat support or email support.


Come, let us find out more about YouTube’s customer care numbers for solving the above-mentioned issues. Here it is –


YouTube customer care, service & support


YouTube toll-free customer service number

YouTube doesn’t have an official customer care number/phone number/toll-free number at the moment. They don’t provide support or service over the phone! Any number that is claimed to be YouTube’s customer service number is obviously a fake number!


YouTube Live chat support

YouTube doesn’t provide live agent/chat support. Users can’t chat with a YouTube support agent via live-chat to solve issues/problems.


YouTube email support

YouTube doesn’t have an official support email at the moment. An email id – is widely circulated as the support email address of the website/app. But the authenticity of this claim has not yet been proven! So far, YouTube has not specified any official email address for support or customer service. However, users may access support forms within YouTube app/website to submit service requests or queries.


YouTube’s alternate customer support resources

Here are some guides, help-center links and resources for troubleshooting common issues you’ll face on YouTube –



YouTube account disabled (recovery)

This may have happened due to the following reasons –

  • Suspicious activity/login pattern
  • Repeated copyright violations
  • Pending verification of email or mobile number
  • Impersonating someone else
  • Trying to spam the platform
  • Sharing inappropriate things
  • Your account must have received multiple negative feedbacks & reports from users
  • Sending suspicious links, viruses or malware through the platform
  • Other reasons


If you believe that your YouTube account was disabled by mistake, you may submit an appeal through the app or website. Simply click on the ‘request review’ on the official website or app and wait for the response. If your account was disabled by mistake, it’ll be reinstated soon.


YouTube may even help you recover your account through verification of mobile number, asking you to identify friends in your friend-list or uploading your government issued identity card (for verifying that it is actually you, who is trying to access the account).


These challenges/recovery processes usually depend upon the reason why your account was banned or disabled in the first place. For example, if YouTube is suspicious about who is accessing the account, they will ask you to upload a government issued identity card. The final decision pertaining to your account rests on the shoulders of authorities reviewing accounts at YouTube.


YouTube account is hacked (recovery)

If your YouTube account has been hacked, follow these steps –

  • Reset your password as soon as possible
  • Enable two-factor authentication after changing your password
  • Scan for viruses, malware or spyware on all of your devices


If you are unable to reset your password, try to reset the password by receiving an OTP on your registered mobile number.


Report a scam on YouTube

Since YouTube is a popular social media website, it is very popular among users across the world. Due to its large user-base, the website is also popular among scammers. Scammers use YouTube to commit identity theft, financial fraud, data theft and other cyber-crimes. If you believe that a profile, post or content on YouTube is part of a scam, you may report it. Just access the profile or post, tap on the menu, and click on ‘report’ option. Describe the issue in detail and submit the report.


Report an impersonator on YouTube

If you find that an account is impersonating you or someone that you know, you may report it to YouTube’s support team. This is a serious case of identity-theft. It can lead to further issues such as – monetary loss and additional data-theft. Simply access the profile of the impersonator and click on the menu option. Click on report and state that the profile is impersonating (you or someone you know). Submit the report and wait for YouTube’s response.


YouTube video is removed

Your video may have been removed due to any of the following reasons –

  • You posted something that violated YouTube’s terms and conditions
  • You posted something that is illegal or inappropriate
  • Your video got reported by other users and YouTube took it down
  • Copyright violation detected by YouTube


In case of the above-mentioned reasons, there’s nothing much you can do to restore your video. If you believe that your video was removed by mistake, try to re-upload the content/post.


YouTube ad issue support

If you see an advertisement that you believe is not appropriate or misleading, you may click on the menu option beside the ad and report the ad. Click on the report ad option and state your reason behind the report. After typing the reason, press on the submit button.


YouTube creator support

If you are a YouTube creator and want to have customer service access on YouTube, simply go to your creator dashboard. In the creator dashboard, you may access the ‘help’ section and gain access to customer service channels.

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