Diploma in Architectural Assistantship: Details, Scope, Jobs & Salary

In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of Diploma in Architectural Assistantship course. It is a 3 years long Diploma certificate program. This course can be pursued by students who have passed 10th standard as well as 12th standard (Science stream, mathematics group). The article covers topics like course details, duration, eligibility criteria, admission process, colleges, syllabus, pg courses, career prospects and salary details.

Diploma in Architectural Assistantship

Here is a quick overview of Diploma in Architectural Assistantship course –

Name of the course Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
Duration 3 years
Type of course Diploma (Architecture)
Format of the course Semester system (6 months each)

This course can be pursued by students right after they complete 10th standard. Students who are interested in the fields of architecture and interior design may pursue this course.


What’s Architectural Assistantship all about? What are the tasks performed by Architectural Assistants? You will find answers to these questions in the following paragraphs.


Architectural Assistantship: Introduction

Architectural Assistantship course has been designed keeping the basics of architecture, civil engineering and interior designing in mind. This course trains students in the above mentioned disciplines and makes them capable of serving and working under architects and civil engineers (who possess higher qualifications).


The Diploma course covers topics related to the field of architecture, such as plan making, drawing, CAD (Computer Aided Design), interior design, basics of civil engineering, construction technology, raw materials (cement, wood, sand, bricks, stone, glass, hardware etc), furniture design, planning and cost estimation, project management, contract work rules and regulations etc.


Apart from that, they are also taught legal aspects related to the field of architecture, such as building laws, getting plan approved by relevant municipal authorities, preparing labour contract etc.


From the above mentioned paragraphs, it is evident that Architectural Assistants are capable of carrying out the following tasks –

  • Making design and plan of the building
  • Cost estimation
  • Estimation of [quantity of] raw materials required
  • Acquiring raw materials
  • Securing the services of labourers and workers (prepare contract whenever required)
  • Submit plan at relevant municipal department and getting it approved
  • Supervising project (construction work)
  • Guiding workers and taking note of progress
  • Communicating with clients, taking inputs from them
  • Installation of essential hardware and systems like wiring, sanitary systems and pipes
  • Taking care of interior design of the building
  • Installing furniture and other interior products
  • Handing over finished project to the client


The above tasks are mostly related to the design and construction of new buildings and/or physical structures. Apart from those tasks, architectural assistants are also capable of performing the following tasks –

  • Inspection of buildings and physical structures
  • Repair and restoration of buildings and physical structures
  • Re-design and renovation work


Architectural Assistantship professionals not only deal with design and construction of houses and buildings, they are also capable of dealing with the design, construction and maintenance of other physical structures, outdoor environment and built environment in general.


Though assistants are known to work under more qualified architects and civil engineers, they are also capable of managing and supervising projects.


Come, let us take a closer look at the course details –


Diploma in Architectural Assistantship: Course details


Type of course

It is a Diploma certificate course. On course completion, successful students will be awarded a Diploma certificate.



The course is 3 years long. The program consists of 3 academic years. Each academic year is divided into 2 semesters, with each semester lasting for a period of 6 months.


Eligibility criteria

10th passed from a recognized board is the minimum educational qualification required. This course can also be pursued after completing 10+2 Science stream (mathematics group) from a recognized board.


Admission process and Colleges

Numerous polytechnic institutes, technical education institutes and engineering education institutes across India are offering this course. Both 10th and 12th passed (Science stream, mathematics group) students may apply for admission.


Depending upon the institute, the admission process could be merit based or direct admission process. In case of merit based admission process, marks scored by students in 10th (or 12th) board examination (mostly science subjects) are taken into consideration. Seats are allotted to deserving candidates on the basis of merit marks scored by them.


PG courses and higher studies

Architectural Assistantship Diploma holders may appear for examinations held by the IIA (Indian Institute of Architects). They may qualify the tests conducted by IIA and become Associate Member of Indian Institute of Architects (AIIA). AIIA qualification has been deemed equivalent to the B.Arch. qualification.


AIIA qualification will help one when it comes to Government (Central & State) as well as private employment opportunities. AIIA qualification holders are also eligible to register with the CoA (Council of Architecture).


But to appear for AIIA examinations held by the IIA, one must possess specific work experience (under CoA registered Architects). The work experience required are as follows –

  • For 10th passed Diploma in Architectural Assistantship holders- 2 years work experience
  • For 12th passed Diploma in Architectural Assistantship holders- 1 year work experience


Using the exams held by IIA, architectural assistants may earn a qualification that is on par with B.Arch. qualification.


Diploma in Architectural Assistantship Syllabus

To get a better idea about the course structure, let us take a look at some of the core subjects present in Diploma in Architectural Assistantship program. Note: Only the core subjects have been mentioned, not all subjects present in the academic program have been mentioned in the below list.

  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Building Materials
  • Management Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Environment Conservation and Hazard Management
  • Surveying and Leveling
  • CAD (Computer Aided Drafting/Drawing)
  • Building Construction
  • Town Planning
  • Structure
  • Building Services
  • Interior Design and Detailing
  • Estimating and Costing
  • Landscape Architecture

Architectural Assistantship scope & jobs

Both government and private sector job opportunities are available in front of architecture assistants. Diverse job profiles and opportunities are available in front of them.


Talking about Government sector jobs, well known recruiters include –

  • PWD
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Government housing boards, schemes and missions
  • Urban and rural development boards


In the above mentioned offices and work setups, architecture assistants may take on roles like architecture assistant, site supervisor, draughtsman, CAD specialist etc.


Talking about private sector jobs, well known recruiters include –

  • Architecture and Interior Design firms/agencies
  • Architecture and Interior Design consultancy firms
  • Private Developers and Builders
  • Individual Architects


In the above mentioned work setups, architecture assistants may take on roles like architecture assistant, site supervisor, draughtsman, CAD specialist etc.


Apart from the above mentioned job opportunities, self employment is another opportunity available in front of architecture assistants. They may work as independent architects (after clearing Associate Member of IIA exam and getting themselves registered with the CoA).


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Starting salary depends upon factors like profile of the employer, job location and qualifications of the employee. Depending upon the above mentioned factors, architecture assistants could earn anywhere between 8 to 15K Rupees at start. In case of a Government job, the salary will be based on the pay band, DA rate and pay scale.

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